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  • Ahead of the Curve, The Scoliosis Experience is a podcast dedicated to helping you understand your curve and live life without limits. Dr. Meghan Teed, @thescoliotherapist, dives deep into all things scoliosis and more inside each episode. Her goal is to guide you in your scoliosis journey. Whether you’re a teen, adult, or medical provider, Dr. Meghan will demystify scoliosis and feel more comfortable in your scoliosis journey.

  • Maybelline New York’s ‘Brave Together’ initiative is dedicated to breaking the stigma around anxiety and depression while addressing challenges and providing resources to those in need. Through years of extensive research, Maybelline found that early intervention with the right resources and access to 1:1 support can make a positive impact on mental health. On this Podcast “I’m Fine, You?” hosted by Chrissy Rutherford, we’re channeling this mission into real life conversations to help normalize the mental health conversation and provide tangible resources and guidance for anyone who needs a mental health boost. To provide access to mental health resources, Maybelline New York will make a monetary donation to mental health organizations in conjunction with each episode of this podcast. Keep listening to hear more about how you can get involved and check out Maybelline.com/bravetogether.

  • Award-winning podcast featuring encouraging and honest discussions with real life wellness lifestyle leaders to improve the health of your mindset, body and soul.

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  • A podcast that informs, inspires, and invites men and women into the world of pole dancing. My name is MongQ and I am sitting down with pole dancers to talk about their stories, the lessons they’ve learned, and how pole dancing have impacted their lives.

  • In this chaotic and twirly generation I will be your companion in understanding the real meaning of Mindful Living.
    So stay tuned and show some love.

  • Where people live and work, what they eat, how much they exercise (or don't), these factors all contribute enormously to the health of populations. So does policy, access to healthcare, and much more. Columbia Public Health Now asks Columbia faculty to weigh in on the public health challenges of today and consider their implications for the health and well-being of populations around the world.

    This spring, we are exploring the novel coronavirus. COVID-19's global spread is without historical precedent, touching on all aspects of society. Join us as we attempt to unravel some of the mystery

  • Begin each day to Liv Dosha with me, Malinda Nicholes Lil Dosha- Warrior Princess, by polishing, aligning, and putting on your full armor of God with the light of Christ! Here we will do a morning body scan, with healing the Light of Christ. To light your soul, giving you the power to ignite your passions, and readiness to love yourself, your families, your community, and the world, again!

  • Hi, I’m Samantha an online nutritionist discussing all things, weight loss, binge & emotional eating, sports nutrition, gut health and fertility & pregnancy nutrition.
    You can find me on Instagram @nutrition_bysamantha & @nutrition.bysamantha.
    My website is www.nutritionbysamantha.com.au

  • Taste Life Nutrition Radio Mission:
    To speak truth about health and wellness without fads and agendas. It is essential to understand that we are all unique and should be treated as such. Hosted by Functional Nutritionist Nikki Burnett, this show hopes to empower the listener to search for his or her own truth in health and empower them to find the answers without being dismissed. We hope to connect the listener with ideas, resources, and truths that help them optimize the beautiful time we have on this earth.

    The concept of our show:
    This show is for those who are seekers and look outside the conventional. Health can be lost and it can be found. The intent is to cover a broad range of topics—health and wellness is a broad topic and very individual. When we each focus on what brings us health, joy, and satisfaction, that spreads to those around us, and on for generations to come.

    Streaming LIVE Every Thursday, 10-11 AM MST, Denver, CO.

    Main Sponsor:
    CellCore BioSciences (https://cellcore.com)

  • Thyroid, stress, inflammation, gut issues, and not sleeping well?

    Welcome to the Nutrition's My Life Podcast!! I'm a Registered Dietitian that specializes in thyroid and gut health. I also am a health warrior myself!

    This podcast is a place to learn about hypothyroidism and what foods and habits are helpful. I talk anxiety a lot because it's a big symptom of mine and I help you understand the mind - gut connection.

    You'll learn more about inflammation reduction, how to sleep better, have more energy and less stress. You'll learn a lot about gut health and a lot about thyroid health. Many of the women I work with have multiple health issues.

    You're not complex, you're connected.

    Come with me on my health journey as I share my struggles and success as well!

    I'm here to help you be the best version of yourself, even with health issues! We're health warriors here. We're thyroid warriors. We're gut warriors. We're auto-immune warriors. We just need to know how to do it!

    Let me show you how!

    To learn more or work with Nicole you can visit www.Nutritionsmylife.com

  • We all know what it's like to just be "ok." Through exploring ancient traditions and modern science we can learn how to find what it means to truly thrive in the intensity of today's world. Host Darlene Marshall is an expert in wellness and well-being. A wellness coach with a decade of experience coaching clients and facilitating workshops to guide clients and students to build fulfilling lives that work for their unique needs.

  • کتابخوانی در کوهستان، مروری بر خلاصه کتاب های خاص منتشر شده در سالهای اخیر، تازه های مغز ، ذهن ، روانشناسی ، روانپزشکی و نوروساینس رو میتونید اینجا بشنوید.

    پادکست های روزانه سلامت برای بهبود کیفیت زندگی و افزایش سلامت جسم و روان از مجموعه بزرگ پزشکان و روانشناسان جایروس با مدیریت دکتر مصطفی امیری

    سایت های مجموعه جایروس :
    Gyrusclinic.com -

    لطفا اگر میخواید تشویقمون کنید که ادامه بدیم پادکست هارو با دوستاتون به اشتراک بذارید و نظر هم حتما بدید، اینجوری ما انرژی میگیریم که کارمون رو ادامه بدیم .

    سعی میکنم در پادکستهای بعدی کیفیت صدا رو بهتر کنم، دوستدار شما هستم

    مصطفی امیری

  • JB & CJ go live twice a week, just to check in with each other and invite special guests to find out, how they are doing.We set this page up:• To provide an outlet for positive affirmations to men, women, families struggling and surviving the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia.• Have some conversations about personal experiences, stories, ideas, methods, processes and generally what is working for individuals, couples and families during the “stay at home” and “isolation” mantra that have become the new norm for us all. Social or physical distancing??Your hosts.JB - Jack Bulman - https://www.mibbinbah.org/our-programs/hope-healing-inspirationCJ - Charlie Jia - https://cjkl.now.site/home 

  • Weight a Minute is about the crazy, sad, and effed-up ways that diet culture keeps you trapped in a vicious cycle with food and your body.  We're here to dismantle these falsehoods and get you on a path to loving yourself, food, and life. We're bringing levity to the profound conversations about body image, diet culture, and more. Each week we’re showing you how to drop the drama so you can focus on what matters most! 

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • 「弹心社GenerousTalk」是伯克利音乐学院校友、爵士音乐家、美国注册音乐治疗师(MT-BC) Cherub星宇 发起的一档中英双语播客节目,倡导健康、真诚、创造性的生活方式,邀请你一起谈心、弹琴、谈音乐,一起遇见有趣的灵魂、活出真实的自己。音频现已上线喜马拉雅、苹果播客、小宇宙、Spotify、Anchor、Pocket Cast。「弹心社GenerousTalk」is founded by Berklee Alumna, Jazz Pianist, Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) Cherub Xingyu. It is a bilingual podcast featuring intercultural conversations on music, health, and lifestyle. We want to lead a healthy, authentic, and creative lifestyle; and create a community of like-minded global citizens! Are you in? Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/generous-talk/support

  • A weight inclusive registered dietitian who will help you break the diet culture cycle and heal your relationship with food.

  • Everybody deserves to be seen and heard. Master Certified Coaches make up a small community of professionals who are exceptional at seeing and hearing others. Through this podcast we invite you to see and hear us.