Nya Zeeland – Populära podcasts

  • NZ broadcaster Dom Harvey is obsessed with running. In this weekly podcast he speaks to awesome people who identify as runners. In depth conversations covering a wide range of topics....but lots of running chat.

  • Join Sim and Sonya, two millennial investors who are extremely passionate about all things investing and personal finance as we break down the intimidating and not-so-well-taught world of investing and growing wealth, minus the jargon.

  • The Property Academy Podcast is a daily show that gives you insight, analysis and strategies for how to get the most out of the NZ property market.

    That's whether you're an existing or aspiring property investor, you want to get into your first home, or you're just interested in the property market.

    Andrew Nicol and Ed McKnight host the podcast. Andrew is the Managing Partner of Opes Partners and a prolific investor himself. Ed is an economist. https://www.opespartners.co.nz/investment/property-investment

    Legal Stuff: https://www.opespartners.co.nz/disclaimer-youtube-podcast-webinar

  • Jesse Mulligan talks with investigators, journalists and others about major crimes in New Zealand

  • Rethink financial news. Monday through Friday, we recap the events shaping the share markets across New Zealand, Australia, and the US. De-jargoned and delivered in 10(ish) minutes.

    Made for you, by Sharesies.


    Investing involves risk. You aren’t guaranteed to make money, and you might lose the money you start with. We don’t provide personalised advice or recommendations. Any information we provide is general only and current at the time.

  • Hosted by journalist Bernard Hickey, When the Facts Change is your essential weekly guide to the intersection of economics, business and politics in Aotearoa New Zealand. Presented by The Spinoff together with Kiwibank.

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  • From nine to noon every weekday, Kathryn Ryan talks to the people driving the news - in New Zealand and around the world. Delve beneath the headlines to find out the real story, listen to Nine to Noon's expert commentators and reviewers and catch up with the latest lifestyle trends on this award-winning programme.

  • The New Zealand Herald business team is proud to present Continuous Disclosure, a fortnightly podcast that aims to help you better understand the rapidly changing and ever-evolving global financial market.

    Every second Wednesday at 5am, join a rotating team of NZH business journalists, including Duncan Bridgeman, Liam Dann, Tamsyn Parker and Jamie Gray, as they talk to experts about the latest developments and trends that could impact your portfolio.

  • With a straight down the middle approach, Heather du Plessis-Allan Drive on Newstalk ZB delivers the very latest news and views to New Zealanders as they wrap up their day.

  • The news, explained. Join Sharon Brettkelly & Emile Donovan every weekday as they make sense of the big stories with the country’s best journalists and experts.

    Made possible by RNZ & NZ On Air. Produced by Newsroom. Listen on RNZ National at 6.30pm Monday-Thursday.

  • Te Waananga o Aotearoa is one of New Zealand's largest tertiary education providers. We offer a comprehensive range of qualifications to New Zealanders from all walks of life.

  • Helping you to learn and speak everyday Māori, every day. Hei āwhina i a koe ki te ako me te kōrero i te reo Māori o ia rā, i ia rā.

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  • From the NZ Herald newsroom comes A Moment in Crime - a podcast delving into some of New Zealand’s biggest cases.

    Anna Leask has been a crime and justice reporter at the Herald for more than a decade.

    Each month she'll take you inside some of our most infamous incidents, notorious offenders and behind the scenes of high profile trials and events to show you what’s really happening in your backyard.

  • Join The Spinoff's Ātea editor Leonie Hayden along with Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes and Meriana Johnsen every two weeks for kōrerorero about te ao Māori me te ao hurihuri. The series will feature guests young and old, matatau and fresh as, from here there and everywhere across the motu, but all tangata whenua.

    Nē? is brought to you by The Spinoff Podcast Network. Hit follow now so you never miss an episode!

    Nē? is Public Interest Journalism funded through NZ On Air.

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  • Open your mind to the world with New Zealand’s number one breakfast radio show.

    Without question, as New Zealand’s number one talk host, Mike Hosking sets the day’s agenda.

    The sharpest voice and mind in the business, Mike drives strong opinion, delivers the best talent, and always leaves you wanting more.

    The Mike Hosking Breakfast always cuts through and delivers the best daily on Newstalk ZB.

  • Due to popular demand from Hauraki fans, “The Friday Big Show” featuring Jason Hoyte and Mike Minogue now drives you home every weekday from 4pm. Two of NZ’s leading entertainers will be providing headshaking laughs, questionable banter and an escape from reality as you knock off for the day.

  • An investigative series from New York magazine. Season One: Power Trip. Psychedelic therapy is going mainstream. But are we overlooking a pattern of deception and abuse among some of the movement’s leaders? And it’s not just in the psychedelic underground. In the second half of the series, we investigate some of the above ground institutions working to legalize psychedelic therapy.
    Cover Story, Season One: Power Trip, returns March 1st.
    Hosted by iO Tillett Wright. From New York magazine and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

  • Lunch Money gives you access to CEOs, share market experts, and other key players in the finance world. You’ll hear about what the future holds for companies, deep dives on the state of the economy, and so much more.

    Made for you, by Sharesies.

    Investing involves risk. You aren’t guaranteed to make money, and you might lose the money you start with. We don’t provide personalised advice or recommendations—for specific advice, speak to a licensed financial advice provider. Any information we provide is general only and current at the time.

  • For more than five years, New Zealand investigative journalist Aaron Smale has been digging into the injustices - and crimes - of the state welfare system of Aotearoa New Zealand. Of all the unbelievable stories he has investigated, none is more shocking than what happened to children and adolescents at Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital in the 1970s under the supervision of head psychiatrist Selwyn Leeks.

    This podcast contains descriptions of physical, sexual and psychological abuse perpetrated against children, as well as swearing, and frank discussions about mental health and suicide. Take care when and where you listen.

  • What does it mean to be a consumer in 2021? And when did 'consumer' become a dirty word. Consume This is a podcast designed to pick apart our habits, our impact on the environment, marketing’s impact on us and all the good and bad aspects of being a modern consumer.

    All the views & opinions expressed in the programme are the hosts own and do not represent those of any employers, institutions or organisations they are affiliated with unless explicitly stated. At least for Sophie, Jon's the Consumer CEO so... All views and opinions are expressed in good faith.

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