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  • Better hiring by design: interviews with industry experts on recruiting, hiring, and HR practices.

  • The Comparesoft Podcast hosts conversations with enterprise software users, sharing their experiences in finding, implementing, and using transformational enterprise software.

  • The Robot Podcast is a show about the technology and industry of robotics. It is hosted by Gabe Bentz.

    Each week we bring in people who are creating and developing robots and the companies to commercialize it.

  • Bei OSINT Studio sprechen Samuel Lolagar (OSINTgeek) und Matthias Wilson (MW-OSINT) über Open Source Intelligence.

  • CyberPodEU is the European Podcast that tackles hot topics around the cybersecurity world. The host Gergely Lesku from the European operating cybersecurity provider SOCWISE welcomes international experts to discuss the burning issues and latest developments in the security field. If cybercrime is going international, we also must think across national borders to prevent the attacks and moreover to stay secure!

  • Hogyan kell vállalkozni nőként az online térben? Milyen digitális veszélynek vannak kitéve a nők? Az nlc új podcast sorozatában, arra keressük a válaszokat, vajon milyen a nők helyzete az informatikai szektorban, hogyan szolgálja jól az informatika a nőket? A műsor a SERCO Informatika Kft. támogatásával jött létre. Műsorvezető: Szerémi Nóra.

  • Next Game, the video game podcast where two gamers create totally original sequels, prequels, and spin-offs of the best and worst video games!

    They’ll cover anything from old, forgotten retro games to brand new, cutting edge franchises. Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox or even Atari are all on the table! But the catch? Each host creates their own gaming concept in a head to head competition where only one will be crowned the winner by a special guest gamer acting as a producer!

    Join Shane Luis & Adam Keresztyen from the popular gaming YouTube channel Rerez (Just Bad Games, The Worst Ever Series) as they battle it out armed with their life long experiences and obsessions with the video game industry. Don’t miss a single episode as they try to make the best gaming podcast on the planet and create the Next Game!

    Support the show on Patreon for exclusive extended episodes and more! https://patreon.com/rerez

  • Dr. Jörg Reinnarth spricht mit seinen Gästen über Marketing Automation und wie man mit Hilfe digitaler Technologien mehr Gewinn erzielt. In den Gesprächen mit CEOs und Projektleitern werden aktuelle Trends im Kundenmanagement beleuchtet und Erfolgsfaktoren einzelner Marketing Automation Projekte unter die Lupe genommen.

    Dieser Marketing Automation Podcast richtet sich an alle, die sich für digitales Marketing, Kundenmanagement, Customer Experience und automatisiertes Marketing interessieren. Hier hören CEOs, Projektleiter, Customer Relation Manager, CX-Experten und Marketing Manager rein.

    Jörg Reinnarth, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der CINTELLIC Consulting Group (https://www.cintellic.com), ist einer der führenden Experten im Bereich Cross Channel Kundenmanagement / Marketing Automation. Seit mehr als 17 Jahren berät er DAX- und mittelständische Unternehmen beim Aufbau eines ganzheitlichen Massen-Kundenangangs – von der Digitalen Strategie über Big Data bis hin zur automatisierten Cross Channel CRM Umsetzung.
    Kontakt: [email protected]

  • Somos un podcast sobre desarrollo y programación, hecho por SMBS Solutions bajo el concepto de aprender a través de la comunicación de experiencias y conocimiento colocaborativo de nuestros invitados.

    Donde la disciplina es el valor principal para recorrer el camino de la programación y el desarrollo de software.

    Cada semana tendremos un episodio estreno.

  • Data Dojo podcasts are aimed to provide analytics nirvana in a fun way, keeping all the discussions and talks sincere and with a hint of fun.

  • Our purpose is to co-create the future of workplace diversity in the tech industry through cross-cultural storytelling and experience sharing.

    Each week we bring together a broad roster of technology luminaries, business and thought leaders from a wide range of software companies and startups.

    Each guest will have their time in the spotlight during a fun, casual interview session with the co-producers and hosts Tullio Siragusa and Carlos Ponce, who are often joined by other folks at Encora as co-hosts.

    Follow us on Twitter @dojolive

  • Az IT biztonság munkánkban és családi működésünkben is társadalmunk egyik legfontosabb kihívása.
    Sokat hallunk róla, mégis általában utólag eszmélünk rá, hogy baj van és valamit tenni kellett volna.
    Idegenek kezébe kerültek a saját és céges adataink, veszélyben a bankkártyánk adatai, a fotóink, a levelezésünk vagy a céges adatbázisok. Pedig ha betartunk pár szabályt, akkor a kitettségünk jelentősen csökkenthető.
    IT-biztonsági podcastunkban a vírusvédelemről jól ismert ESET IT biztonsági megoldásait forgalmazó Sicontact szakértőivel járjuk körbe, hogy mit tehetünk az adataink biztonságáért.

  • Welcome to the Gaggia Uk podcast .. Helping you to get the best out of your Gaggia machine.

  • I am an Egyptian who moved to Canada and work in Deep Learning field. I believe I have a story to tell

  • Ha tudod, mi a kiberbiztonság… és főleg, ha nem! Ez a podcast abban segít, hogy felhívja a figyelmet a kiberbiztonsági veszélyekre úgy, hogy közben hasznos tippekkel, jó tanácsokkal és megtörtént esetekkel hozza közelebb a kiberteret. Mert a kiberbiztonság közös érdek és közös felelősség. Hallgasd Te is az SZTFH hivatalos podcast csatornáját, hogy első kézből értesülj arról, ami ma már elengedhetetlen a kibertérben.

  • Welcome to our block. We are bringing you us every last Friday, so get ready to ride this fantastic voyage with J.R. & M.J.

  • Startup Basics is for entrepreneurs launching tech companies but are not fluent in "startup." Hosted by Beta Boom's founding partners, Sergio and Kimmy, the podcast covers common topics and questions that many founders are afraid to ask or think they should know. Startup Basics covers subjects like these:

    Do I need a technical co-founder, and how do I find one?
    What do investors look for in early-stage startups?
    What is product-market fit and how to find it?
    How can I get customers?
    How can I get money for my startup?
    If you don't know the difference between a "seed round" and an "A round" or think a "cliff" is a steep rock face, chances are that this podcast is for you.

    There are other great podcasts focusing on growing a startup or looking back on successes, but Startup Basics really covers the initial stages of a tech enterprise in terms that nearly anyone can understand.

  • Fraser Doherty MBE is a young entrepreneur, founder of Superjam, Beer.52 and http://envelope.coffee and author of 48-Hour Start-Up, your guide to going from idea to launch in a single weekend. In The 48-Hour Start-Up Podcast, Fraser speaks to entrepreneurs from a range of successful entrepreneurs to discover their tips and tricks to launching a business fast.

    The full 48-Hour Start-Up book is out now in paperback, ebook and audiobook.