Nya podcasts

  • Weekly (hopefully) podcast where we discuss everything and anything related to Taiwan. Hosted by YouTuber Lukas Engström [外國人介紹台灣].

  • Join BastichB from YouTube Channel 64K and Daz from Retro Domination & The Arcade Perfect Podcast as they compare home computer and console games of yesteryear. From the Atari 2600, C64, Zx Spectrum to the PlayStation One and Sega Saturn. The team will cover game publishers from all over the world like Mastertronic, Gremlin Graphics, Capcom, Sega, Codemasters and many more. Join the team and relive your childhood. It's a blast!

  • Back And Forth Is A New Talk Show Exclusive To RDCWorld Where We Talk About Anime, Video Games, Music, and Other Pop Culture Topics!

  • Unabridged is a bookish podcast hosted by three teachers. We release episodes every week, including a monthly Book Club episode and extra Teaching Tidbits episodes every other week. Join us for bookish fun at our website unabridgedpod.com, on social media @unabridgedpod, or via email at unabridgedpod@gmail.com.

  • Scaling Car Washes with JT Thomson focuses on helping car wash owners build and scale their car wash operations. Your host JT interviews experts in the many different areas that are critical to successfully scaling a car wash business. The podcast focuses on how to build, scale, and ultimately exit within the car wash industry. JT talks with experts in many essential areas including finance, operational infrastructure, marketing, legal, HR, and more so that you can be more successful with your car wash business.

  • Meet Claire Seeber, global career and leadership coach, facilitator, speaker AND founder of Eating your Cake too, a business focussed on helping YOU sell yourself with more confidence and take control of your career and leadership success. In the Eating your Cake too podcast, you’ll learn something new, relevant and immediately implementable that you can go and do in your own life ensuring that you show up with greater impact, more influence and are heard, seen and really noticed!

  • I’m Dr. Dennis Hartlieb and I want to welcome you to DOT’s Sharecast. What’s a ‘Sharecast’ you might be wondering? Well, a Sharecast is DOT’s version of a podcast – with sharing a key component of our programs! Our Sharecasts are packed with valuable insights from leaders in dentistry to help you with leadership, management, and other essential tools to help you run your dental practice. Combine this information with the clinical skills that you are learning from Dental Online Training, and we have you set up for success!

  • “What Is X?” has been described as “a cross between a Platonic dialogue and ‘The Price Is Right.’” It combines dialectical inquiry of the sort perfected by Socrates and his interlocutors with a distinctly ludic spirit. Here’s how it works: For each episode, host Justin E. H. Smith invites on a guest distinguished in their field (or occasionally a “regular” person who really likes to talk). Smith asks the guest to answer a question of the form “What is X?” (for example, “What is beauty?” “What is nature?” “What are dreams?”), after which the two partners in dialogue undertake a Socratic inquiry into the nature of X, in search of a definition that satisfies both of them. There are three possible outcomes: agreement, disagreement, and aporia (Greek for “dead end”), each with its own sound effect: if we arrive at agreement, a church bell will chime; disagreement is signaled by a bleating goat; if aporia is the best we can do, we will hear naught but a gust of wind. Rigorous but freewheeling, fun and serious at once, accessibly highbrow, these conversations model rational inquiry in a new way, providing answers for truth-seekers... or perhaps just more questions. /// Host: Justin E.H. Smith (justinehsmith.substack.com) /// Presented by The Point Magazine (thepointmag.com)

  • Welcome to the Tocqueville 21 podcast! Here, we explore issues of comparative democracy and examine the evolution of topics related to that field in France, the United States and across the globe. Every episode features a distinguished expert to shed light on a broad range of topics, with, always, an eye on that underlying question of democracy in the modern world.

  • Trade can often feel impersonal but trust us – it is very personal.
    Trade is about people. It is about the connections it creates, the challenges it can bring, and also about the opportunities it unleashes.
    Let's Talk Trade brings these stories to the forefront. Every season we will dive into a different subject, and get people talking about how trade matters to them, and what the World Trade Organization has got to do with it.
    So stay tuned, and Let's Talk Trade!
    Brought to you by the World Trade Organization.

  • We live in two worlds, the real world and the cyber world. Both worlds are interconnected and interdependent but very different. Different rules apply. We have no choice but to exist in both worlds. As innovation and digitalization accelerates, we need to understand the risks, consequences and safeguards necessary to safely protect businesses, people and society.Paul C Dwyer, President of the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force hosts the “Cyber Task Force” podcast. In each show, Paul discusses a new challenge with select guests. From innovation to cyber security and everything in between. We can go from the very very dark to the brightest of bright, so listener discretion is advised.Each guest offers unique insights, war stories, wisdom and a learning experience for the audience. This is the podcast for you, if you are interested in understanding how the two worlds interconnect, the challenges we face and how we can all play our part in making the cyber world a safer place to operate. Podcast Produced by ICTTF Ltd - Soundtrack "Out of the Dark Web, Into the Light" Copyright Dave Dwyer www.iambead.com

  • Our sedentary, cushioned lifestyles are making us and our planet sick. A major barrier to change in the fashion and footwear industry is a reluctance to discuss systemic challenges all Brands and Businesses are facing and the science supporting innovation and progress. The Vivobarefoot Podcast series ‘Sustain This?’ invites experts and rulebreakers to discuss the challenges we face for our plantery and human health.

  • Conquer the Noise is a podcast dedicated to telling stories of outstanding ideas and people who have found their way amongst the chatter.

    Series: Cultivating Purpose & Passion in Business
    In an environment of cultural change and demanding consumer expectations, engage with fellow marketing leaders and hear how they navigate brand relevance, impact and authenticity. In this series, we will explore how to create a greater impact on your business and community by cultivating purpose and passion into actionable items. During this session we’ll discuss ways brands and businesses can better connect with the environment and their community. Learn from 1% leaders on how they bring values in sustainability through all aspects of their brand and business.

    Unconquered presents this series in partnership with 1% For The Planet's Be 1% Better Campaign. Unconquered is an independent creative agency challenging brand perspective through redefined content. We founded the agency to create work with a sense of purpose beyond itself, using commerce to change the world. We believe the unconquered spirit is at the heart of every great brand.

    Thank you to all of our guests, without you this wouldn't exist.
    Art - Mike McNeive, Partner @ Drexler https://drxlr.com/
    Audio - Harry Glaser

  • After spending almost two years interviewing multicultural women in the c-suite, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers, we’ve seen a running theme of how women are shattering the glass ceiling and breaking through the concrete ceiling: rule-breaking.

    But what rules are we talking about and why do they exist? That’s what we explore in the What Rules!? podcast. You’ll learn our six guiding principles for multicultural women looking to outsmart the game to advance their career.

    Founded by HR executives specializing in diversity and inclusion and talent management, Rosa Santos (co-host), and Merary Simeon (co-host), and executive coach Alisa Manjarrez (producer).

  • Let's Talk Supply Chain (Asia Pacific) is the Asia Pacific regions’ flagship supply-chain Podcast, hosted by Jonathan Kempe. News, events, trends and innovation. It features informative commentary from leading industry voices, and the most innovative companies. Get in touch at listener@ltscasiapac.com

  • QSR Uncut is a podcast from the editors of QSR magazine—the leading publication for foodservice owners and operators—that discusses the current state and future of the fast-food restaurant industry as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Made for restaurant executives, entrepreneurs, consumers, and leaders, each episode candidly answers three questions from readers. We'll also check out the best of fast-food Twitter each week and chat with some of the industry's most insightful leaders.

  • Join highly regarded Performance Coach, International Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author Ben Newman as he takes you into the minds of some of the highest performers in sports and business to tell their full story. The "Burn" is something we all have, but rarely do people uncover and connect to it. Ben helps his people from all walks of life reach their true maximum potential. Business executives, sales organizations, and athletes in the NFL, PGA, NBA, MLB, UFC and NCAA have all trusted Ben to elevate their game.

  • Small Business Ownership & Personal Development

    Hosted by Keith Kalfas from the Landscaping Employee Trap & Window Cleaning Blueprint.

  • On The Modern Mexico Podcast, host Nathaniel Parish Flannery & a diverse group of guests discuss the paradoxes & potential of the U.S.'s most important trading partner.