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  • Kim and Jamie Fitzpatrick are partners in every sense of the word, both in life and business. Former employees turned online entrepreneurs, they are a married couple of two awesome little humans; Colby is 12 and Tessa is 9, and they live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada with their rescue dog Clemmy. They have together, and individually, built multiple 7 figure businesses, both traditional brick and mortar as well as online enterprises in Direct Sales, Online Retail, and life & business coaching. Nothing is off limits in this podcast as they share triumphs and struggles, both personally and professionally, and really hope to help others relate to the trials and tribulations that this crazy life offers. Love, marriage, kids, sex, business, abundance, and inspiration are routinely covered in the hopes that we can provide value to your life and maybe even the courage to chase some of those dreams that have been put on hold for far too long. Please always check the episode notes for contact info and resources related to the topic. Thank you for listening, it is so appreciated! Enjoy!

  • Welcome to Conservative Like Me: a voice for the conservative movement that isn’t totally nuts. Or untruthful. Or dangerous. Or irresponsible.

    Conservative Like Me is a podcast for center-spectrum conservatives. You know, the ones that rarely get any airtime. In this podcast, we explore, issue by issue, how Canada's federal conservative party can remain true to its foundational mission while also building good policy that's aligned to the progressive momentum of Canada, the needs of our Canadians, and our full national potential.

    Hosted by Jennifer Sanford.

    Seasons drop Nextflix style--all at once.

  • Hosted by former Acting Solicitor General and constitutional scholar Neal Katyal, “Courtside” is a daily IGTV, and now podcast, series of short episodes explaining Trump’s post-election litigation.

  • The most-watched documentary program in Canada is now available as a podcast! W5 has an on ongoing commitment to covering tough, relevant stories with fair and responsible investigative reporting. The program is the winner of several awards including the prestigious Gordon Sinclair Award for Broadcast Journalism. Subscribe to the W5 Podcast to listen to our latest investigations and to hear in-depth stories from our more than 50 year history. 

  • 7:31 AM is a daily podcast curated by the editors of ONE37pm, bringing you all the information you need and nothing you don't. Every day at - you guessed it - 7:31 AM, we'll deliver the major happenings & headlines with just enough detail to help you be prepared for any conversation that may pop up throughout the day. Whether it's Gaming, NFT, Fashion, and Sports, or Cannabis, Hip-Hop, Gambling, and Pop Culture, the trends tend to change every second, and we've got you covered on all of it.

  • This podcast brings the voices of labour leaders, activists, organizers, and social movements to a North American audience. We share the perspectives of people on the frontlines of social struggle and change in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    We are powered by Common Frontiers and allies in the Canadian Labour Movement.

    Logo by: sagestudio.ca

  • Recordings of live Q&A sessions (including talks in beginning) from 2020 onwards.

  • SiriusXM and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum will present an exclusive new podcast series, Black Diamonds. Hosted by museum president and historian Bob Kendrick, the podcast will showcase the history of the Negro Leagues, highlighting the players, people and events that shaped them, as well as spotlighting the leagues’ achievements and innovations during a time of segregation and inequality. Listeners will hear the stories of baseball legends like Jackie Robinson, Oscar Charleston, Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige, and important figures like Rube Foster, Effa Manley, Buck O’Neil and many more.

  • Let’s take a walk down memory lane of the careers of some of the greatest athletes of all time. Whether it’s the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA or professional soccer, you’ll hear the stories about the legendary athletes of yesterday from the athletes we compare them to today. In season one of The GOATS Podcast: On the Bump, All-Star Pitcher Ross Stripling gathers up current pitchers from around the league to discuss pitchers from the past, and how the game of baseball has changed. From comparing Clayton Kershaw to Sandy Kofax, to Jameson Taillion’s admiration of John Smoltz, we cover it all including how their careers would look in today’s game.

  • Next Round’s On Me brings you inside the ropes with the people, places and stories that matter to Canadian golf fans. Host Adam Stanley gives his unique perspective weekly on the most exciting time in Canadian golf ever – not to mention some big-time betting tips, insights into the kind of gear trusted by the best players in the world, and a conversation with SCOREGolf editor Jason Logan.

    Whether you’re on the go, on your way to the course, or at home, get caught up with everything you need to know in Canadian golf with Next Round’s On Me – the Canadian golf podcast.

  • You might've heard the story, but you've never heard it like this. Marc D'Amico, Kendrick Perkins, Sean Grande and Abby Chin are the ultimate Celtics insiders who take you behind the scenes for the first and only official Boston Celtics podcast. Prepare for a brand-new view of this franchise's storied history.

  • The Chirp with Daren Millard will feature free-flowing conversations with NHL players, coaches, executives and respected media members. Daren will cover the biggest NHL topics like only he can, drawing on his and his guest’s unique perspective on the best sport in the world. Smart takes, spirited debates and plenty of laughs, The Chirp is a must-listen for any NHL fan.

  • An all-Canadian sports podcast that focuses on multiple sports with some laughs, some good times and a little bit of advice! You want basketball talk? We got that! You want football talk? We got that! You want hockey talk? Guess what, we got that too! You play fantasy sports? We got tons of that! Drop in, give it a listen! Follow us on Twitter (@CHSportsTalk) and on Instagram (@coldhardsportstalk), we'd love to hear from you!

  • It's all things hockey on The Wally and Methot Show w/ Brent Wallace and former NHL defenceman Marc Methot in full video on YouTube as well as all major podcasting apps every Monday and Thursday.

  • The audio version of The Nation with Rob Fai, available on YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo and Facebook Live. Audio versions found on iTunes, Spotify and PodBean.

  • Winnipeg Sports Talk brings you the latest news, analysis and opinion on the local sports scene including Winnipeg Jets, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the major sports and of course betting & fantasy.

  • Habs Tonight is an exciting new show featuring NHL fan favourite Dale Weise. Dale, aka The Dutch Gretzky, is joined by host Aaron Thomas and other surprise guests as they share the stories and insights that rarely see the light of day on mainstream media.

  • Frank Seravalli & Jason Gregor are here to bring you the latest from around the hockey world with inside scoops, analysis, and exclusive interviews!

  • Christine Roger, Hassoun Camara et Olivier Tremblay analysent les grandes nouvelles du soccer à Montréal et sur les marchés canadiens de la Major League Soccer (MLS). Ils s'intéressent aussi aux circuits amateurs et scolaires, sans oublier nos équipes nationales et les actualités du foot international, le sport le plus pratiqué du monde. C'est le rendez-vous hebdomadaire des amateurs du ballon rond!

  • A podcast about Canada's Team with hosts Cam MacEachern (@CarlPeelash), Nick Richard (@_NickRichard) and Keith Whipple (@KeithWhipp)