Lettland – Nya podcasts

  • A podcast to have inspiring conversations about living your life on purpose; creating a lasting legacy and the stories your fine jewellery tells.

  • Keeping the community safe from money laundering can be challenging for financial services companies. Our Jade ThirdEye podcast delves into the problems many face, interviews experts about latest trends and emerging technologies, and interviews companies using different AML technologies to tackle financial crime.

  • Cutting edge strategies for the Certified Health Coach!

    As Health Coaching becomes more popular by the day, it is vital that we are able to use all of the resources available to us to create thriving practices in order to provide our clients with results that they truly want. The Health Coach Academy interviews experts of various disciplines to help us understand the concepts that will make our business boom all while keeping up with the latest health and wellness trends so that we are better able to serve our clients. Join us as we obtain the tools necessary to strengthen our industry’s reputation as major players in the
    health and wellness movement.

  • BALTIC LANDLORDS is an international broadcast about real estate development, property management and income sustainability.

  • Issues, interviews, and insights into the U.S. housing market. Monthly takes on what’s happening in the housing market today, and what might be happening tomorrow. From the John Burns Real Estate Consulting team.

    The podcast is hosted by Dean Wehrli, Principal at John Burns Real Estate Consulting. Dean manages residential and commercial real estate consulting assignments across the country and has deep knowledge of California’s Bay Area, Sacramento, and Central Valley markets as well as Northern Nevada.

    John Burns Real Estate Consulting is an independent research provider and consulting firm focused on the housing industry. The company’s research subscribers receive the most accurate analysis possible to inform their macro investment decisions, and the company’s consulting clients receive specific property and portfolio investment advice designed to maximize profits. The team takes great pride in enabling the profitable development of the best places to live in the world.

  • Mark DeJong interviews Lean experts and business innovators from around the world focusing on how leaders can best apply Lean principles in their role and business. Topics include Lean Culture, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Healthcare, Lean Production, Lean Enterprise & Lean Startup. www.theleaneffectpodcast.com
    Want to be a guest? have questions? please email: Mark@4ppartners.ca

  • Business tips, tools, and advice for female entrepreneurs who want to start or grow the business of their dreams.

  • This is Minimally Viable - the podcast for founders by founders. We interview other early-stage entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors, and investors on all topics relevant to early-stage startups from PMF to growth, fundraising, hiring, and all things related to early-stage startups

  • SHOT! è un podcast in cui si chiacchiera di cinema, serie tv, fumetti e videogiochi. Il format principale è composto da una scaletta ben precisa dove si discute di una serie di news, di un film uscito da poco e di ciò che abbiamo visto/letto/giocato tra un episodio e l'altro. In più c'è B-Side, un format secondario e più libero nella proposizione di contenuti (sempre incentrati sull'intrattenimento): può trattarsi di una monografia o di un evento speciale e soprattutto non avrà un presentatore fisso.

  • Whether you're looking to learn more about videography & photography or just want to know more about the industry, Filmmakers Uncut brings some of the most experienced guests to help you take your skills & knowledge to the next level.

  • We discuss movies we’ve just watched. We give our amazing and informed opinions on them and probably talk about some other stuff along the way

  • Entertainment Weekly's Untold Stories podcast, hosted and produced by entertainment journalist Tre'vell Anderson, is a closer look at LGBTQ+ representation in Hollywood from both sides of the camera,
    Season 1 features conversations with some of our favorite LGBTQ+ entertainers about the queer legends, icons, and contemporaries who inspired their own work and art. 
    Season 2: Beyond the Binary contributes to popular discourse about representation on and off screen through the lens of the nonbinary actors, musicians, artists and writers paving their own ways.
    For more please visit ew.com/pride.

  • The podcast that covers the movies that help you identify your friends...and maybe make a few more along the way. Every week, Jacob, Cody, and Marten introduce a new title into their ever-growing collection of shared favorites, break them down to the basics, and decide whether or not they deserve to be bestowed with the oh-so-holy award of being a Certified Facemelter. What spine number will they cover this week? Tune in and find out.

  • This podcast goes in depth in the Holocaust and the life of Irena Sendler.

  • Still a Great Joke is the brainchild of professional musician Alex Feder, who releases music under the artist name Still a Great Night. Alex has toured the world many times over, playing stages across the globe, but this podcast has very little to do with music. The premise is simple: each episode features a guest. After a little chat, the guest tells Alex a joke, and then Alex tells the guest a joke. So...if you are interested in hearing two jokes sandwiched between some interesting conversation, tune in!

  • In diesem kleinen Projekt geht es um Dennis Gebhardt, seine Kinder und seine Ehefrau. Der Alltag mit 4 Kindern, 2 Hunden und einer Frau ist nicht "normal". Viele Dinge sieht man mit einem anderen Blick, als wenn man Single ist. Oder "nur" drei Kinder hat. Oder zwei.

    Neben dem alltäglichen Wahnsinn einer - man könnte fast sagen - GROßFAMILIE geht der Stand Up Comedian aber auch sehr gerne auf Gesellschaftliches ein. Der Plan ist: Jeden Freitag eine neue Folge.


    Viel Vergnügen
    Euer Dennis!

  • Stream of Blood is the brainchild of writer, comedian, and professional Dungeon Master Jared Logan. On our streaming channel and podcast, we host a variety of tabletop roleplaying actual-play games with comedians, writers, and actors.

    Join us for our ongoing game of Vampire the Masquerade: Vampires of Pittsburgh.