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  • We share stories of legendary law and order people and stories of the Wild West

  • When I woke up on the morning of February 8th, 2006, I assumed it was just going to be an ordinary day. What I didn’t know was that my own nightmare would unfold before my eyes. I was 12 when my mom was brutally murdered. The words still echo in my head “Haylee we believe your mom is dead. We believe your dad murdered her.” What I would later find out was mind blowing and earth shattering. Not only did I lose my mother, but my own father was going to blame ME. I was thrown into a web of his lies and I was betrayed. I have became a voice for my mom and I am still being blamed by liar, liar.

  • เนมเรื่องเล่าผี

    ประสบการณ์ขนหัวลุก เกี่ยวกับภูติ ผี วิญญาณ เรื่องสยองขวัญ

    กดติดตามกันเยอะ ๆ นะครับ

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  • Crime Feast is a true crime podcast with stories served up weekly by your hosts, three friends (aka Feasters!) who are obsessed with all things crime.

  • Tajemnicze zniknięcia, tropy prowadzące z pozoru donikąd. Czy istnieje zbrodnia doskonała? Śladami przestępców podążyli dziennikarze Onetu, a opisane przez nich historie starannie wyselekcjonował Mateusz Baczyński. Efektem tej pracy jest Seria Kryminalna opowiadająca o kulisach mrocznych spraw z przeszłości. Posłuchaj najgłośniejszych historii kryminalnych.

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  • As authorities in Idaho are trying to solve the murders of four college students who were apparently murdered in their beds while they were asleep, we're here to discuss the latest developments and analyze new clues and revelations. All the same, time, asking "What happens next?" in this chilling and bizarre murder case that traumatized the small town of Moscow, Idaho, and the students of the University of Idaho.

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  • Du kennst das Bild, Du kennst das Gesicht. Du kennst den Ort und das Gebäude - aber kennst Du auch die Story dazu?
    Bei bavarikon, dem Kultur- und Wissensportal des Freistaates Bayern, warten Crime, History und Talk auf Dich!
    Wir halten uns kurz, damit Du lange was davon hast.
    Immer sonntags, alle 14 Tage, überall da, wo es Podcasts gibt!

  • I am Justin. I love the deep, dark, and mysterious. This podcast is an episodic podcast about disturbing topics for the gore lovers out there. Every episode I, and the occasional (hopefully more frequent) guest, dive into a topic to make your skin crawl! Though there is no correlation between episodes unless I decide to do a series or two, there might be references to previous episodes and whatnot so maybe check out the episodes before! Though all episodes are mostly standalone! Support this podcast:

  • Often, we want to believe we are far removed from the crime in our world, but crime is closer than we think. Listen to a deep dive into crimes past and present. Details on those committing these acts, the victims, their families, and the effects left behind. Bringing crime to a human level is the purpose. Let's bring crime to the family table.

  • Violencia psicológica evaluación del 3er corte

  • Welcome to our podcast! Join us as we discuss stories from Radioactivity, Supernatural, Murder Mysteries, to any topics we find interesting.

  • Finding Freedom: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery is a podcast devoted to empowering everyone in the chains of modern slavery - NGOs, law enforcement, academia, corporations, victim service providers, and the public - to combat human trafficking through education, discussion of disruption tactics, stories of success and failure, and analyzing recent events.

    We’ll have leaders, victims, advocates and accomplices join us from across industries and sectors to share their stories - of trauma and healing, of in-depth investigations, and of real cooperation and collaboration across the unlikeliest of bedfellows - to help eliminate one of the most lucrative black markets on the planet.

    Join hosts Sherrie Caltagirone, the founder and Executive Director of Global Emancipation Network, and Corey Marshall, GEN Chief Advisor and founder of Catalyze Strategies, every week.

  • How PTI government is concerned about domestic violence happening in society.
    And unfortunately our opposition and few Scholars are against such bill.

  • Cilla och Micha tar med lyssnarna in bakom våldets portar när dom intervjuar människorna bakom statistiken. Hör människorna berätta sin historia om när dom utsattes, människor som aldrig fått sin röst hörd annars.
    I podden intervjuas även myndigheter, polis, socialtjänst, kvinnojourer och andra som på något sätt hjälper utsatta ifrån destruktiva relationer. Detta för att ge tips, råd, styrka och hopp. Du är aldrig ensam!
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  • A podcast following the tragic murders of four college students at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho.

  • “Uno sguardo al mondo dimostra che l’orrore non è altro che realtà” - Hitchcock.
    Un podcast che parla di cose creepy, nato da diverse chiacchierate tra Giulia e Isabella.

  • I gialli di Agatha Christie sono la tua più grande passione? Cerchi sempre di scoprire l’assassino prima di Jessica Fletcher? è in arrivo un nuovo podcast: “Delitti e Misteri all’ora del tè” in cui si parlerà di intriganti casi di omicidio e di tante curiosità sul mondo del giallo. Sei pronto a tuffarti nel mistero?

    Un delitto. Degli indiziati. Un assassino. Quante volte avresti voluto entrare in un giallo di Agatha Christie?

    Con Mystery Il Gioco delitto, puoi trasformare la tua serata in un’indagine mozzafiato.

    Fra vecchie lettere, articoli di giornale ed enigmatici indizi, dovrai scoprire chi fra i tuoi amici sta mentendo.

    Scegli il mistero che fa per te su e organizza la caccia all’assassino dove vuoi tu. Chi sarà il colpevole?

  • Pink Blood racconta storie di donne che hanno commesso un crimine. Donne qualunque e, al tempo stesso, fuori dall’ordinario, che abbattono ogni stereotipo senza per questo volerlo combattere. Le donne di Pink Blood hanno avuto un’esistenza complicata, inaspettata e fatale, sono arrivate ad un bivio e hanno scelto la strada più buia. Tra loro c'è chi ha ucciso presa dall’impeto, chi si è organizzato con qualcun altro, chi è stato accusato di istigazione al suicidio. Sono storie in cui l'amore si mischia alla morte, storie di donne letali, storie che lasciano il segno.

  • True Crime podcast called Frost, A cold case podcast based on cases that have occurred only in Canada.

  • E’ buffo credere come questi individui siano le nuove star dello show business, è incredibile osservare l’escalation di passione che le masse riversano nel consumo dell’intrattenimento, il mondo va avanti, si evolve, raggiunge livelli di sviluppo inimmaginabili, macchine che volano, case che si autoalimentano, comunicatori cerebrali e biotecnologia sempre più avanzata, passano le mode, l’umanità ha consumato più mode che pane, ma loro sono sempre lì sul podio della mistica curiosità del pubblico, affascinanti, ammalianti, misteriosi, ricchi di sfumature che nella maggior parte dei casi passerebbero inosservate, ma non per loro…
    Chi sono queste persone e perché da sempre rapiscono l’attenzione delle persone…
    Voglio scoprirlo e per farlo voglio analizzare 5 profili dei più complessi e curiosi della storia.

    Voce: Rudy Bandiera
    Idea e sceneggiatura: Roberto Incagnoli
    Montaggio e Produzione: PubMe Srl
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