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  • Learn about sex from your favorite Latina, sexpert and Certified Sex & Life Coach: Ana Lopez, MSW, MEd. Ana empowers mujeres to get in touch with their bodies and own their pleasure so they can discuss their deseos con confianza. Interested in discussing all the cochinadas your abuela didn't tell you about? Sex in Spanglish has all the chisme!

  • The BBWBadgirl podcast is a sex podcast where professional bad girl, supersize BBW escort Isabella Martin (LosAngelesBBW.com), discusses sex, life, and the world of sexwork (virtual, escorting, phonesex + BDSM domination etc). She also explores men's BBW desires while sharing her experiences as a fat girl.

    This podcast offers valuable perspective for men to get the sex they want and also interact better with women, particularly fat bbw women and sex workers.

    Some episodes topics:
    Weed and sex
    Phonesex as a way to fight porn addiction or porn fatigue
    How married men can have an affair more successfully
    Approaching BBWs in dating
    Fat sex positions
    What is an ssbbw? and using the word FAT in bed
    Shame in fantasies
    Sex toys for men, and so much more....

    This is an 18+ adult space to discuss many adult topics. And of course, it's a space for the open-minded men, but especially for those who love, lust, and appreciate big beautiful FAT women.
    Episodes are usually between 15-30 minutes which is perfect for commuter listening or a secret listen on a trip to the grocery store. Generally, there is 1 new weekly episode. The day released varies.

  • Dark room is an open space for u to share your thoughts & experience regarding your sexual fantasies to your down core frustrations. We celebrate everyone & we accept one another 🥰😍. We LIVE on Clubhouse Apps, can join us there.

  • Motorradfahren und Fitness - beides gehört zusammen, um das Motorradfahren sicherer zu machen.

    Mit „Moto Fitness“ schlagen wir die Brücke zwischen körperlicher und geistiger Fitness und sicherem Motorradfahren.

    Unsere Videos hierzu findest Du auf YouTube.

    Um viele Themen zu behandeln haben wir uns entschlossen, unseren „Garagentalk“ auch in Form eines Podcasts zu machen.

    Weitere Infos zu Motorrad Fitness findest Du ebenfalls auf Instagram unter @_moto_fitness oder auch bei YouTube https://youtube.com/channel/UCUJkgO_5r6ZxOOaRgKzHjig

    Du kannst uns unterstützen, indem Du uns abonnierst.

  • Hi everyone! Welcome to my no talking ASMR podcast. Relax & enjoy.
    Wear headphones for the best experience.


  • Wake Up: The Power Of Your Intuition Podcast is an intuitive podcast that aims to open people's minds by demystifying spirituality and demonstrating how healing is an important step in your pursuit of happiness.Natalia interviews different healers, entrepreneurs, and artists that share an array of spiritual practices & tools that are accessible for any stage on your spiritual journey. How does having a practice make you a happier person? How does tapping into your intuition serve your everyday life? How are you able to add value to others through your gifts? How can you wake up to yourself?

  • The Sleep and Insomnia Solutions podcast by Dr. Stephen Cabral, Doctor of Naturopathy, details how you can discover the underlying root causes as to why you’re not able to enjoy the deep rejuvenating sleep you deserve. After seeing over 250,000 client appointments in his private practice, Dr. Cabral has come online to share what he has seen to work in the real world - It’s now time to get to the bottom of your sleep issues and rebalance your body and mind once and for all!

  • Natural Healthcare, alternatives, Homeopathic remedies and treatments.

  • Cured is a movement inspired by nature, grounded in a shared desire to leave a lasting impression on you, this community, and this world. Together, we're a collective of heart-centered human beings existing to raise consciousness on that which makes us happy, healthy, and fulfilled. This platform is dedicated to sharing the stories and lessons of those that align with our mission.

  • From the therapy room of a registered psychotherapist and certified functional medicine practitioner, you will be witness to intimate conversations with experts in the field of health, mindset, parenting, relationships and habit change. Let’s just say I Think, I Can has just reached a whole new level. New episodes premier every Tuesday.

  • A biweekly podcast hosted by Marriage, Family, & Sex student therapist and Certified Sexologist J.Marie discussing all things feminine sexuality, hygiene, & relationships. Your favorite sex educator's favorite sex education podcast. Cum out, cum out where ever you are it’s time for the Cum As You Are Podcast! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/boobtionary/support

  • The podcast is guest heavy, inviting fitness professionals from around the world to offer advice on how to lose weight, get in shape, gain muscle, increase metabolism get stronger and more. From personal trainers to coaches, our guests will all have one goal in common, and that is to help folks become better versions of themselves, physically and mentally. We are a fitness equipment company selling the world’s best dumbbell so there will be a slant towards discussions on strength training and lifting weights.

  • Лидеры мнений российской ортодонтии говорят о важном - о здоровой и красивой улыбке. Подкаст клиники эстетической ортодонтии Конфиденция.

  • Нарративные практики говорят о том, что само собой разумеется.

    В подкасте Аксинья и Алексей обсуждают популярные идеи о психологии, о влиянии этих идей на людей, обращающихся за помощью к психологам, и на самих психологов

    Связаться: [email protected]

    Тг канал подкаста: https://t.me/samosoboi_podcast

    Instagram Аксиньи @reverse_of_sanity

    Тг канал Алексея https://t.me/psyglasses

  • Science-based, youth-focused, sports nutrition strategies presented by board certified sports dietitian, Tracy Owens (MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN). These are audio recordings of the Performance Nutrition pages at www.FuelingAthletes.com. Topics cover fueling before, during, and after activity, sports beverages, chocolate milk, the elite athlete's plate, and more.

  • ‘Hof Our Heads‘ is a new podcast from Katia & Watko about their experience of practicing the Wim Hof Method.

    During this season of episodes they will talk about how their lives have been enriched by embracing the cold and how Wim has inspired them to forge forward with a new mindset and purpose.

    Katia & Watko are not linked in anyway to Wim Hof or his organizations and want you to take advice and do research before embarking on any of the methods discussed in this podcast.

    If you have a known heart condition please take advice from a medical professional before taking the cold shower plunge.

    Never do breathing exercises whilst operating machinery, driving a vehicle or whilst submerged in any body of water, including the bath.

    Be aware that what is discussed in this podcast is powerful stuff!

    Don‘t forget to use the hashtag #hofourheads on social media

  • The Delivering Health podcast gives a fresh perspective on the age old question. Why do I feel like crap and what can I do about it? I’m Dr. John Neustadt. I cut through the confusion of alternative medicine’s promises, conventional medicine’s failures, fad diets and dietary supplement hype to help you get empowered, get energized and unlock your full health potential.

  • Over 900 families are caring for a loved one with the rare disease ”SynGAP” resulting from a variant of the SYNGAP1 gene. This 10 minute weekly podcast is for them. A quick summary of the latest news in the space. The host is Mike Graglia, co-founder & managing director of the SynGAP Research Fund. SRF is a parent-led, all volunteer public charity in the US that strives to accelerate research into treatments for SYNGAP1 so that we can help our loved ones in a timeframe that matters. Learn more at https://www.syngapresearchfund.org/

  • The Athlete's Pursuit is about uncovering the athletic mindset we use during our training and how it can benefit us in other aspects of our lives. Training extends far beyond the gym and the best way to learn about training styles that fit you is to learn from others that do it best. Joe Rodonis is an Athletic Strength Coach based in NYC. Working with thousands of athletes during his career and training alongside some of the best in the business. Joe learned from those around him and by observing how the best do what they do. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/athletespursuit/support