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  • The podcast for event professionals who want to hear from the leading innovators in the industry. EventMB covers the latest innovations in event technology, case studies of successful events, new thinking in event design, and exciting destination updates.

  • Avoiding hackers. Easy? With our podcast it can be. Stay in the know on cyber security tips, tools, and more in the Alias Secure AF Cyber Security Podcast. Join our host, Teddie Underkoffler of Alias, as she covers a variety of cyber security topics with coworkers and special guests. No matter where you are on the cyber security knowledge ladder, there's an episode here for you.

  • The PHP Roundtable is a podcast of web developers discussing PHP, JavaScript, community, open source, and anything else PHP nerds care about. It is broadcast live from Google Hangouts On-Air. For complete show notes or to watch the episodes in video format visit PHPRoundtable.com. And join the conversation live! Just subscribe to the newsletter at www.phproundtable.com and never miss a live show.

  • The Glasgow Insight into Science and Technology's Podcast, produced by our Head of Multimedia, Iona Macwhirter-Harley. We are a Glasgow-based science media outlet who love to talk about the latest developments in science and tech, local science events, and interview researchers about their work.

  • How are business leaders finding creative ways to confront some of today’s biggest challenges?
    Join Fast Company Senior Editor Amy Farley to dive into how companies are pointing the way forward for both their industries—and society at large. We’ll talk to business leaders about using cutting-edge AI technology to measure how forests are capturing carbon; we’ll discover how blockchain technology is transforming the gaming industry; and explore how Gen Z is using social networking to shop online. 

  • The purpose of this podcast series is to keep the members of EFC, its stakeholders, partners and as well as those broadly interested in electrical products, informed and connected. This series intends to feature technical, cultural and safety topics from the electrical community that powers our changing world.

  • UX Research is an emerging field of increasing interest in tech and business. Join UX Researcher Emily as she discusses all things UX Research from tools and resources, to job postings and funny stories from the field. Melanie will interview UX Research professionals during her ‘Personas’ series to glean insights into where this growing field is headed and introduce members from our UXRTO community. This podcast will give you tons of opportunities to learn while being a part of a great community of like-minded UX people from around the world. New episode every two weeks.

  • Hey listeners! Welcome to Gals Chat, a podcast brought to you by Engineering Gals. Your hosts Amy and Lara are here to showcase and support members of the STEM community, and talk about how they are thriving in their journey. You will hear interviews that provide you with insightful information on what a career in engineering or STEM may look like and additional tips to help you succeed. So get your snacks and earphones and let's get chatting! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/engineeringgals/support

  • A show with tech advice, a short how to, and why you should care.

  • The Cyber Ways Podcast brings academic cyber security research into the "real world." We interview top academic researchers to find how their research can be put into practice by cyber security professionals. Our focus is on behavioral aspects of cyber security. Occasionally, we touch on related topics, such as information privacy and surveillance.Each episode discusses one published, peer-reviewed article to reveal the practical implications of the research. Your hosts, Tom Stafford and Craig Van Slyke, are both widely published information systems academics who keep one foot in the world of practice.The Cyber Ways Podcast is brought to you by the Center for Information Assurance at the Louisiana Tech University's College of Business. The Cyber Ways podcast is funded through a Just Business grant, made possible through the generosity of donors to the Louisiana Tech University College of Business.

  • Who and what is shaping the future, and how can you improve your own? Extraordinary individuals, motivational speakers and thought leaders join Ben Dickinson to discuss their experiences, thoughts and guidance.

  • When does a smart city become an overly-surveilled city? In City Surveillance Watch, a scripted podcast series from Smart Cities Dive, reporter Kate Kaye explores the inherent dichotomy of data-hungry technologies that - while promising to make cities safer and more efficient - can also be considered forms of surveillance tech.

    In three in-depth episodes, listeners will travel across the country, digging deep into stories that illuminate how and why cities are using surveillance tech. They’ll hear from people who oppose its use, from law enforcement representatives who support it, from city staff who manage it and from others affected by these technologies every day. They’ll consider risks and unintended consequences of surveillance tech, and they’ll learn from municipalities crafting meaningful surveillance tech policy.

    For more from Smart Cities Dive, sign up for our newsletter at www.smartcitiesdive.com/signup, and follow us on Twitter at @smartcitiesdive.

  • Into the Bytecode is a podcast about the ideas shaping crypto. Sina Habibian previously led engineering at a Layer 2 protocol and worked on ecosystem development at the Ethereum Foundation.

    Check out our newsletter for other episodes and writing: bytecode.substack.com

  • A collection of audio from podcasts or interviews from The Elrond Network. Features all Elrond Talks, Eco Chats and third party content creators on approval.

  • We analyze the war on privacy and freedom in all its forms. Then we talk solutions.

  • Wednesdays at 7:20 am, our resident geek, webmeister Bud, geeks out about the latest geekery in the world, from gadgets to apps to pop culture, and enlightens Dylan & Jason in The Morning Zone. =)

  • “The company story is the company strategy.”
    — Ben Horowitz, Partner and Co-founder, Andreessen Horowitz

    For many startups, marketing isn’t important—until it is. This hasn’t always been the case. For the past decade, everyone was obsessed with finding a “growth hacker.” But now, product marketers are in high demand as companies realize their value. Startups are now asking: when should I hire a product marketer? Should my first marketing hire be a product marketer?

    Lots of people want to be the first product marketer, but only a few make the leap. They’re the builders. The fixers. The risk-takers. They embrace the chaos. They’re comfortable being uncomfortable.

    This is a journey into their world. It’s about sharing the thrills and chills of being the first product marketer at a startup. Along the way we’ll meet some amazing people. You’ll hear engaging stories about imperfect product launches. The challenges and nuances of everyday work. The skills needed to succeed. And of course, fresh perspectives on what it really takes to be a company’s first product marketer.

    The only way to be on this journey is to begin. Let’s go.

  • Innovating Infrastructure is a new podcast from the Global Infrastructure Hub that showcases new and emerging technology-based solutions to infrastructure challenges.

    This ten-part series is for anyone interested in innovation, technology, or infrastructure. Hosted by GI Hub’s Monica Bennett, each episode is a 25-minute interview with one of the finalists from GI Hub’s InfraChallenge, a global innovation competition that helps start-ups advance their solutions for more resilient infrastructure.

    Through 1:1 conversations, discover how the InfraChallenge Top 10 teams are leveraging technologies from artificial intelligence to remote sanitation solutions to create better and more resilient infrastructure.

    Can machine learning solve one of infrastructure's data conundrums? What are the implications as our roads go digital? How is recycled rubber reducing waste noise, and vibration on railways?

    Join us for Innovating Infrastructure and discover technology solutions that are transforming infrastructure for the better. Subscribe now on your favourite podcast app.

  • In All Things Crypto, the official Elk.Finance podcast, we discuss various concepts related to DeFi, the blockchain, and beyond! We aim to educate listeners through plain (and hopefully entertaining) conversation by discussing concepts with experts in the field. Check us out at http://elk.finance/

  • The Eric Jackson Podcast focuses on the key issues going on today in the worlds of media and technology.