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  • Author Nigel Warburton reads from his book Philosophy: The Classics which is an introduction to 27 key works in the history of Philosophy


    The show will be hosted by MIKE CERNOVICH & MIKE BOLEN covering pop culture, current events, social media and the finer things in life!!!

    Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author and filmmaker who has reported everywhere from protests on the streets to the white house.

    Mike Bolen is a Multi Millionaire real estate investor with expert experience in fix & flips, vacation rentals and multi family real estate investments.

  • Inspirational speakers talking about their own failures that shaped them and helped them stand up brighter and stronger. The bigger failure, the biggest lesson learned. Listen, learn and get inspired!

  • We help entrepreneurs sell more with less effort and less stress... no matter what you sell! We cover topics on sales copy, content marketing, advertising, website sales letters, email marketing, headlines, ad writing and more. WARNING: we are not here to teach copywriters the finer points of copywriting... we're here to make it easy for normal people to use words and pictures to make more sales and get results. And, we have a lot of fun doing it!

  • On The Exchange Podcast, Alex Turkmani, Daniel Lopez, and Josh Pannell discuss the intersection of faith and culture. We love to dig into tough topics, express differences, and challenge one another's opinions all while laughing and enjoying one another's friendships.

  • We know it’s alarming. Our streets and cities are flooding, our forests are burning, sea levels are on the rise. Our shared home, planet Earth, is threatened by man-made climate change. But did you also know that we already have the solutions to stop the escalating climate crisis?

    In this five episode podcast series we explore the solutions and dive into why the key to reaching our collective climate goals lies with the global energy sector and a systemic, swift transition from black to green energy. You will meet experts and strategists driving green transformation and understand the different components needed to get there in time to protect our home.

    Ørsted, the worlds most sustainable energy company, is publishing this podcast series to inspire everyone to take action now.

  • Welcome to the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast, hosted by Michelle Russell. This show was created to empower people from all walks of life to build their own STR business and create a passive income that surpasses their J-O-B. Learn what STRs are and how to run one EVEN IF you don't have a rental property of your own. We'll have tips and tricks that will teach you to be a better host and boost your revenue. Find out more at https://www.shorttermrentalrevenue.com .

  • Authentic Discussions with Growth-Oriented Leaders and Collaborators

  • The Branch offers a glimpse into the everyday lives of Jews and Arabs in Israel forging meaningful relationships. Presented by Hadassah and hosted by Dina Kraft, The Branch shines a light on the stories of people living the example of a shared society. Together. Even though it’s complicated.

    Hadassah believes in the power of women for Israel, and that positive stories from Israel can make a powerful impact. Today the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) serves 1 million patients a year, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, HMO doctors, nurses and staff work together, Arab and Jewish, building bridges to peace through medicine. HMO is the only medical organization to have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Join "the Recruitment Coach" Mark Whitby as he and his guests unpack the secrets of what it takes to be a profitable and long-lived professional in the recruitment industry.

  • Long form interviews with interesting characters, and a few beers. Like eavesdropping on a good conversation.

  • Soulful House with added bangers sprinkled with a little Electro and topped with some Funky House for your rabbit ears :)

  • Basix Global podcast supplies you with some of the best underground mixes, from inspirational DJs and Producers of electronic music from around the World.

  • A podcast devoted to the rock music of Asian countries, mainly Japan.

    Posting schedule: monthly!

  • Digital Empire Nation is a nationally syndicated radio show which is based in New York City hosted by Lil Nat. It airs in syndication on DTFRadio.com in the NY tri-state, OneWestRadio.com or 107FM in LA, and Power 104.9FM in Kokomo Indiana. Digital Empire is a radio show which premise was based on empowering the dj.The show rotates djs every week and gives them the freedom to play whatever music they choose. Also, the show interviews all those who need the platform from artist, producers, actors, business owners, chef etc. With all of that Lil Nat also discusses news, politics, gossip, and events as well.
    Digital Empire Nation started In May of 2012 on G.I.D Radio with host Lil Nat and Co-host Big Kitch. After about 6 months the show is moved to DTF radio. The move to DTF increased reach, fans and exposure. In 2015 the show begins to simulcast on FRP TV as well. By 2016 syndication began on One West radio (106fm) in LA, while negotiations finish for Power 104.9 in Indiana and still growing.

    The show is a radio show comprised of talk and music. The music played on the show is in variety do to the rotation of the dj. Digital Empire Nation has played Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Pop, as well as techno, and rock. Throughout the show interaction with the fans as far as calls in for request, giveaways, shout outs and on-air questions is also incorporated. Digital Empire Nation can be listened too or watched on the following formats:

    DTFRadio.com 7 pm โ€“ 9 pm EST
    DTF Radio App

    Ustream.Tv search Digital Empire Nation 7pm โ€“ 9 pm EST

    Power 104.9 FM 7 pm - 9 pm or get the power 104.9FM app

    OneWestRadio.com (107FM) 7pm - pm pacific

    Tunein app search DTF Radio/ Power 104.9/ One West Radio based on the station you listen to

  • It's a random podcast. Anything could happen. I could sing, I could play the keyboard, you name it. It's anything random. I may even throw some new stories in from time to time. It could be what I might've had for dinner last night, or a special show I watched two. Follow me on Twitter, @216music

  • Here is where you can here your favorite Old School jams as only DJ Pockets can put it down. Hope you enjoy!

  • Taran & Lomov for more than a decade has been into everything connected to music: they run Amber Muse, record label & event company, and devotedly bringing electronic music to people via their www.testpress.news mag and international radio show airing in Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Moscow. Booking: info at ambermuse dot com.