Fritid – Nya Zeeland – Nya podcasts

  • Season One
    A Limited series podcast for people wanting to run “Dungeons and Dragons” for the first time.

    Season Two is Coming!
    A limited series devoted to the building and shaping of a limited campaign. From conception through playtest, to competition. Follow host, Dungeon Master Andre's journey through... "A Study of Essence" A Dungeons and Dragons homebrew adventure.

  • A program about mindfulness, meditations, EFT tapping and other tools to help guide you through not only difficult experiences such as trauma, anxiety and grief but also through the everyday ups and downs, challenges and changes of daily life

  • A salt-free video game podcast hosted by Tristan Jung and Raza Retiwala. Companion to SUPERJUMP (

  • Welcome to the Home Barista Podcast with your host Sean aka The Drumming Barista, a home barista who is passionate about pushing all the jargon aside, knocking down the walls and helping other home baristas better understand coffee. I will also sit down with fellow New Zealand-based home and professional baristas, coffee influencers, coffee roasters and all-around great people with a coffee in hand to talk all things about coffee and the industry. Got any questions you would like me to answer? DM me on Instagram: @thedrummingbarista.(Available as a video podcast on Spotify & YouTube)

  • The mighty misfit menagerie takes on The Wild Beyond the Witchlight! Join our carnival cavaliers and see what wonders abound in the realms beyond the mist.

  • The goal is, to open up the conversation about riding BMX and keeping up with the rest of your life. The trials and tribulations that happen inside and outside of BMX that affect your course for better or worse. It’s about making and watching videos, our passion for it, and the togetherness that it can bring. It’s also about other things outside of BMX. It’s important to have a life outside of BMX. It’s also important to take care of yourself and do preventative maintenance. On top of all that try not to alienate the youth in the process.

  • Helping you keep your finger firmly pressed on the decking industry, the people in it, and the information you need to master the backyard. Hosted by Shane Chapman and Wade Laurent.

  • Tokyo based video game podcast focusing on Nintendo and gaming culture in Japan's capital.

  • A show about guns and the people who master them - 1 hour interviews with leaders and heroes in the gun space.

    Packed full of knowledge to help you become a better shooter.

  • Self-published authors Laura Catherine and Sarah Gray talk about their experiences with writing, editing, publishing and marketing. This is their different views on the writing world. Laura is a mum of two with little time on her hands and Sarah followed a career, while still studying craft. Join them as they chat about their lives and share tips and advice.

  • This is The Paranormal Project Radio Show. Brought to you by Pulse Talk Radio in the United Kingdom, we interview the personalities behind some of the world's greatest mysteries. Our show is live every Monday from 12 pm to 2 pm EST (5 pm to 7 pm GMT)

  • This is the official Desert Level Gaming Podcast. We are gamers from the desert who enjoy staying in and talking games when those temps start soaring into the triple digits! We will cover our favorite Nintendo titles as well as talk about some of the titles we missed along the way. News reactions, new stuff, old stuff, and even a little music... it is all here in the Desert Level!

  • In this series Thishni De Silva explores how COVID-19 has affected people's every-day lives with a new guest every week sharing their unique perspective.

  • Bullet Time is the video game podcast that analyzes the shooters that missed their mark: the would be Halo-Killers, the Modern Military Masquareders, and the Bygone Innovators. Every episode, our hosts and a revolving cast of guests dig into the developer histories, cultural context, game feel and set-pieces of these oft forgotten gems. Expect one-off episodes focusing on a single mid-tier classic, as well as mini-series that chart the developers, engines and inspirations that tie multiple titles together.

  • New Level is a Jeep club serving the Northeast Ohio community. We do more than ride, style and profile our Jeeps, we are embedded in the community to make a change.
    We will bring you up-to-date information on what we do in and around the community, and of course have fun, exciting innovative conversations about the Jeep life experience!
    Rubicon, Sahara, Wrangler, Gladiator.

  • Exploration into the way driverless cars will benefit us humans

  • Remember when alcohol-free beer was hard to find, revolting to drink and would get you laughed out of the bar? Those days are over friend – the market is booming, the options and endless and the taste is... highly variable! Join Andrew Johnstone and Gary Farrow each week as they drink a pile of beers from round the world, stay completely sober and tell you all about them. Gary and Andrew will drink the shockers so you don’t have to, and let you know where to look for your next favourite booze-free bevvy.

  • This is the Jessica podcast.
    Stay tuned for new videos every week, some spicy topic.
    These stories are real but only animated ๐Ÿ’œ

  • Your weekly fix of gaming, tech, and slander ๐Ÿ˜‚