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  • Dive into the fascinating realm of cross-cultural experiences as we explore the diverse dynamics that arise when cultures collide, discussing the highs, lows, and unexpected insights that come with navigating these intersections.

    Each episode, one of our guests, ranging from Israelis embracing new horizons to global citizens immersing themselves in Israeli culture, share their personal journeys and shed light on the concept of cultural intelligence.

  • Seeking the self through stories, art, and ideas | Filmmaker by profession

  • Bayani and Thirdy are pop-culture enthusiasts in Cebu City, Philippines who want to make good use of their geek know-how and share their knowledge (and unwarranted opinions) to you, the self-described Filipino geek

  • A Podcast about Autograph Collecting with everything from TTM, IP, and the Trading Card Collecting World!

  • Say goodbye to fear and hello to confidence, clarity, and conviction. Welcome to 'The Leading with Andrew Show' - your ultimate guide to all things communication.

    As a seasoned speaker, facilitator, leader, and communication coach, I've helped executives and entrepreneurs across the globe. Now, it's your turn.

    Each episode of 'The Leading with Andrew Show' promises an energized dose of practical tips and tools.

    Join us every 2 weeks for conversations with purpose and walk away with something you can try immediately that leads the way to successful communication.

    I'm glad you're here.

  • The realistic and relatable conversations about being female that will empower you to just be your authentic self.

  • Welcome to Life, Love and Good Stuff; Father and Daughter chats with David and Sophie McCallum. In these heartfelt conversations, they share about living life through the lens of self-love, how familial relationships and life experiences hinder or fuel an authentic and rewarding life filled with conscious and compassionate self love.

    About the hosts:

    Actor David McCallum has appeared in theater, film and television and is a critically acclaimed author. David’s most enduring roles include the Russian agent Illya Kuryakin in The Man From Uncle and Dr. Donald ``Ducky” Mallard on the CBS hit NCIS. David’s most prized roles are a loving husband and father, hearing him dialog with his daughter; Sophie, is heartwarming.

    Sophie McCallum, born and raised New Yorker, calls NYC home as it fuels her passion.
    She is known as the Self-Love Peddler who strives to start each day with love in her heart for herself, her family and the world around her.

    Sophie is a Certified Life Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. With her guidance, she paves the way to self love for women and shows others how to connect to your highest self.

    This podcast is produced by Identity Brand by Monica Kline.

  • The Secrets Women Keep Podcast has been created to be there for you in the bathroom stall moments in life – you know the ones: where you’re simultaneously breaking down and trying to pull yourself back together. 

    Through a mix of high profile guest speakers and solo episodes that speak to the unspoken, you’ll learn that whatever it is you’re going through, you’re not alone. From dark nights of the soul, grief, loss, identity crises, mental health issues, imposter syndrome, labels and what happens in the bedroom, nothing on this podcast is too taboo or too much. After all, one woman’s secret revealing is another woman’s liberation.

    Be prepared to see and love all the parts of you, especially the unseen.

    It’s time to break up with the mask. These are the secrets women keep.

  • This podcast explores the power and importance of vulnerability in our lives. Each episode delves into the often-uncomfortable topic of vulnerability and how it relates to personal growth, relationships, and overall well-being. I share my own stories and practical tips and strategies for dealing with vulnerability hangovers. I encourage listeners to embrace vulnerability as a necessary step towards self-acceptance and deeper connections with others. Tune in to this podcast for thought-provoking discussions and actionable advice on how to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/nikki-dunkle/support

  • This is not Jordan Petersons Real Podcast. Here is his podcast. https://spotify.link/jXx6sf8IuDb

    Join us on a thought-provoking journey as we delve into the world of profound ideas with the renowned clinical psychologist and best-selling author, Dr. Jordan Peterson. In this special episode, we bring you a captivating speech by Dr. Peterson, known for his insightful perspectives on psychology, philosophy, and culture.

    Dr. Jordan Peterson rose to international prominence through his courageous stance on freedom of speech and his willingness to tackle controversial topics head-on. He is the author of the best-selling book "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos" and "Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life," both of which have resonated with audiences worldwide.

    In this podcast episode, we present a thought-provoking speech by Dr. Peterson that touches on themes such as personal responsibility, the importance of truth, and the challenges facing society today. Whether you're already familiar with his work or new to his ideas, this episode offers valuable insights and encourages deep reflection.

    Tune in to explore the mind of one of the most influential thinkers of our time. Dr. Jordan Peterson's speech will leave you inspired, questioning, and eager to engage with the profound ideas that shape our world.

  • Clean or Sober Podcast is a podcast about people in sobriety or recovery. They share their stories, talk about funny, hilarious, or crazy war stories. This is a place to share the hopeless while at the same time showing you there is hope. This is also a podcast which may touch sensitive topics. Most important is we share our experience, strength, and hope. Remember to subscribe, so you have receive notifications when a new episode is uploaded.Any suggestions on topics you'd like to hear or if you want to be a guest, send me an email: [email protected] so much for listening!

  • Tired of shying away from conversations about the one thing that impacts nearly every aspect of our lives? Our mission is simple: to make money conversations as common as saying "pass the mash" during Sunday roast.

  • Celebrating and sharing stories from those that embody the spirit of Antioch University and our founder, Horace Mann, as they win victories for humanity

  • The world’s most astonishing rescue stories; told by the people who were there.

    Join host Donny Dust, Marine Corps veteran and world-renowned survival expert, as we marvel at the magnitude of the human spirit and those who refuse to surrender in the face of impossible odds.

    From seasoned search and rescuers to everyday heroes, we go on their journey as they brave treacherous arctic waters, tsunamis, mountains, collapsed mines and even space, to preserve the most sacred of all – life.

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  • Want to know more about the world and the challenges and solutions to some of the most pressing issues for humanity?

    Pod Worldwide is a monthly podcast from Concern Worldwide - an Irish humanitarian organisation – exploring stories from communities facing climate change, hunger, conflict, natural disasters and inequality, and finding out what’s being done to address these challenges and make the world a fairer and just place.

    We’ll hear from young people, activists and Concern staff on the ground who are making a difference; fighting for climate justice, gender equality, and doing whatever it takes to end extreme poverty, along with other bits and bobs in between.

    New episodes every month.

  • A cannabis Cultivation podcast bringing on different guests to get to know one another in the grow community. We will discuss growing and personal endeavors in there life and what the future holds for the cannabis community. Hosted by Mike Aka. RastaKgrows over on Instagram.
    If you would like to have a question on air or be interviewed you can feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or Email me over at [email protected]

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  • With lots of enthusiasm and very little know how, Emily and Maddie love chatting about gardening, often with a glass of wine or cocktail in hand. In each fortnightly episode, we speak to people who inspire us in the garden, in order to unearth some much needed knowledge.

  • A quarterly conversation about how we interact with place through art and nature. Hosts: Kateri Morton and Kathy Zadrozny.

  • I’ve helped small business owners around the world revolutionize their businesses. Currently, we are coaching small business owners in 100 industries in 20 countries. ”My Passion is Your Success”™. Myself and my team will work harder than anyone else for your success. We will give you more value than anyone else.