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  • 我是連浩銓,筆名「福耳」,目前為udn聯合新聞網特約體育專欄作家、自由攝影者、原住民文化影音紀錄者。

  • A seven-episode documentary podcast on Singapore's musical past, present and future. PopLore is produced by Esplanade on the occasion of its 20th anniversary in 2022.

  • The Common is a literary organization whose mission is to deepen our individual and collective sense of place. Based at Amherst College, we aim to serve as a vibrant common space for the global exchange of ideas and experiences through three main areas of activity: publishing, public programming, and mentorship and education.

  • Wine is arguably the only drink on this planet that can inspire love, hate, snobbery, insecurity, fear, wonder, in just one sip. Not surprising, wine can be mysteriously intimidating for those who are curious to know more about it.

    My name is CheeK, a film and tv writer director and wine enthusiast with a Diploma in Wines and Spirits and a certified Sommelier qualification.

    Combining my love of storytelling and wines, I am on a mission to make wine easier to understand and appreciate - one tongue in cheek story at a time! And what better genre to start this mission than a spy mystery. A parody of a spy mystery, to be exact. On that note, please remember that, besides the wine information in this podcast, names, locations and anything that sounds remotely real are purely a work of fiction. Like wine, the stories should not be taken TOO seriously.

    I hope you enjoy the story and in the process, also find out a bit more about wine.

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  • 我是山料,職業是作家,喜歡寫小說,每週 2 次,在這聊聊生活感悟。
    《好好生活 慢慢相遇》散文
    《好好再見 不負遇見》小說
    Instagram : iam_3636
    Podcast商務合作請洽Woody :[email protected]
    其他合作請洽:[email protected]

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  • 基督徒讀書會每周五晚上於ClubHouse進行,分別輪替研經神學歷史類、信仰應用見證類、坊間暢銷書,三種類型輪替,無論有無閱讀書籍,歡迎大家一同參與。
    此處為錄音分享的 Podcast,我們三五好友一起聊書、一同分享信仰歷程、教會機構的現況反思,我們有LINE群組可以加入!可以搜尋【基督徒讀書會】,也有Clubhouse社團,找到我們很容易。

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  • 「五分鐘學歌仔戲」由歌仔戲達人陳亞蘭與影評追劇達倫攜手主持,解析台視60週年大戲、陳亞蘭歌仔戲《嘉慶君遊臺灣》每一集經典曲目,教你怎麼聽歌仔戲。


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  • தமிழ் ஒலிப்புத்தகம்...

    1. பொன்னிவனத்து பூங்குயில்
    2. காதல் போயின்
    3. ராணி மங்கம்மாள்
    4. தினசரி தியானம்
    5. பார்த்திபன் கனவு
    6. நெற்றிக்கண்
    7. தங்க புத்தகம்
    8. சந்திரிகையின் கதை
    9. சாயுங்கால மேகங்கள்
    10. குழந்தை பாடல்
    11. நெஞ்சக்கனல்
    12. வஞ்சிமாநகரம்
    13. பாண்டிமாதேவி
    14. கபாடபுரம்
    15 . கள்வனின் காதலி
    16. சிவகாமியின் சபதம்
    17. நெஞ்சில் ஒரு முள்
    18. மண் குடிசை
    19. வாழ்க்கை மலர்கள்
    20. கணையாழியின் கனவு
    21. சோளைமலை இளவரசி
    22. திருக்குறள்
    23. அகல்விளக்கு
    24. அலை ஓசை

  • 歡迎收聽「黃大米哈拉王」,保證不會有收穫,一定沒有營養,想聽就聽,走過、路過、錯過都不可惜喔!

  • Who can speak shapes? Who can hear colors? Who can speak shapes?I speak the Tongues of the AncientsPoetryReadingsJourneys into the Abyss Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/yesitsyanyan/support

  • My Podcast is about Focusing on Seeing in The Eyes of God

  • Die Geschichte vom Kultschuh Converse All Star Cuck Taylor

  • စိတ်မပျော်ရွှင်တဲ့အခါ တစ်ယောက်တည်း အထီးကျန်နေတဲ့အခါ ကျနော့်အိမ်လေးကို လာလည်ပါ။

  • Some people make art. Others enable the arts to happen. Who builds the bridge between the arts and audience? How do arts managers enable the arts to find the essential resources to thrive, and the resilience to tide through setbacks and produce quality work?

    Backlogues is a series of conversations about the evolving practice of arts management in Singapore. Through dialogues with cultural workers who have been integral to the development of the arts, we discover what managing the arts really means.

    Backlogues is presented by Centre 42 and Sing Lit Station in collaboration with Dr Hoe Su Fern and Dr Cheryl Julia Lee, supported by the National Arts Council Singapore. To learn more about our podcast, visit www.backlogues.sg

  • 周星瞿基金和963Hao FM、UFM100.3邀你:说一个故事,送一本书!只需拍摄一个视频说一个故事,周星瞿基金将捐一本书给本地小学。报名详情:everybookastory.com/registration


  • Welcome to Moving Art, Public Libraries Singapore's new podcast on topics related to the performing arts. Helmed by librarians from Singapore's only library for the performing arts [email protected], each episode sheds light on aspects of the four artforms ranging from Film, Music, Theatre and Dance.
    Moving Art: Film Talk is a four-part mini-series on TV, movies and filmmaking. Each episode focuses on the following topics: the rise of modern documentaries, how horror films work, animation for adults, and the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Join Film Librarian Melissa Kawasoe as she takes you a narrative journey into the history and development of motion pictures.

    About National Library Board, Singapore: www.nlb.gov.sg
    The National Library Board (NLB) nurtures Readers for Life, Learning Communities and a Knowledgeable Nation by promoting reading, learning and history through its network of 27 public libraries, the National Library and the National Archives of Singapore. NLB also forges strategic partnerships that encourage awareness, appreciation and greater discovery of Singapore's history through its rich collections on Singapore and the region.

    About [email protected]: www.go.gov.sg/nlb-esplanadelibrary
    [email protected] is Singapore's first and only public library dedicated to the performing arts. Located within the Esplanade performing arts complex, the library's collection focuses on four main categories of performing arts: Music, Film, Theatre and Dance and includes books, play scripts and movie screenplays, music scores, music albums, and film, dance and theatre video recordings.

    Subscribe to our podcast channel wherever you listen.

    We would love to hear what you think about our podcast. Leave us a rating or review. You can also write to us with your feedback at [email protected]

  • A podcast about natural wine. Join Remington Riehl & Kendra Moriah down a boozy rabbit hole, where we discover the ins and outs of what natural wine is all about. Take our word on it, we're like your friendly neighbors who wouldn't steer you wrong, but more up to speed with wine and sh*t :)

  • What is the life worth living? What are our obligations to ourselves and to others? What does love mean, and how might we embody virtue?
    These questions are as ancient as humanity’s primordial pursuit for self-understanding, and our podcast will examine them and others by looking at the surprising intersections of two figures: Jesus Christ and Jane Austen.
    Our host, Karen Swallow Prior will closely read a different one of Austen’s novels each season, and by examining her characters in light of Christ’s teachings, she and her guests hope to shed light on both, presenting a take on literature and popular culture that is as edifying as it is entertaining.
    Jane and Jesus is a SoulShop original.

  • This podcast is about anything and everything mountain biking.