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  • BoerPot is ’n Agri Podcast waar ons gereeld gesels oor alles wat met landbou en Agripreneurskap te make het.

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    BoerPot, a podcast dedicated to the agricultural sector where we regularly discuss everything related to the business of farming.

  • T.E.A is a podcast that delves into the art of intentional living by navigating multiple, ethical affiliate income streams.
    We educate, entertain, and examine the idea of creating financial wealth and community without ignoring the potential challenges of mental and physical health as we build our empires.
    Hear from leaders and those just starting out in the entrepreneurial world as we share our journey through this revolutionary new business paradigm that combines authenticity, products, services and goodwill.
    The world is changing: Join us as we change the way we live and show up, guiding you towards a life lived with conscious choices and meaningful connections.

  • Vulnerable shares and practical advice from two coaches here to raise the standard for what women can do, be & have ๐Ÿ”ฅ

    A weekly dive into the female experience: from business to motherhood to relationships. We share our stories, personal development tools and support each other in real time to break paradigms and create a life of freedom, flow and wild success ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  • Join me inside The Champagne Lounge podcast as we dive deep into the power of connection, community and celebration with some of the most inspiring female business owners and change-makers on the planet.

  • This podcast is a vortex for activating wealth, riches and boss bitches... here I teach multi dimensional business, from 5D quantum creation, 4D frequency alchemy and the most potent 3D strategy, you will learn every aspect of business that contributes to the creation of success. Plus, hear interviews from the most amazing boss bitches at the forefront of the game, paving the way for money, magic and magnetism in business. So get ready to activate all of that within you!

  • Talking shop about building a six figure, profitable flower farm by cultivating key business skills.

  • Welcome to The Thriving Therapist Podcast. 

    We are your new best friends in business on a mission to build an empowered community of therapists, because let's be real, it can get a little lonely out here!

     We want to help you build an unwavering belief in yourself and your professional abilities by providing the knowledge, tools and support you need to thrive in and beyond the therapy chair

    So grab your oat milk latte, buckle up and let us help you go from surviving to thriving therapist! 


  • โ€œBusiness the Heart Wayโ€ is a podcast that focuses on the intersection of business, heart-centred living and everything in between. Hosted by Gemma Manning, a serial entrepreneur, game changer and visionary business leader, this podcast will not disappoint. With a background in strategic marketing and communications, entrepreneurship education and international business, Gemma has forged a career in starting and building global companies. This podcast explores the idea that business doesnโ€™t have to be cut-throat or impersonal. Instead, it can be approached with kindness, empathy and authenticity.

    Each episode features interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders who have built successful businesses or lead successful businesses while staying true to their values and maintaining a heart-centred approach. Listeners will hear inspiring stories and learn practical strategies for building a business that is both profitable and meaningful.

    Topics covered on the show include conscious leadership, mindful marketing, ethical business practices, how to unleash your passion and purpose in a sustainable way, and how sometimes a snowball of disasters will make you question why you chose (your big dream) in the first place.

    Whether youโ€™re an established business owner or just starting out, โ€œBusiness the Heart Wayโ€ provides valuable insights and actionable advice to help you build a business that aligns with your values and makes a positive impact in the world.

  • Welcome to our brand new podcast Dadvertising!

    We are 2x dads who both own online businesses, talking all things marketing, business, parenting, life, all whilst have a laugh along the way. If you're in the online space, run a digital marketing agency, or like/enjoy dad talk, this podcast will be perfect for you!

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  • Join us for an exhilarating journey of limitless wealth and deep fulfillment - because guess what? YOU were Born to be Rich! This is not just for any leader; it's for the unstoppable woman who knows deep within she's destined to have it all! Richness inclusive of, yet BEYOND the money! Meet the exceptional Judy King, a seasoned entrepreneur and leader, as she brings you Born to be Rich - your ultimate companion on the liberating ride to call in more freedom, depth, authenticity and vulnerability. Be prepared for potent soulful conversations that dive headfirst into the heartbeat of our lives!

  • Welcome to the "Exit the Matrix™ - Stories of Success Stories" podcast, where we celebrate the incredible journeys of individuals who have transcended their limitations and achieved extraordinary success. On each episode, we'll dive into inspiring stories of transformation, determination, and triumph, showcasing the power of personal development. Get ready to be motivated and energized, as we uncover the secrets of breaking free from the matrix and reaching new heights, right here...

  • Welcome to The Growth Cartel: Real Operators, Real Stories and Connections.

    We are a community of operators with a mission to empower, enlighten and connect you to the best ecosystem, from start-ups to scale-ups, by sharing unique stories, insights, and strategies.

    More than talk, we bring you authentic experiences of success, failures and the entrepreneurial journey, making growth and scalability less daunting, risky, and more reachable for all.

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  • With all the craziness and unrest in the world and with Anxiety and Depression at an all time high I can't think of a more holistic and organic healing regime than creating viable CBD Oil for better health and vitality. The difference here is the main ingredient to success with your GROW is unconditional LOVE.

  • Do you like tech? Games? TV? Movies? Well DANG. We have so much in common already! Jelly and Bean are two super pals who like to talk about all of the aforementioned topics (and more, probably), resulting in a nice little peek into the world of a couple of nerds.

  • Some things you might need to know about Ocean Energy.

  • Get a curated list of action steps from the various self-help books every week which you can implement in your life at your own pace. In this podcast host Mithu Roy, a software engineer, and YouTuber will take you along on his Journey. A Journey of not only reading books but how to take action.

  • The School Bell is a podcast about issues of importance to Queensland independent schools.

    Independent Schools Queensland is the peak body promoting, supporting and developing independent schools in Queensland, Australia.