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  • What do vaccines, stigma, climate change and sex have in common? They all relate to our public health.   
    Covid-19 isn’t the only public health crisis we’ve faced. It’s not even the only one we face right now. What led us to this moment, what have we learned, what did we get right (and wrong), and how can we do better?  
    As we navigate a pandemic, and a moment that’s rife with conspiracy theories and misinformation, Chelsea is getting the facts.   
    Each week on In Fact, Chelsea Clinton sits down with experts, activists and a few surprising guests who share Chelsea’s passion for science, evidence and yes, facts. Along the way, they’ll open the world of public health through shared stories, their work, connect the dots between the past and present moment, and help us understand that, now more than ever, public health affects us all. 

  • The podcast for the AWS User Group in Melbourne. We discuss all things AWS and how they impact our community.

  • The SKG Radiology - Official NBL1 West Radio Show; Covering all the Basketball action from the Men's and Women's NBL1 - West.

  • Welcome to Optus Sport's new instalment of the Football Belongs title, with a podcast series charting the cultural threads of Australian society through the lens of nine football matches.

    The Football Belongs title was launched by Optus Sport in 2020 to tell the often unheralded stories of Europe’s contribution to Australian football and society.

    Hosted by David Davutovic and featuring John Didulica, the inspiration behind the series, as well as a long list of Australian sporting personalities, they will explore how football has played a fundamental role in shaping our nation and examine the game's struggles to penetrate the mainstream - to the point that the sport continues to get diminished at every turn.

  • Three Corners is just your average small town. But like all small towns, scratch the surface, and you’ll be surprised at what you find underneath.
    In that sense Three Corners is really no different to any other small town I know, except perhaps, for some of the characters you might meet.

  • Each week the Department of Paramedicine podcast aims to share and disseminate our latest research and scholarship from Monash University paramedic academics and researchers. We aim to cover as many diverse topics as possible and hear from our faculty and students at different stages of their academic, research and clinical careers. We know you are busy, so we aim to keep each episode easily digestible. We want each episode to be easy to listen to and have aimed to make each episode conversational, relaxed and not full of research jargon. We want you to relate the results of each study to your experiences so that hopefully we can positively impact on providing better clinical care, and ensure that our paramedic practice is based on sound clinical evidence. We hope you enjoy every episode. All music used is unrestricted or under a creative commons license. Artist credit:

  • Leading Conversations gives you a front row seat into how top executives influenced cultural change across some of Australia’s biggest brands. Each episode explores their leadership growth and commitment to supporting cultural transformation, a rewarding and at times, challenging journey. This eye-opening series is hosted by Lisa Alexander AM, former head coach of the Australian National Team, the Diamonds.

  • 95 North with the Couchboys.
    A North Queensland Cowboys podcast.
    Join the community:

  • A raw podcast about intersectionality, hosted by Liel K. Bridgford.

  • Science, innovation and startups - Featuring big ideas from Australia's leading researchers and entrepreneurs.

  • Our whole lives, we are told “Cautionary Tales” to keep us safe from trouble. But how many cautionary tales do you live by? Are there other things in this world we should be aware of beyond the obvious? This is the podcast where Harper and Tony Brueski explores true cautionary tales and what happens to those who did not heed the warning and learned the hard way. 

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  • Doin' it for the fandom - Steph & Ava booze up to talk theories, ship wars, and the ins-and-outs of the Sarah J Maas worlds

  • The weird, obscure, mysterious, and lesser-known side of Disney. Hosted by major Disneyheads Natalie Palamides and Carrie Poppy.

  • Introducing How To Be An Artist, a new podcast brought to you by Soho House, hosted by Kate Bryan – Soho House’s Global Head of Collections. We’ll be talking to some of the most influential contemporary artists whose artworks feature throughout our Houses around the world. These include Idris Khan, Xaviera Simmons, and Drift. Join Bryan every Wednesday as she asks her guests what it takes to be an artist and what it means right now.

  • Looking for more things to be cheerful about? Well, this podcast is here to help. Every episode we will hear from and catch up with inspiring food writers, creatives, awesome people and find out what good things they are cooking, watching, doing, listening to and reading.

    Hosted by me, Sophie Hansen (food writer and farmer based in Orange NSW). Short little episodes to share some much needed cheer in this crazy time. Happy listening!

  • What is the secret to writing a really juicy biography? Author Caroline Baum interviews   seasoned players and persistent newcomers who share their experience of navigating
    sensitive territory in the search for the real story behind a person’s life. Whether they are writing about the famous or the forgotten, whether their version of events is authorised or
    unauthorised, biography is a high-stakes quest full of twists and turns.

  • Australia's largest free literary Festival, held in March in Adelaide, South Australia.

  • Food and Drink make up a big part of our daily lives. The Dish Pig gets down and dirty each week, as host Nick Sherry talks to chefs, wine makers, bakers, restauranteurs, distillers, produce growers and others that bring their vision, products, creativity and passion to the culinary world. If you want to discover, learn and laugh as we meet the people behind the scenes of food and booze, this podcast is for you.

  • Welcome to Speak The Speech; the new podcast from Australia’s national theatre company Bell Shakespeare, celebrating some of Shakespeare’s greatest speeches with some of Australia’s best-known actors.