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  • Join Tatiana Moroz & Lauren Kaszovitz as they are joined by various guests from the tech community to tackle how to relate and grow emotional intelligence while building the world of tomorrow. Topics include: relationships, sex, self-love, diet, health, wellness, and of course, a little news and gossip.

  • Sit down with best friends Jenna & Sophie for a candid, authentic, no-bs talk about all the things that make your twenties the craziest years of your life.Our mission is to prevent you from ever saying "I wish I knew that in my twenties". We want to welcome you into a community of twenty year olds who are just trying to find their place in the world. Get your daily dose of positivity from the two big sisters you always wanted going through the most confusing time in your life with you...your twenties!

  • You’re listening to the Mental Health Congo Podcast. My goal is to improve the design, implementation and evaluation of mental health policies in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Connecting fitness industry experts to share knowledge.
    Everyone has a unique perspective and together, we will gain insight from some of the top players in the game.

  • هنا البودكاست الرسمي ل"مذر بيينج" مع نورإمام، المنصة الرائدة في التوعية عن الصحة الجنسية و الإنجابية في الشرق الأوسط
    انضموا إلى أهم و أكثر حوارات شائكة و مثيرة للجدل في مجتمعاتنا الشرقية. سوف نتناول أكثر المواضيع و الأسئلة التي نتلقاها عن صحتنا الجنسية و الإنجابية. معاً نتواصل مع .أجسادنا و نجد إجابات على أسئلتنا و نمكّن أنفسنا بالعلم والتوعية. ونتعلم حاجة جديدة كل يوم أحد

    نور مؤسسة منصة مذر بيينج، دولا (مساعدة ولادة) و مدربة ثقافة جنسية و إنجابية من القاهرة، مصر. هدف نور هو تعليم و تمكين العالم العربي في الثقافة الإنجابية و الجنسية.

    Podeo | هذا البودكاست من إنتاج وتوزيع بوديو
    https://podeo.co/download :حملوا تطبيق بوديو
    https://linktr.ee/thisismotherbeing :تابعوا للمزيد من العلم

    This is the official podcast of Mother Being with Nour Emam, the Middle East’s leading reproductive and sexual health education platform.

    Join us in exciting discussions surrounding the most controversial and taboo topics in our Middle Eastern societies. We will tackle the most frequently asked questions about our sexual and reproductive health. Together, we will connect with our bodies, find answers to the most important questions and empower ourselves through awareness and education and learn something new every Sunday.

    Nour Emam is the founder of Mother Being. She is a doula and reproductive and sexual health educator from Cairo, Egypt. Her mission is to help empower the Arab world with body literacy and education surrounding their bodies and their health.

    The “Motherbeing Podcast” is produced and distributed by Podeo | بوديو
    Download the Podeo app for Free: https://podeo.co/download/
    Follow us for more education and empowerment on https://linktr.ee/thisismotherbeing

  • This podcast will explore my journey through gastric bypass surgery the ups and downs that it takes for me to get here. As wells as my life as a single mom to a teen.

  • Подкаст Вадима Музыченко, Генерация 29 - говорим о психоанализе, психоаналитиках, методах, клинических случаях и обо всем что нам интересно.


  • Radio Fuori Onda è un laboratorio multimediale realizzato dalla Cooperativa 'Il Mosaico', in collaborazione con il Centro Diurno San Paolo dell'Asl Roma 2.

    Radio Fuori Onda vuole essere un portale di informazione per tutto ciò che riguarda l’ambito della Salute Mentale vuole essere uno spazio di sperimentazione per dare voce a chi non la ha. Un luogo attento ai contenuti di chi vive esperienze forti, esperienze limite. Un luogo dove prima che utenti, operatori o psicologi, si è persone, che vogliono esprimersi.

    Ovviamente, affrontiamo il tema della Salute Mentale in modo vario, partendo dalle inchieste, gli articoli e le interviste, fino ad arrivare a indispensabili momenti di intrattenimento tratti da pezzi comici e film. Il tutto insieme a tanta tanta musica.
    E anche se da un punto di vista formale, la nostra comunicazione sarà meno accattivante e persuasiva dei grandi network, i nostri contenuti, a volte detti con affanno, alte volte sussurrati, derivano dalla genuina volontà di esprimersi e dire le ‘nostre’ verità, spesso ai margini della grande rete di informazione commerciale.

  • это разговоры с интересными людьми мира стоматологии о стоматологии и мире.

  • Dr. Darsh Shah, DO & Dr. Altamash Raja, DO, CSCS interview practitioners who challenge the norms and promote health with their clients in a time where the current healthcare system feels broken. Find out how these experts in the realms of sleep, nutrition, fitness/exercise, stress resilience, rehabilitation, integrative/functional/lifestyle medicine and so much more are using "unconventional" approaches to move the needle forward and redefine medicine.

  • Here I talk about my model of the physiology, how mindset/attitude/and worldview shape your ability to solve problems, and use emotional arguments to better understand the political state of the world in light of Covid-19.

  • о Еде и Здоровье с научной точки зрения и c юморомТелеграм канал Food&Science: https://t.me/foodandscience Телеграм канал KAXPAX: https://t.me/kaxpaxТелеграм канал NeBroScience: https://t.me/nebroscienceпростой способ выразить благодарность: https://yoomoney.ru/to/41001297710716По вопросам сотрудничества: e3radio@pm.meYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/kaxpax

  • Are you ready for the next steps in your wellness journey or the opportunity to have all your burning questions answered? As dietitians and personal trainers, Jillian (@Eat.Train.Love.NYC) and Emma (@Back2BasicNutrition) are ready to provide you science-based, sustainable wellness tips to suit any lifestyle. Each episode will cover topics from nutrition education to interviews with other professionals in the field - and everything in between. Grab a snack and let’s chat! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/eathealthylivehealthy/support

  • A healthy lifestyle looks different on everybody and no two fitness journeys look the same. Here on the Movement & Mindset podcast, I interview fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike on how they have taken back the reins on their health and fitness journey. I am here to provide real information and realistic ways to incorporate it into your life. About the Host: Jane Simmons is a NASM certified personal trainer based in New York City. Her mission is to educate women on how to improve their lives through movement and mindset. @janeksimmons

  • The Corine Moments Podcast dives into the journey of finding purpose after a life on the Cirque du Soleil stage. In this witty and candid expression of leaning into life's extra crunchy moments, Corine dives into how to achieve what we want and love ourselves, no matter the outcome.

  • public health & medical persian podcastپادکست پزشکی و سلامت عمومی سرم اطلاعاتدر این پادکست مطمئن ترین پاسخ پزشکی را خواهید یافت.inf-serum.ir