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  • Tervetuloa Herrasmieshakkereiden kartanoon takkatulen ääreen. Tässä ohjelmasarjassa käsittelemme tietoturvaan ja vääjäämättömään kybertuhoon liittyviä asioita ja ilmiöitä. Oppaananne verkon alamaailmassa toimivat Suomen tietoturvakentän wiralliset wanhukset Mikko Hyppönen ja Tomi Tuominen.

  • Podcast tietokoneista, internetistä ja ihmisistä. Vetäjinä Olli Sulopuisto, Kari Haakana ja Panu Räty.

  • The SaaS Breakthrough Show is an inside look at what is working in marketing for SaaS companies today by the marketers who are in the trenches, experimenting on a daily basis to grow their MRR and build amazing businesses. The SaaS Breakthrough show is brought to you by Demio, an easy-to-use, reliable webinar software built to help marketing and customer-education teams effectively scale their efforts in less time than ever before.

  • Video lessons on learning programming and electronics with Arduino. This is part of our Arduino Crash Course and Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners. It's designed to take someone with little or no experience in programming and electronics and get them fast-tracked to learning the skills to prototype using Arduino.

  • This series is host to episodes created by the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, one of the longest-established Computer Science departments in the country.

    The series reflects this department's world-class research and teaching by providing talks that encompass topics such as computational biology, quantum computing, computational linguistics, information systems, software verification, and software engineering.

  • In the second season of Anatomy of Next, explore every aspect of going to Mars, transforming it into a habitable world, and building a new branch of human civilization. How do we bring a cold, dead planet back to life? Can we build an atmosphere on Mars, thaw the frozen plains, and build an ocean? How do we seed a barren land with life, and make a red Mars green? Then, it’s everything from politics and education to money, music, and architecture. What does it mean to be human on an alien world?

  • See pole saade autopededele, vaid lihtsalt inimesele, kes oskab autoga sõita ja kes tahab meie seltsis pool tundi mõnusalt aega veeta. Stuudios on Autogeeniuse autorid nagu Hans Lõugas, Tarmo Tähepõld, Peeter Koppel ja teised.

  • Join our host Oliver Kadel and guest presenters, in conversation with industry thought leaders, practitioners, artists, academics and entrepreneurs discussing all aspects of this rapidly evolving industry from art, science and business to practical insights and project case studies. We aim to inform, educate, explore and unite the community. Immersive Audio Podcast is produced by 1.618 Digital Ltd.

  • We need to talk about InfoSec is a podcast where we get real about the current state of Information Security.
    Join the talk with Laura Kankaala!
    Powered by Disobey.

  • Podcast pinnan alla tapahtuvasta ohjelmistoteknologian magiasta. Puikoissa Markus Hjort (@mhjort) ja Yrjö Kari-Koskinen (@ykarikos).

  • The Android Authority Podcast – discussing topics in Android every week.

    The Android Authority Podcast brings you all the top stories and features based on your favorite mobile operating system: Android. We help make Android more accessible to all, and dive deeper into the details when we can, there's something in here for everyone.

    Check out androidauthority.com for all the best news and reviews for your favorite phones and tablets, then join our community forums to join in on the discussion. Don't forget to hit our YouTube channel for even more.

  • The OWASP Podcast Series is a recorded series of discussions with thought leaders and practitioners who are working on securing the future for coming generations.

  • Courtland Allen interviews the ambitious indie hackers who are turning their ideas and side projects into profitable online businesses. Explore the latest strategies and tools founders are using to capitalize on new opportunities, escape the 9-to-5 grind, and create their own personal revenue-generating machines. The future is indie!

  • Soveltoradio on Sovelton julkaisema podcast-sarja, jossa käsitellään työelämään, osaamiseen, johtamiseen, tietotekniikkaan, viestintään, sosiaaliseen mediaan, työhyvinvointiin ja moneen muuhunkin työelämälähtöiseen asiaan liittyviä ajankohtaisia aiheita. Ota Soveltoradio kuuntelulistalle ja pysy perillä, mihin muuttuvassa maailmassa ollaan menossa.

  • A convergence of emerging technologies and emerging possibilities is at the heart of this, the greatest period of transformation in human history. Our world is changing in ways that are hard to predict...sometimes even hard to imagine. The World Transformed is your guide to an astounding future that lies ahead -- and that will be here sooner than you think!

  • Weโ€™ve entered a new era. The creation and collection of information play an ever-increasing โ€” yet often hidden โ€” role in our lives. Algorithms filter all sorts of experiences, from the mundane to the monumental. The fuel that powers and curates these experiences isโ€ฆdata. Data are the new oil; whoever controls data has power. Is this making things better? Worse? Raw Data is a show about how information becomes power. What are the implications for all of us, now that mountains of data are more accessible and malleable than ever?

    Episodes post on Thursdays. From Stanford and PRX.

    Hosted by Andrea Mustain and Mike Osborne.

    We love hearing from you! Please email us at [email protected]

  • Saade tehnoloogiaärist ja IT-firmadest. Saatejuhid Henrik Roonemaa ja Taavi Kotka.

  • The official learning channel for Autodesk® 3ds Max® software, a comprehensive 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing solution for games, film, and motion graphics artists. The Autodesk® 3ds Max® Learning Channel provides tutorials of all levels to help you learn Autodesk® 3ds Max®.

  • The Breaking Into Startups Podcast is a platform where we feature stories of people who broke into tech from non-traditional backgrounds. Curious about how startups work, how to get a job without a degree or what technical and non-technical careers are out there? We have news for you - tech fields are booming and you don’t need the best technical degree in information technology to break in and get a six figure job in technology.

    Our podcast gives you an inside look at the most disruptive startups by sharing success stories of people from all walks of life, including college drop outs, professional and student athletes, army veterans, teen parents, corporate folks, investment bankers, consultants, venture capitalists who acquired new skills and found jobs in technology.

    Our guests attended coding bootcamps and immersive programs like Hack Reactor, App Academy, General Assembly, Dev Bootcamp, Flatiron School, Iron Yard, Tradecraft and more. After graduating they found well paying jobs in big time startups focusing on education, medicine, financial services, healthcare, AI, machine learning, automation, sharing economy and more. If you listen to 500 Startups, Learn to Code With Me, Twenty Minute VC, This Week In Startups, Startup Radio, Startup Podcast, The Tim Ferris show, Startup School Radio, Course Report or other tech stuff news, then this podcast is for you my friend.