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  • An inspirational weekly podcast series from Nicola NIX Adams, including her journey from life's rock bottom to becoming NZ media personality of the year.

    Join Nix every week on Wellness Fucking Wednesday for raw, uncut, unscripted, un-fucking-filtered lessons of life and let's search for the bits of gold that may assist you in your own journey.

  • Welcome to Night Falls ๐ŸŒ•๐ŸฆŒ a podcast of bedtime stories designed to help you sleep, tonight. Every Sunday and Tuesday, episodes begin with a brief sleep meditation before settling into a relaxing bedtime story. Spoken in soothing tones and mixed with soft sounds and sleep music. If you struggle with sleep, just let go and spend a night at the falls.

  • Healthy Plate, Brilliant Mind is a free podcast hosted by Elena Zhang, an Accredited Practising Dietitian, a Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician, and a mental health advocate.

  • Join Dr. Kevin Chu (@kevinchumd) and Dr. Justin Dubin (@justindubinmd) as they speak with specialists across the field on various Men's Health topics.

  • On this podcast we'll be bringing together the best lessons from psychology with holistic approaches to mental health and healing. By bridging the gap between mental health and spirituality, we can find new opportunities to heal from trauma, live in loving relationship, and reduce our suffering. Specific focuses include complex PTSD, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and finding a personal practice that works for you.

    My name's Elizabeth Ferreira, and I'm a somatic psychotherapist in training currently earning hours toward my license. My approach is holistic, non-judgmental, and centered in the belief that all beings have the capacity to heal, grow, and reduce suffering.

  • If you like lights, sirens, everyday heroes and donuts, you came to the right place. The Unreasonable Grounds Podcast covers the lighter side of first responder work in Canada from the perspective of two first responders. We stay on the light side of things and avoid politics at all cost! Enjoy!

  • The Fit As Fuck Podcast was created specifically to focus on helping women understand that Being FIT AS FUCK dosent LOOK any wayThe movement is all about saying FUCK your diet, FUCK starving, FUCK hours of cardio, and FUCK not being happy in your body RIGHT NOW. We all know that every diet worksโ€ฆWhile you follow it;) Kasey & Karissa are a mother-daughter DUO with a combined total of over 40 years in the fitness Industry!Each weekly podcast episode is filled with value and ACTION STEPS that will get you REAL RESULTS in a REALISTIC amount of timeโ€ฆLet go of the idea that fitness has to be your whole life, and learn how to Fit fitness into your life by listening to the FIT AS FUCK Podcast.

  • It's time for a new alignment between body and soul, earth and cosmos, and heart and mind. Join Spiritual Teacher, Medical Intuitive, and Feminine Mystic Sarah Weiss in sacred conversation and ceremony to birth the new human.

  • Welcome to Secrets of a Sugar Daddy. An inside look at a type of dating that is not only increasing in popularity but can lead to a level of mutual satisfaction and fulfillment that is rarely found in traditional relationships. In this show, we will explore all aspects of sugar dating, the good and the bad. Discussing first hand accounts that might help you find long term success.

    So join Marcus and his guests as they discuss a lifestyle that is becoming increasingly common, more socially acceptable and a realistic alternative to those that pursue it. A deeper look into a world that is enlightening, engaging, entertaining, and ultimately extremely rewarding. So now let’s have some fun.

    To get involved or even be a guest on our show, visit our website at secretsofasugardaddy.com

  • Rheumatology Republic is a group of like minded rheumatologists, allied health professionals and patient advocates who would like to jazz up communication more for the rheumatology sector as we move into a mobile social universe. Things are changing for rheumatology professionals, change is hard, and we’d like to help. Sometimes that help is by poking and prodding in places people would prefer we wouldn’t. But that’s how things change sometimes. Ultimately, we’d love to make things better for community health by supporting ‘connected’ primary care givers and empowering patients.

  • More Than Alive takes the pressure off healthy living with two young fitness professionals who are eager to learn and grow along with their listeners. Ashley and Hunter hit pause in a hectic world to explore aspects of mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, and how the three are undeniably connected. On occasion they even bring in an expert guest to teach us what we donโ€™t know about what we donโ€™t know. What does it mean to be more than alive? Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/more-than-alive/support

  • Welcome to AACE podcasts! Tune in as we elevate clinical endocrinology by taking deep dives into trends and topics that can help us improve our patient care and global health. Created by clinical endocrine experts for healthcare professionals. Topics include thyroid, diabetes, obesity, adrenal, and more. Find the latest episodes on AACE.com/podcasts. Copyright American Association of Clinical Endocrinology.

  • It probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that anxiety is at all time high. Between the pandemic, division in the world, not to mention just the normal stressors of life – you are probably feeling it too! Steve Sunshine is hosting this new five-part podcast with Dr. Gregg Jantz from The Center: A Place of Hope. From kids to adults, the world is struggling. Through this podcast we want to get to the root of our anxiety and find out what we can do about it. We will be discovering anxiety types and triggers, how gratitude and optimism can change everything, how better emotional health can be had through what we eat, how you can create your own anxiety reset plan and what to do if someone you know if struggling with anxiety. With practical things that you can implement today, we truly think this will be life changing. Let’s step away from the fear that is robbing us all of joy and peace and find out how to move forward.

  • In The Hematology Podcast, we dig into the clinical, the theoretical, and the practical, as we discuss the past, present, and future of the hematological field. MAT-DK-2100201(1.0) March 2021

  • Confidence Made Easy is the podcast for women who struggle with self-doubt, fear of the worst case scenario & worry about what others think. This podcast will teach you how to have your own back, how to believe in yourself and how to create the self-confidence you need to go and live your life to the fullest! Each week Confidence Coach & Mindset Expert, Xena Jones shares tools, tips, ideas & stories that will help you to be more confident & enjoy your life even more. Find out more at xenajones.com

  • Tune into the comforting sounds of rain for sleep, meditation & relaxation

  • Welcome to the Fit Body + Healthy Soul Podcast! We practice a simple and holistic approach to health and wellness that includes four pillars; move your body, eat well, live in community, and nurture your soul. Each week we will meet you where you are, give you some practical tips, and empower you to take the next step toward your healthiest self. Whether you are just starting your journey, are well on your way and looking for new ways to grow, this podcast gives you practical tools to find the healthiest version of you.

  • This mindfulness podcast series incorporates ASMR elements to help reduce your stress, relieve your anxiety, and lull you to sleep. We begin every episode with a short, mindfulness meditation breathing exercise to get you relaxed and centered. Then we dive into a short story to encourage your mind to begin a restful sleep. So, settle into bed, tuck in the covers, and snuggle up as your host, Cari Favole, reads you a bedtime story. Cari Favole has a Certificate of Accreditation as a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Practitioner from The Priority Academy, instructed by Graham Nicholls, and is a professional freelance voice over actress. "Stories to Fall Asleep To" is the second season of "Reading with Cari”.

  • Be inspired throughout the day and night with this podcast. Features 8-Hour long audio that reads a chapter a day of the Holy Bible with relaxing, calming background sounds of nature, rain and soothing binaural sounds. Whether you are planning to meditate at night and go right to sleep or beginning your day positively and working to stay focused, this podcast got you covered.