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  • I am here to guide you on your own path of reclamation. To live your life more fully, more authentically, and nurture your body and soul every single day. To be the voice that reminds you that you aren’t alone, leads you back into your body, and helps you remember how to fill up before emptying out. I am here to tell you, this life you are living is not how it has to be, if you are willing to simply listen closely.
    Every morning join me as I share my stories of discovery and insight from the previous day's reflection and tips to awaken your interior.
    Motherhood can feel like invasion of the body-snatchers. This vessel we use to transport our being through life is no longer our own. We get used to breathing through pain and discomfort and putting ourselves last, because everyone else needs something- right. now.
    In the end, we forget ourselves.
    We forget that we were a woman first. We forget all the things we used to love, that lit us up and we were passionate about. Hobbies. Remember those? No, not your kid’s. Yours. What did that feel like?
    We forget that we were a lover first and our bodies were made for pleasure. So much pleasure. Do you remember what that felt like? To want to be touched because we weren’t already “touched out”. To ask for what our body wanted and feel heard?
    We began to believe our body was our enemy and just a machine. We look into the mirror and don’t recognize the person standing there. The muffin top and stretch marks, the 3-day-old messy bun, the lines and cracks that tell the story of our motherhood.
    And if by chance we feel seen by the masculine, we assume it’s because we wore our pajamas outside… again.
    We look around ourselves and feel shame at the pillows and toys on the floor, the dishes in the sink, our laundry mountain and our dated decor, as if the state of our home is our parenting report card and we are failing everywhere we turn.
    We see the moms who have it all figured out. Who leave the house showered, stylish and with real shoes. Who have a spotless, gorgeous house every time you come over and feed their kids the perfect diet. How can you ever compete with that when your furniture is hand-me downs laced with toy explosions and you feed your kids whatever you can manage.
    I want you to know that is not your whole story. Who you are is so much more and this is not how your story ends.
    This is where you find out how to love yourself again... maybe for the first time. Where you tap back into that river of power inside of you. It’s finding what was lost and reclaiming it. It is seeing the beauty in the tiny moments of each day, in the spaces you live in, and in your exquisite body. It’s finding the love, sisterhood and compassion that you so desperately want, from all the other mamas who feel just like you.
    It is listening closely to your soul, because it is trying to tell you how to find your way back, but you keep telling it “maybe someday”.
    Your body is speaking to you. Isn’t it time you listened closely?

  • در فصل دوم برنامه‌ی «پیشنهاد» سعی می‌کنیم یه سری پیشنهادِ دوستانه‌ی کوچیکِ قابلِ انجام و کاربردی رو باهاتون در میون بذاریم؛ پیشنهادایی که می‌تونن تاثیرات خوبی روی حال‌مون داشته باشن یا کمک‌مون کنن حسّ و حال خوبي توی خانواده، بین اطرافیان، و در کل، توی جامعه ایجاد کنیم؛ پیشنهادایی که امیدواریم اگه به درد شما خوردند، شما هم اونا رو با بقیه شریک بشید.
    پیشنهاد برنامه‌ایه از غزل سرمد و نوید توکّلی با اجرای نوید. پیشنهاد رو یکشنبه‌ها از رادیو پیام دوست بشنوید.

  • The Full Spectrum Parent Podcast is the only faith-based autism parenting podcast on the web. As pastors and special needs parents, each episode we offer parents a dose of help, a dose of humor, and a dose of hope.

  • شغف هو بودكاست حصري على أنغامي موجّه لكل امرأة في العالم العربي. خلال الحلقات، تناقش ايمان عبد الشكور مواضيع وقصص عن نساء عربيّات ساهمنَ في مجالات الأعمال والشركات الناشئة وغيرها الكثير!

  • Welcome to the #1 Podcast in the world dedicated to Brooks & Dunn and REAL country music! Marshall and the gang breakdown Brooks & Dunn songs, albums, and music videos along with other country classics. Look forward to guest interviews as well. For best experience, we recommend listening to the song/album discussed before playing the episode. New episodes are released every Monday!*We do not own music in this podcast, however, we do have a license to use it. This podcast is not endorsed by Brooks & Dunn and is merely a fan Podcast.*

  • برنامج اسبوعي لفضيلة الشيخ صالح بن عواد المغامسي يعرض على قناة قطر

  • Free to use Podcasts and educational content for students preparing for the PLAB exams.
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    How do you practice leadership in your life, business, relationships and through parenting? How do you focus on trusting the process and making big evolutions year over year? How do you appreciate where you're at and also want to climb to new heights? How do you create the most confident, vibrant version of YOU - inspiring lead(h)ership in your OWN life, and inspiring others to claim theirs?

    The LeadHer Show is for women who are on the rise. It's for the woman who wants to be a great leader - in her life, in her career, in her relationships, and in raising our future lead(h)ers. It's for the woman who is interested in personal development but who knows growth requires reflection and embracing where you're at.

    On The LeadHer Show, Bestselling Author and CEO of LeadHer Publishing Courtney St Croix talks about leadership, mindset, emotional intelligence, and truly knowing yourself in order to lead confidently. She talks clarity, strategy, focus, and shares tips, tricks and resources for sharing your voice and writing your story (and then having the courage to publish it!)

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  • السلام عليكم و مرحبا بكم جميعا،
    هل قناة عباره عن رسم صورة جديدة و ايجابيه عن علم النفس في مجتمعنا. لان الصحه العقلية و النفسية جدا مهم و لازم نستوعب اهميتها و ما نقصر مع نفسنا ولا نستصغرها.

  • ! أهلاً بيكو في بودكاست إيه الكلام ، بنزل حلقة كل سبت
    Welcome to the Eh El Kalam Podcast, Posting MAD content every Saturday!

  • A T.V. and music based podcast by a 17 year old failing high school... Also, that same high school failure created two Amazon Prime TV series and an award winning film.

  • A legit podcast of two Mexican-American gay men that are not afraid to have real conversations and be real between both hosts.

  • مواضيع متنوعه وعفوية نناقشها معاكم كل أحد احنا دانه حمد وساميه الزهراني

  • بين الباء والنون استمعو بتوع القانون ,بودكاست يهتم بمجال تطوير القانون والتدريب القانونى بكل الوطن العربى ونناقش ونحاور خبراء ومستشارين واستاذة جامعة ومحامين ومدربين فى جميع تخصصات القانون , ناخذ المواضيع بشكل مبسط وكوميدى لا يخل بهيبة المهنة ولا المنصب ولكن ننظر فى الجانب الاخر للقانونين وخاصة الابداعى لديهم ونخرج منهم المعلومة القانونية مبسطة لمستمعى بودكاست بتوع القانون لكل المهتمين بالمجال القانونى مع عبدالرحمن سمير

  • Tired of watching paint dry? Fed up of hearing your neighbours having sex upstairs?

    Well then, Dross Podcast could be for you!

    Listen to hosts Ross Hughes and Dan Rees blow each other's minds with mildly interesting factoids!

    Perfect for entertaining the family on the way to all weddings, funerals, and bah mitzvahs