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  • Happy Baby 香音聚落"Be a happy baby!Everyone is child of God !Purify the soul,mind and body My sincerely wish is to be a service of love& peace. We could hear love, see love , smell love, feel love and live love"經驗"靈魂之愛"~是靈魂的旅程選擇了要遇見的人,要去的地方,發生的事,來幫助我們醒覺宇宙層面宏觀的願景計畫 ! 放下追尋快樂的人生,感受生命的平和,寬恕過去的一切,練習安住當下 !這是Claudia的心靈藝術聚落,在遇見中分享生命中的感動,觸動改變樞紐的人事物。享受在分享共創中共生共榮,傳播美善種子,凝聚你我彼此支持的力量,讓我們一起呼吸愛,擁抱生命 !"如果你遲遲無法獲得想要的支持,或許是因為你不需要。如果你一直沒收到你要的東西,或某個能讓你活得更輕鬆的東西,或許那是因為你已有足夠的力量可以自行創造如果有件事造成了不可置信的痛苦,或許那是為了讓你看到你的偉大之處,因為你就是宇宙沒有其他更強大的事物能傷害你。或許你此生的任務就是要來凡間覺醒,理解這一點。從能量的層次而非關卡的層次思考! "~ -蘇.莫特醫師!"謝謝你我愛你!"

  • Criei por acaso, essa música é sobre relaxar e algumas outras coisas , mais eu não vou contar muita coisa vou deixar vcs ouvirem

  • List building allows you to find customers all over the world and increase your brand awareness at the same time. Protection and engagement. List building is a sure way to overcome the Google algorithm. What's more, if a person shares their email address with you, it means the readiness to engage with your brand.

  • Knowing its history makes food more delicious.

  • 郭德綱於謙 喊您聽相聲啦!想聽德雲相聲不知從哪入坑?想聽德雲相聲可惜搶不到票?福利!一個專輯搞定這些難題!無論是剛剛入坑,還是資深「綱絲」這裏總有意想不到的爆笑包袱!絕對經典!絕對幽默!絕對過癮!點擊訂閱免費聽!
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  • Hello All, This is Malini, I love reading books. I get excited when I read the most interesting novels and I love to share them with someone. That's how I decided to start this podcast and Now I am happy to share all the interesting stories with all of you. I am planning to add historical novel stories, kids' stories, motivational stories, Folk stories, and many more. Please listen to it and share your feedback to [email protected]

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  • The Westminster Larger Catechism, along with the Westminster Shorter Catechism, is a central catechism of Calvinists in the English tradition throughout the world. The Westminster Shorter Catechism was to be "easier to read and concise for beginners" and the Larger Catechism was to be "more exact and comprehensive". The Catechism was completed by the Westminster Assembly in 1647. It was then adopted by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1648 and (with modifications relating to the civil magistrate) by the Presbyterian Synod of New York and Philadelphia in 1788. (Summary by Wikipedia)

  • Books are awesome, but it can be hard to find one worth reading. If you struggle finding good book recommendations, you've come to the right place!

  • This is the third book of the famous "What Katy did" series. (Summary by Elli)

  • Daily Book Reading With Qari Dollerson. I’m an 8 year old 3rd grader who wants to help kids my age enjoy book reading time by listening to me read aloud. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/trau2019qariya-dollerson/support

  • This podcast is about summaries of books that have to be read by everyone atleast once in their life.

  • Gavin Reese interviews authors and experts to help all writers compose more authentic cops, crimes, and criminals in their stories.During his law enforcement career, Gavin comforted the dying, talked dozens out of suicide, and saved domestic abuse victims from their assailants. He’s taken child rapists, murderers, and human traffickers into police custody, and enjoyed the distinct honor of protecting visiting foreign royalty and national American political figures from both sides of the aisle. He's worked in Patrol, Training, SWAT, Special Investigations, Narcotics, & Dignitary Protection. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/writersbeatpodcast/support

  • We talk about animations and sometimes other things here

  • ArtMuse aims to reshape the ways in which we interpret well-known works of art by paying dues to the women whose images have been immortalized but whose names and stories have been wrongfully overlooked. Each episode will focus our attention on the female muse, sharing their important lives and legacy.

  • Col and Rodders combine local history, legends, experiences, rumours and outright drivel with drinking fine Islay whiskies up in the Attic.

    Main episode every few weeks - some extra blethers in between help muddy the waters with apologies, half-arsed research and predictions about the future.

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  • In our podcast, we virtually 'have a coffee' every week with chefs or pastry chefs, so they can tell us their stories, their professional journey, and the mistakes they've made along the way. We want to learn from them to grow professionally. Each week, our guests will share with us trends, new challenges, figures, and their visions of the industry.Scoolinary, the school that transforms people and connects cultures through gastronomy. You will learn from the best chefs and discover the broadest online catalog of topics related to gastronomy.

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