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  • My Podcast is going to be about why women have worn out clothes in their closet. My podcast is also going about who wears more of their clothes? Men vs Women.

  • Authors share steamy excerpts from their erotic books.

  • The Designer’s Dairy podcast is focused on the African Design space and it emanate ideas from every related industries from product, marketing, Engineering, Content creation and more.

    It is hosted by a creative product designer Bright Mba. The podcast explores the intersecting ideas from this fields, the process and lives of the creators.

    I’ll be having expansive interviews and we’ll be talking about all from personal ideas to happening events as well as trending topics that relates to us as designers.

  • Hello book lovers! Welcome to Just READING with Thandolwethu. I am a lover of books and have always seeked to share my love for reading with those around me. Thank you for stopping by, now that you are here I will be bringing you book reviews, books I'm reading, books I think you should be reading and everything else in between.

  • Indian recipes with some tricks and tips

  • Discussing old songs from the past and the artists lifestyle and how they were able to make such wonderful music and how we can learn from them

  • Welcome to Living A Life Through Books. This podcast is about a life-changing journey. The journey of starting, sustaining, and learning from the habit of reading.

  • Reads, Recs & Reviews is a podcast for every reader and anyone looking to read wide, read more and find joy in reading. Chiamaka the Bookish Igbo Girl will be sharing reviews of books she's currently reading, reading excerpts from books and sharing book recommendations. Sometimes she might chip in a not so bookish news and spice up things a little. Keep an open mind as she would read explicit content from books as well (God give her strength), this is a safe space to relax and have fun.Social Media Handles @bookishigbogirl (instagram) and @thelifeofamaka (twitter)

  • "Heidi" takes us on a journey to the eventful childhood of a good-hearted girl from the Swiss Alps. A warm and loving story, full of touching moments, it reaches children and adults alike. It was written in 1880 and published in two parts:
    1. Heidi's years of learning and travel.
    2. Heidi makes use of what she has learned.
    This English translation from 1915 has "an especial flavor, that very quality of delight in mountain scenes, in mountain people and in child life generally, which is one of the chief merits of the German original. The phrasing has also been carefully adapted to the purpose of reading aloud" (from the book's introduction). And thus, in this dramatic reading, LibriVox volunteers bring this classic story to life with their voices. (summary by Rapunzelina)Cast:Narrator (part 1): GraceNarrator (part 2): Elizabeth KlettHeidi: Sweet PeaDeta: Amanda FridayBarbara: April GonzalesPeter, Street Boy: WillyHeidi's Grandfather, Old Man in Church Tower: AdamPeter's Grandmother: KristingjBrigida: Tiffany Halla ColonnaPastor: Ken GarrettClara: Eden Rea-HedrickJohn, the Coachman: csjesi1Sebastian, the Butler: Kevin GreenTinette, the Maid: BookAngel7Miss Rottenmeier: Arielle LipshawMr. Candidate: Charlotte DuckettMr. Sesemann (Clara's Father): Ernst PattynamaMrs. Sesemann (Clara's Grandmama): TriciaGDr. Classen: Chuck WilliamsonTown's Baker: Anna SimonTown's Teacher: Sarah Di FedeAudio edited by: Rapunzelina

  • In Round the Block (1864), John Bell Bouton, a newspaper editor who later became a travel writer, stirs together comedy and pathos to explore the schemes and dreams of the average and extraordinary people inhabiting and intermingling on a single New York City block. In the path of the novel's circumambulation lie mystery, romance, and a murder trial, as love-matches and fortunes are made and lost through invention, speculation, and flimflam - plenty of flimflam. This richly-charactered novel, told with Dickensian brio, offers a fascinating slice of life, vivid in detail, of the bustling big-city habits and mores of America shortly before the Civil War. (Introduction by Grant Hurlock)

  • Amy Lyndon, Celebrity Acting/Booking Coach - Creator and Founder of the Revolutionary International "The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking," which has turned out 54+ Series Regulars and an Emmy Award Winner, gives Actors massive advice from her years as an Award Winning Actress, Multi-Award Winning Filmmaker, former Talent Manager and CEO of Gold-Levin Talent.

  • Acting coach Shari Shaw breaks down the entertainment industry and how to be "Courteously Aggressive" in interviews with the people both in front of & behind the camera, and everybody else in between.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • A collection of short stories by Louisa May Alcott that were written with the intent to entertain the whole family and to fill children's heads with wonder and delight. (Summary by Jennifer Stearns)

  • Enjoy our collection of favorite James Allen Books!

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  • I was raised to be a Good Girl, but when you’re a Slut you just can’t fight nature. I will share with you my depraved and erotic adventures - all of the stories a Good Girl would know nothing about...

  • A community where everyone is seen as equals, we live, we learn, we tell our stories and help each other grow. Follow on instagram @talesofanaijagirl and twitter @tales_naijagirl.