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  • The award-winning team that created ‘They Walk Among Us’, featuring true crime cases from the UK, now bring their unique and bone-chilling podcast across the pond. This is ‘They Walk Among America’ - a new, true-crime podcast covering tales of murder and mystery in the United States.

    ‘They Walk Among America’ is a Law & Crime podcast network production.

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  • Former Toronto homicide detective Steve Ryan, who helped solve some of Toronto’s most notable crimes, takes us inside his old case files. Hosted by CTV Toronto’s Austin Delaney, ‘The Detective’ is a revealing look at the underbelly of true crime in Canada’s biggest city.

  • You know when something isn’t illegal but it FEELS illegal? Unethical Podcast conducts case studies in controversy. The content is not recommended for the loud of mouth, the faint of heart, the moderate of alcoholics, or the mild of salsa. Get comfortable, it’s time to think, drink and be on the brink.

  • A true crime podcast discussing unsolved mysteries both past and present.

  • Welcome to SISpicious! A podcast with two Sisters who are a bit obsessed with True Crime, Unexplained Mysteries, Extraterrestrials and all things Strange! Stay a while and let's get weird...

  • A Podcast about White Collar Crime and the people behind it. Support this podcast:

  • Welcome to Loose Ends. 

    The Singh Family Tragedy. 

    The vicious, callous, extremely brutal murder of 3 young siblings in Brisbane Queensland in 2003. 

    The bodies found in a hot, bubbling spa bath days later. 

    An exhaustive 5 plus year police investigation resulted in the arrest and conviction of Max Sica, boyfriend of one of the victims and suspect from day one of the police investigation.

    When you join the many dots in the Crown circumstantial case, Max Sica is the obvious offender.

    But why are there so many loose ends.

    Witnesses who were not called to give evidence.

    Questions that remain unanswered.

    Things that just don’t add up.

    Max Sica is a convicted criminal, liar, cheat, manipulator, as well as being possessive and controlling.

    But is he a killer?

    As well as presenting evidence from the trial, you will hear of witnesses who were not called.

    Evidence that had it been known, would have taken the investigation in an entirely different direction.

    Down another one of the myriad rabbit holes connected with this case.

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  • Join host Amara as she tells the stories of missing and murdered Black women and women of color in America. New Episodes Available on Monday Follow Us! IG: @BlackGirlGonePodcast TikTok: @BlackGirlGonePodcast FB: Black Girl Gone Podcast

  • Listen to all eight episodes of Eye Spy, first, ad-free with a subscription at True Crime Australia. Search for True Crime Australia in your browser.

    Eye Spy will give you a glimpse into the mysterious and often dangerous world of private eyes. The men and women in this podcast are licensed to spy, and you will hear them revealing their most fascinating and hair-raising cases. Have you ever wondered if your partner is cheating? Wanted to find someone fast? Suspected someone of fraud or maybe corporate espionage? The tricks of this investigative trade will be revealed!


  • Sisters Kaetlyn, Hannah and Abigail talk all things true crime and spooky, with all their inexperienced knowledge (Kaetlyn is a bartender, Hannah an accountant and Abigail a hair stylist).

  • Sick N Twisted is a true crime podcast about all things sick and twisted. Hosted by two northern lasses who like to laugh, swear and generally chat shit. We primarily cover serial killers, but do not shy away from anything and everything that is up for discussion. Instagram: @sickntwistedpod Twitter: @sickntwistedpod. Facebook: @sickntwistedpod. Email:

  • Weezy rants about random thoughts. We delve into atheist topics and the world of conspiracies! From the imaginary wars on Christmas, to all things Jeff Epstein! Looking through controversial topics , through the eyes of a skeptic, no stone is left unturned. Feel free to leave me a voicemail for any questions, comments, or show ideas at Be sure to follow me on tiktok@powerjesus #alandershowitz #trump #atheism #atheist #conspiracy #clintonbodycount #Epstein #Maxwell #ceasersmessiah #sexy

  • Your source for the latest breaking true crime news, TV reviews, and all things spooky! Best friends Aurora and Angelina connect weekly despite thousands of miles between them, to catch up about the subject that brought them together — Murder! MMN has spent the past year building their brand, with their website bringing you a constant influx of true crime news from around the web, a supportive following on all social media platforms, and their weekly YouTube series ‘This Week in True Crime,’ they’ve covered almost all the bases. The last crusade is podcasting — enter MMN for all you multi-taskers and commuters who can’t sit still long enough to watch a web series. Enjoy!

  • Join The Fellas on their deep dive into the True Crime world. Cal & Chip are here to solve some of the most fascinating True Crime cases!

  • Join Samantha and Caitlin as they discuss true crime cases from across Scotland and the UK. Whether it be the most gruesome, infamous or down right mysterious cases - they want to talk about it. And you definitely want to listen.

    - New Episode Every Second Sunday -

  • Hitting a moving target is hard, but for some criminals that's their specialty. Armored truck robberies are supposed to be among the most difficult and dangerous crimes to get away with, so, how is it that they happen so often? In this 10-part series, host Jake Brennan, is diving deep into the most notorious armored truck robbery cases in North America and beyond to figure out what fuels these perpetrators and the investigators whose job it is to catch them.

  • Kim and Ashley discuss true crime, the unexplained, and the just plain the weird. Ashley questions everything around her and Kim tries to rationalize it all away.

  • hear me whisper a true crime story to your earhole,

    enjoy :D

  • (Formerly known as Someone Probably Died) Just a gal and her gay best friend talking about unsolved mysteries, urban legends and the weird & macabre...

    Friends for 20 years, O'Dell Hutchison & Erin Stallings have always loved talking about true crime, unsolved mysteries and the creepy things some swear are true. Join us each week as we discuss cases and stories full of all kinds of WTF moments.

  • Award-winning journalist Katrina Daniel welcomes you to Prime Time Crime — a podcast for true crime fans who want to know what goes on behind-the-scenes of trending and the always classic, true crime stories. What really happened, what do we know, what might be going on in the minds of those involved? Guests include forensic specialists, detectives, psychologists, crime reporters, renowned federal prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. Join Katrina every Thursday for a deep dive talk about true crime.