Nya podcasts

  • Plans We Make with Son Lux is a unique artist-interviewing-artist podcast where band members Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia, and Ian Chang take turns speaking with guests about a shared theme in three volumes: Technology, Collaboration, and Voice.
    Volume 1 includes conversations digging deeply into the relationship
    between technology, perception, and creativity:
    • Composer and Singer Ryan Lott interviews Producer Chris Tabron (Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Common).
    • Guitarist Rafiq Bhatia interviews Experimental Drummer and Songwriter Deantoni Parks (The Mars Volta, We Are Dark Angels).
    • Drummer Ian Chang interviews Visual and Performance Artist and former Google Artist in Residence Sougwen Chung.

  • The unofficial podcast for all things Maas. Three friends sharing their obsession with badass women, High Fae Baes and magic. Join us as we discuss each of SJM’s books chapter by chapter in each episode. Fair warning: we are all about cursing and spoilers!

  • Did you know you don’t need to live feeling defeated in any area of your life!? I believe a huge part of us learning to live from the place of victory, is learning to see from God’s perspective, and discern what’s Heaven’s agenda in this particular season in your life and in the world around you!

    In this podcast we will practice discerning what God is doing both regarding our individual journeys and corporately, (as a creative community), so that we can partner with Him in seeing His Kingdom come and will be done; right now; on earth as it is in Heaven – and live our lives undefeated!

  • gut feelings. is hosted by yasmeen lee + mackenzie richmond– two (very different) friends here to overshare, listen, and learn right alongside you.

    join us on a weekly basis for conversations about all things wellness, love and relationships, personal growth, raw + real moments from our personal lives, and insightful interviews with amazing guests.

  • Each week, CNBC Fast Money contributors Dan Nathan and Guy Adami, along with former hedge fund manager Danny Moses (as featured in The Big Short), break down market-moving headlines, provide their insights into the financial markets and discuss under-the-radar investment themes.

    You’ll leave each week with a better perspective on financial and business news from three experienced, nonconsensus voices whose goal is to provide listeners with the intellectual framework to think critically and make smarter decisions, both personally and professionally.

    Dan Nathan is a CNBC contributor, the Principal of Risk Reversal Advisors and is the founder and editor of RiskReversal.com.
    Guy Adami is an original member of CNBC’s Fast Money and is currently the Director of Advisor Advocacy at Private Advisor Group.
    Danny Moses has been on Wall Street for decades in a variety of roles, is currently a private investor and was also featured in The Big Short for his bet against the housing market.

    Stay up to date at OnTheTapePodcast.com, follow us on Twitter @OnTheTapePod and subscribe to On The Tape in your favorite podcast store.

  • Us Radio adalah radio masa kini yang selalu membahas mengenai film di kalangan anak remaja zaman sekarang.

  • Two movie fans sit down and talk about new Tamil movies, old movies, and somewhere in between movies that might have so much hype around them or none at all. It's filled with opinions, sometimes serious but something you'll love.

    Podcasts every Monday.
    Tweet us at @talktamilmovies | Email us arstudiopodcasts@gmail.com

  • ClassHorrorCast is a podcast created by Aran from FirstClassHorror for fans of the Horror genre.

    First Class Horror is Ireland's biggest and best horror related content producer.

  • Miscellaneous voice overs in English, Hindi and Gujarati languages by shreyamun mehta; Genres include story telling, narration, commercials, ebooks, corporate documentary, character dubbing etc

  • If you love watching shows and talking about them in great detail, this is the place for you. On this podcast, we explore the depths of every movie and show that we watch. These are my obsessive, overly-analytical, insightful conversations with snooty towny geeks - Gaurav Jain and Maharrsh Shah. They are my go-to guys for all things on a screen. Knowledgeable and utterly chaotic, this podcast combines genuine insight with a childish love for cinema. In this show, I, Sidharth Jain, dive into everything from how a show/film gets made, to what it turns into eventually. Candid, casual, and free-flowing; welcome to ‘Bingeistaan’, where streamers live!

    Sidharth Jain is the founder, and Chief Storyteller, of The Story Ink and The Podcast Ink.

    This podcast is produced by The Podcast Ink and Ep.Log Media.

  • Greetings Star Wars Fans! Welcome to the official podcast of the "All_StarWars" Page on Instagram! Here we talk about EVERYTHING Star Wars!

  • Shudh Desi Chai is a fortnightly fun conversational podcast, where our hosts Himannshu Sharma & Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi sit across with some amazing guests to have amazing conversations and where they share some interesting facts about food & nutrition with their listeners.

    शुद्ध देसी चाय एक मजेदार संवादात्मक पॉडकास्ट है, जहां हिमांशु शर्मा और हरपाल सिंह सोखी अपने मेहमानों के साथ कुछ अद्भुत और सार्थक बातचीत करते हैं और जहां वे अपने श्रोताओं के साथ भोजन और पोषण के बारे में कुछ रोचक तथ्य साझा करते हैंI

  • Podcasting is a complicated profession, wouldn't you agree? We carbon freeze frame-by-frame over every episode of Disney+'s THE MANDALORIAN, the first live-action STAR WARS tv show! Grogu's favorite podcast!
    Twitter/Instagram @DoublePHQ

  • Upodcast- Main Event

    Our geekiest show or original recipe. We talk about what's new in the world of movies, TV, streaming, comics and geekitude!

  • A podcast by a 22-year-old who is a social media executive by day, a standup comedian by night, a YouTuber by the weekends and a cinephile at heart! Come and hop on a podcast journey where Praveshika opens up and discusses the world of cinema that makes her believe in everything! The podcast is all about celebrating and deep-diving into the world of cinema through the eyes of a 22-year-old who believes that cinema has truth beyond the portrayal! It's all about evolution and making the art of moving images a story from within! Are you ready to freeze frames with Pravesh? Tune in now!

  • Are you a leader holding back? What is that costing you? What if you could channel your fear and self-doubt? It’s actually possible. I know, because that’s my story. That’s what the Ignite Your Confidence podcast is all about. It’s for women in leadership who want to speak up and stand out. You’ll find both solo and candid conversations with real people sharing vulnerable stories to inspire you with simple tips to step into your confidence.

  • Every business day, Pete and Nat from Hire Yourself will give you some short bits of franchise, business, or entrepreneurial advice and information. The episodes are five minutes long or less, and are perfect for the commute to or from your office. And who knows, maybe one day they will convince you to hire yourself!

  • I believe you have the power to become whoever you set yourself out to be. That by achieving a set of goals you set out for yourself, you become your version of a muse. And that’s the purpose of this podcast. It’s about sharing stories of inspiring people. It’s about sharing knowledge and perspectives that allow us to grow.It’s a means to fall in love with a never-ending journey of self-improvement.

  • 🗣️ Using humor to educate & radicalize🤯 Inspiring stories, resources & strategies to decolonize your mind🎙️ Hosted by Sofia Syntaxx 🎉 NEW EPISODES EVERY OTHER TUESDAY