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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Better Bachelor is a podcast for open minded men (and women if so inclined) to talk about current events, news, opinions, humor and ways to better yourself and find happiness and understanding in today's society. This is an open forum where comments, talking points, concerns and discussion about topics are encouraged. Most content is focused towards single men's issues but may be applicable to others. I focus on viewing many issues from multiple or under represented angles.

  • I want to get you started on your fitness journey and help you figure out what works for you and your circumstances using my own experience and knowledge. Which is anything from nutrition basics over diets fails to fitness tips and mindset game changers. It’s not about conforming to any health fad, it is about being mindful of all areas of your life – from eating habits and exercise to social relationships and daily rituals. Being in tune with yourself allows you to find the sweet spot for optimizing your health and wellbeing. The ultimate end goal is that you find what works for you to be fit, healthy, and happy long term.Part of

  • The American mental health system is broken beyond repair. Rather than trying to tweak a system which fails everyone, it is time to commit to a bold vision for a better way forward. This podcast explores the American system against the plumb line of an international best practice, recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), in Trieste, Italy. The 40-year old Trieste model demonstrates how a community-based treatment system upholds the human rights of the people served.The Trieste story is anti-institutional and models the therapeutic value of social connection. Topics will address contemporary challenges in the American failed mental health system as contrasted with the Italian approach toward accoglienza – or radical hospitality – as the underpinning of their remarkable culture of caring for people. Interviews will touch upon how the guiding principles of the Italian system – social recovery, whole person care, system accountability, and the human right to a purposeful life – are non-negotiable aspects if we are to have any hope of forging a new way forward in our American mental health system.This podcast is curated and hosted by Kerry Morrison, founder and project director of Heart Forward LA ( Heart Forward is collaborating with Peer Mental Health as the technical partner in producing this podcast ( Kerry Morrison is also the author of the blog

  • A comedian and a stylist come together to talk about all the weird and wonderful ways they embrace the strange. The weirdos win! Week after week, we cover everything from fashion to activism, to self-care, to weird history, pop culture, and the wild inside world of the entertainment industry.

  • The greatest podcast ever to learn how to become a master at manifesting! Join Candace Charee', manifesting expert and trauma coach alongside her husband George Osarrah, as they take you on a journey to self-love, mastering self, and having the best possible relationship imaginable. Candace Charee'~I am an innovative mindset, manifesting, trauma coach. I created Neurocognitive Reprogramming, a method of reprogramming limiting beliefs and past trauma. I know how to manifest effortlessly and do so daily. I have been coaching individuals for many years. My professional background was in film, music, and entertainment so I have a great understanding of the 3D world. I also understand what it means to live inside my imagination where all suffering is erased.I help my clients elevate to the next level of living their best lives through self-love, reprogramming old subconscious beliefs, determination, and being true to the creator within them. I am also an empathetic energy healer and can connect with a person to erase pain and trauma. I am a gifted energy reader and can tap into a person's higher self, reading what is happening within them at the moment. I can do this for a specific person or for you specifically.

  • Melissa and Lori Love Literacy is a podcast for educators interested in learning more about the science of reading, knowledge building, and high quality curriculum! Join Melissa Loftus and Lori Sappington every Friday as we tackle new ways of thinking about how to teach reading and writing. Most of our experience has been in the classroom from primary through high school, but we also have experience at district and state leadership levels in literacy. Our guests include school-based educators and leaders, district leaders, literacy researchers and experts, and passionate parents and community members. Visit our website:

  • Join documentary filmmaker, yoga educator and studio owner Saraswati Clere on a journey of awakening the deepest parts of ourselves through enlightening conversations with experts in fields of Yoga and Ancient Wisdom teachings.

  • Making Disciples for the Glory of God

    This is the mission of Summit Church, led by Pastor Todd Theissen, in Oklahoma City and Norman, Oklahoma

    For more information, visit us at

  • Worship In The Workplace is a weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Bernice D. Cooper. The WITW podcast is dedicated to sharing encouragement and the good news gospel of Jesus Christ with those in the workplace as they face daily challenges.

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  • The Clearing is a House of Worship & Prayer located in Lexington Michigan. We are an urgent, thunderous voice crying out: “Clear the way and prepare your hearts for the coming of the Lord”. By creating space for Jesus to be glorified, we believe the Holy Spirit will clear away: every addiction, idol, all manner of materialism, greed, lust, religion, self righteousness and anything we’ve held more sacred than Jesus.

  • It's time to harness the power of your intuition and trust your wisest guide!Through healing conversations, guided journey, breath work and more you'll have space to quiet the chaos, tune in and HEAR HER. Come play with us!

  • Fervent Church - A Christian & Missionary Alliance Church with multiple locations in New Jersey.

  • Gripping historical stories with a little bite and a lot of sarcasm!

  • For we are God’s fellow workers [His servants working together]; you are God’s cultivated field [His garden, His vineyard], God’s building.1 Cor 3:9. Welcome to the Renewed Mind Podcast. I am a Christian therapist with over 15 years in the field. This podcast is about learning how to live a transformed life by the renewing of your mind. We will explore different topics relating to mental health from a christian spiritual perspective as well as a psychological perspective. Join the journey and learn how to be set free! Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

  • We are just two guys on a journey to improve our fence businesses – we want to offer the best, most innovative fencing products to our customers while helping our teams become more efficient and productive. We’d also like to continue to improve how we manage our fence businesses. Along the way, we’re hoping to help other fence contractors do the same.

    We’re Cannon Johnson of Jackson Fence Company, Tennessee and Dan Blanc of Fence King, Louisiana. “It all started when I just joined in on one of Cannon’s Live YouTube sessions, ” admits Dan. “I really just wanted to mess with him. But then we actually started chatting about real issues and how we overcame them.”

    Dan and Cannon quickly realized that, not only were they benefiting from the conversations, but other fence contractors were chiming in, asking questions, and sharing knowledge. So, My Fence Life has become an open channel of communication, solution sharing, and, sometimes, just a way for fence contractors to vent about their biggest challenges.

    “I think that we can all be better if we just open up and share what’s happening, ” Cannon stated. “Even though we may be way across the country, at least some of the challenges will always be the same. I feel like we only benefit when everyone shares a little something.”

  • A labor of love. Unpretentious discussions of forgotten films noir by two life-long film fans and friends. Paul and Steve lead you through the dark and dangerous underbelly of cinema, discussing the stories and characters, adding insight into the talent in front of and behind the camera.

  • Join Den of Geek Editor-in-Chief Mike Cecchini on his journey through the infinite DC multiverse of movies, TV, and comics. Featuring special guest appearances from DC Comics writers and artists, familiar faces from DCTV shows, DCEU movies, and more!