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  • Join me on the journey of life transformation in Christ. We discuss the everyday issues that affect the everyday Christian woman. Let’s go on this transformation journey together. My mission is to teach, inspire, and ignite what’s already there in you and for you to become Unbreakable.

  • Kata-kata seadanya yang semoga bisa bermanfaat

  • In your 20s, life gets more complicated. But don't worry—Sarah will tell you about her genuine experiences as she deals with her 20s. If you ever need someone to listen to, this podcast might help

  • Hello World! You've just landed on 'Unscripted', a cozy corner of the internet where AI meets human wonder. Powered by LLM, each episode brings you a thematic lesson of English - real business scenarios, iconic movie scripts, and rich cultural idioms. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just an English enthusiast, join us for a dynamic learning experience. From role plays and interviews to dissecting cinema dialogues, we've got it all! Tune in and elevate your English game, one episode at a time

  • A podcast about leaning into the parts of you that have been hidden away.

  • Welcome to the YUMMY (Your Ultimate Most Meaningful Yet) Podcast, where empowerment, growth, and unleashing your true potential take center stage! Hosted by Crystal Khalil and Dr. Nicole LaBeach, a dynamic duo with over 50 years of combined expertise, this podcast will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and living life to the fullest.
    In a world that often imposes limitations, Crystal and Dr. Nicole are here to break those chains and empower you to step into your ultimate most meaningful self by providing you with a safe space to shed societal expectations, embrace vulnerability, and embark on a path of self-improvement.
    Through candid conversations, expert insights, and personal anecdotes, each episode will bring you closer to the YUMMY philosophy – Your Ultimate Most Meaningful Yet. Join your hosts and their guests as they explore ways to break free from our self-imposed masks, overcome challenges, and cultivate authenticity. From relationships to business endeavors, you will unlock a new level of success and experience the true essence of living a YUMMY life.
    Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey? Tune in to the YUMMY Podcast and discover the ultimate most meaningful version of yourself! 

  • Nevada State Podcast Series is a collaboration with Nevada State College's Office of Student Life and student-club, Sting Studio. The series will bring you direct interviews with directors and faculty, and Sting Studio will provide us their weekly dose of entertainment.

    What are you waiting for? Join Us!

  • Hello everyone, I am your host Karan Prakash, working as an SEO expert and social media marketer. I help startups, agencies and e-commerce websites to get more traffic and leads through SEO and social media. Through this podcast show so I am going to share with you all the tips and tricks related to SEO social media and digital marketing which I used in my day today life for myself as well as for the clients. I keep on you think related to SEO and digital marketing. I also help consulting people related to digital marketing for free. Stay tuned for some amazing upcoming stuff. Have a great & happy time.

  • Lakshya is a storyteller, so he started a podcast where he could talk about stories - some real ones, some made-up ones, some inspiring ones - while also talking to different kinds of storytellers about why and how they do what they do. Produced by Launchora. 960913

  • How Thick Will Your Mulch Be When The Hordes Descend? The zombie apocalypse is very real, and I've found what lies at the very bottom of the rabbit hole. It's not pretty, but unless we unite against our hidden common enemy we are wasting our time. Get my book at zombiepermaculture.com

    This is a podcast about running for the hills, even though the hills may have eyes, to transform 5 acres of Texas desert into a permaculture oasis.

    Please support my project: https://anchor.fm/zombie-permaculture/subscribe for special add-free episodes on topics not suitable for the sheeple of Earth.

  • Are you a family caregiver who is dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia in your life and you feel overwhelmed with the never-ending challenges you face, and don’t know where to turn for help?

    Are you searching for answers to your questions about dementia, joining countless Facebook groups but find them toxic and a waste of your precious time?

    Do you want to face your dementia caregiving journey in a proactive way, but feel confused about where to even start?

    Are you juggling your marriage, your kids, your work, your faith and your loved one’s life and still feel like you are letting everyone down?

    Learning the skills you need to simplify your dementia caregiving may seem hard. But not learning the skills you need to simplify your dementia caregiving journey will be even harder.

    It is time to choose your “hard”. The choice is 100% yours. I know what I chose: I chose to increase my ease in my dementia caregiving journey.

    Hey, Dementia Success Seeker!

    I’m Lizette Cloete. 30 + year veteran occupational therapist turned into a dementia educator, coach and consultant and I am a daughter of dementia.

    In this podcast you will learn the truth that the only way to increase the ease of your dementia caregiving journey rests squarely in YOUR hands. The way you actively prepare and what you believe about dementia caregiving makes all the difference.

    ๏ผž๏ผž๏ผžYou will gain the practical skills you need to simplify caregiving.

    ๏ผž๏ผž๏ผžYou will be challenged by what it means to be a successful caregiver, teaching you to harness the power of the most powerful caregiving tool that you have: your mindset.

    ๏ผž๏ผž๏ผžAnd you will learn exactly what Alzheimer’s and dementia is (and is not), how this changes the brain and what you can expect next in your dementia caregiving journey.

    You will find a community of like minded family caregivers, helping someone with dementia and you will not be alone anymore.

    My mission is to help the unsung heroes who are in the midst of dementia caregiving, with the skills to simplify your dementia care journey so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and burn out.

    I help you find clarity and certainty using the latest evidence based research, so you have perseverance for this marathon. I approach dementia caregiving using faith informed principles that allow you to navigate this journey with peace of mind.

    So, buckle up your coffee, grab a notebook and pen and be ready to be a Courageous Caregiver.

    It’s time to choose your easy.

  • What influenced the thinkers, creators, writers, and rebels to develop their unique perspectives and share it with the rest of us? What does their creative process look like today and how has it evolved? Let’s learn how the sausage gets made.

  • The Jack Rants with Modern Bankers – your essential guide to the dynamic world of finance and banking. Explore trends, insights, and innovations with industry experts, covering digital transformation, fintech, sustainable investing, and regulatory shifts. Whether you're a seasoned professional or curious about global economics, tune in for actionable advice and captivating stories. Stay ahead in the modern financial landscape – subscribe now for valuable insights and expert perspectives.

  • Productive German is a podcast by Eninet Language Hub

  • If you're looking for an intermediate German podcast, LanguaTalk is ideal for listening to news in slow German. It'll be perfect for you if you have a lower-intermediate level (B1), but can also help A2 and B2 learners. The podcast is free and you can find interactive transcripts on our cutting-edge software, Langua. We've created this podcast using AI.

  • Our audiobooks and podcasts for Malay speakers

    Buku audio dan podcast kami untuk penutur bahasa Melayu