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  • Dr. Mfon Akpan seeks to help as many people as possible to understand accounting principles and functions.

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  • Introducing CryptoSlam Clubhouse, a place where a group of NFT collectors who are deep in web3 data talk all things NFT, and digital collectibles.

    Cool interviews, web3 News, data insights and discussion by those who are passionate about NFTs make this a great listen under an hour.

  • At this moment of inflection in technology, co-hosts Elad Gil and Sarah Guo talk to the world's leading AI engineers, researchers and founders about the biggest questions: How far away is AGI? What markets are at risk for disruption? How will commerce, culture, and society change? What’s happening in state-of-the-art in research? “No Priors” is your guide to the AI revolution. Email feedback to [email protected]
    Sarah Guo is a startup investor and the founder of Conviction, an investment firm purpose-built to serve intelligent software, or "Software 3.0" companies. She spent nearly a decade incubating and investing at venture firm Greylock Partners.
    Elad Gil is a serial entrepreneur and  a startup investor. He was co-founder of Color Health, Mixer Labs (which was acquired by Twitter). He has invested in over 40 companies now worth $1B or more each, and is also author of the High Growth Handbook.

  • Are you stumped by an IT question? Get answers during 'askSMEanything' - the show from ITProTV where IT pros have live office hours to answer your questions submitted on Twitter. Watch live on ITProTV when you join as a free member (no credit card required) - https://itpro.tv/plans/free-signup/. Each segment features one of 10 subject matter experts. You can submit questions via Twitter with the hashtag: #askSMEanything

  • What are the key issues for sustainable resource management? How do companies operate while maintaining corporate social responsibility? From understanding the need for sustainability, and environmental auditing to learning how organisations integrate health and safety policy. This collection/album explores many of the issues that face modern businesses and gives some insight into how these companies function while adhering to various environmental management systems.

    This material is taken from Open University course T867: Managing for sustainability

  • Once a month, Allen Pike sits down with product leaders to discuss the lessons they've learned helping build great products and teams.

  • Award-winning journalist Stan Grant explores this data-driven world with an all-star guest list – from a NASA astronaut tackling climate change, a fire chief battling increasingly destructive blazes to a Governor confronting a city in crisis. Also challenging guests to weigh in on a topic way out of their comfort zone, Stan unearths what makes them tick, their instincts under pressure, and the single thread that connects them all. From common leadership challenges to solving some of the biggest issues of our time – this is the podcast where leaders come to learn.

    Find out more at directionspodcast.com


    This is a BGT Production created in partnership with Esri Australia.

    Esri Australia is the nation’s leading GIS technology and services provider and part of the BGT group.

  • Mirko Kloppenburg from NewProcessLab.com shares all the learnings and insights of his journey to rethink processes so that you can apply industry-proven BPM tools, methods, and best practices to manage, improve, and innovate your processes. Learn how to use the human-centric New Process approach - a symbiosis of New Work and Business Process Management - to push your business process or even the Management System of your organization to the next level and to inspire people for processes. Mirko has been working in several process management positions within the aviation industry for 20+ years. An industry which is known for its high safety standards and high process maturity level. Now, Mirko helps you to transfer these experiences to your own processes. He explores topics such as process purpose, process strategy, process design and improvement including process mining and RPA, process modeling, process implementation and process steering as well as improvement of process execution (i.e., lean, kaizen, six sigma) so that you can generate benefits immediately. Mirko challenges CPOs, process owners, architects, vendors, consultants, researchers, and cross-industry experts in interviews and provides answers to your questions in the ‘Ask Mirko’ sessions! Don’t miss it. Hit subscribe and get ready to rethink your process.

  • At the center of every technology transformation are people with visionary ideas for innovation, and the drive to push them forward. Pivotal with Hayete Gallot from Microsoft spotlights the heroes who are giving technology its purpose and driving impact for their business, community, and society.

  • Better hiring by design: interviews with industry experts on recruiting, hiring, and HR practices.

  • TALK THIS! is a biweekly podcast about video games hosted by Emma and Madelyn Paquette. Every show, they talk about two games- one old (pre-2007) and one new (within the last year or two). At the end of each show, Madelyn and Emma take the best elements from each game and mash them together into a brand new game idea.

  • Business growth conversations with today's entrepreneurs willing to tell the truth about what it takes to be your own boss and transform the lives of your audience. Hosted by Bob Sparkins from Leadpages. Show notes and more at Leadpages.net/podcast

  • INSIDE is a series of weekly podcasts where we talk about most recent news around Cosmos Ecosystem and invite interesting guests to share info on their projects, progress and inside news!

    We go live every Wednesday 15:00 UTC on Telegram!

  • All the latest synth and music tech news, memes and our regular segments! Every week!

  • ReturnLogic is a returns management platform for scaling ecommerce brands. On this channel, we'll discuss the latest retail trends, technology, and best practices for managing an ecommerce business and retail returns. We'll connect with ecommerce store owners, partners, and thought leaders within the vast online shopping ecosystem. Listen in as we uncover how retailers can manage and optimize their returns strategy, saving time, and labor, and ultimately increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

  • Meeting Web3's pioneers and exploring their past as entrepreneurs, traders, developers, and dreamers; their present as founders, and their future as speakers at the largest Web3 conference in Northern and Eastern Europe: NFT Tallinn, May 9 - 10.

  • Welcome to Majesco’s Future of Insurance Podcast Series, where we tap into the expertise and experience of a variety of industry leaders, partners and influencers to give listeners access to different stories, expertise and insights about the trends that are defining the future of insurance.

  • In the past two years, more than three-quarters of organizations have been attacked by ransomware, and over two-thirds have experienced at least one software supply chain attack. Attackers are smarter, more sophisticated and move more quickly than ever. If your organization hasn’t been breached yet, odds are you will be. On The Segment, you will hear from industry experts about the latest cybersecurity and ransomware trends. We will unpack how modern organizations can reduce risk and curtail impact with Zero Trust - a “never trust, always verify” approach to cybersecurity. Join us for The Segment: A Zero Trust Leadership Podcast, brought to you by Illumio.