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  • Seeking the self through stories, art, and ideas | Filmmaker by profession

  • Celebrating and sharing stories from those that embody the spirit of Antioch University and our founder, Horace Mann, as they win victories for humanity

  • The world’s most astonishing rescue stories; told by the people who were there.

    Join host Donny Dust, Marine Corps veteran and world-renowned survival expert, as we marvel at the magnitude of the human spirit and those who refuse to surrender in the face of impossible odds.

    From seasoned search and rescuers to everyday heroes, we go on their journey as they brave treacherous arctic waters, tsunamis, mountains, collapsed mines and even space, to preserve the most sacred of all – life.

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  • Want to know more about the world and the challenges and solutions to some of the most pressing issues for humanity?

    Pod Worldwide is a monthly podcast from Concern Worldwide - an Irish humanitarian organisation – exploring stories from communities facing climate change, hunger, conflict, natural disasters and inequality, and finding out what’s being done to address these challenges and make the world a fairer and just place.

    We’ll hear from young people, activists and Concern staff on the ground who are making a difference; fighting for climate justice, gender equality, and doing whatever it takes to end extreme poverty, along with other bits and bobs in between.

    New episodes every month.

  • Welcome to "The Mind, The Mirror, and Me," where the worlds of beauty and mental health come together like never before. This is the podcast for anyone eager to explore not just what they see in the mirror but what lies beneath the surface. Mackie Overbay, a 20-something licensed cosmetologist, provides more than just styling tips; she offers a window into self-love, self-care, and the transformative power of looking your best. Her father, Tony Overbay, LMFT, an experienced marriage and family therapist, brings therapeutic insights, offering guidance on relationships, family dynamics, and emotional well-being. Together, they create a rich tapestry of conversation, appealing to listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

    In each episode, you'll find engaging dialogues and real-world advice that intersects the outer appearance with inner growth. Whether exploring how a new hairstyle can boost your confidence or delving into techniques for cultivating mindfulness and mental clarity, this podcast is as multifaceted as the people it serves.

    Hear stories from clients in the salon chair, participate in enlightening discussions on solitude, and engage with expert guests from various fields. With topics ranging from the latest trends in beauty to managing stress and anxiety, "The Mind, The Mirror, and Me" brings something unique and invaluable to the table.

    Join Mackie and her father on this enlightening journey as they help listeners navigate both the mirror of appearance and the mirror of the mind. With every episode, they challenge, inspire, and empower, aiming to make every individual feel comfortable in their skin and life.

    Listen in, and you may just discover that the path to well-being lies in the reflection of "The Mind, The Mirror, and Me."

  • Welcome to the Diaries of a Diasporian Podcast (DOD) a space where Africans in the diaspora get to share their stories and experiences. Welcome and Enjoy!
    Episodes will be posted bi-weekly on Thursdays!
    Instagram Handle - @diaries_of_a_diasporian

  • A podcast about the changes that people have experienced as they live through the most recent pandemic to have hit African shores.

  • Pictures fade and physical objects deteriorate, but stories can withstand time. Gay Narratives is where we break through the surface and share stories about real moments that shape us.

    We're made up of 70% water, so we really are just a vast ocean of stories waiting to be told. These untold stories live deep within us and my hope is that by sharing them, we can release some positive energy and create waves. I'll challenge you to reflect internally while guiding you to be confident and proud of yourself. Let’s create waves together.

  • Get lost and discover through the tales of travel, culture, and introspection of Roamancing Travel Magazineโ€™s motley crew of travellers and culture cravers.

  • Female power, African entrepreneurship, ethical fashion, and the future of diversity and inclusion - presenting the Ethical Fashion Podcast Series 2

  • An open discussion about many things from friendship, to love, self care, and motherhood.

  • On the 1st and the 15th of every month, I use these platforms to share life tracks, skills, tips, and touch-ups in the hope of re-sharing what I've learned. My intention is to let someone know that life is not fixed but fluid. That you have a choice and I hope you choose to intentionally create a life you love being in. Coz maybe, just maybe that's what we need to make this world a place worth living in.

    I'm Tali Victory and I pledge to be all day intentional.

  • Hangafa pลdkฤstฤซ Afฤn Oromo !
    In here, we discuss Sustainable Development, culture, history(with emphasis on the Horn of Africa), economics, Digital technologies and football(soccer).
    Teessoon: Telegram(

  • Do you ever wonder what it would be like to grab a coffee with the greatest thinkers and doers who’ve ever lived? You can stop wondering.

    I Hear Dead People is the podcast that brings history’s most renowned thinkers, leaders, and teachers back to life… sort of.

    The conjurers of these thought-provoking, life-affirming conversations are dead-serious students of history, philosophy, and human behavior. They’re passing on authentic wisdom from the great beyond to bring to life fresh ideas, inspiration, and insight for today’s listeners.

  • Welcome to Paradiso Talks where conversations about cinema, college, and life will be held with a diverse group of individuals.

    Grab some popcorn people, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

  • A bi-weekly podcast reviewing new restaurants in and around St. Louis

  • Truth be told we're two girls who have no idea what we're doing. But one thing we do know is life moves too fast, sometimes you just need to be lazy and we're here to tell you how! Kick back, relax, be lazy, have a laugh and join us in shameless laziness.

  • Hey let’s talk about everything and anything xoxoxox !! Juicy talks and long walks well I don’t actually walk lmaooo !!! Welcome to LA CONCHA it’s Diane PuroGuanajuato ๐Ÿ’‹

  • A place to sit down, grab a snack, grab a drink and share stories ~

    Here in my little corner of the podcasting universe; A mini-project to kick-off my dreams of content creation.

    Though English is my main language, I may also speak Indonesian every now and then... And since I've started to learn Korean. I hope to do some small stuff in Korean too!

    Topics will be random! It is a bar after all... To share random thoughts and stories from and with me ~ the owner of this humble pop-up bar!

  • Devyn and Sammie discuss pop culture and give hot takes. Yes it’s as broad as it sounds.