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  • The Afterschool Special is a conversation about design as a cultural practice. It is about the role of culture in society and the role of design in culture. Modernist nostalgia and Postmodernism of the Late Capitalism.

    We discuss elements of art history, philosophy, and critical theory. Socio-cultural dynamics and where they come from. Our goal is to help design students and others interested in the subject understand how to use design as a tool to shape environments as opposed to one used for decorative purposes. 

  • Сакральная традиция запада - магия, мифология, философия, их суть и история. Подкаст от центра "Гермополь".
    Больше интересного - на сайтах Гермополь (классический оккультизм, Таро, обучение, книги, вебинары) и Омниасофия (теория оккультизма, мировоззрение, работа разума и вселенной). Есть вопросы и предложения? Пишите в ВК или на почту - [email protected]

  • Moi goście dzielą się osobistymi, inspirującymi historiami o mieszkaniu za granicą, spełnianiu swoich pasji i wykorzystywaniu możliwości, które daje nam współczesny świat. Dodajemy odwagi i motywacji wszystkim pragnącym nowych doznań, ale nie wiedzą, jak zacząć.

  • We are a group of reporters who help to understand the changes and events taking place in the world. We currently cover Russian aggression in Ukraine.

    *English is not our mother tongue - but we do our best to spread the stories we collect.

  • is one of the foundational websites of modern internet culture: the earliest memes, inside jokes, and modes of communication that grace and plague the internet today can trace their roots back to the sprawling forums of this illustrious website.

    Hosted by Jay Brandstetter and Winslow Dumaine, this podcast dredges up the most notable threads from the depths of the forums. We delve into the absurd architecture of Groverhaus, explore the very beginning of 4Chan, the early days of master poster Dril, examine the discovery and ruination of Chris-Chan, and recount the day when the despised owner of the website, Richard “Lowtax“ Kyanka fought the disgraced filmmaker Uwe Boll in a boxing match, and more. We’re diving into the archives so you don’t have to.

    Winslow Dumaine is a comedian and illustrator out of Chicago. He’s opened for Kyle Kinane, Dave Ross, and Sam Tallent, and toured with Derek Sheen. His debut work of fiction is The Tarot Restless, a hand illustrated deck of tarot cards and a book of short stories. His next work is a cooperative tabletop card game called RESTLESS, the discord for which is available here.

    Jay Brandstetter is an internet historian and online content creator out of his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to a lifetime of firsthand research on the Something Awful forums and elsewhere, he created the popular Twitter account "crazy ass moments in Something Awful history", has over 100,000 views on YouTube, and over 3 million on TikTok. His ongoing work is The Greymuzzle Archives, a series of long-form interviews of elder members of the furry fandom.

    This program is not affiliated with or sponsored by Something Awful LLC or Jeffrey of YOSPOS.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Farm Marketing Solutions inspires and educates the next generation of farmers. Host John Suscovich has been teaching homesteaders and farmers around the world for nearly a decade with the hope of making the planet a better place.

  • W 2021 roku tysiące uchodźców usiłowało przedostać się z terytorium Białorusi do Polski. Szymon Opryszek, reporter portalu, odbył podróż szlakiem migrantów, by dowiedzieć się, dlaczego mieszkańcy Syrii, Afganistanu i innych krajów Bliskiego Wschodu ryzykują wszystko na drodze, która dla wielu okazała się granicą między życiem a śmiercią. Pierwszy dokument podcastowy, stworzony we współpracy Voice House i, to udźwiękowiony zapis podróży Szymona Opryszka i bohaterów cyklu jego reportaży „Moja zbrodnia to mój paszport”.

  • FIlip Skrońc - fotograf, filmowiec, pisarz i reportażysta. Siłą rzeczy, jego autorski podcast dotknie każdej z tych dziedzin. Filip z zaproszonymi gośćmi rozmawia o ich pracy. A ich praca mówi sama za siebie.

  • Hi! Welcome to my podcast! You can hit me through my instagram : @nancymariane — See you!

  • Inner Sanctum Mystery, also known as Inner Sanctum, is a popular old-time radio program that aired from January 7, 1941, to October 5, 1952. It was created by producer Himan Brown and was based on the imprint given to the mystery novels of Simon & Schuster. In all, 526 episodes were broadcas

  • We read the weirdest and most extreme books we can find and share them with our audience.

    Book Club from Hell is not an educational podcast. If you listen to the podcast for education please take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. The views expressed by the authors and content-creators we review are not necessarily the views of the Jack and Levi.

  • The late Ming witnessed an unprecedented production of woodblock images printed for many different purposes, including illustrations for drama and games, decorations for stationary paper or ink making, as well as pictorial works for the market. This symposium, organized in conjunction with the exhibition “Gardens, Art, and Commerce in ChineseWoodblock Prints,” on view at The Huntington from Sept. 17, 2016 to Jan. 9, 2017, will explore the relationship and interaction between image and text in woodblock prints during the late Ming and Qing periods. The symposium was held at The Huntington on Nov. 12, 2016.

  • Dwójka przyjaciół w konfiguracji damsko-męskiej, otwiera dla słuchaczy swoje spotkania przy winku. Czeka Cię odbywająca się wręcz na poziomie molekularnym analiza najróżniejszych lifestylowych tematów. Komedie, dramaty, seks, zbrodnie, relacje, emocje. Z resztą… nie ma co gadać! Wpadaj na winko i tyle!
    Odwiedź nas na instagramie: MOJEBARDZOWIELKIEWINO

  • Dwóch kumpli w luźnych rozmowach o życiu, biznesie, relacjach i wszystkim co może interesować 30 letnich facetów.

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    [email protected]

  • Yuk dengerin siaran online bareng announcer eSKa yang kece abis!!

  • WARNING: This is NOT the content you’re used to from hosts Tiffany Ma and Matt Fine. ROTN is a show that gets downright intimate as these lovers-turned-business partners candidly talk about money, relationships, taboo subjects, and the mental health issues their families have so graciously passed down upon them. Featuring special guests, entrepreneurs, and the occasional celebrity; expect to laugh, cry, and get a little rotten with fresh new episodes dropping every Tuesday!

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  • Popierdółki rubaszne i ironiczne, doskonałe do słuchania niezobowiązującego podczas spacerowania, stania w kolejce lub też długotrwałej wizyty w kiblu.

  • Hej! Z tej strony Klaudia i Mia. Wasze ulubione duo z projektu Nikomu Winne.
    Będziemy rozmawiały o tym, jak nie oszaleć w dzisiejszych czasach i dlaczego nam to nie wychodzi.

    /Nikomu Winne/