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  • "Graceland" is a three-part podcast series exploring the iconic mansion that became a symbol of rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley. In the first episode, we delve into the origins and history of Graceland, detailing its acquisition, transformation, and the vibrant life Elvis led there. The second episode examines Graceland's profound cultural impact, its role as a pilgrimage site for fans, and its enduring legacy in popular culture. In the final episode, we look at Graceland today, its significance as a major tourist attraction, and the efforts to preserve and enhance this historic landmark for future generations. Join us as we uncover the rich stories and lasting influence of Graceland, the heart of Elvis Presley's world.

  • In this podcast, I will be uploading reader versions of services in the Byzantine Rite, on the Gregorian Calendar, mostly according to the usage of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. These are meant as guides to accompany and even direct life in the domestic church. We all live much busier lives than our ancestors, whose rural living in tight-knit villages around their parish churches allowed them to live their lives to the rhythm of the Church Year. We, however, often find ourselves commuting long distances or working longer hours which don't allow us the luxury of daily church attendance. So many of us turn to home prayer rules, but resources can often be few and far between, and even when they do exist, they can be complicated and time consuming to use. That's where this podcast wants to provide some support. By making the reader services, as they would be done un-priested in home or church worship, available in an audio-only format, my hope is that more of us can be uplifted by the liturgical core of our Byzantine Spiritual and Liturgical Tradition to maintain our prayer life in our busy modern lives.The plan is to have 5 daily uploads of the main service groups: the Midnight Office (early morning before dawn prayer), Orthros & 1st Hour (Dawn/Morning Prayer), 3rd & 6th Hour with Typika (Daytime Prayer), 9th Hour & Vespers (Late Afternoon-Evening Prayer), and Compline (Night Prayer); with modifications to this schedule according to the seasons of the church year. At present there is no structure for ways to support the show and the large amount of work that goes into the daily production, but if you want to get in touch about support or any other topic related to Liturgy, feel free to send a message to [email protected] and I will do my absolute best to respond promptly. Due to multiple requests, I am putting here some details to allow you to support me in this work: maybe buying me a cup of the mountains of coffee I am drinking working late most nights to do this in addition to my normal work.Current manners to chip in include:Venmo: @wholesoulstudios @AntonCharrZelle: [email protected] utmost faith in God for His support and total humble acceptance of my own many limitations.

  • An irreverent but loving look back to indie, pop, and alternative music of the 1990s. I share fond memories of that era with friends, guests, and family.

  • #شكرا لكل من دعم وشارك بتفاعل أو بثناء أو بكلمة
    طيبة أو حتى بمتابعة فقط .. ♪♪

  • Promoting Afro electronic modern house music originating from the streets of South Africa

  • Matt and friends discuss the state of music, popular or otherwise, in the 21st century.

  • Un nou any, una altra edició del nostre estimat Eurovision Song Contest. Aquest any anem a Malmö!!! En @DaniBerlin i la @MiaMorris navegaran el panorama eurovisiu amb coneixement musical, opinions personals i, sobretot, moltes ganes de passar-s’ho bé.

  • Welcome to Sync Beast, hosted by producer, songwriter, author, and mentor Graham Barton. On this podcast, you'll hear how to play the sync game at the highest level, develop a healthier, asset-driven mindset as a producer or songwriter, how to stay in the game, and the stories and lessons that Graham learned on his journey to 6-figures and beyond in sync licensing. LFG.

  • В новом подкасте от правозащитного проекта «Первый отдел» журналист Максим Заговора и музыковед Анна Виленская анализируют антивоенную музыку. Это не только песни Бориса Гребенщикова, Noize MC или iс3peak, но и, к примеру, произведения Шостаковича, написанные во время Великой Отечественной войны.

  • That's q sound and follow me thats a good noise🤣

  • Подкаст от группы Areplan о самом важном и не важном.

  • Новый цикл программ петербургского гитариста, блюзмена, преподавателя, эксперта Валерия Остапенко, хорошо знакомого нашим слушателям со времен радио РОКС.

    Научиться слушать и понимать музыку, отличать хорошую от плохой, узнать об истоках современной рок-музыки и ее лучших представителях, а так же научиться самому некоторым гитарными приемам. Обо всем этом в увлекательном радио-путешествии с Валерием Остапенко на MOTORADIO!

  • من یک مقدار ادم ساکتیم... اما وقتی شروع میکنم به حرف زدن پرش فکری عنصر اصلی حرفامه...از این شاخه به اون شاخه
    اینجا تنهایی یا با مهمانم راجع به همه چی حرف میزنیم
    سینما. هنر. موسیقی.عشق.زندگی.اندوه.علم و تخیل. جامعه و خلاصه همه چی...

  • For nearly four decades MTV defined youth culture -- today it's a shell of its former self. What happened? How did MTV build a brand that stayed relevant to young viewers for decades, just to throw it all away?
    Who Killed the Video Star is a new 8-episode Audacy original about the rise and fall of MTV hosted by former MTV VJ, Dave Holmes.

  • Melodic, Euro Trance Hits and Classic Mix Podcast

  • Mix Poolik? on eskperimentaalsaade. Mängime varjatud muusikat, räägime sündmustest ja arendame iseseisvust.