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  • 1989 Boston. The crack epidemic is raging, the murder rate soaring, and white flight has taken hold. Charles Stuart and his pregnant wife, Carol, are carjacked, drawn deep into a dangerous “inner city” neighborhood, and allegedly shot by a Black man. All of Boston – and the nation – is gripped by the hunt for the suspect. What follows will reveal truths about the city... and ourselves. Presented by The Boston Globe and HBO Documentary Films, Murder in Boston: The Untold Story of the Charles and Carol Stuart Shooting is hosted by Adrian Walker who, along with a team of Pulitzer-winning investigative reporters, unveils explosive new findings and change the narrative of a story long cemented in the city’s lore. The HBO Documentary Series Murder in Boston: Roots, Rampage, and Reckoning is available to stream on Max starting December 4.  

  • A young man named Jimmy Pierce, who is obsessed with detective novels of the 30s and 40s, suddenly finds himself in the middle of a mystery of his own.

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  • True Crime Kenya examines Kenyan crimes and cases through the art of storytelling. Each episode takes listeners on a thrilling journey through riveting stories of crime, investigation, and justice in this East African nation. Welcome to True Crime Kenya!๐ŸŽค Written & Narrated by @thisisdeemnur๐Ÿ–ฅ Produced by @wearepitchr

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: a Paid Subscriber: is the podcast version of Serial Killers Documentaries YouTube channel.

  • A podcast devoted to highly disturbing, and unbelievable but true crime stories from behind the Soviet Curtain. The Khamovniki Brothers are Moscow survivors and wayward investigators of the unreal space and time that was the Soviet Union. From Russia with Blood showcases their research and findings, which they share here with the curious. Discover new episodes every other Wednesday. Subscribers get early access to new episodes.

  • Bruce Schuler went missing whilst gold prospecting in a remote part of North Queensland in 2012. The station leaseholders were convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. They will die in prison as they refuse to disclose the whereabouts of his remains. They maintain their innocence and claim not to know where his body is. This is an indepth (7 episodes) review of the circumstances of this circumstantial true crime murder.

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  • This is WHALE HUNTING, a weekly podcast that pulls back the curtain on the hidden worlds of money and power, hosted by investigative journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope. Previously long-time reporters for the Wall Street Journal, Tom and Bradley now run Project Brazen, a journalism studio that’s published stories on everything from US Navy corruption to spycraft in Silicon Valley and embezzlement at the heart of Spain’s royal family. 
    Now, on the Whale Hunting podcast, you can join them as they share what’s got them talking this week, from the headlines to underworld gossip. Each episode will offer something different, but you can expect obscene tales of corruption, insights on the bizarre habits of billionaires, and conversations with reporters, spies, hostage negotiators, cops, authors, and the occasional criminal. Think of it as dropping in on the watercooler chat at Project Brazen’s office. 
    So join us. Subscribe to Whale Hunting, and find out how the world really works. 
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  • All I'm Saying is about mysteries, myths, ghost stories, murder mysteries and conspiracies.

  • "The Trial..." takes listeners behind the headlines and into the courtroom of some of the biggest trials in the world.

    Our first series "The Trial of Lucy Letby" was a worldwide hit, with over 13million downloads.

    Season 2 focused on the murder of Ashling Murphy, a 23 year old teacher from Ireland.

    Follow the trial's evidence just as the jury did, with twice-weekly reports from Deputy News Editor for Mail on Sunday Ireland Nicola Byrne and broadcast journalist Caroline Cheetham. In this podcast, they bring you far more detail about what the jury heard, examine key moments of the trial, and conduct exclusive interviews with investigative detectives, victims, and experts.

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  • here i cover a majority of true crime and conspiracy videos. this is a judgement free zone where you can let loose and hang out with me.
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  • Welcome to My True Crime Vault. I'm all over true crime, and it's been a passion to one day do this. Start a damn podcast. So, hit play and respectfully enjoy true crime with me!

  • On March 16, 2000, two police officers were shot in one of Atlantaโ€™s oldest neighborhoods. One officer died and the other claimed the shooter was Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, the leader of a local mosque. Once known as H. Rap Brown, a charismatic leader of the Black Power Movement, and an honorary officer in the Black Panther Party, Al-Amin was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. But was Al-Amin truly guilty? Or was it payback for decades of work against the establishment?

  • Life in Death is a new podcast that takes a deep dive into the people behind the crime scenes, presented by Dr. Marie Cassidy, the first female State Pathologist in Ireland, alongside her old friend, GP and crime author, Dr. Paul Carson. Born and bred in Glasgow where she trained in medicine, Marie soon discovered she wasn’t cut out to be a doctor for the living, and when she did a stint in the hospital morgue, her future path became clear – a life in death!

    Each week Marie and Paul are joined by guests from the world of forensics, pathology, the courts and beyond - digging into the world of homicide and suspicious death.

  • It is one of the most sensational true-crime stories in recent decades: on March 30, 1985, the parents of Canadian student Elizabeth Haysom were brutally murdered in their home in Lynchburg, Virginia. Both had their heads nearly severed from their torsos. They had apparently shared a meal with their killer. Elizabeth's boyfriend - the German son of a diplomat and student Jens Sรถring - and she were arrested in London in December 1986.

    THE SOERING SYSTEM tells the story of a German man convicted of double homicide who was released from a U.S. prison in 2019 but never actually acquitted. Since then he has been extremely vocal about his version of the truth - in spite of the facts.

    THE SOERING SYSTEM focuses on the facts and previously unheard voices - including a former confidant of Sรถring, a former Scotland Yard investigator, and a police officer, both of whom were involved in the case. The question of guilt was decided by a US court in 1990. Since then, many narratives about the case have circulated. And yet, the image that exists in the public's eye regarding the case is incomplete. With this podcast, listeners can form their own impression - based on reports and facts that are being brought together in this way for the first time.

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  • Journalist Sam Anderson learns that one of his high school classmates has been accused of murder in California, and travels west to find out what happened. Sam becomes immersed in the Emerald Triangle, the legendary home of pot growers, hippies, and outlaws. He discovers that his classmate became drawn into the orbit of a cultish and charismatic pot grower obsessed with psychedelic drugs. Desperation, greed, and a seemingly never-ending acid trip create a perfect storm of paranoia that ends in a moment of unspeakable violence.

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  • โ€œBold Ventureโ€ was a radio show that aired between 1951 and 1952. The series was set in Havana, Cuba, and followed the adventures of Slate Shannon (played by Humphrey Bogart) and his partner, Sailor Duval (played by Lauren Bacall). Slate Shannon was a former sailor and owner of the "Bold Venture" - a shipping line that primarily focused on fishing charters. Sailor Duval was his loyal companion, who also served as the ship's first mate. Together, the two ran the business and solved various mysteries that came their way.

    The show was created by Morton Fine and David Friedkin, and its popularity owed much to the involvement of the Bogarts. Humphrey Bogart was one of the most famous actors of the era and had just come off a string of successful film roles. His marriage to Lauren Bacall had also captivated the public's attention, and the couple's chemistry on the show was often cited as one of the reasons for its success.

    Each episode followed a similar structure - a new client would come to Slate and Sailor with a problem that needed solving. This would usually involve some kind of danger or criminal activity, and the duo would set about investigating. Along the way, they would cross paths with various shady characters, including smugglers, gamblers, and gangsters. The show was known for its fast-paced action, tense cliffhangers, and witty banter between the two leads.

    โ€œBold Ventureโ€ only ran for one season, but it remains a favorite among fans of classic radio dramas. It was a show that managed to balance thrilling adventure with light-hearted comedy, and its two iconic stars only added to its appeal.

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  • Dawn and Nick Hacheney are the perfect couple: spiritual, loving, and devoted to the church where Nick is a pastor. When Dawn is killed in a house fire the day after Christmas, the pastor and his flock are devastated. What few knew at the time was the dark prophecy that foretold it. The latest podcast from Dateline and Josh Mankiewicz is about sex, lies, religion… and murder.

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  • Goof around with two boneheads while we dive into topics in the paranormal, conspiracy theory, science fiction and true crime realm. With a healthy amount of skepticism, we go through deep research on supernatural topics in 30 minutes. Topics include but are not limited to exorcisms, ghost stories, Salem Witch Trials, cults, UFOs and other paranormal mysteries phenomenon, conspiracy theories and true crime cases. Make sure to follow along on our journey on this somewhat funny paranormal podcast

  • Hosted by Mattie Lasiter and Ashleigh Teeter, siblings who were separated for more than 25 years due to the shadow of their shared past.

    Their father, a charismatic but enigmatic figure, led a cult that consumed the lives of its members, leaving their family torn apart and forbidden from contact.

    They have reunited to share their journey with you while unravelling the haunting tales of cults from around the world, shedding light on the warning signs that can help prevent others from falling into their grasp.

  • The first ever podcast on Transitional justice in The Gambia ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ฒ #TransitionalJustice beyond the work of the #Truth #Reconciliation and #Reparation commission. Stay tuned!