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  • Lenny Fontana is one of the greatest House Music Producers to come out of the original New York City Club scene. A True Legend who has worked with many other incredible artists such as Chris Willis, Byron Stingily, Carole Sylvan, D Train, Crystal Waters, Alison Limerick, Shirley Lites, Meli’sa Morgan and Lee John (Imagination) to name just a few.
    Lenny Fontana has DJed all over the world throughout his career. He was the First American DJ to play at the world famous ‘Pacha’ - (Ibiza). Lenny has played at iconic venues such as Ministry Of Sound - (London), ‘Studio 54’ - (New York City), ‘Hacienda’ - (Manchester), ‘La Queen’ - (Paris) and he also DJ'ed for the closing party at ‘The Chevron’ - (Melbourne).
    Each Wednesday Lenny Fontana will be joined by a very special DJ / Producer / Vocalist for a Facebook Live that will blow your mind!
    Lenny will be chatting with his guests about their music careers to discover the true stories of working in this industry. He will be unveiling the true 'behind the scenes' stories on how his guests succeeded and continue to survive in this business.
    Listen to Lenny’s amazing guests as they share their journeys and achievements that have kept them top of the game and reveal some of the many incredible memories and experiences witnessed during their music careers.
    Expect to hear their untold stories about the joys of their work but also the many pitfalls that are hidden beneath which make this industry a very fun and exciting, yet highly competitive and challenging environment to be part of.
    Imagine being the fly on the wall as you listen to 2 truly iconic faces in the music industry as they go deep into their experiences over their time working in the music industry.

  • #RadioPelak Hosted by Bamdad & Yara .گفت و گوی آزاد درباره موضوعات گوناگونحمایت مالی :

  • A podcast exploring the multitracks of some of Popular Music's biggest hits. How they were made, the stories behind them, and the creative process.

  • Enregistrement ruisseau et chants d’oiseaux en forêt + musique douce.

  • Интервью с молодыми российскими музыкантами о творчестве, завтрашнем дне и старте музыкальной карьеры

  • Chez Iggy, on parle de musique, de mode, d’art, de culture et d’actualité. Bienvenue !!!

  • En este episodio disfrutarás de la música emblemática de los años ochenta y viajaras con tus emociones neuronales a bellos recuerdos fuegooo en la pista

  • Tristan Jaxx brings a fusion of sound for a unique musical experience with each podcast...Experience the trademark mashups/mixes that create an ADHD like experience for those who like to keep their music moving, with transitions that have an almost mashup like effect.

  • A weekly radio show from @wh0playsrecords / @thisiswh0 every Monday night at 7PM (GMT).

    Wh0 Plays Sessions is a worldwide radio show, brought to you week on week. You can hear this show on Select Radio, Gaydio, Vibe Nation & many other stations. It is hosted by Wh0 Plays Records & presented by our six DJ’s: @thisiswh0, @forbiduk, @badintentionsoriginator, @justdial9, @jacq_uk & @joshhunterdj.

  • TRAXSOURCE LIVE - специальное радиошоу от одного из крупнейших сайтов по продаже музыки.

  • I really don't know. But I'm sure whatever I'm putting out would surely not get you bored

  • Hillbilly House, the electronic dance duo from Connecticut AKA the Two Hillbillies "Rich Dittman and Tim Costa" from the radio station WWUH, faithfully pumped out the sounds of New York, Chicago House and Detroit Techno in the late 80’s til the mid 90’s. They were critically involved with breaking new music in CT while collaborating with the local Club Riot in Hartford. The label released tracks from artists Laurent X, Mark Imperial, Mark Summers, Aqua Regia, Ed Crosby and Grey House, Piano Negro with record Labels House Nation Records, StreetSide, Get down, Burnin House and Hillbilly House Records. HillbillyHouse and Tim Costa have relaunched with a new 3rd member Bernard Bruce. The reformation gathers momentum into 2014 with sounds of Deep House, Chill and Progressive Productions with Curtis Urbina on Quark Records (NYC).

    Their influences come from their association with the legendary DJ Pool For the Record, starting with Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, David Morales, David Depino, Danny Teneglia, Little Louie Vega, Joe Guicastro, Markie Gee, Mad Mike (UR), Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Mark Farina. Contemporary inspirations are Dennis Ferrer, Joe Claussell, the Layabouts, Avishai Cohen, classic jazz and a new appreciation of deep soulful vocalists.

  • Two friends and former band-mates now 300 miles a part take their love for music and bring you the Check Out This Record Podcast. During the show we suggest albums for one another that we have never heard before to review, we also will review the same album that we are unfamiliar with, and have a variety of musical discussions.

  • There's nothing sweeter than Hot Jollof. Doubt it? Check this out.

  • رزونانس پادکستیه درباره‌ی موسیقی. ولی قرار نیست توش آلبومهای روز دنیا رو بررسی کنیم؛ قرار نیست مثل رادیوپیام آهنگایی رو که دوست داریم براتون پلی کنیم. قرار نیست از تاریخ موسیقی حرف بزنیم و تئوری موسیقی یاد بدیم. قرار نیست بشینیم در مورد علایق موسیقاییمون پز بدیم و از نوک بینی به هم نگاه کنیم که این چه آهنگاییه گوش میدی و موسیقی ِ «باکلاس» و «فاخر» به هم معرفی کنیم.
    ما قراره در مورد جزئیات صداها در موسیقی حرف بزنیم و گوشمون رو به این جزئیات، حساس کنیم تا از موسیقی‌هایی که داریم گوش میدیم، لذت بیشتری ببریم و راحت تر بتونیم پذیرای صداهای متنوع تر باشیم.

  • Tomando como eje un tema de los Beatles, Fernando lo linkea con influencias, temas parecidos, versiones y algo más. Arreglos, frases de la letra, ideas o sonidos sirven como excusa para relacionar la canción con otras del rock internacional y nacional, de todas las épocas. Instructivo, didáctico y entretenido son algunos de los adjetivos para esta hora dentro de un cálido espacio.