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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • There and Gone: South Street covers the case of Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo. Richard and Danielle were last seen leaving a bar in Philadelphia only to never be seen again. Nearly two decades later, they have never been found. Unlike most cases, there is not a single piece of physical evidence. But the FBI knows there was foul play. In There and Gone: South Street, the podcast team opens their own investigation on Richard and Danielleโ€™s case with unprecedented access and cooperation from the FBI. Listeners will also hear from the family of the missing, close friends who were the last to see Richard and Danielle as well as local law enforcement, who continue to be haunted by this case nearly two decades later. This podcast will seek to find answers to this decades long cold case in an effort to bring justice to Richard and Danielleโ€™s families.

  • In the early morning hours of November 2, 2007, Justin Gaines walked out of a popular nightclub on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia and was never seen again. The investigation into Gaines' disappearance quickly went cold and remained so until 2015, when a man confessed to taking part in his murder. Though this detailed confession described what happened to Justin Gaines, who was involved, and where his body was placed, no arrest has ever been made. Host Sean Kipe digs into this story to find out what really happened to Justin Gaines and tries to make sense of the still ongoing investigation. But as Sean gets deeper, he finds himself in an underworld of drugs, money, and murder.

  • A beautiful state with a whole lot of murder and mayhem. We will scour this beautiful state to bring the worst this state has to offer. We are a mother/daughter duo that have a quirky relationship and love to banter back and forth. Can we be serious??? Well...Yes but where is the fun in that ha! Also, do not judge us based on the first episode! We know that the sound was crappy. We were still learning the equipment. The newer episodes sound way better I promise.

  • The Morbidly Curious Book Club is an 18+ non-fiction book club diving into the macabre parts of your library, with a passion for learning more about what may be too niche for your family gatherings. What started in 2021 as a dream quickly became a reality, and as of mid-2024, we have almost 10,000 members worldwide with local chapters sprouting up.

    The podcast started in 2024 as a way to give the members a bit more by chatting with the authors themselves about their books.

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    Thank you for being a part of this weird, incredible book club. Enjoy the podcast!

  • As kids, most of us look up to our Dads. A Dad should be a positive role model who shows us the value of hard work. Dads are supposed to teach us the difference between right and wrong. But thatโ€™s not the story weโ€™re telling here. This is the story of Gary Vider, a successful stand-up comedian, who grew up with a Dad unlike any other. Manny Vider was a con man, whose schemes and lies span over 4 decades. Itโ€™s been 24 years since Gary has seen his father and he doesnโ€™t have a clue what heโ€™s up to these days. But Gary is ready to open Pandoraโ€™s Box and take listeners on a deeply personal and comedic journey to uncover the outrageous truth about his Dad before he attempts to meet him face to face. Does Manny regret his con man life? Is he finally on the straight and narrow? Or is he still wearing a fake neck brace, forging documents, and creating sham businesses to scam anyone who will take the bait? Welcome to the hilarious and heartfelt true story of Gary Vider and his #1 Dad.

  • "Come with us on a journey into the heart of darkness, where the lines between good and evil are blurred and the truth is always stranger than fiction." Welcome to Restless Killers and riddles, a podcast about the most startling and intriguing true crime stories, as well as inexplicable riddles that will make you wonder everything.
    Each episode will focus on a fresh case, scrutinizing the evidence, interviewing experts, and delving into the motivations and acts of the killers and criminals that have enthralled and frightened us. From serial killers to cult leaders, unsolved murders to unexplained events, we will stop at nothing to find out the truth.
    Join us as we look inside the restless minds of criminals and the secrets that continue to haunt us. Listen carefully but be warned: the truth is not always easy to hear.

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  • Mettez-vous en situation en écoutant ce Podcast immersif traitant d'affaires criminelles et de psychologie.
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  • Welcome to "My Sister the Murderer," a gripping true crime podcast that tells the chilling story of Brittney Dwyer, who killed her grandad in cold blood. This isn't just another crime storyโ€”it's a family's story, told by Brittneyโ€™s brother Ryan
    Each episode delves into the events leading up to the tragic day, the aftermath, and the profound impact on their familyโ€™s darkest moments and the secrets that get revealed as the story unfolds.
    This is a raw, real, and deeply personal account of a tragedy that changed their lives forever.
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  • Welcome to The Dark Finds Podcast, hosted by thriller writer, psychology fanatic, and creator of the Dark Finds Instagram page, Gary Colton. Each episode explores real stories and experiences from an eclectic range of guests, delving into their unique journeys, successes, struggles and subject matter expertise. The podcast is underpinned by a deep curiosity of understanding human behaviour in all its forms.

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  • Explore the 1990s criminal underworld with "Criminal Chronicles: Decades Unearthed." We examine true crimes that changed history in this compelling series, featuring infamous individuals like O.J. Simpson and Jeffrey Dahmer, among many others. Every episode flows together seamlessly to immerse you in the tales that rocked entire countries.
    Join us on a riveting journey through investigations, courtrooms, and the aftermaths that reshaped history. "Criminal Chronicles" delivers meticulously researched and compelling storytelling, offering a glimpse into the mysteries, tragedies, and triumphs of a pivotal decade. For more spine-tingling audio experiences, tune into Audio Pitara. Your next true crime adventure awaits.

  • This show isn’t just about Murder. We delve into criminal psychology and behavior, judicial procedures, why cases go cold, how cases are hidden or elevated for public consumption, the business of trials, and it’s effects on culture.

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  • The Teacherโ€™s Pet creator Hedley Thomas returns with a new podcast investigation for The Australian.

    Bronwyn Winfield disappeared 31 years ago from the idyllic surf town of Lennox Head. She was a devoted mother of two little girls, and was going through a painful separation from her husband, Jon Winfield.

    Jon Winfield has always maintained Bronwyn just went away and denies any wrongdoing.

    Subscribers to The Australian and registered users hear episodes of โ€˜Bronwynโ€™ first. Plus, you can read more about this case and see exclusive stories, maps, timelines, graphics, video and more at

    If you have information which may help solve this cold case, you can contact our team confidentially by emailing [email protected]

  • Mysterious real-life stories and the music it inspires. Hosts Amanda Benjamin and Paul Carganilla welcome you a show in which we explore mysteries of the unknown. In this live-stream-and-podcast, we tell tales of the paranormal and unsolved… while mixing in a little fun and live music, as well. Join us as we discuss ghosts, aliens, conspiracies, true crime, and more! This bi-weekly podcast mixes great tales and tunes. We hope you enjoy the Magical Mystery Hour!

  • This is a podcast focusing on all types of true crime: solved cases, unsolved, missing and survivor stories. I became an R.N in 2007 and received my AAS in criminal investigations in 2009 in order to become a SANE nurse. I interned with my father, one of the top Forensic Consultants in the country. I am a DV/SA survivor who fought relentlessly to have my attacker brought to justice. I am a friend to victims who have lost their lives, some received justice and some have not. I've been there as their families fought for their loved ones. Now I want to talk about it & I hope you want to join me!

  • George Christie was the longest serving chapter president in Hells Angel history, this is his story.

  • A father-daughter duo discussing death.  Frank has worked in the funeral industry for 40 years, and he has countless stories to share. Join us as we unravel the mysteries, embrace the peculiar, and find humor in the unconventional world of funerals and death. Together, we explore the strange, the unexplainable, and the heartfelt stories from the eyes of a seasoned funeral professional. 

  • Twelve-year-old McKay Everett disappeared from his Texas home in September 1995. His father Carl returned from an Amway meeting to find the back door ajar and the telephone ringing. On the line, a woman with a raspy voice demanded $500,000.

    Over the next week, the FBI played a game of cat-and-mouse with the kidnappers, who used inside information to stay one step ahead of the investigation. Ultimately the FBI uncovered a series of crimes that started long before McKay was taken. Most shocking of all was the suspect. McKay had been betrayed by someone he trusted – a pillar of the community hiding a dark secret.

    But decades later, McKay’s mother, Paulette, still isn’t satisfied with the official story. She doesn’t think everyone involved has been brought to justice.

    Ransom: Season 1 - Position of Trust is a story of greed and betrayal and how one’s outward appearance can be dangerously deceiving.

  • Join proud Host, Trevor Shelby, as he digs into the most interesting stories that show the darker side of True Crime. Every episode we will feature a true crime story that has been forgotten through time. We will cover Cold Cases, Missing Persons, Serial Killers, and Horrible Crimes that happened in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

  • Explore the depths of history’s most notorious murders, like you've never heard before. Go beyond the crime scene as we search for the real story, and focus on the people impacted the most. Whether or not the case is solved, you'll come away with an understanding of why these stories need to be told. Join us every Tuesday as we dissect the darkest corners of true crime. Murder: True Crime Stories is a Crime House Original Podcast, powered by PAVE Studios. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

  • True crime, recent horrible events, urban legends and folklore, and possibly more! Come join the creepshow and listen along to some... interesting things, today! Support this podcast: