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  • A podcast dedicated to highlighting women’s voices in AI, as a resource for other women who work in AI or are thinking about joining.

  • Join Darryl Willis, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Energy & Resources Industry, as he speaks with industry experts and thought leaders sharing their insights and perspectives on the current state and future opportunities across the energy sector. These discussions highlight how digital technology is driving innovation to enable and accelerate the delivery of secure, equitable and sustainable energy to all.

  • Are you interested in the latest developments in gaming and technology? Do you want to learn more about how blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies are changing the gaming industry? If so, this podcast is for you!
    In each episode, we'll explore the exciting world of Web3 gaming, blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies and what they mean for the future of digital entertainment. You'll learn about new games and platforms built on blockchain technology, the rise of cryptocurrencies, and how they're being used in gaming. We'll also talk to experts in the industry who will share their insights and provide a behind-the-scenes look at this fast-growing space.
    Even if you're new to gaming and technology, we're here to help you understand these emerging technologies and their potential impact on our lives. So join us for an informative and entertaining journey into the world of Web3 gaming and crypto, and discover what the future holds for these exciting technologies!

  • An #NFT and #web3 related podcast that discusses topics on the inside track of crypto when it is related to building startups that are Metaverse forward. Shows will often entail the latest information that has leaked from specific projects and opinions on how to navigate the ever evolving landscape of crypto.

  • Leading developer, investor and native New Yorker, Eric Brody, bridges the gap between technologists and PropTech by having no nonsense, frank conversations with the minds behind some of the hottest new PropTech innovations. As someone with skin in the game on both sides of the deal, Brody invites the folks behind technologies he genuinely finds interesting to come present their product. The question is - do these new players actually make an impact in the real world of construction, development and real estate? And if the answer is yes, E Breezy is investing, baby!

  • "AI Innovation meets AppExchange: Expert Insights from Leaders in the Ecosystem" is a bi-weekly podcast that explores the impact of AI on the AppExchange ecosystem, challenges faced during implementation, opportunities for product development, and ethical considerations.

    Hosted by Jakub Stefaniak, the VP of Technology Strategy and Innovation, the podcast features conversations with entrepreneurs and executives from ISV or OEM AppExchange partners. The podcast follows a one-on-one conversation format, with a flexible discussion rather than a formal interview.

    Each episode runs for approximately 20-25 minutes and will be made available as both a video and podcast recording for the audience. Discussions around AI's impact on the AppExchange, opportunities, and ethical considerations will showcase industry experts' knowledge of the AI space and drive positive change in the Salesforce ecosystem.

    The podcast will create a platform for engaging conversations, encouraging dialogue between industry experts and listeners and helping to establish a network of professionals interested in AI within the Salesforce ecosystem.

    If you're interested in learning more about AI's impact on the Salesforce ecosystem, be sure to subscribe to the podcast and newsletter for future episodes and updates.

  • RDF Outlook es un podcast donde platicaremos con abogados y visionarios sobre tecnología, consejos y el futuro de la industria.
    Soy Pepe Toriello y estoy convencido que los abogados podemos trabajar mejor y más rápido con los softwares correctos.

  • Independent and surly Cosmos validators discussing tech, governance, drama, airdrops, and anything else. Holistically wholesome since 2022. We stream LIVE on every Wednesday @ 9:00PM UTC.

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  • Learn to master WooCommerce (and eCommerce) from the team of experts at GoDaddy Pro and SkyVerge. Each episode, we dive deep on a different facet of eCommerce and give you the strategies, tips, ideas, extensions, and stats you need to grow your WooCommerce site (or your clients’ sites). Plus, GoDaddy’s resident WooCommerce experts share stories, anecdotes, and lessons learned from their eCommerce adventures—and adventures as customers, too. Learn to build a better store for yourself or your clients and have a few laughs along the way!

  • Meet the people that are on the frontlines of Web3 and the Metaverse.

    Hear from thought-leaders in Web3, and join us answer questions, address concerns, and define what being a successful business in the Metaverse looks like.

    We dive into what this tech transformation means for people, brands, and communities, as well as what you can accomplish and how you can get started without falling behind. We turn their experience and insights into practical, actionable advice that you can use right now to launch your brand into the Metaverse with confidence.

  • A podcast illuminating how different SAP LoBs and partners embed and integrate analytics into their applications with SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • This is the show where we interview AI experts, and Fashion leaders who share their stories, and insights to help you learn, and grow your ecommerce business faster. So subscribe now on Apple, or Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

  • All things vintage stereo and more! We talk turntables, receivers, speakers and how to get the most out of your vintage gear.

  • Conversations about maker culture, design, craft, and technology

  • Trying to keep up as AI accelerates toward escape velocity? Let the Mission Control crew help. Tune in daily for a quick take on the last 24 hours in AI news.

  • Most people land in Audio Visual, IT, or Infrastructure accidentally โ€“ what is their story? How did they navigate through it and what made them want to stay? Tune into the Global USS Tech Talk, an informative Q&A podcast as we speak with a new guest each episode!Learn more about Global USS by visiting our website: www.globaluss.com

  • Conversations with developers with your host Kyle Shank.

  • Thanks for tuning into The Digital Products Pod, brought to you by digital experience agency, Inviqa. Our mission is to bring you insights and perspectives from the world of digital product design, development, and management. These conversations are all about helping you drive better customer and business outcomes – through inclusive and purposeful digital products. So sit back, listen in, and get ready to start driving value – for you and your customers.