Samhälle och kultur – Nya podcasts

  • This is a true crime podcast dedicated entirely to telling the stories of Missing & Murdered Indigenous women (MMIW) from the lens of three Indigenous women.

  • Linguistics holds up a magnifying glass to society to allow us to see the beauty, rawness, and complicatedness in what it means to be human by studying everything involved in what we communicate and how we communicate it. This is a podcast dedicated to talking about Black people and our language and the beauty, rawness, and complicatedness of our various realities. From discussing our favorite slang terms, to complex grammar, to the implications of linguistic discrimination, this podcast reaffirms, uplifts, and gives respect to Black people of the past, present, and future.

  • بودكاست لطالبة جامعية اتطرق لمواضيع مختلفه بطابع عفوي

  • A weekly dose of humor and oddity, as the CAVE (Courtney, Amber, Valerie, Eric) babbles about what they love most- movies, road trips, and odd things to eat.

  • Det här är podden för dig som vill upptäcka det enastående öppna internet. Du som vill ut och utforska nya platser, samlas runt annorlunda lägereldar och hitta glädjen med att vara på internet. Häng med på resan tillsammans med Sanna och Sven.

  • The Family Team at Pump Court Chambers present this weekly podcast featuring discussion of a variety of topics from across the spectrum of family law, joined by regular expert guests.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Spannende Persönlichkeiten, besondere Orte und tolle Geschichten aus Österreich!

    Das sicherste AKW der Welt steht in Österreich – doch was ist die Geschichte dahinter? Kennst du Europas größte Mural Outdoor Galerie? Wieso gibt es so viele verschiedenen Mozartkugeln und welche darf sich zurecht das Original nennen? Wie kommt man dazu im Mühlviertel Escape Rooms anzubieten? Welches Museum rühmt sich damit kein einziges echtes Kunstwerk auszustellen?

    Lass uns gemeinsam die Vielfalt Österreichs entdecken und die Heimat eine Spur besser kennenlernen!

  • In this podcast, Sarah Westgarth digs into beloved childhood stories, the neurobiology of being a teenager, and interviews people about what it was like for them growing up, all in the quest to understand what it means to come of age.

  • We are Love Wild, a collective of truth seekers building a community rooted in loving wild and living free; a place for your soul to create. Your Story Matters and we want you to Grow into the best version of yourself. This podcast will help you discover your highest self, unlock your hidden potential, and learn how to truly be yourself. We discuss interpersonal relationships, strategies for growth, and how you can use your Story to actualize your purpose in life. No subject is too taboo. We've discussed sex, grief, fears, death, miscarriage, values, and how to practice presence. Formerly known as The Allegory and Elm Podcast, we provide photography services, videography, blogging, with a focus on stories and growth. We are all about pushing boundaries, speaking truth, being vulnerable, taking risks, and living with intention. These are our values... 1. Your Story Matters 2. Have a Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset 3.Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 4. Live By Design, Not Default 5. Take Risks 6. Be Vulnerable 7. Everyone Has A Seat At Our TableCelebrate Diversity and be true to you. We can't wait to share this journey with you.

  • Tap into the highest potentials of human nature by expanding your consciousness, creating happiness, joy, and well-being. Understand the emotions, values, and beliefs that will create the alignment you need to manifest your best self.

  • Welcome to The Artist in Me is Dead, a podcast about tracing and exploring creativity. Come back Thursdays for new episodes. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

  • A beer podcast from WBEZ, Chicago's public radio station. Hosted by Andrew Gill and Alison Cuddy, episodes are recorded where ever good beer is found and include interviews with brewers, artists and craft beer lovers.

  • We delve into all things talent attraction and economic development, bringing you insights from America’s most promising places and industry professionals on how your community can be a better place to live, work and play. At Livability, we highlight the unsung awesomeness of small and mid-sized cities, and help communities reach target companies and residents through custom content programs. Learn more at

  • This podcasts highlights my day to day adventure of trying to live mindfully in the universe, by discovering new things about yourself and how I fit within the
    world. I exploring how I change and how I respond to those changes as well as its impact on those connected to me.

  • Nashville-based rock and soul singer Maggie Rose invites the listener into her world as an independent artist in the male-dominated, often volatile, music industry. Maggie hosts candid conversations with her female musical heroes about their lives in and out of music, challenging the status quo, and changing the game for those coming up behind them.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • We are a husband and wife, that both work and recently started a family and now decided to add a podcast to our busy lives. We talk about our differences and the different views we have on all things from house styles, raising our son and everything in between! Join us as we talk, laugh and learn in this relationship podcast, enjoy!

  • Week By Week is an insider's view of pregnancy and parenthood. Host Celeste shares personal stories and has candid conversations with experts and parents about all the messy, hard, lonely, joyful, and under-talked aspects of pregnancy and parenthood and by the end of it hopefully we feel a little less alone.

  • Join Joe & George Baggs every week as they explore each other’s very different interests. Speaking with a range of guests from celebrities to TikTok stars, nothing is off limits!

  • The Big Story is an American radio and television crime drama which dramatized the true stories of real-life newspaper reporters. The only continuing character was the narrator, Bob Sloane.

    The Big Story
    Genre Crime drama
    Running time 30 minutes
    Country of origin United States
    Language English
    Syndicates NBC
    Starring Bob Sloane
    Announcer Ernest Chappell
    Written by Gail Ingram
    Arnold Perl
    Max Ehrlich
    Directed by Tom Vietor
    Harry Ingram
    Produced by Bernard J. Prockter
    Original release April 2, 1947 – March 23, 1955
    Opening theme Ein Heldenleben
    Sponsored by Pall Mall cigarettes, the program began on NBC Radio on April 2, 1947. With Lucky Strike cigarettes sponsoring the last two seasons, it was broadcast until March 23, 1955.

    The radio series was top-rated, rivalling Bing Crosby's Philco Radio Time.

    Produced by Barnard J. Prockter, the shows were scripted by Gail Ingram, Arnold Pearl and Max Ehrlich. Tom Vietor and Harry Ingram directed the series. Gail and Harry Ingram were husband and wife. The theme was taken from Ein Heldenleben ("A Hero's Life"), a tone poem by Richard Strauss.

    Prockter was inspired to create the program after hearing about a man who was freed from a life sentence in jail by the work of two newspaper reporters in Chicago. Most of the stories in the show dealt with stories about closed cases. Ross Eaman, in his book, Historical Dictionary of Journalism, wrote that the program was "originally intended to honour reporters ignored by Pulitzer committees ...." Jim Cox also cited that plan in his book, Radio Crime Fighters: More Than 300 Programs from the Golden Age.

    Each week the program recognized the reporter who wrote the story on which that episode was based and the newspaper in which the story appeared. The reporter received $500, was interviewed on the air and was acknowledged in the introduction, as in this example:

    Pall Mall, famous big cigarette, presents The Big Story, another in a thrilling series based on true experiences of newspaper reporters. Tonight, to Russ Wilson of the Des Moines Tribune goes the Pall Mall award for The Big Story. Now, the authentic and exciting story of "The Case of the Ambitious Hobo."

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