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  • My new song tu hi Mata tu hi pita hai hai sang by me enjoy it and keep listening thank you for this

  • The Power of Audio + Science + AI is a podcast series by Behavioural Sound Scientist Jasmine Moradi to educate Brand Leaders on the power and the future of audio branding. I investigate how Audio Branding offers brands boundless creative opportunities — from music marketing to sound architecture, from AI music to consumer psychology and beyond — so consumers hear the right sound at the right time and in the right moment.

    The increasing importance of Audio to the brand marketer has grown multiple in the last few years, and brands have just started recognising the power of sound. This is one medium that you, as a marketer and advertiser, cannot afford to ignore. How are your Audio Assets subconsciously perceived by your customers, and are you measuring the impact?

    Listen to my intimate and in-depth conversations with my fellow industry colleagues from the MusicTech Startup Scene, Brand Experts, Music Supervisors, Musicians, Engineers and Scientists to learn their background, philosophy and process — basically unlocking the secrets behind the power of audio, science and artificial intelligence to succeed with your Audio Branding experience.

    I am on the mission to increase the value of music by educating brands about the power of Audio Branding in storytelling. Furthermore, to increase the creation process's so that artists get the value they deserve for their magical art.

    My podcast is for those who want to learn how to apply behavioural science for business success. Tune in!

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  • Bryce Halliday and Jim Fishwick get together every couple of weeks to humbly recommend a bunch of songs you might enjoy on your train commute. It's a train rec, but you can listen to them wherever really. Every episode contains links in the description to streaming playlists of the songs talked about.

  • Mahalaya is believed as the first day of Devi Paksha, when Ma Durga arrives to her home on earth. For Bengalis Durga Pujo is one of the most celebrated festival, on the ocassion of pujo a 90 min musical piece is played on the radio in the early morning of Mahalaya known as Mahishashur Murdini. Here is the story behind the creation of the show and an introduction to the iconic voice behind it, Birendra Krishna Bhadra.
    Artwork : Ayushman Chowdhury

  • Welcome to 9X Tashan Lockdown Special, an interactive Punjabi Podcast show where we chat with some popular names from the Punjabi Industry. Presented by host Youngveer, we talk to various Punjabi stars about their take on the current Lockdown situation in India and how they’re dealing with it. We also touch a variety of other topics like their upcoming collaborations, things that keep them busy during the Lockdown and what all they would be doing once it is lifted. Tune in as these stars candidly talk about their lives in detail and perform unplugged versions of their hit songs.

    Along with some amazing in-depth conversations, the brightest minds of the Punjabi Music Industry also provide some helpful tips to upcoming musicians and singers, with a special message for their fans as well. Guests include Sukh-E, Sidhu Moosewala, Karan Aujla, Jazzy B, Satinder Sartaaj, Aastha Gill and more!

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  • Ever heard a song or a melody for the first time, that simply changed...everything? Made you stop what you were doing? Sit up straight to focus hard on the tune, so you could prolong the very feeling that the song evoked? Hopped, skipped and jumped your way to the speakers, just so you could google the song from an audible distance? Well, this clumsy madness is how I define pure love for music. And it is this love that we celebrate on my weekly podcast, Ishq Jam with Meha. Every week, I bring to you, in-depth conversations with and about the creators of some of the most iconic songs of the Hindi music industry. You've probably heard their names, you've definitely heard their songs, all we do, is tell you stories about them and about their iconic creations

  • हम यहां वही बातें करेंगे जो आपके दिल को एक सुकून का एहसास करवाएं और आपको आगे बढ़ने की प्रेरणा भी दे।

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  • This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback :)

  • Clubmasters Records: Worldwide Music Label, Producing Center, DJ & Music School. Founded in 1998.

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    Influenced by dance music in the mid 2000’s with radio shows online is what got Asraar hooked and made him pursue it as a career . His sounds are crafted through spectrums that layer Deep, Melodic & driving Progressive House.

    Currently managed by Deep Dictionary, Asraar has played well defined early & closing sets to Nick Warren, Sebastien Leger, Dmitry Molosh, Stan Kolev & More, along with his recent open to close at The Tao Terraces in Bangalore.

    Giving back to the nightlife is what gave life to Nights Of Hedone, an audio visual project that's a brainchild of Weird Sounding Dude, Mantis Shrimp Creative & himself. Host of a weekly radio show Reflections, he’s also been at work in his studio on his originals.

  • Elegant and sexy episodes with the best deep organic house, melodic and electronic vibes to feel a unique emotional sunset experience.

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  • A girl with million dreams and billion passions! Life is beautiful if we look towards it with Hope and Positivity :) is my simple philosophy! Spreading some good vibes and bright smiles with my small Telugu podcasts here :) Love Moon, Nature, Sunrise, Sunset, Books, Music, Travelling and Gardening!!Do follow and subscribe | Instagram: Support this podcast:

  • This is the platform for old and evergreen vintage Indian songs. The best part about this evergreen genre of old Hindi songs never seemed to fade away. Many people still prefer the 70s, 80s, and 90s music over the ones that are created today. This platform will take a trip down memory lane and talk about the best evergreen old Bollywood songs of all time.

  • Welcome to meditation & stress reduction music.meditation & stress reduction music is an online channel that has been serving youthe best relaxing and stress reducing music.You can find different kind of relaxation, sleep, healing and meditation musichere . Our purpose is to help you relax, unwind and rejuvenate through better sleep, reduced stress, greater concentration and improved mental wellness.Subscribe to become part of meditation & stress reduction music community and escape the stresses of day-to-day life. Thank you for your support.

  • Indian Raaga Series is designed for the lovers of Indian classical music, with each episode we provide interesting information about the shastriya sangeet of India and the performing artists of this genre, stay tuned with Krishnmohan Mishra and Sangya Tandon for a great musical experience.