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  • Looking for advice, juicy goss, or just a good laugh? Welcome to Leave A Message, a brand new podcast presented by your internet besties - Ally & G. Tune in every week as the Gallies share their stories, dramas and dilemmas in the world’s juiciest group chat (ok, maybe not the whole world… YET). They delve into your voice notes to spill the tea, where nothing is off limits, no topic is too embarrassing and there’s NO such thing as too much information.

    Want to be a part of the group chat and featured on the pod? Send your voice note to https://wa.me/message/LLWFXNK4YXMHE1 (and please, don’t leave out ANY of the juicy details).

  • زاویه، پادکستی معماریست که از زوایای مختلف معماری را مورد بررسی قرار میدهد

  • Welcome to the 'Engineering Room’ a podcast hosted by Dave Farley!

    Join us on a journey through the world of software development, as we listen in to conversations between Dave and other influential experts from the field. Discover how to provide top-notch software that sets new standards for quality. Tune in and unlock the secrets to mastering Continuous Delivery and learn what it takes to achieve excellence in the software industry.

  • En este podcast hablaremos de el proyecto de desarrollo de una Incubadora de Animales.

  • Keičiam temą - lengviausia pasakyti, kai pokalbyje pasidaro nepatogu. O mes jus kviesime savo pokalbiais išbūti nepatogume ir atsispiriant nuo to judėti link asmeninio augimo. Keičiam temą - lai nuo šiol tai veda į auginančius pokalbius ir patirtis.

  • Host Meg Reynolds moved to Nashville in August 2020 without knowing a single person. Her journey wasn't always easy, but it's been one filled with growth, self-love, and healing. Now, she's sharing her experiences with you all as well as bringing on incredible guests to share their stories and discuss a variety of topics.

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  • O codzienności bez niezdrowego pośpiechu. Opowiadam o zasobach, możliwościach i praktycznych rozwiązaniach na czas dla siebie. Przyglądam się wartości pracy i namawiam do odzyskania czasu na przyjemności i odpoczynku. Z życzliwością i troską, praktycznie, inspirująco i refleksyjnie.

  • Our mission is to help people believe that anything is possible. I think doing the impossible Will create a belief in people that can truly help the world become a more positive place. 👁

  • Commune creates video courses with world-renowned teachers on topics such as integrative medicine, nutrition, spirituality, meditation, personal growth, relationships, and mindful leadership. The Commune Courses Podcast offers free audio excerpts of our most popular courses — though be sure to subscribe and listen because lessons won’t stay in your feed forever! To get 14 days of free Commune Membership, which includes access to watch or listen to 140+ courses, go to onecommune.com/free.

  • Welcome to the Good Learning Podcast, where we dive deep into real world examples of real, good learning as told by the best L&D professionals in the field.

    At Good Learning, we believe over the top results don’t require over the top learning. Each episode we’ll take a holistic look at a specific learning intervention, how it came to fruition, what went into developing it, how it was measured, lessons learned, and so much more. You’ll hear from real life L&D practitioners from all over the world who are doing the work, and making some real good learning happen while doing it.

  • The Quill Project exists to enhance understanding of some of the foundational legal texts of the modern world. By combining traditional historical and archival research with advanced digital modelling techniques, the project explores the context within which constitutional conventions, legislative assemblies, and other formal groups made decisions.

  • Подкаст, созданный специально для мужчин, желающих раскрыть свой потенциал и улучшить качество своей жизни. В каждом выпуске мы обсуждаем важные аспекты мужской психологии, отношений, профессионального развития и самосовершенствования. Мы затрагиваем темы, актуальные для современного мужчины: баланс между работой и личной жизнью, управление стрессом, развитие лидерских качеств и многое другое. Присоединяйтесь к нашему сообществу, чтобы вдохновляться, учиться и расти вместе с нами.

  • Podcasts of lectures and seminars held at the Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford.

  • Welcome to Date Yourself, I´m your host Amber and no matter if you´re married or single I think the world would be a better place if we all dated ourselves. During this podcast we discuss being unapologetically yourself, ditching the bullshit & tuning into more peace by making joy a choice. Through listening to this podcast you might create a lifelong glow up, just saying. It´s time you start to appreciate yourself more, date yourself!https://www.amberaardenburg.com/INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/amberaardenburg/Disclaimer Date Yourself https://www.amberaardenburg.com/terms-conditions/

  • Подкаст "Как поступить?" является частью образовательного проекта WorldAbroad — здесь мы будем делиться процессом поступления за границу, получения стипендий, а также историями всех, кто получил этот опыт. Каждый выпуск — уникальный опыт, бесценный гайд и помощник для всех, кто мечтает об учебе за границей.

  • Ask Your Work Wife is a podcast for ambitious women who want more out of Corporate America.

  • The mission is simple:
    Empower people to elevate their success and money mindset

    I’m on my way to a 7 FIGURE YEAR and total lifestyle freedom. And I’m here to share my energy, failures, pain points, breakthroughs, manifestation goals and mindset tips along the way.

    I created the podcast to help in the exact way I wanted to be helped -- by recording short "rants" on a particular topic. Money, success, mindset, elevation, energetic frequency, manifestation -- all of the above.

    Share with those you care about that you think would appreciate the lift!

  • Change can be uncomfortable, stressful, even downright frightening because our brains are wired to perceive change as a threat. But sometimes people push through the fear and face change head on. This podcast is about those people. Every two weeks, host Jun Love Young, CEO of ZUM Communications, introduces you to incredible change agents who’ve led extraordinary transformations in their life, their work, and the world. Their stories will inspire YOU to be the agent of change your life deserves.

    A Change Mindset is brought to you by ZUM Communications. Music by Tow'rs.

    Learn more at: aChangeMindset.com

  • A podcast on unshakeable confidence, lessons in self- love, explores practical ways to become the person you’ve always wanted to be through subconscious reprogramming. Decide who you are becoming and start showing up as them everyday!