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  • Dagmar Lamp ja Heidi Ruul on Kikimoorid, kes räägivad kõhedaid ja verdtarretavaid tõsielulugusid. Toome sinuni paeluvad seiklused ajaloost ja tänapäevast, krimi- ja paranormaalsete nähtuste vallast nii Eestist kui välismaalt. Ja neid lugusid pole sa kindlasti varem kuulnud! Saada meile oma lugu: [email protected] Külmavärinad on garanteeritud!

  • Cavalry Audio and Executive Producer OSCAR ISAAC bring you a new true crime podcast...

    Join writer and narrator, EDGAR CASTILLO, a first generation Guatemalan American, as he explores the byzantine true story of the bizarre assassination of Rodrigo Rosenberg — an influential Guatemalan lawyer who was gunned down while on his Sunday morning bike ride in May of 2009. At his funeral, he posthumously released a YouTube video that declared, “If you’re seeing this video, it means that I've been murdered by President Alvaro Colom,” Guatemala's sitting President. The Rosenberg video unleashed a major political upheaval and one of the most unpredictable murder investigations in history, but that was only the beginning. You won't believe the conspiracy Edgar uncovers from interviews of those close to the case - including the person who hired the hitmen...

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  • On Deadly Nightmares, hear the real-life stories of ordinary people stalked by serial killers and attackers. You’ll hear investigators and experts recount cases of unspeakable violence, with some episodes featuring the voices of survivors who lived to tell their story. Deadly Nightmares features direct audio from four hit ID series: Dead Silent, Your Worst Nightmare, Home Alone and Obsession: Dark Desires, along with haunting sound design and some reenactments. 

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • This will be allegedly true horror stories and maybe some creepypastas. Come join my sub reddit r/SkampsScarecast to submit your own or read others.

  • Listen to this podcast to get an inside scoop on what the main suspect in this murder was thinking!

  • Maffiatoimikud uurib maffialugusid Eestis ja selgitab, kuidas on maffia tegevus üle maailma mõjutamas meie igapäevaelu. Olgu selleks tulistamised ja plahvatused Tallinnas või dopinguvõrgustik, mis laiub terves Euroopas, ühel või teisel moel on organiseeritud kuritegevus meid alati ümbritsemas. Eesti Päevalehe podcasti sari Maffiatoimikud avab selle allilma keerukust.

  • Join your host, Britney and co-host Annie in exploring spooky history! This podcast is dedicated to real history stories that contain macabre and dark themes and sometimes witches, vampires, and monsters.

  • Huvitavad, jahmatamapanevad ja kohati väga hirmsad lood elust enesest ja maailma eri paigust. Uus osa igal teisel pühapäeval.

  • Eesti Ekspress alustab krimiteemaliste podcastide sarjaga Ekspressi Salatoimikud. Juttu tuleb põnevatest krimi- ja kohtulugudest, nii kuulsatest ja kurikuulsatest, kui ka tundmatutest, aga siiski alati huvitavatest tõestisündinud juhtumitest.

  • The history of mankind is rife with accounts of swindlers and charlatans. Some for good, most for greed, and a surprising number manage to get away with it over and over again. But they all make for good stories. Join hosts Austin and Dalton along with producer Charly as they dive deep into the murky world of con-artists, grifters, thieves, and the unscrupulous types on "If You Catch My Grift".

  • *Мы получили еще одно предупреждение Роскомнадзора.

    После этого мы приостанавливаем выпуск подкастов — «до окончания «специальной операции на территории Украины».

    Подкаст автора исторической рубрики в «Новой газете» Олега Хлебникова

  • Диалоги Тимофея Дубровских с теми, кому близко растительное питание.Это абсолютно разные, честные и уникальные истории людей совершенно отличающихся взглядов, отказавшихся от продукции животного происхождения или выбравших растительную диету на каком то периоде жизни.Разбираемся, насколько различны могут быть причины, объединяющие их за веганским столом.Для обратной связи пишите в инстаграм:

  • Подкаст для любителей и ценителей качественного True Crime!

    Меня зовут Руслан, и каждый выпуск я буду рассказывать о серийных и массовых убийцах, загадочных смертях и исчезновениях людей.

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  • Первый в России гонзо-подкаст с репортажами, расследованиями и внедрениями.

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  • We discuss mysterious disappearances and the unusual circumstances in which they occur in the National Parks across the US. This is based around the books by David Paulides, Missing 411.

    Intro song by Toward Funk.

  • A discussion of all things paranormal by two enthusiasts. We talk about ghosts and ghouls, demonic possessions, UFO's and extraterrestrials, serial killers, true crime, and conspiracies. Support this podcast:

  • Easily Offended or Grossed Out? Don't Listen To This Podcast... Seriously!!!!

    A history of all things f*ckd:
    True Crime
    The Unexplained
    Government Cover ups
    Ancient Evil

  • Welcome to The Creepshow Chronicles, a podcast for fans of true crime, the paranormal, conspiracy theories, and all things spooky. I'm Sam, that's Ashley and we've been best friends since skinny jeans were only for emo kids. Tune in every week as we discuss some of the most infamous stories. So grab some coffee, wine, or weed and join us on The Creepshow Chronicles! Available on most listening platforms.

  • Narcosis: Into the Deep is an investigative podcast focusing on SCUBA diving and marine accidents and deaths.

    Each episode will feature a deep investigation into a different scuba diving or marine accident, along with facts or theories about the events leading up to them and potential ways these accidents or deaths could have been avoided.

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  • Teemad: Müsteeriumid, mõrvalood, kummituslood, eksperimendid, paranormaalsed juhtumid ja muu sarnane ja huvitav.
    Mulle võib kirjutada ja teemasid soovitada ning ka iseenda lugusid saata.
    E-post: [email protected]
    Uus osa igal neljapäeval.