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  • Simply Vanished is a serial investigative podcast about missing persons. Each season is dedicated to a single case. The show digs deep to tell the stories of people who vanished. Who were they? What may have happened to them? Why hasn't their case been solved?


    Join host Josh Newville in the search for answers. Newville is a civil rights lawyer who has long been fascinated by unexplained disappearances. Drawing inspiration from other serial investigative podcasts, Newville founded Trembling Leaf Media and launched Simply Vanished in 2022.

  • Welcome to True Crime for Dummies, the podcast that covers macabre madness through the story-telling of two sisters. We explore a variety of chilling topics like big name infamous serial killers, disturbing cold cases, murders with a particular fancy for POC and anything else that gives you the creeps. Relax and follow our hosts down the rabbit hole. We have snacks. Support this podcast:

  • Kalla Fall är en grävande podcast som granskar ouppklarade fall med kopplingar till Gotland. För 50 år sedan försvann Sven Sjögren, kort därefter förvinner även Björn Adolfsson. Än idag är de spårlöst borta. Eller kanske inte helt spårlöst? Vi har gått igenom utredningen på nytt för att hitta svar på gåtan om vad som hände dem. Ett arbete som resulterat i att nya tidigare okända uppgifter framkommit och att polisen på Gotland nu åter betraktar fallet som ett öppet ärende.

    Podden görs av Urban Gärdek och Tobias von Braun och produceras av Podplay i samarbete med produktionsbolaget Bangalore.

    Följ fallets utveckling på Instagram:

  • This podcast is a deep dive into the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. I talk about who i think killed and covered up her murder.

  • A podcast that illuminates the US empire. Subscribe to our Patreon to get access to exclusive episodes and content!

  • The FBI investigates a money laundering company in Vegas - or did they create a conspiracy where none existed? For more Chameleon stories, search for Chameleon: Wild Boys and Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen wherever you get your podcasts.

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  • A podcast about true crime, conspiracy theories, cryptids, and overall creepy things!

  • A true crime and paranormal podcast. Each week Katie will tell Grace and Mikala a true crime or Paranormal story. However, there's a twist, the story will either be true or a work of fiction and it is up to Mikala, Grace and the listeners to decide. The truth or lack there of will be revealed on the next weeks podcast.

  • Hello, we are a Canadian couple who enjoy talking about true crime. As a truck driver, i have listened to a ton of podcasts. Most cases i listen to, are only in North America. I wanted to teach Denise about true crime as well as expand and learn about new cultures and laws by traveling around the world. Join us, Brad and Denise every week on our journey and learn about new cases around the globe.Remember, the world is not always, as it seems. Artwork by Denise's daughter Sam. She can be found on instagram @spotedshadow

  • Cohosts Mads & Cam dig deep into all things mysteries, conspiracies & sometimes random sh*t. Giving you all the answers by unraveling and exposing some of the most famous stories about unsolved cases, pop culture crimes, conspiracies, controversies and so much more, while adding in a bit of fun and laughter to your day. So sit back and join us for our weekly get together!New episodes every Wednesday.

  • This is a podcast for those who are interested in the commission of a serious crime, particularly murder, and how they get solved by the Criminal Justice System.And for those interested in the fiction of crime, there is something here for you too.J.A. Lovelock is a Barrister-at-Law, an award-winning author, and an award-winning radio presenter. She has spent many years lecturing, training, examining, and adjudicating in the Criminal Justice and Legal System, but most importantly, she is a crime junkie.Welcome to her Podcast – where she takes you Behind The Yellow Tape.Have you ever been anywhere near a crime scene or seen the images on television and wondered, what happened behind that yellow tape? Oh yes, you have! Because you were curious. Nothing wrong with that. We are curious beings. If we were not, we would never learn – anything.And behind that yellow tape, quite a lot happens, more than a lot goes on…This podcast is part of Podcast Radio’s Original (PRO-Shows) programming.

  • Join the M3 ladies in their attempt at delving into lesser known true crime cases and mysteries.

  • We're two Mums living in Edinburgh who are obsessed with true crime and mysterious happenings, so obsessed we decided to start a podcast! Each month we take turns to tell stories from our homelands - Effie Scottish born and bred where haggis is NOT actually an animal and Marti from the land down under where no prawns have ever been thrown on a barbie, it needs to be said! So, if you want polished, professional true crime then this is not for you, maybe try Casefile. But if you love true crime and mystery like us & you can't stop talking about it, give us a listen! Its not big or clever but it is entertaining.

  • True crime podcasts have been having a moment — and, more often than not, behind those podcasts are doggedly determined reporters: People who hit the street, knock on doors and ask hard questions. 
    Because of their work, we often know every little detail about the crimes they cover, but what we don't hear enough is what it was actually like to report on those stories, to sit in courtrooms, chase down leads, get to know family members and talk to witnesses. 
    True Crime Byline — a new podcast by Postmedia and Antica Productions — sets out to do this.

  • A podcast hosted by two best friends about true crime, paranormal events and all things creepy, while enjoying a cup of freshly brewed caffeine.

  • The first and only podcast series that investigates the real life treasure hunt that captivated the globe. The podcast follows the incredible story of Forrest Fenn, a New Mexico art dealer who, in 2010, reportedly buried $2 million in gold somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Fenn then published an autobiography that contained a six stanza poem that allegedly gave clues to the exact location to anyone clever enough and brave enough to figure it out. The hunt enticed hundreds of thousands of searchers from around the world, cost five unfortunate souls their lives, and spawned at least three lawsuits in the wake of the treasure’s discovery in June of 2020. The series contains never-before-heard interviews from people who were close with Fenn, treasure hunters who spent years in the chase, and even a few who claim to know where the treasure chest was buried.

  • The tall-but-true tale of a charismatic outlaw, an iconic small-town sheriff, and the record-setting drug bust that ensnared them both. Set in the rugged Texas borderlands, host Rob D’Amico transports listeners back to U.S. side of the border for the opening salvo of the War on Drugs … where so much dirty money was swirling across the Rio Grande that even the most incorruptible citizens would be tempted. In the tradition of films like No Country for Old Men and Charles Portis novels, Witnessed: Borderlands mashes up the shockingly real and the deeply surreal, chronicling not just the events of a crime, but digging deep into the mystery and aura of one of America’s most myth-soaked regions.

  • One Degree of Scandalous is the go-to destination for direct access to the world’s most salacious scandals. Hosts Kato Kaelin and Tom Zenner make the daily stories that reek of scandal and headline-makers from the past explode to life in each episode, revealing raw details of what really happened to the people at the epicenter.

    Americans are obsessed with hearing juicy details about scandals; thankfully, celebrities, politicians, athletes, and pop culture icons are obsessed with making sure there are always plenty of scandals to discuss. Kato lived through the biggest scandal ever, Tom covered it, and together they aim to make their entertaining style of reliving them a highlight of your day.

  • Hollywoods Haunted Tours presents Hollywoods Haunted The Podcast, not just a podcast. We delve into the nittiest, grittiest, darkest stories involving Hollywood, Hauntings, Death, or just super creepy interesting things we think you should know! Our hosts are The owners of Hollywoods Haunted Tours, Patrick and Tia Bean as well as star tour guides, Jameson Carbonneau, Teresa O'Hara, and Roxanna Sanchez!