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  • Welcome to ”Paws & Properties,” the podcast where real estate and mortgage talk meets wagging tails! Your hosts, the dynamic duo Dayana Cervantes, the real estate guru, and Susannah Broegler, the loan officer extraordinaire, are here to turn your property journey into a paw-sitively delightful experience. Join us for a dose of home-buying humor, mortgage merriment, and heartwarming stories from the world of dog rescue because, hey, we’re proud members of Compact Canine Rescue and believe in finding homes for both people and pups! Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned property pro, or just love a good rescue story, ”Paws & Properties” has something for everyone. Get ready for a paw-some blend of real estate expertise, mortgage magic, and the joy of helping our furry friends. It’s not just a podcast; it’s a tail-wagging good time! Tune in and let’s fetch some fantastic insights together! 🐾🏡✨

  • Official Podcast of the National Association of State Controlled Substance Authorities. Includes interviews with a variety of guests on topics regarding controlled substances, medications, Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, and more.

  • My Sacred Return podcast is hosted by spiritual writer, published poet, counsellor, and founder of My Sacred Return, Liss Morales.

    Each week the podcast features a conversation that welcomes listeners to connect the dots needed to embrace peace, or understanding for themselves, through the rough experiences in the world.

  • Welcome to Redacted! We're four high school guys discussing topics that aren't normally brought up in school or the mainstream and how we can apply those topics to our daily lives. Hope you enjoy!

  • I Relationsfilosofen ger Transformationscoachen Mattias Ulriksson, socionom och hypnoterapeut, övertänkare verktyg att transformera blockeringar till möjligheter för att nå det drömliv som bubblar på insidan. Nyckeln är att förändra relationen till sig själv för att få de relationer man önskar. Relationsfilosofen ger dig kunskap på ett lättsmält sätt där humor och allvar växlas.

    Är du redo att ruska om ditt kärleksliv, förändra din självbild och få verktyg att gå mot ditt drömliv? Då är Relationsfilosofen din biljett till ett liv av glädje, meningsfullhet och djupa insikter. Följ och ge ett omdöme när du lyssnat på avsnitten om du tyckt om dem!

    Om du vill gå från från låst till förvandlad är Transformationen din nästa onlinekurs. Bara för dig som bestämt dig för att 2024 ska bli året du gör förändringen du redan dragit ut på. Nytt liv -> nya verktyg + en transformerande kurs du har livslång tillgång till!
    Gå till www.relationsfilosofen.se och fånga din plats nu!

    Följ Relationsfilosofen på instagram för mer praktisk visdom i kortformat.

  • Welcome to Tears and Joy in Your Twenties! Navigating your twenties comes with a lot of highs and lows, a lot of freedom, and a lot of uncertainty. This podcast exists to create a space for conversations about all of it. Each week, you’ll hear interviews of Gen Z creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders telling their stories-- tears and joy and all. This is meant to be a reminder that you are not alone, there’s so much to look forward to, and you can savor this season-- right in the messy middle.

  • My name is Jasna Burza, and my purpose is to remind you that you are the one you have been waiting for. I feel blessed to have amazing conversations with the most insightful people in the world and let their insight help you grow in all areas of your life. Listen to find your purpose, remove the noise of the world, learn how to vibrate higher and access the genius within.

    Host Jasna Burza is a best selling author of Healer in Heels, speaker and personal development expert and regular TV show contributor.

    Come say hi on Instagram @jasna.burza ♥️
    Buy book here: https://a.co/d/agOUrzv

    Please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. Remember, you are the one you have been waiting for.

  • I denna podd pratar vi om Hjärnsmart Självledarskap och hur du maximerar din energi för att fungera så bra som möjligt. Vi tar avstamp i hjärnan och nervsystemet för att skapa större förståelse för hur vi fungerar som människor, vad som behövs för att må bra och prestera hållbart. Du möter Malin Hedlund, executive coach med mångårig internationell erfarenhet av att arbeta med individer och företag. Du möter även Alexandra J.B, mental tränare och neuroscience coach som är grundare till TMB Institute.

    Podden är en förlängning av utvecklingsprogrammet NeuroEnergy Leadership Program som vänder sig till personer i ledande position som vill optimera sin energi och arbetsinsats.

  • Wait a second, you mean to tell me our twenties are supposed to matter? How can we take advantage of them during a pandemic? During each episode, Charlotte and Peyton unpack and discover ways to take advantage of your twenties and discuss the successes and struggles of this decade.

  • The Interweave Podcast explores the intricate tapestry of life through captivating conversations on relationships, business, mental health, politics, and the vibrant world of entertainment. Join us for expert insights, thought-provoking discussions, and exclusive interviews that offer valuable knowledge and inspiration for navigating life's multifaceted challenges and opportunities.

  • Black Leaders Achievers, BLA, strives to develop leadership skills through the education of black culture and its deep history!

  • #EvolvingWithGratitude explores how gratitude can improve well-being, nurture relationships, and make the world a better place. Listen as Lainie Rowell shares heartfelt stories that spread joy and empower us to flourish.

  • For the young and emerging adult. Let’s learn how to transition into and navigate adulthood together

  • Through sheer grit, resilience, fortitude, and healing - transformation of difficult, painful and raw life experiences can be realised, opening to a deeper purpose and unique gifts that provide hope, healing, grace, resources for positive change in this moment, and inspiration to all who are called to it.

  • Free Advice You Didn't Ask For is a podcast on life lessons and things that are good for you, because they were either good for me or someone I know or heard about. You didn't ask for them, you don't have to take them, and you might not even like them, but I'm going to continue to give them either way ("hopefully"). Hi, I'm Toby.

  • Brought to you by TheEthosNetwork - your go-to source for insightful discussions and in-depth explorations of the human MIND. Join us on a journey of discovery as we unravel the complexities of the human mind. Whether you're a lifelong learner, a student, or a curious mind eager to expand your knowledge, this podcast is designed for you. Connect with us on social media.

  • Meaningful.and thought provoking comversations
    #motivational #selfdevelopment #mentalhealth

    live every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm on www.stereo.com/germanguy
    on your favorite platform(central standard time)

    Instagram: @germanguypod

  • This is the podcast where I interview people with Unusual Jobs and interesting stories behind them.From slaughterhouse worker, to hostage survival trainer, you will learn ins and outs of their professions!New episodes are coming every second week on Thursday!

  • Understand & Speak real life American English with me, Camille. I create English podcasts at different English levels (Beginner - Advanced). The goal of my podcast is to help you with listening comprehension and to help you learn new words that we use in real life English. Thanks for learning with me!❤ Camillelearnenglishwithcamille.com