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  • Road X is a supernatural murder mystery audio drama podcast about a trio of friends who embark on a cross-country adventure to find a missing girl... and what they find lurking in the shadows. FIRST EPISODE AUGUST 19 2022 { <-- Help us fund our first season!! }

  • Tatort Nordwesten ist ein True-Crime-Podcast der Nordwest-Zeitung. Jede Woche wird ein spektakulärer und außergewöhnlicher Kriminalfall aus der Region besprochen. Das besondere dabei: Zu den Gesprächsgästen zählen auch immer wieder Ermittler der Polizei, die bei der Aufklärung der Fälle hautnah dabei waren.Warum fehlen bei der Leiche eines Jugendlichen plötzlich sämtliche Organe? Was geht in einem Täter vor, der sich an Kindern vergreift? Warum muss ein erfolgreicher Richter am Oberlandesgericht einen Unternehmer erpressen? Und wie wurde ein Jahrzehnte alter Fall doch noch aufgeklärt? NWZ-Redakteur und Moderator Julian Reusch geht mit seinen Gästen diesen und weiteren Fragen nach.Impressum:,0,124514788.html

  • Haunting Cases is a true crime and paranormal podcast hosted by Kaitie Gardner and Rhiannon Watkins. Kaitie covers chilling tales of murder, unsolved cases, serial killers, and much more. Rhiannon recounts paranormal happenings including stories of ghosts, aliens, cryptids, and urban legends. Join us every Friday for a spooky good time breaking down some true crime and paranormal cases!

  • We’re on the hunt for all things spooky! A bloody good podcast about the dark side of life served up with a side of sweet treats. Hosted by Elise Giordano + Halee Rae.

  • We are Truly Criminal - your new home for true crime. We will take you through the investigations, into the courtrooms and behind the headlines. Some cases you may have heard of, others you might know nothing about. Join us as we examine solved and unsolved cases from around the world, every week.

  • Καλως Ηρθατε σε ενα ελληνικο true crime podcast στο οποιο καθε Δευτερα θα αναλυω μια υποθεση που μπορει να ειναι δολοφονια,εξαφανιση,μυστηριωδη θανατο η και serial killer.Μεινετε συντονισμενοι καθε Δευτερα στις 13:00,για να ακουτε μια νεα υποθεση καθε εβδομαδα 🪐

  • Once called “the miracle on the beach,” Synanon began in the 1960s as an experimental rehab facility in Santa Monica, California with a radical claim: It could cure heroin addiction. Before long, it would make an even bolder claim: It could cure any of your problems. All you had to do was move in. What started in a house on the beach, soon spread to compounds across the country. The man who made the miracle happen, Charles E. Dederich, aka “Chuck,” would be the one to destroy it all, along with the lives of many of his followers and millions of dollars in assets. The Sunshine Place tells the mind-blowing, true-story of Synanon - one of America’s most cutting edge social experiments, turned into one of its most dangerous and violent cults - as it’s never been told before: by the people who lived it. Executive Produced by Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey, and Emily Barclay Ford for Team Downey and C13Originals, together with Josh McLaughlin for Wink Pictures and written, produced, and directed by Peabody-nominated C13Originals, a Cadence13 Studio.

  • Hello and Welcome to your Weekly Dose of Wicked, where we cover Wicked content. We are a pair of hilarious ladies (I mean we think we are funny anyway) who just so happen to be sisters. We have a passion for all things true crime and thought "hey why not start a podcast" so here we are. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

  • Guernica 37 is a specialist Barristers’ Chambers experienced in advising and assisting States as they commence a process of structural reform and transformation following periods of political instability, post-conflict, post-authoritarian regimes or prolonged periods of state institutions controlled by systemic and structural corrupt practices. Our range of clienteles come from the political, institutional and economic sectors as key stakeholders in any lasting and sustainable transformation. Our team of expert international lawyers designs, supports and implements, depending upon the needs of the State, a comprehensive, yet realistic, tailored strategy based on a fundamental understanding of the situation, quality, and geopolitical position. In our work, we take into consideration each and every aspect and vectors for a feasible and successful process. ​ Our work has involved the following countries Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Maldives, Mexico, Montenegro, Pakistan, Palestine, Rwanda, Syria, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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  • אנשי ונשות מפתח במערך הסייבר הלאומי מדברים על כל מה שמעניין בתפקיד, ולא תמיד אפשר לחשוף. איך מטפלים בתקיפות ברמה הלאומית, מהן הטכנולוגיות החדשות בתחום, וכיצד ניתן למנוע את התקיפה מלכתחילה? איך מנתחים תקיפה ומסיקים ממנה תובנות עבור כלל המשק, מהן השיטות המדינתיות לסגירת פרצות אבטחה, וקצת על החיים האישיים בעבודה מסביב לשעון, שלעולם אינה נגמרת.
    הצצה אל מאחורי הקלעים של חזית הסייבר, בהגשת בועז לביא.

  • Welcome to a series of podcasts by Crime Scene Investigator Chris Gee. We dive under the police tape and into the life of a real CSI.

  • 詐騙手法百百款,別鐵齒以為自己不會受騙,一起來聽聽詐騙案例提高警覺!

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  • 在这种黑暗中我的全身一阵阵冒着凉气,头皮发麻,仿佛前后左右有无数双眼睛在看着我,身体逐渐蜷缩成一团,闭上眼睛,在也不敢凝视黑暗。月光透过缓慢移动的黑云时隐时现,不远处巷道的转角边依稀站着一个诡异的人影……



  • 每周更新北美发生的悬案迷案。 Support this podcast:

  • Are you someone who can’t get enough serial killer documentaries, psychological thrillers, and unsolved mysteries? This podcast is brought to you by two seniors in high school who is obsessed with all things true-crime. Join Richie Ling and Simran Kaur in uncovering recent true crime cases with a little sprinkle of humor and a lot of gruesome details. If you follow @twominutecrimes on Instagram, where we post short, easy recaps of the latest crimes, and want a deeper dive into the cases covered, you’re in the right place.

  • 一個亦正亦邪 浪漫英勇


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  • This show is for the morbidly curious music fan - it's a combination of true crime and music history. Death By Music Podcast covers death in the music industry, from overdoses to plane crashes to cold-blooded murder. Go to for a $5/mo bonus content!

  • Welcome to Missing Persons Mysteries!

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  • Peek behind an Iron Curtain of secrecy with hosts Hayley Atwell and Vanessa Kirby, as they enter a world of KGB sleeper agents, FSB defectors, and American infiltrators in this curated selection of True Spies stories. If you’d like to dig deeper into the world of secrets, and test your own secret intelligence skills, head over to for articles, games, experiences, puzzles and videos. A Cup & Nuzzle production. Series producers: Gemma Newby, Joe Foley. Music: Nick Ryan.

  • Stephen Drill's year-long investigation lifts the lid on how bikie gangs are controlling crime in Australia, and how they have changed in the last few years. The gangs have gone from hired muscle to billion dollar bikies, and the rivers of rotten cash have led to blood on Australia’s streets, as bikies fight for power. Bikies Inc follows the money - the billions of dollars that bikies are making out of cocaine and ice, and as Stephen starts looking into the gangs, their violence erupts across the country, with shootings at funerals and innocent bystanders dying at the hands of the violent gangs.