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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • The Alex Kapranos Podcast sees the lead singer & guitarist of Franz Ferdinand accompanied by musicians and artists he has worked with and long-admired for a peer-to-peer conversation.
    The podcast features the entire interviews which were only part heard on his Absolute Radio show. From musician to musician, Alex Kapranos and his guests epitomise music passion, openly discussing their past, present & future pursuits of art. Starting 7th August in conjunction with the Alex Kapranos Show on Absolute Radio.

  • Dave, Duncan and Kyle discuss and review the big and small releases in the worlds of Metal, Hardcore, Death Metal, Prog, Doom, Rock and more.

    With links to the albums reviewed and an ever growing playlist of what they recommend, this is the first stop for any genre music fan.

  • Premiered at the latest edition of the digital festival Around the World by renowned Tomorrowland, DJ MAG Top 100 DJ (ranked #38) Danny Avila introduces a fresh and new sound that has never been heard before: Mainstage Techno. Having spent over a year working on this advanced, unprecedented style, its innovative, dynamic and powerful tonality is essentially distinguished by the unique combination of state-of-the-art elements of techno music paired with full-on, cutting-edge progressive features, which together create an insanely energetic mix. No wonder Armada Music immediately signed all the first singles.

  • Lenz is an electronic duo formed by Irish DJ & producer (DJ Joma) and German vocalist, songwriter (Moon Aton). Working together since 2020, they have enjoyed several successful releases to date on labels such as Colour & Pitch, Personal Belongings, 3Bridge Records, Nordic Voyage Recordings, M-Sol Records, Suprematic Recordings, Nicksher Music and Be Adult Music (Ibiza). With a string of releases already scheduled for 2022, it promises to be a bright future for Lenz.

    Their monthly ‘Night Whisper’ Podcast show seemed like the natural progression of what they have been doing, and thanks to the help of radio stations like Pure Ibiza Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, Bloop Radio London, Boogie Bunker Radio (Tenerife), Estacion Ibiza Radio, Data Transmission Radio, Radio Zoom (Berlin), Graffiti Kings (London) and Like That Underground (Germany), it has developed brilliantly, and helped bring the Lenz to all corners of the world.

    Atmospheric, raw, and cinematic, Lenz is comfortable taking you on an exciting journey and making you sweat on the dance floor. Never afraid to go too deep, their emotional, dreamy melodies and poetic words will invigorate your mind and soothe your soul.

    Having grown up on their individual eclectic combinations of European electronica and synth-infused 80s music … all which became infused with their own love for electronic music, Lenz have ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence.

    Today, after working together closely these last two years, this translates into DJ sets and production releases where they pick apart and infuse together all the pieces of this music that they love best: beautiful synth work, lush backdrops, brooding basslines combined with Moon Aton’s haunting ethereal vocals… all on top of pronounced foot-shuffling house beats and chilled ambient tones. Together they create the very essence of their signature sound, an emotional and organic contrast of dark and bright, deep, cinematic, genre bending styles, rich in melody and emotion.

    In their own words…

    “This is the story of Lenz.
    A strange story full of coincidences.
    Of dreams and reality.
    Of beauty and passion.
    Of longing and desire.
    Of laughter and tears.
    A German girl … an Irish boy.
    In search of the perfect beat and the right words.
    A story full of dreams and hope.
    Driven by the desire to bring beauty into the world.
    And even if their music reaches few at the beginning …
    It was worth it all if it made just one heart dance with joy.
    A story within a story.
    A dream within a dream.
    This is the end of this story … but the beginning of the next …”


    'Night Whisper' is our new series of monthly Podcasts, and each month it will be a sublime mix of deep, dreamy, melodic, atmospheric, chilled house music with shades of breakbeat and downtempo carefully woven into each month.

    Stay tuned each month for the best deep, dreamy, chilled house vibes mixed by Lenz on our 'Night Whisper' Podcast.

  • Suzie Explores is a podcast series focussing on the nature of creativity and curiosity. Bringing her unique perspective of the world of music and beyond, Suzie joins forces with a host of luminaries in the creative field to explore what it means to be an inspired human being in this world.

  • DJ mixes: Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and more...

    Livestreaming on TWITCH: DJMrDrewUK

    Urban music podcast: Music To Our Ears (Search Apple/Spotify/Google podcasts )

  • Get cosy with your host Andrew Male, and the MOJO family of record lovers, musicians and fans, as we hunt down classic albums, gems we've yet to discover, brand new revelations – and much more.

  • Analysing vital music business topics in detail, as they emerge. In our Focus podcast, Joe Sparrow breaks down important stories with expert guests, who share their cutting-edge knowledge – in about 20 minutes. It'll keep you and your team on the cutting edge, and it'll take about the same time as making and eating a good sandwich! (We recommend doing both simultaneously for maximum deliciousness.)

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  • Before The Light Goes Out is a podcast hosted by UK based songwriter and author Kathryn Williams. In Each episode, Kathryn talks to a special guest from the worlds of music and literature about what they do as they enter the realm of sleep, what has changed for them over the years AND OTHER THINGS

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  • We are a Liverpool based podcast who interview Footballers, Boxers, Bands and more⚽️

  • Two film writers and Fab Four fans discuss films and TV about, starring, and inspired by The Beatles.

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  • LNG (Late Night Groove) Monthly Show with Live Streamed DJ Guest Mixes hosted by Ryan Luciano.

    Genres include Deep, Tech, Progressive, Melodic, Afro, Ambient, Minimal Deep, House. Enjoy!

  • House Fusion is a weekly radio show hosted by 'RL' on Inspiration FM 107.8. The show specialises in all kinds of house music from soulful, to deep techno or anything in between. #lovehousefusion

  • ERĀ Radio will deliver something different every week, including the Rebūke Ravers Club Special - Special shows curated with picks from the ERĀ community, guest mixes from other techno artists, Rebūke Studio mixes and recorded sets from his jammed-packed festival and club tour.

  • Ferreck Dawn presents his new weekly 'To the break of Dawn' radio show, where he'll be playing a selection of the latest and greatest house music. The show also includes numerous features like the top 3 tracks of the week, a timeless track and a downtempo track to end the show with a nice relaxed vibe.

  • Weekly show with the latest house music related news.

  • The very best in House & Garage, on vinyl, live in the mix on

  • From gritty rollers to gorgeous Liquid and everything in-between, Laurie Charlesworth brings you an unforgettable showcase of the worlds finest Drum & Bass. Tune in for brand new tracks, up and coming talent and interviews with the scenes most loved artists. Press 'FOLLOW' button to be the first to hear future episodes.Follow DnB Allstars: Laurie: Playlist: voice notes: us at: [email protected]

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