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  • Rai dangin goro ne; ruwa ake ba shi. Idan rayuwa ta yi nauyi xan Adam yana buqatar hutu. Idan wahala ta yi yawa ana buqatar sauqi. Wannan littafi an yi shi ne don ya zama “Abokin Fira” ga Maigida da iyalinsa a matsayin taxi da nishaxi da ake yi kafin shiga bacci. Haka kuma ana son ya taimaki matafiyi wanda yake zaune a cikin qosawa yana jiran isowar mota ko saukar jirgin sama, ko zuwan wani baqo, ko kiran likita. Ko kuma yake zaune a cikin mota direba yana
    keta daji da shi, ko a cikin jirgin sama yana keta sararin samaniya, ko dai wani yanayi makamancin haka. Littafin yana dacewa a karanta shi

  • GrowWin with pwaizeez is a podcast which broadcasts weekly, aimed at educating young people around the world to GROW in purpose/self awareness and win in life.

  • Welcome to the Falcon FX podcast, where we dive deep into topics such as psychology, patience, daily goals and more. These episodes are brought to you with practicality, all closing out with actionable steps that you can take in your own life to improve in all areas.

  • In this podcast, a young woman in the process of figuring out her place in the world discusses anything and everything she encounters, especially the dynamics of various relationships, which, in her view, shape how we interact with the world. She hopes you enjoy hearing about her successes and failures, and she hopes you learn something from them.


  • When you think of law what comes to mind? For those that did not study ‘law’, it can come across as intimidating and complicated, let's be honest, it can even be complicated for those that did!

    Join Entertainment Lawyer and Influencer, Lola OJ along with Entertainment Lawyer and Creative Business Consultant, Amanda Uzoagba as they break down and discuss exciting legal topics with an array of amazing guests, give insight into the legal profession and share their personal experiences. Each episode is packed with powerful information complete witty banter perfect and relevant for every ear

  • Welcome to the Afropolitan Podcast hosted by Eche Emole, co-founder of Afropolitan.

    Afropolitan is creating a digital nation to enable Africans and the diaspora to build abundant lives. The internet enables people to organize around shared values at scales that were previously unthinkable before the current century. If it were a country, Facebook would be the largest one globally. With the advent of cryptocurrency, the next Facebook will not be a social network with a passive online community but rather a full-blown digital nation coordinated by its native currency and a unifying mission.

    In Africa, our knowledge and history has been passed down through oral tradition. That oral tradition continues till this day, but today we call it podcasting.

    We seek to preserve our history, achievements and knowledge not just for today, but for the future.

    In each episode, our guests share their working formulas, the hard facts about leaving familiar terrain, embracing the unknown, and staying relevant afterwards. Listen to the Afropolitan podcast, where we extract the blueprints of fearlessness, innovation, and progress from Afropolitan citizens who are building the future of a bold and progressive nation.

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  • The podcast for Run BTS! lovers. Join ARMYs, Katie and Polly, as they go deep into BTS’s variety show, Run BTS! episode by episode and share their favourite moments, the chronological timeline and gush about all things BTS and beyond in Pod Bangtan! New episode every week.

    Chat with us on Twitter @podbangtan.

  • Welcome to our show! We are two sisters who are passionate about fighting for what we believe in and speaking out for what is right, even if we have to have some difficult conversations along the way. Whether we are discussing menstrual equality and intersectional feminism, or self love and dating, our goal is to promote feminism and gender equality! Join us every Sunday!

  • Assalamualaikum!
    Welcome to ABC Islam, presented by two young Muslim women. Here we will speak about topics that matter to young Muslims and how to practise Islam in the 21st century.
    Please support us by listening to our regular podcasts, where we will speak about the basics of Islam, such as Salah and Zakat, but also the controversial ones, such as abortion, marriage and mental health.
    Follow us at @ambassadorsofislam on Instagram. Contact us at [email protected]
    *Note: we are just two young Muslim sisters striving to present true Islam.*

  • The Hausa YouTubers Podcast is a podcast done by Hausa YouTubers such as Usman A.M Bello, Fatima Ibrahim Ciroma & Hauwa Jidda (H&F Vlogs), Khadija Aminchi, Khalil Abubakar and Zainab Bala will be discussing on different topics relating to Hausa people include Arewa, Hausawa abroad, YouTube, muslims across the globe, and more. If you love the podcast and the episodes, show it some love and follow it on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcast. Give your thoughts and opinions on the different topics discussed by the gang. Subscribe to their YouTube channels (Usman A.M Bello, Khalil Abubakar, H & F, Khadija Aminchi and Zainab Bala) to follow their journeys.

  • Stop Pretending Podcast is dedicated to the healing and development of the black community in America. Topics that are discussed in this podcast are topics that are important, researched, and serve purpose towards the black advancement. Brought to you by a black author and a former journalist, they bring along their experience in research, writing and social sciences while being authentically themselves.

  • It is all about gist! Lifestyle. Music,adventure,travel, stories about myself, fashion, health and movies, trends, food and pop culture

  • Listen every Monday morning to Schooled Thru Spirit with Host DeEtte Ranae. DeEtte provides you with weekly guests to discover various forms for healing mind, body, spirit and variety of techniques to advance your gifts. Join her as she delves into the world of the unseen and be schooled by spirit, on your journey called life.

  • Life is full of beautiful things ... but its also full of yikes . Liv and Summer are here to share life's most awkward, real, hard, funny, and honest moments.

  • The podcasts are created by the UEL Media & Journalism Society and its members Margretha Kampulu, Enobong Eakin and Coppรฉlia Piccolo.

  • American Dope explores american history through the lense of crime.

  • the most delicious podcast you‘ll ever taste, with a huge portion of waffles.

  • Thoughts by Haypreel Podcast gives expression to the life experiences of a youth, through story telling and enjoyable candid discussions. Enjoy these random but very relatable thoughts about God, Love, Lifestyle and everything in between.
    Willing to share your stories and experiences as well? Just reach out! - [email protected]

  • The Dailyrapupcrew is a podcast show that discusses topics ranging from everything to social media topics, relationships, pop-culture, life, sex and everything in-between. We bring our listeners honest, and edgy content that they won’t hear anywhere else. Tune in and join the conversation.

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  • The #1 podcast for Nigerian millennials; especially those in America, where topics surrounding and influenced by dating and pop culture are discussed. Hosted by Okwuchi Okaa and friends!