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  • Life is a journey. We all come from different walks of life. We all have our own personal struggles. We are all different, but we certainly have one thing in common. We are human. We have a need to nourish our mind, body and spirit to keep us going on this journey called life. This is for anyone who seeks to nourish themselves to keep going on this journey. I am here to help nourish, guide and inspire you as we grow together.

    Business: julienneipapo@gmail.com

  • Gold Dust: The Podcast, aimed at engaging and educating, sprinkling particles of knowledge on people’s lives. On the back of the success of the #1 Best Selling book 'Gold Dust: How to Become a More Effective Coach, Quickly," the Gold Dust podcast was released. The show hosts lots of World class practitioners in their respective fields, sharing their knowledge and experiences for listeners.

  • Deep Dive Broadway takes you on an exclusive adventure inside the creation of your favorite Broadway shows. Join us on this deep dive as top Broadway talent, on stage and behind-the-curtain, share their personal 'making of' stories. Hosted by four-time Tony-winning Broadway Producer Dori Berinstein, Deep Dive Broadway is a celebration of the creative process!

  • Are you still lost and can’t figure out what you want in life? Has adulting been rough on you? Let’s talk about realities of life, career, and adulting together since there’s no real handbook out there to guide us. These are things that I wished I knew sooner. Join me as I try to discuss common struggles and misconceptions as we all navigate through college, the real world and the cruel jungle called life.

    New episodes every Monday 6pm! #MishconceptionsMondays

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  • Delve into the random weird mind of Radio DJ JC Tevez as he takes you into a behind the scenes world of his life, his thoughts, rants, love for food, and everything else in between as he basically talks about nothing, and everything at the same time.
    If you want the gram it's @TevezOfTheBest eyye!

    For inquiries/partnerships: itsmejaysee@gmail.com

    (Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this podcast are my own and do not reflect any companies that I work for and/or endorse)

  • We've all been there: A captive host, forced to comment on horror subjects against your will, and all by the unspeakable evils you call your bosses. You know, a typical day at work. Well for JW169, this was a very bad beginning to a very strange adventure.
    Dreaded Dominions is a twice-monthly podcast that follows our host (and his P.O.T.A.O) on their trek across the backwoods of the multiverse in attempt to get back to his regularly scheduled commentary on horror.

    If you have a love

  • Für Krankenhäuser und Altenpflege-Einrichtungen ist PERSONAL der zentrale Engpassfaktor, der zukünftig noch mehr über Erfolg oder Scheitern entscheiden wird. Zugleich ändert sich die Personalarbeit im Gesundheitswesen rasant. Daher müssen sich nicht nur Personaler, sondern vor allem auch Führungskräfte und die Geschäftsleitung intensiv damit befassen. ---
    Genau dabei unterstützt dich Dr. Lars Holldorf mit diesem Podcast. Als Experte für Personalstrategie im Gesundheitswesen ist seine Mission, dass du im Konkurrenzkampf um Mitarbeiter und Talente erfolgreich bleibst oder wirst. Und speziell dafür erhältst du in diesem Podcast regelmäßig kompakt aufbereitetes Experten-Wissen – sowohl von Lars persönlich als auch von ausgewiesenen anderen Experten. ---
    Wenn du also zur Geschäftsleitung bzw. zum Vorstand eines Krankenhauses oder einer Pflegeeinrichtung gehörst, Personalleiter, Ärztlicher Direktor, Pflegedirektor, Pflegedienstleiter oder Heimleiter bist, dann ist dieser Podcast genau richtig für dich.

  • Discover the copywriting concepts and principles hidden inside the latest and best research within the fields of neuroscience, linguistics, and psychology. Join host Geoff Kullman every week to learn more about what’s happening in the brain of your clients and prospects as they read your copy. Yes, copywriting is an art… but it’s also a science!

  • Godly Business is dedicated to inspiring Christian born again entrepreneurs.

  • Leaving your family and friends, and uprooting your life to pursue your dream takes grit. But that’s what each of the guests on this podcast have done. Each week we immerse ourselves in the stories of NHS professionals who have travelled here from overseas.
    If you have ever wondered about what it takes: the risks, the rewards and the unforgettable experiences that come from pursuing a life as a medical professional abroad? Then this podcast is for you.

    The opinions and views in this podcast are the individuals own and do not represent the respective NHS Trusts they work for.

  • Deep, methodical dives into wars that have impacted millions, but have been forgotten by many more.

  • General variety talk show/music with my famous studio cat-JAGGY!

  • Okay. Now What?! is a podcast by Speaker and Certified Life Coach, Kate Gladdin, to help teens and twenty-somethings build the resilience we need to overcome the challenges of finishing school and life after it. Kate combines her personal experience with powerful coaching tools to help you stop spinning in overwhelm and better navigate your way through all the big, and often unexpected, changes that happen in this stage of our lives. On this podcast you'll not only find tonnes of inspiration, but eye-opening advice and useful strategies to reduce your anxiety and boost your confidence so you go after what you want most. After losing her sister at just age 20, Kate knows life is too short not to.

  • This is the show that helps you up your confidence game so you stop settling for less than you deserve. Your host is Brooke Collins - speaker, life coach, women’s empowerment enthusiast, and the best friend you never knew you needed. But boy, do you need her.

    If you struggle with confidence, your self-worth, Brooke understands how you feel. As a coach she has helped many overcome these same frustrations, and has now condensed her life of learning into a simple 21 day challenge. Get it at https://www.innovativecoachbrooke.com

  • An affirmation podcast to help others affirm their positive lifestyles and journey to success.

  • What would you do if you knew that all you needed was already inside you to pursuit that life you had always wanted? What changes would you make to your current life if you knew that
    everything was really going to be ok? Sit back and learn a little bit about me and how I overcame not just 1 Big Trauma in my life but many by trying alternatives to prescriptions, diets, and more. Learn about the #1 thing that gave me my life back.

  • Welcome to the Work+Life Harmony Podcast, where you will learn practical tips on all things time management, organization and productivity for overwhelmed women. Are you feeling overwhelmed, frazzled and exhausted trying to do #allthethings? Each week, you will hear practical advice, real stories, and awesome interviews from other women that are finding work+life harmony as they juggle (not balance) their lives, families, work and businesses ...without sacrificing themselves or the things they love.

    You’ll walk away feeling empowered and equipped to manage your time, get organized, and skyrocket your productivity!

  • Walter Peters (Naked Forex) and Hugh Kimura (Trading Heroes) help you upgrade your trading psychology by providing the latest tools, techniques and strategies to develop a high performance trading mindset. Learn what is working for them and other traders, in real-money trading.

  • A show that talks about the curiosities and concerns of the Titas of today.

    Hosted by Tin Dychiao and Tita K