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  • I'm Brazilian. I write fiction, poetry, and reviews. Here I post my poems, in English and Portuguese. Written in

  • I am Justin. I love the deep, dark, and mysterious. This podcast is an episodic podcast about disturbing topics for the gore lovers out there. Every episode I, and the occasional (hopefully more frequent) guest, dive into a topic to make your skin crawl! Though there is no correlation between episodes unless I decide to do a series or two, there might be references to previous episodes and whatnot so maybe check out the episodes before! Though all episodes are mostly standalone! Support this podcast:

  • This is the only infamous criminal episode, it is on Frank Abagnale.

  • Hi!! welcome to our podcast.
    -Ella and Presley

  • A podcast to tell a story of regret but to also explain your growth and how you can still overcome bad mistakes. Good people do bad things but that doesn’t make them bad forever. This podcast is to give support to people who may be going through a troublesome time in their life based on a bad decision that landed them with a big consequence.

  • The Stories and Sound bytes of the Lantern Rescue Teams Lighting The Way to Freedom from Human Trafficking and opportunities for you to help.

  • Подкаст від фанатки кримінальних та детективних історій, коспірологічних теорій, таємничих загадок. Шоу для любителів похмурих та захоплюючих кейсів. Головні герої подкасту — маніяки. Розповідаю про кожну криваву подробицю вбивства. Новий епізод кожного четверга.

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  • Арешти та обшуки перевернули життя багатьох кримських жінок. «Буду боротися» – найчастіше вони повторюють саме цю фразу. Хоч у минулому вони й не були схожими на сміливих героїнь, а з перших хвилин своїх випробувань не знали, що робити, та обставини майже не лишили вибору. Подкаст «Захисниця. Imayeci» — це історії про стійкість, котра народжується зі слабкості, про надію що сперечається зі зневірою, про м’яку жіночу силу, що стала для багатьох політичних ув’язнених Криму захистом і тилом.
    Apisler ve tintüvler bir çoq qırım qadınlarınıñ ömürini deñiştirdi. «Men küreşecem» — olar eñ çoq şu ibareni tekrar eteler. Keçmişte, bu sınavlarnıñ ilki daqqalarında şaşqın olsalar da, cesür qaramanlarğa oşamağan olsalar da, ancaq vaziyet olar içün başqa yol qaldırmadı. «Zahisnytsia. İmayeci» podkastı — zayıflıqtan doğğan sebat, işançsızlıq ile küreşken ümüt ve Qırım'da siyasi mahbüslerni qorçalağan qadınlarnıñ yımşaq quveti aqqında ikâyeler.

  • A paranormal, unexplained and true crime podcast. Support this podcast:

  • Join Kerry and Sandy as they look at 10 interesting cases in a different category each episode.
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  • Deep Nerder It's Nostalgia and Murder.

    This is a satirical "true crime" podcast that talks about the nostalgic collectable, the cult followed and the odd crimes that took place around them.

    We don't have all the skills, but we grew up in the 80's to 90's and we can talk some shit.

    P.S: We try our best.

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  • Тут ви почуєте історії злочинів та злочинців. Подкаст створено для розвитку україномовного подкастингу. А також, щоб вам було під що мити посуд чи засинати.
    Автор не підтримує насилля!

  • 🕵🏻‍♂️ В мире существует миллион седых и строгих true crime подкастов. И все они рассказывают об одних и тех же историях.
    Неужели можно изобрести что-то новое? Конечно. Мы делаем веселый и раздолбайский тру крайм который не вгоняет в депрессию, а повышает настроение.
    Все общение на канале

  • Publicly, the government once called UFOs a “waste of time” but new evidence and uncovered documents prove that the U.S. government is, and always has been, very interested in the UFO phenomenon. Who are these people coming forward with these government secrets?

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  • Two girls discuss casualties casually. everything from high-profile murders, to historical classics, are discussed with casual friends grabbing a drink-together vibe.
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  • It Happened Here (IHH) is a weekly true crime podcast from Ready Freddie Productions, presented by South African journalist Kate Thompson Davy.

    The creators of IHH intend this to be a true crime podcast that centres victims and survivors, that peers into the psychology at play, and scratches that crime and grime itch we all sometimes have. Having said that, we do not want to produce 'gore porn' or glorify the criminals we speak about. That is a guiding value of ours, as well as: 

    Sex work is work. My body, my choice. Trans and black lives matter. And f*ck your feminism if it isn’t intersectional. 

    If that doesn’t work for you, that’s your call (do better!), but this is not the podcast you are looking for. I’m sure we will fall short of these values at some point, because we’re all flawed and unlearning prejudices. Please do let us know when we go wrong ([email protected]), but also, please be gentle. Remember good hearts, bad moments. We are trying our best. 

    What listeners had to say:

    Marvelous *****

    Jul 9, 2021, lilmamaeverts

    "This podcast is so amazing… from the podcasters voice to the way she tells the stories. Episode 2 had me in tears, but I felt the way she presented the case was so thoughtful. And I appreciate she doesn’t shy away from the tough subjects that NEED a light shine on them!"

    Right up there with the best *****

    Jul 5, 2021, Millie Moopop's Mummy

    "Fab true crime podcast. I’ve never listened to much South African crime and find it fascinating. Subject matter is dealt with sensitively and the research has clearly been done with the utmost attention to detail. To top it off, the host has a voice born for podcasts! Can’t wait to see how this podcast develops."

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  • Привет, ты на канале KrimOne - первом криминалистическом. Хочешь узнать, что такое настоящая криминалистика? Как расследуются, раскрываются и предупреждаются преступления? Насколько кинематограф, книги и СМИ далеки от реальности? На эти и многие другие вопросы ты найдешь ответы здесь. Если кратно - я докажу тебе, что нераскрываемых преступлений не бывает.

  • An exploration of fraud and white collar crime. Your host is Gene P. Tausk of The Tausk Law Firm in Houston, TX. We will discuss various aspects of fraud and white collar crime involving fraud including: legal, historical, the personalities involved, law enforcement responses and the victims of fraud. Inquiries for future podcast subjects always welcome.

    Introduction and exit music: Dark Hallway (clean) Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.