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  • Seatrade Cruise Talks Podcasts brings the latest updates and trends from around the industry to your fingertips! Listen to conversations with cruise professionals and industry leaders who spill the tea on all things new in cruise.

    Maybe you're wondering what the latest innovation in the industry looks like? Or, maybe you just need your daily cruise fix.

    Join Seatrade Cruise Talks and numerous guests as they discuss the challenges of the current — and future — climate with the people making waves. Just search us -Seatrade Cruise Talks- on your favourite streaming platform and never miss a beat in cruise again!

  • A Nostalgic visit to YOUR PAST ! From Television to Radio to films and everything you can think of from Days gone by ! ENJOY and visit often for PODBLASTS !

  • An honest, no-holds barred podcast about cars and the automotive scene in Singapore. Nothing is off the table as long as it’s interesting and true. Motoring journalists Sheldon Trollope, Jonathan Lim, Joel Tam, and Idris Talib – who has recently crossed over to the ‘Dark Side’ of car sales – get together to share their experiences and tips to navigate possibly the most challenging car industry on the planet.

  • A (boring) conversational podcast discussing Malifaux by Wyrd Games. Hot takes will be offered, debates will be had, drinks will be drunk. Join us!

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  • A show where four friends have chill discussions about Sonic the Hedgehog to distract themselves from the inevitable passage of time and their own rapidly waning ability to relate to the youth.

  • Friends talking to friends about everything and anything in this world and beyond

  • Learn to Swim is a place for me to navigate or "swim" ;) through topics plaguing my mind or the world. Hope you enjoy!

  • This is Lu and Shing, together we created Ordinary Candid Duo. Here, we share our experience gathered since the late 90s until now. Those ups and downs, we will spill all the tea and be here, even if you just need a pick-me-up! We cover topics ranging from family, friends, study, abroad experience and sometimes the current events. Expect surprise guests occasionally, not the famous kinds though, but we promise to keep it flavorful. No we are not any famous influencers; No we don’t eat rice everyday; No we are not math majors. At the end of the day, we are just OCD!Sit back, tune in, and enjoy!

  • Hey, I am your host Brambleheart (she, her). My podcast is about Warrior cats (the book series by Erin Hunter), art and the world. For all the other podcasts out there, great work! May StarClan light your path:)
    EMAIL: [email protected]
    OTHER PODCASTS: Talking Cats Chat (TCC w/Sunstripe!), The Podcast Pack
    ROBLOX GROUP: Tcc Games
    WHAT I'M READING: Percy Jackson, The medoran chronicles, The Inheritance Games
    SPOTIFY: Brambleheart Of StormClan
    ROBLOX: Brambleheart4
    PLAYS: 4.8K
    GOAL: 5K
    COMING UP: Interview w/my family, floods

  • Sara & David are hanging out dishing about the things you watch and the games you play.

  • I just want to talk about the universe, not the "Universe" universe. The Wise universe. Who teaches us new ways to learn, to think, and experience the beauty of it.

  • I'm a fellow member of the furry community and we're here to chat about simple topics! Join in the conversation!







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  • 2 gals having fun weekly conversations but its just being recorded

  • 作为石油生产国和东盟汽车生产国,马来西亚的人均拥车率是东南亚第二高的,让马来西亚拥有独特的汽车文化,透过每一集的内容,能够让听众更加了解关于汽车,文化,历史和最新的资讯。

  • A Singapore based video podcast sharing stories of creatives, business owners & other interesting personalities. A mixture of light-hearted conversation with relatable content. We look at life stories of unique individuals and their advice in success in their fields of work.

    Hosted by Shawn Koh, a full-time Architect based in Singapore who also runs a Tech & Lifestyle Youtube Channel. All episodes are filmed and uploaded on youtube and published on Spotify and Itunes.

  • The Gundam Explained Podcast is from the Gundam Explained YouTube channel. The cast is up every Friday, and discusses everything Gundam - from Gunpla, to anime, and even the latest Gundam news. Listen in, follow the YouTube channel and join on Discord!

  • 從天空工作回到地面,終於成為平地人(?)。

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  • A podcast that provides an insight into the lives of others. This podcast is hosted by Paddy Weathers (Co Founder) of the Not OK is OK channel. We share content around normalising mental health and generally have a laugh doing so.