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  • Soy Araceli Matus, nieta de Mercedes Sosa y presidenta de la Fundación que lleva su nombre. Nuestra misión es cuidar y difundir el legado de mi abuela Mercedes. En este podcast haremos un recorrido por su repertorio. Historia de las canciones y algunas anécdotas de mi abuela.

  • Cada semana vamos a compartir entrevistas con artistas de todo el país, yendo de provincia en provincia, escuchando a esa voz que tanto caracteriza a una región, a un lugar. Nos van a regalar su mirada desde su infancia hasta el hoy. Nos van a contar desde su sentir como se construye la identidad de la cultura musical de su provincia.

  • Histórias, músicas e entrevistas em clima de botequim. Amantes do samba, Ágata, Augusto, Aron e Thales te convidam para prosear sobre a expressão cultural mais autêntica do Brasil. Acompanhe a série: São Paulo, Túmulo do Samba? Produção: Diego Sallovitz

  • Introduction to the Regisong Podcast

    What is Regisong?
    Regisong, Regilaul, Runic song, Runo song, and Folk songs in runic verse are synonyms to Estonian folk songs’ oral tradition. These folk songs carry the wisdom and knowledge of thousands of years about the Estonian’s culture and survival strategies. These songs weaved together with people and nature give us a unique artistic vision and understanding of life’s ways. “It (Regisongs) has a quality to work as an incantation or a spell that can heal and regenerate a person” (Lauri Õunapuu – Regilaul: Song of the Ancient Sea). A tremendous amount of work has been done in Estonia to preserve and revive them, to systematize and analyze its lyrics in depth. Due to all these efforts, The Estonian Folklore Archive holds almost a million Regisongs today. The devotion and hard work of the earliest researchers of Regisongs have produced easy access to numerous collections of albums, publications, and resources (hardcopy and online). These works ascertain the importance of Regisongs as a bearer of traditional Estonian culture, providing a sense of security and belonging to many people for years. It embodies that these songs are simple, beautiful, and work as a breath of fresh Estonian air, which provides a sense of home.

    With such tenacity, the Regisong Podcast Series has been born. The podcast aims to offer its listeners an opportunity to listen to ancient Estonian Regi songs’ traditional performances. Set within the poetic characteristics, it delves into reinvigorating the vanishing uses of the Regi verse. This podcast series presents ten Regisongs belonging to a different age. The singers who made the performance belongs from various Estonia parts and share a deep and profound relationship with the songs. Further narrated with eloquence and grace by Indrek Koff in his words, adds meaning, introduces the themes in the songs, background stories related to them, and relevance in today’s time.

    The Podcast series is accompanied by the unique & soulful voices of:
    Peter Volkonski,
    Liisi Koikson,
    Celia Roose,
    Melika Hainsoo,
    Priit Pedajas,
    Kaido Kama,
    Mari Kalkun,
    Timu Kalmu,
    Ando Kiviberg, &
    Lauri Õunapuu
    Without the collaboration of few people, the series would not have seen the light of the day. Therefore, the gratitude for the kind courtesy goes to:
    Advisor: Janika Oras (Scientist and Custodian of the Sound Collection at the Estonian Folklore Archive)

    Narrated by: Indrek Koff, Hasso Krull
    Artistic Leader: Lauri Õunapuu (Estonian traditional musician)
    Translated by Pirjo Leek
    Transcribed by: Kirsika Mersmaa (Assistant of Estonian Traditional Music Centre)
    Edited by: Kikee D. Bhutia (Folklorists at University of Tartu)

    Estonian Traditional Music Centre

  • Un recorrido por la música electrónica de la mano de productores y Djs de todo el país. La búsqueda de las personas detrás de las bandejas, sus experiencias de vida, su manera de tomarse el trabajo de pasar música y transmitir la pasión que despierta en los protagonistas. Con la conducción de Camilo García, todos los domingos 3AM en Nacional Rock.

  • The World is yours podcast is a weekly podcast highlighting the opinions and stories of friends, social media, sports and more. Hosted by Dj Wurld Prem-Heir, King Raymond and the rest of the crew.

  • Steve'Butch'Jones presents SOMETHING GLOBAL, syndicated on radio stations around the world. Helping new emerging DJs / producers as well as the internationally famous get their music out to the masses.

    SOMETHING GLOBAL is as a platform for artists to showcase their mixing talents, with a new guest taking to the stage each week. The absence of any kind of interruption in music has led to the show being touted as a "one hour musical journey" rather than simply an assortment of tracks.

    Past guests Include: A-Mari, Alessio Lucca, Alex Sky Spirit, ASDEK, ASOK, Bordland, Chapman Musica, Claytonsane, Da Lukas, Dan McKie, DanSonic, Dario Girau, DJ WestBeat, Dubfire, Frenz(y), Geoffrey Huber, Halvy, Jockari, Joe Silva, John O’Callaghan, JunoJuno, Kirk Paten, Knoe1, Lenny Fontana, M-Capio, Maragakis, Mason, Mavee, Melina Kalcic, NinoBellemo, Phil Soren, Rampa, Rich Furness, Safetyjac, Silvio Carrano, SkOolx, Stefan Bondizo & ZakuutA, 2District, Alex Justino, Andrey Loud, Art In Motion, Barbur, Brisboys, Charlie May, Chris Sammarco, DiscoKid, DurtysoxXx, Eddie Alvarez, Electrik Cat, Gabriel Horner, GuiLe,Joris Voorn, Karuva, Kev Odger, Kikko Esse, Joey Negro, John Milsom, Michael Lovatt, Natalie, NC Preedy, Paul Horgan, Paul Kane, Phil Odger, Sander kleinenberg, Simon Says (UK), Sir Matty V, Soul Jackers, Sven Vath, Steve Tennent, StoneBridge, Stuart King, Taty Munoz, TKNO, Timo Maas & Trent Cantrelle, Alex Seda, Alex Sky Spirit, Andy Mac, Bobby D, Boryana, Brisboys, Chandler Meade, Christian Bonori, Darren Emerson, Dave De’Lacey, DJ G, Felix Leiter, Georgeos, Heaven Sent, Iain McKenzie, James Morgan, Jason Bye, Jem Haynes, Jimmy Allen, Jon Dasilva, Junior Rivera, Justin Robertson, KYODAI, M.A.N.D.Y. Mark’O Musto, Mastro Mauro, Matt Phillips, Matt Samuels, Mr Paul, Orbital, My Digital Enemy, Paul Bleasdale, Paul Nolan, Rob Anderson, Sandra Collins, Suze Rosser, Timo Maas & X-Press 2, Alister Whitehead, Brisboys, Ceri, Col Keown, Danny Howells, Darren Emerson, Dave Seaman, Ed Lee, Francisco de Tavira, Greg Wilson, Guy J, John Cotton, John Ryan, King Unique, Kissy Sell Out, Lee Adger, Paolo Mojo, Paul Simons, Rebekah, Reset Robot, Rob Casson, Rob Harnetty, Ruddaz, Samuel Lamont, Sarah Giggle, Scott Binder, Skoof, SugarShaker & Timo Maas Aeroplane, Alex Wolfenden, Ben-Lb, Brendon Moeller, Brisboys, Chloe Fontaine, Danny Rampling, Dave Rees, Felix Leiter, Francisco de Tavira, Gemma Furbank, Guy Williams, Iain McKenzie, Inbetween DJs, Jason Bye, John Graham, Junior Rivera, Justin Robertson, Lottie, Meat Katie, Paul Nolan, Sandra Collins, Scotty.A, Seb Fontaine, Timo Garcia & Timo Maas, Al Mackenzie, Anthony Pappa, Brendon Moeller, Dave Rees, John Kelly, Jon Dasilva, K-Klass, Kate Lawler, Matt Samuels, Nelski, Pete Gooding, Rob Casson, Sandra Collins, Sonny Wharton, Steve Vertigo, Suze Rosser, Timo Maas & Tom Rankin.

    Contact the show via Twitter & Facebook or email [email protected]

    If you're a producer/DJ and want to submit a track or mix for the show please send links to [email protected] WAV format preferred.

    If you are interested in broadcasting the Something Global shows please contact us on [email protected]

    All music included in the shows are purely intended to promote artists, to give you a taste of their style and encourage you to go out and buy their stuff. DONT STEAL MUSIC.

  • Es una competencia de Freestyle, innovadora por su formato 7 to punch. El cual consiste en 7 MCs enfrentándose entre si constantemente. Cuenta con ediciones en Argentina, Chile, y Mexico. Próximamente Perú y una internacional.

  • Un podcast (muy) dedicado al mundo de las batallas de freestyle en español, en donde charlamos en un mode tranqui acerca del movimiento y repasamos toda la data semana a semana.

    Realizado por Matías Guzmán y Matías Irigion, co-creadores del medio informativo HipHipHopHispano.NET

    Este podcast se emite en vivo en

  • Mi nombre es Musta y en este podcast estaremos recorriendo las historias que existen detrás de las canciones pop que amamos, acompañando el relato con entrevistas y datos curiosos en relación a la vida de lxs artistxs elegidxs y sus obras. Analizaremos el multitrack de cada canción, desglosando todas las partes que la componen: desde los instrumentos incluidos en la pista hasta las distintas capas de voces utilizadas. Do you wanna get in the zone? - Pueden encontrarme en Instagram como @enlazonapod y @mustatowers; y en TikTok como @enlazonatv.

  • Join your parasocial friends Dean Dobbs and Tom Bartlett as they chat about life, music, video games and - obviously - Star Wars.

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  • Un PodCast por y para la gente que pensamos parecido. Síguenos en Twitter y coméntanos sobre que quisieras oir en nuestros próximos episodios.

  • Cada semana Alex Sanchez nos cuenta historias musicales... perfectas para servirlo.

  • Amantes de la música este Podcast tiene el objetivo de conocer la esencia de la música a través de historias, análisis, reflexión y como consecuencia amarla mucho más.

  • Vengo a contarles el origen de esas canciones que adoptamos cómo propias y que dan vuelta dentro de nuestras vidas.

  • En el marco de la Temporada de Arte 2021, Fundación Santander y Mozarteum Argentino te invitan a disfrutar de podcasts y playlists para acercarte a lo esencial de la música clásica, desde el Barroco hasta el presente. A lo largo de cinco episodios, Margarita Pollini nos guiará en un recorrido por los principales períodos, estilos y compositores para emocionarnos y sorprendernos.