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  • When Love wins shares with us stories of the Australian marriage postal survey from the perspective of queer and trans people of colour. Almost two years on from the marriage postal survey, When Love Wins invites us to listen to stories that will unsettle the glamour around the 2017 yes vote for same-sex marriage. You’ll hear stories of love, triumph, family and culture. A Podcast from Switchboard – find out more at Host and Producer: Xen Nhà Podcast Coordinator: Caroline Ridler

  • Joel Zaslofsky – your community-animating, convention-challenging show host – taps into all his powerful (and often quirky) strategies in a diverse mix of conversations and solo episodes. For example, you’ll get chats with TED Talk hotshots like Andy Puddicombe on meditation, experts like Tsh Oxenreider on gratitude, humble influencers like Joshua Becker on minimalism, or Paleo superstars like Mark Sisson on Primal-living. The show has 100,000s of downloads because listeners love to deeply explore the slower side of life, simplicity through mindfulness, and intentional living … among other things. Do you need help with your “stuff,” personal relationships, or your relationship with money? Do you enjoy nerdy riffs about spreadsheets or casual references to 1990s music? Subscribe to Smart and Simple Matters now and download this popular, groovy show.

  • Positivity pros Nicole Kaplan and Heidi Webster have a zest for life. We all have sour moments, but leave it to these ladies to turn that pucker into a smile as they laugh their way through juicy subjects like relationships, work, wellness, and navigating those times when citrus got real. Always eager to learn, they welcome refreshing guests to the stand to share their seeds of wisdom. Welcome to The Pink Lemonade Stand, where the motto is “Squeeze the Day!” Come sip with us!

  • An audio biography dedicated to chronicling the life and times of Kanye Omari West.

    Cover Art Credit: Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

  • The journey to the Queendom can be a royal mess. Thy Queendom Come is a podcast where we get real AF about life, love, sex, travel, and tapping into the Divine energy within us all. “Good girl conditioning” is exiled from the Queendom, and we’re getting “unladylike” instead. Your host, Lauren Mordachini, has created and witnessed unbelievable messes all over the world. She’s fallen in and out of love with many frogs and only a handful of princes (even fewer Kings), & has used her colorful sex-capades to deep-dive into sacred sexuality and what it means to live a fully embodied life filled with confidence, pleasure, and joy.

  • A podcast about creating a healthier relationship with food, free from bingeing, food obsession, and dieting. If you’re a millennial looking for some food therapy, I’m here for you. Come with a glass of wine, we’ll debunk wellness culture, intuitive eating, and more. It’s not about the food ladies, let’s get to what you’re really hungry for.

    Craving Food Freedom is hosted by Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist Elise Liu, millennial, dog mom, first-gen Chinese American, yoga-doer, and sourdough enthusiast. Welcome aboard!


  • Nicholas Lorimer and Gabriel Crouse provide their own unique take on everything and anything going on in South Africa and the world at large, with a focus on history, philosophy and current affairs.

    Getting away with murder in South Africa, Russian oligarchs, American elections and geopolitical strategy all feature in this unconventional podcast.

  • American True Crime is a single narration podcast that goes past the daily routine of life in America and explores the truth behind some of the nation’s darkest crimes.

  • Crimescape’s CRIMES UNLIMITED podcasts explore riveting, high-profile criminal cases with the world’s leading forensic experts. Visit for a unique collection of macabre books.

  • A deep dive into our world through the lens of Systemic Psychology and Unani BioTypes with Rodrigo Garcia Platas, Ross Everett, and Brian McElhaney

  • New York Times Travel in audio, weekly. The Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) is a media organization that serves individuals with barriers to print. This podcast is produced by AINC under the Chafee Amendment to the Copyright Act which states that authorized nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is to provide copyrighted works in specialized formats to individuals with barriers to print are exempt. By continuing to listen, you verify you have an eligible print-reading impairment.

  • A podcast from Noticias Telemundo and The Story Lab.

    Soon after soldier Vanessa Guillén told her mother someone at the Fort Hood military base had sexually harassed her, she went missing. The full story, as told in this podcast, is much deeper and complex: it is a story about a renowned military base with a long record of violence; disappearances; unreported sexual abuse; and a family who refused to stay quiet when the Army stonewalled them.

    The podcast dives into the ripples of the MeToo movement in the U.S. Army, the hardships that Latino soldiers face, and the culture of violence and abuse that permeates the barracks.

  • Odd Trails is an anthology of true paranormal stories, narrated by Andrew Tate and Brandon Lanier. Join us every week as we dive into all things weird and otherworldly. Submit your experiences to

  • Frontier Town was an American radio adventure serial syndicated by Bruce Eells Productions. The 30-minute programme's first known broadcast was in 1949, and the show ran for 47 episodes. Because it was syndicated, it aired on different stations on different days. For instance, in New York City, the first episode ran on WINS on March 5, 1949

  • Hamilton Morris creates and shares content with his followers on Patreon. These podcasts are released on this platform and on Youtube after first being posted on Patreon for a month or longer. The free versions of these conversations are made, in part, with the help of Hamilton's sponsors. Hope you enjoy!

  • Creative Language Technologies explores the multifaceted aspects of this emerging field, at the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine (STEMM) with the broader sector of Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts and Culture (HSSAC). The podcast aims to explore creative themes with social impact, revitalize technological imagination, and transform current practices of language technologies. New episodes, uploaded on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month, tackle diverse topics through stimulating interviews with experts in these fields.

  • Designer Marquise Stillwell’s new podcast series “The Sweet Flypaper” - borrows its name from “The Sweet Flypaper of Life,” a 1955 fiction and photography book by photographer Roy DeCarava and poet Langston Hughes, describing 1950s Black family life in Harlem, New York City. Joined at the beginning of each episode by friend, educator and Creative Economist, Neil Ramsay, this conversation series responds to a growing need to reexamine how design powers the world and our lives, and its potential to thoughtfully – and poetically – influence societal change. Stillwell firmly believes in the concept of holistic design practices, which, with the help of Ramsay, he uses as a guide to navigate through the ten episodes of the first season. From Deb Willis’ celebration of Black history, joy and progress through photography, to Paola Antonelli’s philosophy that design democratization and literacy can be a catalyst for progress, Stillwell takes us on a warm, approachable journey through the nuances of creative process and their power to change the world.

  • A podcast made up of mostly nonsense with the occasional gem of useful information.

    Two world travellers from New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton share their opinions on Life, Culture and Travel.

    Welcome to the Orange Chips Podcast with Alex and Todd.

  • Welcome to Unsinkable: The Titanic Podcast, a comprehensive look at the ship, its crew + passengers, the art it has inspired, and the cultural history of its legacy (which is, of course, absolutely unsinkable). Hosted by historian L.A. Beadles, an absolute Titanic nerd.