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  • Cash & Burn, brought to you by Place Technology, features stories of SaaS growth with top founders and leaders from companies like ZoomInfo, AgentSync, Kimble Applications, and more.

    Host Brandon Metcalf, a multi-time founder who has lead SaaS companies to succesful exits, explores what it takes to succesfully scale a software company in today's dynamic landscape.

    Tune in weekly for informative conversations with the leaders and executives who are doing it now.

    New episodes every Tuesday!

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • If you live in the UK and create your own podcast or you’re thinking of starting your own podcast then we’d like to connect with you. You can expect news of real life events and meetups for podcasters across the United Kingdom along with resources, information about great UK podcasts and places for our community to hang out and chat online as well as offline. The world of podcasting is coming to the UK!

  • These are recordings of ANU public lectures and special events that are categorised by engineering and information technology

  • Самые свежие новости, тренды и технологии из Digital сферы в еженедельном подкасте "Тренды по полочкам"

  • Эксперимент по аудиоблогингу на замену текстовым постам. Я работал в Google и Amazon, учился в Wharton, жил в США, Германии, Сингапуре и ОАЭ. Отвечаю на вопросы о карьере в продакт менеджменте, управлению командами и саморазвитию.Вопросы можно задавать в телеграм-канале https://t.me/ilyabezdelev_blog


  • Сфера адукацыі - адна з самых вялікіх у свеце, бо праз яе праходзіць значная большасць насельніцтва планеты. Сюды прыцягваюцца інвестыцыі і ўкараняюцца інавацыі, якія выкліканы павысіць эфектыўнасць перадачы ведаў ад адукатараў да вучняў. Усе гэтыя інструмэнты ўваходзяць у паняцце Еduсаtiоn Тесhnоlоgiеs (адукацыйныя тэхналогіі). Каротка іх завуць ЕdТесh.
    ЕdТесh – гэта нейкія лічбавыя інструменты, якія дапамагаюць павысіць якасць і эфектыўнасць адукацыйнага працэсу.
    EdTech - праекты ў галіне адукацыйных тэхналогій.
    У цэлым у паняцце адукацыйных тэхналогій сёння ўваходзяць:

    Анлайн-школы і курсы;
    Адукацыйныя прыкладанні для смартфонаў;
    Платформы карпаратыўнага навучання;
    Электронныя сістэмы, якія выкарыстоўваюцца ў адукацыйных установах;
    Іншае адукацыйнае абсталяванне і тэхналогіі.

    EdTech-рашэнні змяняюць традыцыйныя ўяўленні аб адукацыі на нашых вачах. Школьнікі гуляюць у гульні, каб на эмацыйным узроўні замацоўваць атрыманыя з падручнікаў веды.

  • Whether you sell on Amazon in your spare time or you’re an international brand looking to expand your empire, Crossover Commerce is the show for you!

    Hosted by PingPong’s Ryan Cramer, he'll be your reliable resource breaking down the trends and core concepts sellers need to thrive in the Amazon and eCommerce world.

    Stay tuned to level-up your knowledge with expert eCommerce content including legal, economic, social, cultural and technological solutions for domestic and global sellers.

  • Architect Tips by Clear Measure
    Created to help .NET development teams move fast, deliver quality, and run their systems with confidence. This series is led by Chief Architect Jeffrey Palermo as well as other Clear Measure team members, publishing short clips of helpful tips to empower you to achieve more! Visit www.clearmeasure.com to view other content and learn more.

  • «Однажды в интернете» — подкаст компании «Интерсвязь», который рассказывает о том, что интересного происходит во Всемирной паутине. Вы начнете разбираться в цифровизации, технологиях, IT, видеоиграх, цифровом этикете и других темах, слушая наш подкаст.

  • Helping P&C insurers drive innovation and turn possibilities into realities.

  • In-depth local public affairs reporting and interviews from around the KVNF listening area. Link for podcast subscription: https://www.kvnf.org/podcast/local-motion/rss.xml

  • The term "Jom Pakai IoT" in the Malay Language mean "Let's Do IoT" (English). The Podcast is meant to share the issues, challenges, and tips on how to start your Internet of Things Journey.

  • Wir tauchen ein in die Welt des digitalen Marketings und des digitalen Lifestyles. Freue dich auf spannende Inhalte über Social Media, Influencer Marketing, ortsunabhängiges Arbeiten und aktuelle digitale Trends. Neben tiefgründigen Diskussionen und Einblicken in die Szene erwarten dich spannende Interviewpartner. Bist du dabei?

    Alle Infos über uns findest du unter http://www.iamdigital.de.

  • Hosts Caitlin Douglas, Katie Hess, and Tash Belak-Berger share how to actually get things done in business, software development, startups and life.

  • Ogni settimana escono centinaia di novità sui servizi di AWS e più in generale dal Cloud. In KloudOps le filtriamo e le commentiamo nel nostro canale YouTube e in questo podcast dedicato.

  • Developers making a podcast about development! Follow us on Twitter @usecasepod!

  • The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast is a show about cybercrime and cybersecurity. We explore the changes coming for the cyber security space, what threats they bring, and what businesses can do when prevention isn’t enough. Host Andy Anderson is a cyber security specialist. He’ll interview experts in the field of cyber security and victims of cyberattacks, providing practical examples and solutions for these new and challenging times.

  • Welcome to Cyber Sounds, the informative and entertaining podcast series on all things cyber and more from global law firm Kennedys’ (https://www.kennedyslaw.com/) experts Ollie Dent, Tom Pelham and Elizabeth Bardsley.

    Cyber security and data protection are both rapidly developing areas, and impact businesses and individuals across the globe. We aim to keep you up to speed with the evolving nature of this sector as well as approach these issues from an alternative angle.

    We will share our experience and insight with both UK and global perspectives and bring you guest contributors from across the industry.

    Visit Kennedys' Cyber Sounds podcast hub page (https://www.kennedyslaw.com/thought-leadership/cyber-sounds/)
    Read more about Kennedys' cyber risks expertise (https://www.kennedyslaw.com/our-expertise/services/insurance-and-claims/cyber-risks/)