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  • Host, Mike Robinson, talks with professional musicians and crew to find out where bands eat and drink around the world... Because bands travel way more than you do.

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  • Deep Electronic Music From The Heart Of Copenhagen

  • On-demand content highlighting the best information and entertainment from the Real Roots Radio team.

  • Stoun Records - selection of the new electronic music of young performers. Missiya My love, support and develop dance music. For millions of people every day, it is a source of energy and, more than any other, brings people together. We work for a wide audience, and do not seek to go deep in the underground, or, conversely, in pop music. We do not believe that the commercial music - is a bad thing, as long as it was done efficiently. We disapprove of alcohol and drugs. We love sports. We believe that dance music can and should exist without drugs. We believe that for the dance-music is not only the present but also the future. Mission Stoun Record - develop EDM (electronic dance music) in Russia and abroad, make high-quality events. We help talented electronic musicians and artists to gain

  • Many current artists today in hip hop, R&B, Neo-Soul, and many other genres pay homage to artists and groups past through using samples in their music! This podcast deciphers some of the samples used in today's hottest artists songs and traces them back to the original song! So strap in and prepare for a little music trivia along with some fun facts and info!

  • Welcome to the dopest radio show for rising music producers and beat makers!

    The creators of The Stew Showcase have come together to create a radio platform for music creators, music producers, beat makers and music lovers who love beats. Listen in as our comedic and uncensored hosts share beats from their growing community of music producers, the Beat Club™, interview special guests and cover topics from a producers perspective.

    #WhereProducersAreHeard every Sunday from 1-3PM EST live! Submit your beats for #KeepItOrCutIt and more at

  • Original music from the Emerald Coast of Florida

  • In this series of revealing #interviews, music journalist Cat ( tells tales about some of the biggest names in the world of music, arts, and entertainment.
    A book of transcripts of interviews with guests not featured on the broadcast show is available for purchase: CATtales Book (
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    Jingle by Lesley Curtis
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  • Hosted by bassist Marty Isenberg, Between the gigs is a humorous podcast about the lives of musicians. Each week Marty sits down with his friends, musicians and industry professionals to discuss specific topics, tell stories from the bandstand, and use cool catch phrases. And that’s just the tip of the Isenberg…

  • ▀▀▀▀▀▀
    In his more than three decades of experience as a dj, musician and producer Carranco, with his particular and unique styles of techno, electronic, progressive-house & tech house, has built an impressive reputation becoming one of the best known djs and promotors in the international LGBT scene.

    The combination of diverse melodic elements with strong rhythms from different times makes him still on remaining cutting edge with forward thinking. He is always looking to take his projects to the next level with so much ambition and such a passion for his work.

    Carranco not only brings his immense energy through his genuine productions but he knows how to perform expertly with an inexhaustible quantity of new ideas in progress in order to connect with his audience.

    En sus más de tres décadas de experiencia como dj, el músico y productor Carranco, con sus estilos particulares y únicos de tecno, electrónica, house progresivo y tech house, se ha construido una reputación impresionante convirtiéndose en uno de los djs y promotores más conocidos en la escena LGBT internacional.

    La combinación de diversos elementos melódicos con fuertes ritmos de diferentes épocas lo hace aún más vanguardista y avanzado. Siempre busca llevar sus proyectos al siguiente nivel con tanta ambición y tanta pasión por su trabajo.

    Carranco no solo trae su inmensa energía a través de sus producciones genuinas, sino que también sabe cómo actuar de manera experta con una cantidad inagotable de nuevas ideas en progreso para conectarse con su audiencia.

  • Metalurgy: your source for metal news, reviews and discussion! New episodes and reviews every 2 weeks!

  • Fuse Records began its journey aiming to build bridges beyond boundaries in electronic music. Over its 4 years of existence, Fuse has strengthened true exchanges, not only in different music styles but also exchanges intended to boast the musical and cultural education of its audience.

    Believing that music and the surrounding environment make the perfect match, there is also the concern to provide the best locations around Portugal, in different shapes, schedules and venues. The chosen approach is to discover the traditional roots and experiences where gardens, boats, clubs, beaches, and festivals become unique and each space becomes special.

    It's a record company featuring a strong collective of artists and great experience in the organization and planning of its events. Fuse, with its well-drawn horizons, counts on a vast number of participations and collaborations of big artists, such as dj's, producers and their respective record labels.

    One of the great collective’s intents is to show the best of what happens in this "country planted by the sea," and also mix the best of what is made outside and beyond international borders. Enjoying the best of both worlds in electronic music becomes an attainable utopia.

    "We want to continue to be the symbol for quality, up-to-dateness and fusion," that's the motto fulfilled with great pride and creativity.

  • LagunaPalooza: Host R.J. Catano features your favorite songs, artist, and bands, with selections from the “New American Song Book of Rock”, and then with a mix of live and studio recordings, craft artists into “Headliners” and “Opening Artist” producing for you a new and dynamic “Fantasy Concert”.

    With Genres of Music crossing over Generations of Rock, this is:
    LagunaPalooza: Mixing Music with History
    Saturdays 5 – 7 p.m. pst

  • Two hours filled with the Latest and the hottest in Trance Music presented by ReOrder!

  • Hosted by Huw V Williams, he chats to fellow musicians about life and music within the jazz and improvised music world.