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  • An episodic deep dive into hand picked music, films, and the twist and turns of life between two friends. Life is short, so why not talk about it?
    Hosted by Jesus Sanchez and Kaleb Slack

  • A series of (more or less) cinematic mixes/collages published on Non-stop layered immersion created from fragments and samples of ambient/electronic/experimental (and related) music.

  • Annyeong, fellow ARMY! I'm your host, Unnie Sarah! And I'm your host, Unnie Jude! We host a BTS commentary show that covers recent content uploaded by the band, various segments like BTS Celebrity Friend Corner, and Unnie's Playlist, a discussion on the songs and music videos we are vibing with this week. Come hang out with us ARMY! Let's Get It!

  • Next Show:
    30.09. Cassiopeia, Berlin
    21.10. Endstation Sekt - Groovestation, Dresden

    D I S C O • P O D C A S T • C A S T • F A M I L Y
    ... devoted to the wide field of disco, house and good-time music. We promote music and parties to celebrate lust for life, love and friendship, and simply connect over feel-good music. โค

    Disco / NuDisco / House / Funk / 80s / Italo / Wave / Balearic

    M E M B E R S :
    โค sinamin @sinamin_sound
    โค Bert Radscho @radscho
    โค Ronald KOON @ronaldkoon

    โœ” past venues // Klunkerkranich (B), Cassiopeia (B), Fabrique (HH), Sektor E (DD), Groovestation (DD), objekt klein a (DD), Pumpenhaus (DD), Ostpol (DD), Koralle (DD), Zille (DD), Mit Dir Festival, Feel Festival, Saloppe (DD), Schloss Pillnitz (DD)

    PODCASTS 2022
    โ‡ฅ #53 Figment (CA, @figment)
    #52 Marshall (UK, @marshall2017)
    #51 Hard Drive Library (@harddrivelibrary)
    #50 Disco Amore (@discoamore)
    #49 Gado Gado (@gado_gado)
    #48 Caipora (@th_4is)
    #47 Philipp Schultheis (@philippschultheis)
    #46 Francesco Hawaii (@francesco_hawaii)
    #45 Julita Just (@julita-just)

    PODCASTS 2021
    #44 Kuba&Fry (@kuba-fry-1)
    #43 Don Trakos (@trakos)
    #42 DJ DVB (@dario-de-la-rosa)
    #41 YESCA (@y-e-s-c-a)
    #40 Sana Fujimura (@howmuchadollarcost)
    #39 Jana Falcon (@jana-falcon)
    #38 Andy Buchan (@andy-buchan-0)
    #37 Maltitz (@maltitzmusic)
    #36 Sam Paradise (@sam_paradise)
    #35 O'Cardio (@vovajulev)
    #34 - Matthias Fiedler (@matthiasfiedler)
    #33 - Zola (@zola-1)

    PODCASTS 2020
    #32 - Carlo Bonanza (@carlobonanza)
    #31 - Graafmachine (@graafmachine)
    #30 - FRIEDA KARLSSØN (@friedakarlsson)
    #29 - Storch (@storch)
    #28 - Max Wedekämper (@maxwede)
    #27 - S Ø G O R B (@sogorb)
    #26 - Hi-End Thantra (@hi-end_thantra)
    #25 - Spunky (@spunkydaddy)
    #24 - Wasn & Wunderwaffel @wasnundwunderwaffel
    #23 - permiso @permiso
    #22 - sova. @sova_sova

    PODCASTS 2019
    #21 - Schall&Hauch @schallundhauch (@buzzboris & @marinelli)
    #20 - Dr. Luv @cafesmart
    #19 - Michel Dubois @michel-dubois-music
    #18 - Lennault @lennault
    #17 - sourton @sourton
    #16 - Marcel Koar @marcel-koar-wherehouse
    #15 - Marafi Bros @super-marafi-bros
    #14 - Lady Oelectric @oelectric
    #13 - sinamin @sinamin_sound
    #12 - Hanna von Hinüber @hanna_von_hinueber
    #11 - Ronald KOON @ronaldkoon
    #10 - ROBINSON @robinsonsound

    PODCASTS 2018
    #09 - Bert Radscho @radscho
    #08 - Crline @crlinecool
    #07 - Moody @classicflo
    #06 - Plattenjunge @plattenjunge
    #05 - SAM @sam_pp
    #04 - Dada Disco @dadadisco
    #03 - Carl Mars @curledntt
    #02 - Bechly Bros. @bechlybros
    #01 - deep & dünne @deepundduenne

  • Are you creating new ways of performing, teaching, and reaching your audience? Then you're my people.

    My guests are bringing music into the 21st century and beyond. They're the people who understand that live music won't survive if it clings to business models from a previous century.

    I created this podcast to help you to reinvent yourself and expand your own horizons. Take the information, mull it over, and come up with your own way to bring your art to the world. Because it's time to face the music.

    Thanks for listening!

    Chris @ Honesty Pill

  • Musician and academic Dr Alex Dee talks to interesting people in music and interesting people about music.

  • Marty Miller brings you this week in music history, every week from Prepare to be transported back in time; the nostalgia is real! Get your fill of music history from Marty every week and get those classics out for a listen!

  • I'n This Quick Podcast I Expain The Topping I Make My Music Based on or what Topic's i include in my music, New Podcast's and new music coming Soon....

  • Promoting underground music since 2009 / San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, London, Montreal

  • Welcome to Diligent Deep Oโ€™Clock Podcast

    Biweekly Podcasts titled Diligent Deep Oโ€™Clock hosted by SirAlex

    For bookings & enquires e-mail:[email protected]

    Love,Peace & Music

  • Blatantly Blunt is a hip hop, grime and dancehall media channel since 2007. We run 2 music blogs, radio shows, podcasts and also offer PR campaigns for artists.

  • Hello guys, my name is Kos.

    Welcome to the Kos.PLAY podcast!

    Progressive, melodic house& techno music are here

  • Chancers is a weekly podcast with Olivia Chau.
    In series 1, Olivia chats with people who have or are running club nights in Limerick.

  • Silenzio - Espressione - Contatto
    A praise to our memories.
    An intense connection between innovation and expression.
    A reflection of our unconscious wills.

  • Explore and celebrate opera's unique fusion of music and drama with Seattle Opera's 101 series or any of our behind-the-scenes interviews. Founded in 1963, Seattle Opera presents both European classics and new works of American opera.

  • My cousin wanted to start a podcast and since we talk about the most wild shit anyway I figured fuck it we might as well broadcast our conversations on some platforms so people can laugh with us.

    We’re bringing a different dynamic with MNMCP because we’re like brother and sister some of our topics will be uncomfortable for each other to hear and with Nay living the life of a single working woman with no kids and Munch the life of a single father with kids also gives us different dynamics people can relate to.

    We in no way have any previous podcast experience and will learn as we go.. we ask that you sit back.. pour a drink or roll up or both and just enjoy the show as we learn and grow… and if you’re easily offended or sensitive then just don’t listen at all cause we don’t do that cancel culture bullshit! ๐Ÿค—

  • Hold a vibe, Drink a juice, Don't Talk nothing to loose.

    Listen in on Choppa speaking to his new guests each episode!

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  • JazznewbloodTAPES is new radio/podcast show produced and presented by Patricia Pascal. The purpose of it is to focus on the start of everything. First albums, first singles, first EP´s featuring music from around the World released by talented young musicians in the early stages of their careers.
    Other features include a bit of storytelling, LIVE performances and retrieving debut albums from our favourite Jazz legends, released in their youth.