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  • Toome teieni midagi huvitavat ja mõtlemapanevat, mis pakuks uudishimu ja pakuks võimalust enese avastamiseks ja arenguks.

  • World-renowned life coach and author Susie Moore presents the Let It Be Easy with Susie Moore podcast.
    After years of coaching celebrities, CEOs, Olympians, and other high performers, Susie knows how to break down barriers to success and personal happiness.
    Through an engaging mix of short and long episodes, exclusive interviews with deep thinkers, and a focus on examining and upgrading personal beliefs, Susie will share how you can confidently take control, shift your perspectives and live a wildly fun, expansive, and joyful life. This podcast is the encouraging, warm and wise friend we all wish we had.
    Susie is the resident life coach for the world's biggest health and wellness site for Millenials, Greatist. She's a sought-after life coach for media outlets and has been featured on the likes of the Today show, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Business Insider, Forbes, Oprah, The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire.
    Her work has also been shared by celebrities and thought leaders like Arianna Huffington, Kris Jenner, Paulo Coelho, T.Harv Ekker, Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey, Sara Blakely, Gay Hendricks and Steven Pressfield.

  • 'Medic In The Middle' is a podcast series hosted by registered Paramedic, Tom Alderson.

    Medic In The Middle is a new podcast, exploring a range of different topics, issues and articles based around Para-medicine and the pre hospital environment.
    This first series will feature guests from a range of different Pre hospital and in hospital specialties.

    Music Composed and Performed by Tom Alderson.

  • The Moss Report Podcast features in-depth conversations about alternative, complementary, and innovative cancer treatments.
    Podcast Host, Ralph W Moss, PhD, speaks with doctors, researchers, patients, and health professionals from around the world.

  • Writer Grace Timothy explores what it’s really like to live with ADHD with other women and non-binary people.
    I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 37, and I’m still getting my head around what it means for me, in terms of my past, present and future. Now we’re finally waking up to the fact that ADHD isn’t just for little boys, I want to better understand what the lived experience of ADHD is, and how the day-to-day really feels. I’m asking the big questions: Is it why I’m rubbish at phone sex, for example? Is it why I swear in front of my mother-in-law? Is it why I find myself going into the minutae of my menstrual cycle with a stranger in the supermarket?
    I’ll be speaking to a different guest each week on one common theme of ADHD, from friendships and work to dating and motherhood, and we’ll also have an expert give us the real talk about how ADHD affects our behaviours around that theme.
    My hope is that you’ll better understand ADHD, whether for your sake or someone else’s. Please expect adult humour and language from start to finish. 
    This podcast is no substitute for medical care, professional advice or clinical treatment. Please seek support and guidance from your doctor if you have or suspect you have ADHD. 
    Is it My ADHD? is produced by The Tape Agency

  • Welcome to The Skin Pod the podcast you need in your life if you are as obsessed as we
    are about all things skin health!
    In this series Louise Thomas-Minns, Celebrity skin therapist, entrepreneur & all-round skin geek, welcomes
    special guests who share a passion for skin care. Together they will discuss the rituals, trends, wellness &
    holistic approaches that result in great skin health.
    Along the way you’ll hear top skin care tips, monumental mistakes & some fly on the wall chat with clients
    from ‘the treatment room’.
    So, whether you use a seven-step skincare routine, have a guilty conscience about cleansing wipes or don’t
    know your serums from your essences The Skin Pod is here for you

  • This podcast argues that covid-19 is overhyped by the media. It includes two interviews by my classmates to show how others feel about the pandemic and my argument.

  • ASMR for Sleep & Relaxation.

    ASMR para dormir y relajarte.

    YouTube Miribec ASMR

  • Rusty Osborne is not just another fit guy telling you to count calories and work out harder. After being the fat guy his whole life, then losing 85lbs (and keeping it off), he’s helped men all over the world do the same. Join Rusty as he brings you the information and motivation to get your health together, for real this time. Whether you’ve always been the heavy guy, or you’ve lost weight and gained it back countless times, you’re in the right place.

  • Why do I feel so tired all the time? How do I manage all this stress and my anger? Why do all these terrible things keep happening to me? Does anyone else feel like this or is it just me? Is this something I can talk to my family and friends about?

    Welcome to Distressed to Joyful; Bailey’s Way! Twice a month, our host, Bailey Reber, will dive deep on topics surrounding bipolar disorder and mental health. She’ll discuss research-backed ways to best control your emotions, how she's learned to effectively manage her bipolar disorder and all that she's learned which allows her to live a passionate and fulfilling life!

    WEBSITE: https://whatisheybailsdoing.com/

    INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/distressedtojoyful_baileysway/

    COMMUNITY: https://www.facebook.com/groups/distressedtojoyful.baileysway/

  • I've been feeling inspired to bring other people the tingles since finding and benefiting from ASMR. Based on work around my small farmstead and art/craft work, I focus on the soft, soothing and repetitive sounds of everyday slow living. I make recordings inside my tiny home where I cook, work with herbs and crafts, and when it's cold out, sit by the crackling fire. I love working with natural materials, and hope to create soundscapes that would have been heard by our ancient ancestors, and that are soothing to the often frazzled nervous systems of today. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tessa-tingles/support

  • Meeleruum loob meelele ruumi tuues Sinuni teaduspõhiseid teadveloleku praktikad ning nippe vaimse tervise hoidmiseks ja toetamiseks. Praktilisi nõkse ja mõtteid toob Sinuni Loore Aaslav-Kaasik koos külalistega.

    Meeleruumi platvorm ei asenda professionaalset abi, vaid jagab infokilde ja teadmisi. Kui tunned, et vajad oma vaimsele tervisele tuge, siis pöördu esimesel võimalusel oma perearsti, vaimse tervise õe või mõne teise sobiva spetsialisti poole.


  • Friends with a Twist is a podcast hosted by two females who are best friends who met through a swinger's website.  We share our experiences, both good and bad, in the hopes to provide insight and direction for fellow ethically non-monogamous lifestyle individuals.  In every episode these hot wives have a "chick chat," everyday tips for life in the swinger lifestyle; we "go deep" talking about all of our scandalous and sexy swinging encounters, and we wrap it up with surprise questions from our husbands!

    Follow us on our social media platforms!
    Twitter: @FWAT_Podcast
    Instagram: FWAT_Podcast
    Email: [email protected]

  • Host Jenna and featured guests strive to provide thought-provoking, entertaining discussions on various topics related to mental health, life philosophy, movies, and other pop-culture topics!

    - No person featured on the podcast is a mental health professional. If you are struggling with your own mental health and need to seek help, please talk to a trusted companion or mental health professional.
    - Please read the description of each episode to check for trigger warnings (TW) or spoiler alerts (SP).

  • Welcome to Revolutionary Health, I am your host, Stephanie Center. I am a licensed clinician (not that it matters) in search of how to live a meaningful and healthy life. I challenge both traditional and functional medicine ideologies in search of truth and wisdom. I allow room for curiosity and always keep an open mind. I enjoy deep conversations with my guests, giving them a safe space to share their research and personal observation as I feel both equally contribute to the body of knowledge and human experience. Grab a cup of coffee and join me in this intimate and unique setting! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/stephanie-center/support

  • Conversations with interesting people covering real challenges.

  • Aaron and Juan are two ex-drug addicts in Arizona. Aaron is an aspiring stand-up comic and Juan is trying to find his purpose. They discuss addiction, recovery, life, culture, comedy, mental health and anything that comes up. It's low-brow comedy fused with insight and introspection.

  • It's about wellness to fitness .
    Fitness is just not physical it's an overall growth of mind body, soul . Social physical , psychological wellness and happiness leads to fitness
    This is an honest and humble effort from fiveringsfitness to get this awareness amongst all of us.