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  • Frenchie Girl was only a kid when she started her very first podcast and so can you ! This is a show about how to make your own podcast. Hosted by the owners of the company, they will teach you everything from the little stuff like "what equipment do I use?” “How do I even come up with a good idea in the first place?” and bigger things like “How do I get people to listen?” and “What different kinds of podcasts are out there?” Getting started can feel a little overwhelming. But Frenchies Making Podcasts episodes will be sort and sweet ! So tune in every week and learn how to make your own show!

  • Welcome to OAT!

    Join us to discuss ideas and tools that make our software and development processes faster, more efficient, and healthy! We talk about performance improvements and valuable optimizations to software development processes like testing, debugging, running in production, open-sourcing or collaborating. Learn from experts how they improved their products, engineering processes or life habits and apply those in your work!

    Hosted in the UK by two software engineers: Ivan Valkov, the aspiring fantasy writer/chef/entrepreneur and Bartek Płotka, the OSS maintainer (you might know him from the CNCF Prometheus project) and “Efficient Go” book author.

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  • Шкаф закрой - это квирный разговорный подкаст на русском языке, в котором Кристина и Влад вайбят, травят байки и угарают.

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  • Eestis on palju inimesi, kes on elus läbinud suuri katsumusi ning seisnud silmitsi väga keeruliste olukordadega. Uurime, kuidas nad on toime tulnud ja mida õppinud olukordadest, mida pole lihtne unustada. Läbi nende kogemuste ja lugude saame me paremateks juhtideks ning kindlasti ka palju inspiratsiooni. Räägime asjadest nii nagu nad on, ilma filtrita - elu ei pruugi olla alati lilleline.
    Põnevad külalised ja huvitavad arutelud garanteeritud :)

    Koos oleme tugevamad,
    Combat Ready Meeskond
    Aasta Juhtimise koolitajad 2022

  • Welcome to the Mycotrophic Podcast, a weekly conversation series cultivating a culture for cultivators. This podcast is designed for the passionate enthusiast, master mycologist, healers growing their own medicine, and psychonauts alike. Mind-Body-Spirit-Mushroom!

  • Hosted by three competitive shooters, all with vastly different experience.

    We'll discuss competitive shooting, defensive shooting, guns, gear, training, maintenance and everything in between.

  • Helping small animal veterinarians stop emotional or stress eating and change the focus in their lives from what to eat next to an amazingly fulfilling personal life and professional career.

  • As much as we all love to binge a juicy drama, epic fantasy, or chilling murder mystery - oftentimes the most fascinating, terrifying, and uplifting stories are, in fact, the true ones! As the internet’s favorite storyteller, Andy Jiang has uncovered some of the world’s most incredible tales through captivating depictions and investigative research. But for every thread pulled and curiosity brought into the light, there remains infinitely more left to discover… until now.

    Each week on Hidden Stories, join Andy as he introduces you to new tales and revisits his most viral posts through an anthology of curious legends, stranger-than-fiction facts, and breathtaking firsthand accounts to help us all better understand the bigger story unfolding around us.

  • KüberCast on küberturvalisuse teemade podcast, kus murrame müüte ja lahkame tabusid. Kõneaineks tulevad teemad on suunatud nii noortele, vanadele, kogenud ja karjääri alustavatele kübermaailma huvilistele ja osalistele.
    Saadet juhivad Ronnie Jaanhold ja Siim Pajusaar.

  • From the author of the best selling guided journal series 'The 52 Lists Project' comes a podcast to help you rewrite your personal narrative, one list at a time. Join Moorea Seal as she chats with fascinating people who share stories of profound personal growth and peeks into their own journals.A few notable guests: #1 Business Podcaster and NYT best-selling author of Financial Feminist, Tori Dunlap. Autism and ADHD author and artist Morgan harper Nichols. Poet, Actress, Model and Author Arielle Estoria. Author, Dr, and trans & disability activist Dr. Devon Price.

  • Подкаст двух лучших подруг, живущих в разных странах.

    Здесь мы делимся нашими мыслями об актуальных социальных, культурных и просто жизненных темах. Эти разговоры для нас поддержка и вдохновение, которыми мы хотим поделиться и с нашими слушателями.

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  • Fentanyl – in the same chemical family as opium and heroin but manufactured by amateurs in garages or kitchen sinks – is tearing Kern County families apart. Many don’t know what’s happening until their children are dead. Now, families affected are warning others to look for those warning signs and encouraging parents to have these conversations about drugs with their children before it’s too late.

  • Vivian Tu, aka Your Rich BFF, is getting up close and personal, about the good, bad, and ugly on how money impacts all of our lives. Instead of your traditional boring business podcast, Networth and Chill covers financial topics as they relate to YOUR ACTUAL LIFE, all while feeling like a conversation with your best friend. Each episode breaks down a complicated economic or business concept into easy to understand terms, while tapping experts, professionals, and some of your favorite famous faces to give actionable tips & advice on how to make the most of your money. Grab a drink and get ready to Networth and Chill.

  • Jupiter toob teieni uue meelelahutusliku podcasti suurimatest filmidest ja sarjadest. See on saade filmifännidelt filmifännidele! Richard-Erik Järvi ja Andry Padar võtavad ette Hollywoodi suurimad kassahitid ning teleseriaalid ning annavad ülevaate, põnevad faktid ja arvustuse selle kohta. Arutleme nädala suurimatest uudistest ning soovitame parimaid palasid ERR-i voogedastusplatvormilt Jupiter.

    Kui oled ise suur filmifänn, siis tule veeda igal kolmapäeval aega Richardi ja Andryga Planeedil Hollywood!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Much like the genie trapped in the bottle, psychedelics have found their way out again and they’re heralding their newfound freedom.

    Kat Walsh’s TRIP ON THIS is a psychedelic podcast that’s filled with entertaining discoveries that enhance the mind and nourish the soul. It’s an invitation for those standing on the sidelines wondering if life could be different for them.

    From topics such as untapped potential, deepening spirituality, interdimensional stories, ancient wisdom, inspired futurism, and of course – an accessible guide to working with a variety of psychedelics, TRIP ON THIS podcast keeps it fresh and fun as Kat and her listeners uncover what we’re all about.

    Disclaimer: This show is not intended for children. The content of this podcast is for entertainment & informational purposes only. The host, nor the guests of this podcast encourage the use of psychedelic substances. Psychedelics can be dangerous and can pose a serious threat that can lead to both physical harm and mental illnesses.

  • Hi, I'm Mindfulness for Kids with O, and this is a podcast the you will surely enjoy.

  • Vaimse tervise podcast: depressioon, ärevushäire & nendest taastumine