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  • A comedy and history podcast for the curious, morbidly curious, and mechanically curious about the tragedies and oddities of flight.

  • This is a true crime podcast dedicated entirely to telling the stories of Missing & Murdered Indigenous women (MMIW) from the lens of three Indigenous women.

  • The true crime and weird shit podcast where two sisters take you on a wild ride through some of the worldโ€™s most fucked up places. Each episode, we journey to a new location and explore its sordid past, creepiest urban legends, and landmarks you wonโ€™t find in the guidebooks. So buckle up, โ€™cause itโ€™s about to be a bad trip. Support this podcast:

  • Barkanku yan Najeriya! Lokaci ya yi da zamu ษ—auki nauyin tsare rayukan mu da kanmu. Ku saurare mu a yayin da za mu kawo muku labarai na iren-iren laifukan da su ke faruwa a kasar Nigeriya. Mu na fatan za ku ankara, kuma ku samu masaniya da faษ—akarwa a kowanne labarin. Domin tsaro yana farawa ne daga ankararwa.

    Mu kasance cikin ankara da aminci,
    Mu kasance cikin tsaro, a kowanne lokaci.

  • Music & Murder is a true crime and music podcast. It intertwines real actual true crime murder cases, while showcasing some great music. The host Michael D. Keeney is a total dick, and uses profanity, and talks very graphically about gory details that depict the crime scene or scenes that are featured on each episode. The dick, I mean, the host, is a criminology graduate student, and a professional recording artist and song writer for ASCAP. Most episodes are about murders that involve musicians, but not all of them, and most are about murderers that kill in a serial manner. There is also usually a guest that appears after most episodes for an after episode discussion. Music & Murder is rated R, and is for ADULTS ONLY. Parental advisory is definitely recommeneded.

    IG= music_murder_podcast, and FB= Music & Murder Podcast. Follow to be followed. Thank you,

    The Dick (Michael D. Keeney)

  • A true crime podcast with a dash of paranormal! Hosted by Georgia Deakin and Greg Stait.

  • Hosts Ky and Rick delve into relationships, love, and the events that lead to crime and murder.
    We do the research into the true crime and try to find out what went wrong in the relationship that lead to murder.
    New episode every week

  • Retellings of true cases committed by wicked people. Ranging from kidnappings to murders and to unsolved cases. Welcome to Secondary Accounts.

  • Welcome to the Sit Down, a crime history podcast that delves into the long obsessed archives of crime. Weekly, we look at the sinister and evil lives of the world's most ruthless people. Ones that are both alive and dead. Everything from the Mafia, to the drug trade, cartels, terrorists, war criminals, serial killers, white collar criminals and more. Hosted by Jeff Nadu.

  • True Love, Truer Crimes dives into the stories of the world's most notorious criminal couples. From sleeping in a coffin together to cooking their victims for dinner, hear all about who these people were before they met, their romance, crime spree, and how their fateful love story ended.

  • True crime podcast hosted by Dr. Joni Johnston, a forensic psychologist and private investigator, that explores the dark side of human nature and the psychology behind crimes.

  • A nurse and a therapist investigate all things weird, creepy, and criminal from a medical and psychological perspective.

  • After the 2019 allegations of sex abuse against Michael Jackson, a mother's concern over her daughter's love of the pop star leads to her own investigation. The findings overturn her initial assumption of guilt, and she shares the evidence that convinced her of his innocence. This is a detailed accounting of the evidence, told by the mother-daughter team and assisted by 3 voice actors. All of the source material for the evidence you'll hear in each episode is provided on their podcast website:

  • Två pratglada gymnasieelever som gör podcasten ”How I got away...” Trots det tvetydiga namnet är vi inte mördare, däremot är det vårat gemensamma intresse. Hoppas ni kommer uppskatta våran blandning av humor och hemskheter.

  • Author, Speaker, Whistleblower and award-winning Director Mark Vicente was behind the sleeper hit “What The Bleep Do We Know?!” Several books have been written about the film’s remarkable grassroots marketing campaign, which led to its unprecedented success.Mark was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1965. Taking his first photograph at age four, he quickly discovered his passion for being behind the camera. After attending film and drama school in South Africa, he began working his way up the ranks of the camera department, from Assistant to Operator to Cinematographer. His first big break came as Director of Photography on the musical “SARAFINA,” starring Whoopi Goldberg. In 1992, he set his sights on Hollywood and relocated to Los Angeles to shoot his first studio picture for Disney;  “FATHERHOOD,” starring Patrick Swayze and Halle Berry. At the age of 26, he became one of the youngest cinematographers to shoot a big-budget studio picture. Over the next few decades, he went on to shoot an additional 14 feature films and numerous documentaries, music videos and commercials. Mark soon found there were in him, untold stories he desperately wanted to express as a Director. He was driven by the conviction that tales of greatness, nobility and introspection could be exciting and financially successful. Perhaps because of the very obvious race and class iniquities in South Africa, he found himself propelled to question certain fundamental assumptions at a very young age. Beliefs about human behavior, cosmology, religion, existentialism and mysticism. Along the way, he stumbled into a few situations where leaders with malignant pathologies (masquerading as saintly philosophers) spoke the talk of self-improvement but did untold damage to their followers... and him. Looking back, he can now say he has been in at last two cults. His last foray into personal growth and his defection from NXIVM was chronicled in the HBO series “The Vow”. Mark and a few plucky whistleblowers exposed the criminal activities of the organization, resulting in multiple arrests and indictments. He doesn’t consider himself a cult expert, but by his own admission, “I’m an expert in being screwed over, waking up, and knowing how to spot them.” He’s got a pretty salty approach to most things and is fascinated by the myriad patterns in the human psychodynamic that create the best and the worst in civilization. Join Mark as he unpacks a whole range of topics to do with: Psychology, Consciousness, Morality, Narcissistic Abuse, Spirituality, Cults, Propaganda, Science, Filmmaking, and Philosophy.You never quite know what you’re going to get, as it really does depend on… WTF is on his mind?!

  • All about paranormal activity & true crime. Come along and join my journey, speaking on true crime & mysterious crime. But also speaking on my personal experiences with paranormal activity and guests experiences.

  • True crime, real life cases explored, old, and new. Solved, and unsolved. Tags True crime Crime podcast True Crime addictCrime junkies Crime junkieTrue storiesMissingMurdered KidnappedSolved UnsolvedMysteriesCounter clockRedballTrue crime obsessed American murderCase fileCold case Support this podcast:

  • A Different Kind of #TrueCrime Podcast. Each week we alternate interviews between survivors & nonprofits that help victims in similar situations.