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  • Eric D-TECTO is one French DJs immigrate in Montréal in 2003.
    Born and Raise in France, originally from an Italian Family.
    He was the first DJ playing Electro House style in the Canada’s party scene.
    His style : DISCO, POP, FUNKY sounds with the new Electro Sounds and Techno sound of today.
    Eric has built himself a very loyal following of fans around the Canada, USA and he is building a strong reputation in Europe, and especially in Germany.
    He is co-fondator of COQ EVENTS one of the Hottest party in Canada.
    Ambitious, dynamic and avant-garde, Eric D-TECTO has not finished surprising us.

  • Hey Junkies! Are you ready for something raw, hilarious, and heartwarming? (insert sappy lyrics here) This podcast is all about stories from amazing people and the extraordinary ways music has influenced their lives. With provocative conversations, Filthy humor, and outrageous questions, Strap in or strap on and enjoy Music Junkies podcast. Boost your Serotonin and have a listen.

  • The Selecta With A Different Vybz!

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  • Relaxing Music | Music to Concentrate; for Reading, Yoga & Meditation.
    Trovi altre Risorse gratuite (versione solo audio) qui:

    - Meditazioni Guidate

    🔥 Continua ad approfondire questi temi accedendo GRATIS al Corso "I 7 Segreti della Magia" dal Link:

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    ⚔️ Unisciti ad un Cerchio di Liberi Ricercatori e Guerrieri dello Spirito, il cui Intento è la Promozione dello Sviluppo del Potenziale Umano, Individuale e Collettivo:
    🏛 KRIS Accademy | Accademia di Filosofia Realizzativa
    ⭐️ Video formativi, Pratiche e Meditazioni Guidate per divenire Liberi, Creativi e contribuire ad un Mondo Nuovo. Scopri di più:

    Piacere, sono Andrea Grosso, Formatore, Coach e Artista.
    Insegnante di Filosofia, Scienze Umane e Scienze Iniziatiche.

    Da quasi 30 anni mi interesso di Sviluppo del Potenziale Umano e Filosofia Realizzativa (o Scienza dello Spirito), in una ricerca appassionata della possibile integrazione di Filosofia e Prassi, Spiritualità e Azione, per far sì che ogni essere umano possa trovare una modalità pratica ed efficace per diventare libero e creativo – nella Vita e nel Lavoro – realizzare se stesso e contribuire ad un Mondo Nuovo.

    Ricerca condotta sia a livello accademico (studi universitari in Filosofia, Psicologia e Scienze Umane) che all'interno di Associazioni e Gruppi di Ricerca Interiore e Spirituale di differenti Tradizioni Iniziatiche, oltre che in ambito artistico (in particolar modo Musica e Teatro) e nelle Arti Marziali.

    In questo Canale condivido Esperienze, Intuizioni e Incontri di questa Ricerca.

  • How do musicians define success?

    Achieving success and finding fulfillment with music is different for everyone. This podcast features stories of musicians who have found their own personal version of success and fulfillment in both music and life. This podcast is meant to inspire musicians and help them believe in their abilities and motivate them to share their talents with others.

  • Dans sa première saison, Parlons musique propose un moment de réflexions et d'échanges spontanés à propos de la musique, tous styles et approches confondus, avec le musicologue Serge Lacasse (Université Laval) et l'ethnomusicologue Gérald Côté (Université Laval).Pour sa deuxième saison, Parlons musique est animé par les trois membres du comité étudiant de l'OICRM-ULaval, Sarah-Anne Arsenault, Guylaine Lemay et Sara Martelo Torres, qui reçoivent tour à tour différents invités pour discuter de recherche et de création en musique.Thème musical : Serge Lacasse.

  • Canadian music adventurer JELO showcases DJ's, musicians, producers, rave history and everything in between in The Utility Room.

  • EST. 2018, Relaunched on Simplecast

    Hosted by DJ 9one & TheRealMattLorr. Two millennial dudes from Canada who talk about Sports, Music, Entertainment and other stuff, press play and enjoy the show!

  • Exploring the art of engineering and music production, what that means to different artists, producers and engineers and how it affects the creation process.
    Oh, and with a healthy dose of music business thrown in.

    My name is Alex Krotz and I share my experience and insight of over a decade of working in the professional music industry with some of the biggest producers, engineers and artists. I have contributed to multiple audio engineering textbooks and continue to guest lecture at various audio engineering programs.

  • Welcome to the My Life in Concert podcast! Join me, your host Various Artists, on my musical time travel as I look back on (almost) every live gig I have seen from 1975 to the present. This podcast series started life as a blog on’s late, great in 2010. It gained a regular readership there until OS closed in 2015, and is now being resurrected as a podcast in February 2020. I’ve been a lifelong tunehead and fan of many genres with a particular passion for live shows, big and small. And while I’ll be discussing the music played, the podcast won’t simply be a critique of the performance.People recall a gig’s small moments that can end up defining the event in one’s mental hard drive sometimes more than the tunes: what happened before and after; things seen and heard; technical malfunctions, musicians passing out on stage, etc. Therefore, the podcast is about the “concert-going experience” rather than simply being a description of the performance: a mixture of concert review, music history, memoir, and philosophical musing. While my main musical bases in the 70s were glam in the earlier part of the decade and punk in the latter half, my tastes have exploded through the years. The podcast will go on to encompass live concerts in many genres: r&b, jazz, folk, pop, electronic, hip-hop, country & Americana, pop, blues, reggae, and more.I grew up in and have returned to London, Ontario, Canada (with a 20-year stop in Ottawa). While I will be remembering shows from a variety of locations including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Detroit, NYC, and more, many of the early episodes will focus on concerts that took place in the Forest City from the 70s through the 90s … and now again in recent years (it will be Ottawa-heavy in-between.) There will be notable local visits by Elvis Costello, The Smiths, Iggy Pop, Marianne Faithfull, Radiohead, Joe Jackson, Steve Earle, k.d. lang, Gang of Four, and more. I’ll also have special episodes devoted to the local and regional live bands I saw regularly from the late 70s through early 90s. Along the way I’ll be dropping back into dearly departed local live venues including Fryfogle’s, the Cedar Lounge, the London Arena, the London Gardens, Bullwinkle’s, Wonderland Gardens, and the Embassy along with ongoing stalwarts like Centennial Hall and Call the Office. Outside of London, I’ll also be remembering great nights at long-gone venues such as NYC’s Danceteria, Toronto’s CNE Stadium, and Ottawa’s Barrymore’s.While London was my starting base, I’ll also be looking back on shows in Canadian and U.S. cities where I saw Neil Young, The Clash, Lou Reed, Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, Janelle Monae, Sonic Youth, The Rolling Stones, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Ornette Coleman, Laura Nyro, Bootsy Collins (who head-butted me), The Jam, Paul McCartney, the Buzzcocks, Al Green, and plenty more. You can also check out the blog for written entries, original ticket scans, and related visual and audio; VATV My Life in Concert on YouTube for live clips; and follow us on Facebook. (Instagram coming soon!)Come out and join me at the show!

  • Real, Raw, Relevant...Canadian Music Makers from the 1960s-1990s share it creation, the highs (and lows) of the biz, fans, family, what they're up to now and a life lesson or two learned along the way. Here's your 'fly on the wall' moment, a chance to catch revealing insights into the person behind the music in a casual, laid back manner. Also, the audio quality sometimes gets rough around the edges. Nothing over produced here. Just real, raw engaging talk. .

  • Vous êtes-vous déjà demandé ce qu’un chef cuisinier de tournée pouvait se faire demander comme repas? Ce qu’un technicien de scène avait eu à endurer? Ce qu’un artiste pouvait réellement ressentir lorsqu’une foule crie son nom ou qu’un fan déplacé espionne sa conjointe? «Rej Laplanche Backstage» vous invite à l’arrière scène du monde du spectacle. Connu pour sa facilité à établir rapidement un lien amical avec ses invités, Rej propose une conversation intime avec un acteur du domaine du spectacle. Attendez-vous à entrer dans un monde de confidences et d’anecdotes tantôt croustillantes, tantôt touchantes.

  • The journey to, between, and on the stage. Patrick Bateman and Peter Michaels speak to musicians and touring acts about the music and other...things.

    Red Deer, Alberta.


  • Vinyl on Chrome, hosted by Dylan Stone bringing you the classic oldies hits of the 50's, 60's, and 70's every week.

  • Keepin it real for all the bhangra heads out there. Showcasing our views on bhangra and going back through the years reviewing landmark tracks and albums.

  • Take a short dive into the world of Popular Music. Reviews. and how music has impacted our lives, artists, and the world.

    Email: [email protected]

  • In our weekly podcast series 'AMPLIFY', we talk to Canada's most notable Black music professionals about what it takes to succeed in the entertainment industry—from starting out to breaking through.

    Each themed episode seamlessly transitions from one story to the next, exploring facets of the industry through a compilation of powerful conversations, stories, life lessons and experiences.

    Guiding our listeners and the diverse cast of Black music professionals is singer, actress, writer and broadcaster - Jemeni, who narrates the series.

    Together, they share the secrets of making success in the entertainment industry accessible to all.

  • La Souterraine : l'activité musicale souterraine en francophonie, en téléchargement libre ( et sur Radio Campus Paris. Animée par Laurent Bajon, La Souterraine tentera de faire passer dans la lumière quelques groupes ou artistes souterrains francophones.