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  • Great music from across the genres, across the decades and across the globe. Explore the backstories of the tracks and artists as we follow the strands that connect them.

  • Leading Las Vegas is a podcast produced by the Emergency and Crisis Management Program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Each season, students in a Leadership, Innovation and Adaptability class interview prominent leaders, who discuss their leadership approaches, and how they prepare for, respond to, and recover from shocks and stresses faced by the community.

    Las Vegas is known for being the entertainment capital of the world. However, it is also a complex environment, with a highly diverse community living in densely populated urban and suburban areas. It is situated near rugged and desolate land, with an arid climate and extreme temperatures in summer months. This unique nature of the city and its location create dynamic challenges for leaders.

    Each season, the Leading Las Vegas podcast will focus on specific issues relevant to emergencies and crises, as well as community resilience. It’s a must-listen for emergency managers, leaders, community members, and students interested in the field of emergency crisis management.


    Season 1 of Leading Las Vegas focuses on Tourist Safety. Tourism is an integral part of Las Vegas, with over 42 million people visiting the city every year. Large-scale events from shows at hotel properties, to music festivals, to high-profile sporting events, occur on a nightly basis, along with conventions that can draw well over 100,000 attendees. Different agencies work together in the community to plan for these events, and respond when safety threats occur.

    In this season, we discuss issues of event planning, current and future threats, as well as community resilience. Las Vegas was also the site of the October 1, 2017 Route 91 Music Festival shooting, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. The season contains an episode focused on the shooting, and conversations with the leaders involved with the security planning and response to the attack, and an interview with Las Vegas mayor, Carolyn Goodman, who discusses the city’s resilience.

  • Ben Schmidt from the Manawatu Tenants' Union presents a weekly programme looking at flatting and renting issues. Ben talks to renters, landlords, property managers, and representatives from other organisations that work in housing.

  • A Mage the Awakening RPG actual play. Join us as we record our weekly game of magic and mystery. These game deals with themes of abuse of power, narrative as control, and chosen family. The players confront the darker natures of humanity as they struggle to discover the secrets of existence and forge their own destinies.We use the Chronicles of Darkness MtAw 2e rule set (more and more accurately as time goes on) and draw inspiration from the 1e source book Boston Unveiled. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wards-and-witchcraft/support

  • Our podcast series FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE is both inspired and created from my successful WOMEN CREATE magazines. These women consist of artists, foodies, entrepreneurs, and creators of the unusual and the exceptional. Their personal stores are filled with triumph, perseverance, inspiration, and a love and commitment to community.
    To share their stories join our fellow travelers, your kindred spirits, your very best friends, your new friends, and your yet unknown friends each week on our new podcast series: FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE.

  • A podcast about the mechanical keyboard hobby and what makes it thocc…

  • A tabletop roleplaying game podcast focused on fun! Powered by STVN.

  • Deep diving New Zealand‘s 40k tournament scene

  • 3 Guardians talking about Destiny 2 and other things that we find fun. Always honest, slightly irreverent, and still waiting for that revive in a darkness zone!

    Follow us on our socials: https://linktr.ee/HGPodcast

  • Talking 4x4 is a conversational podcast about four wheel driving, with industry experts, adventurers and enthusiasts alike.

    My name is Odell Harris, I'm a photographer, newbie 4x4 enthusiast in search of the perfect spot, to take the perfect image.

    In each episode I hope to uncover pieces of knowledge gold from guests far wiser than I as we talk all things 4x4

    Talking 4x4 is brought to you by Outback Armour.

    The views and information discussed are not necessarily shared by Outback Armour.

  • Video Game History is a podcast documentary series about the incredible and insane history of video games. Join game developer and historian Goran "Poplove" Popovic every week as he tells the story of the wonderful and mysterious world of video games.

  • A uniquely Kiwi podcast focusing on The competitive 40k scene from New Zealand and around the world.....in between the banter.

  • Beatboxer | Musician | Mixologist | Life Coach | Coffee Geek | Actor | Food & Beverage SpecialistHaving an industry experience of over 10 Years in multi-profession

  • We all want relief—and now more than ever, we’re finding it in psychedelics. From underground parties to Silicon Valley, micro-dosing and psychedelic therapy have officially hit the mainstream. But in the rush to legalization, are we overlooking a pattern of deception and abuse among some of the movement’s leaders? The story centers on Lily Kay Ross, who was abused and discouraged from speaking out publicly. She’s now back to uncover some of the movement’s secrets and have an honest dialogue before psychedelic therapy goes mainstream. Cover Story is a new investigative podcast series drawing on New York’s history of richly reported features. The first season, Power Trip, uncovers the truth behind the psychedelic renaissance. From New York Magazine and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

  • It started out taking care of an alcoholic relative, then uncovering a scam, then investigating a murder? This is my true story of my dead drunk uncle.

  • Interviews with ex cons, gang members, gang leaders, youth mentors, mental health advocates etc. From across Australia and New Zealand who have inspiring tales of redemption and overcoming the odds.

  • Here on The Ahiu Ranch we believe in family, fun and a bunch of freedom. We cover everything with no filter and give it to you strait with a little comedy mixed in. Eeuuuuuu

  • "You'll stay in the will if you don't discuss the bill"
    A Politics podcast for young kiwis.

    Episodes Bi-weekly.

    Wednesdays - Chats With Lan Pham - Hosts Sam and Lan Pham (LGNZ, ECan councillor) sit down and discuss an issue facing local governments in New Zealand.

    Fridays - The Main Show - Sam and Jen tackle political issues facing New Zealand youth and give you the details that you wont be able to discuss at the dinner table