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  • Josh Jones aka MFJJ and Tim Connor sit alongside the fire and chat all things archery! This podcast is dedicated to bringing you great organic stories from our lives. We talk archery, life’s lessons, hunting and conservation, and many more rabbit holes and off shoots.. At the end of the day, we’re just a couple dudes who love archery, and sharing stories.

  • Tiiaeg rändab läbi Eesti kettagolfi loo, haarates kaasa nii ammuseid kui uusi spordialale kaasaelajaid. Põnevad külalised avavad populaarse ala olemuse, reeglid, alustõed ning märgilised hetked ega jäta jutustamata isiklikke lugusid faktide taga. Kõike seda selleks, et rajad eesootavatel suurvõistlustel võiks täituda asjatundlike fännidega.

  • WOODSIDE's Ben O'Brien is joined by elk hunting buddy and longtime outdoor writer Sam Lungren for an in-depth look at elk hunting's past, present, and future over eight episodes. You'll get an elk hunting playbook from the experts, learn to call, and dive deeper into how our favorite ungulate came into hunting prominence.

  • The WISE Women in Sport Podcast delves into the lives of female athletes to discuss how they train and compete around their physiology as women. Covering everything from periods, PMS and menopause to HRT and pregnancy. How do leading sportswomen deal with their changing bodies while maintaining peak performance across all life stages?

    Let's meet Women In Sport Empowered. 

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  • Delfi vormel 1 podcast "Ringiga ees" võtab iga F1 etapi järel kokku lõppenud nädalavahetuse olulisemad sündmused ja räägib sirgeks nurklikuks jäänud küsimused. Saates on omal kohal ka Paul Aroni tegemised F3 sarjas, mis kulgeb kümnel nädalavahetusel paralleelselt F1 etappidega.

  • Hosted by three competitive shooters, all with vastly different experience.

    We'll discuss competitive shooting, defensive shooting, guns, gear, training, maintenance and everything in between.

  • This is the Athlete Mindset podcast. It’s all about mental health in sports. This podcast is a space for conversations with athletes, coaches, practitioners, and stakeholders in sports. And it’s where those individuals share their perspectives, experiences, and thoughts on mental health in sports. This podcast is presented and produced by SportsE+. Part of the KazSource Podcast Network.

  • Ühine võitjate klubiga üle kogu maailma!

  • 6 guys from Twitter rambling on about rallying. We will be covering the WRC, ERC and maybe some special shows inbetween!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • A pod about everything in the equestrian sport vaulting. From Sweden with your hosts Torun and Madeleine.

  • Pro Cheerleading Podcast: The Truth Behind the Poms is the only podcast that gives you a raw and unfiltered perspective of what it's really like to be a professional cheerleader. Hosted by Mhkeeba Pate, a former attorney and NFL Cheerleader for five seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, this groundbreaking podcast finally gives pro cheerleaders a voice on issues facing the pro cheerleading community.

    Whether you're currently on a professional team, an alumni or really curious about the audition process to become a pro cheerleader, this podcast shares all the inside scoop and hot topics in the pro cheerleading industry with in depth interviews of dance team directors, choreographers, current and former pro cheerleaders.

    Every Wednesday, Mhkeeba reveals the untold truths from inside the cheerleader locker room and helps build a sense of community among professional cheerleaders from various sports teams, alumni and aspiring pro cheerleaders.

  • Weekly podcast where we will take a deep dive into the edges that high level athletes, and every day people chase, in order to gain a competitive advantage! Whether it's in your sport, or field of work, we as humans all have our own edges that we chase in order to be a step ahead of the competition. Chasing Edges is hosted by Owner and Strength Coach of Next Level Strength & Conditioning: Nate VanKouwenberg, current Professional Hockey Player in the NY Islanders Organization: Cole Bardreau, and former Division 1 Hockey Goalie for RIT: Mike Rotolo. Please subscribe and follow on all platforms!!

  • A podcast hosted at American Top Team Orlando by brown belt (now black belt!), Chris Vu, and blue belt (now purple!), Noah John. We drink craft beers after training and rant about Jiu-Jitsu and life. Support this podcast:

  • Delfi spordiviktoriin paneb nuputama tuntud Eesti spordiinimesi või lihtsalt spordist huvituvaid ühiskonnategelasi. Ootame ka kuulajate aktiivset kaasalöömist ja premeerime nutikamaid kaasamõtlejaid mõnusate auhindadega. Saatejuht on mälumänguentusiast Kristjan Jääts.

  • Alan Davies presents a weekly podcast primarily concerned with all things Arsenal FC but with a wide-ranging remit to consider all football, sport and life as we know it. Particular attention will be paid to things we know nothing about.Alan will be joined each week by two selected members from a squad of seasoned middle-aged podcast contributors:Tayo Popoola, Damian Harris, Oliver Scott, Ian Stone and Keith ‘el Presidente’ Dover will all turn up from time to time.Many anecdotes will be repeated ad nauseam.

  • Three Formula 1 nerds(One American and Two Brits) that like to think they know what they're talking about, talk F1. Join them weekly and listen to them discuss the results of the most recent Grand Prix and the news surrounding the teams, all the drama, and their expectations of the upcoming race!

  • The unashamedly biased Olympic & Paralympic sport podcast! "A relaxed, affable show. The hosts display wide-ranging knowledge" : The New York Times essential top six podcasts to follow for Olympics [25/07/2021]

  • Hello this is a podcast about running where I interview runners from all over to discuss their running and their journey into running.

  • Catch me here telling stories, conversing with curious and warm-hearted friends, breaking down barriers in the training world, and of course, sharing my love for these amazing beings we share our lives with: the dogs!

    I'd love to hear from you!


    Dog training: