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  • Co-hosts Jayda and Emlyn interview medical professionals to better understand their roles in the healthcare community and listen to their story as they describe the path they took to be successful. Follow our Instagram @storiesbehindthescrubs!Thank you to Cat for the amazing cover art. Go check out her animations by subscribing to Cat Productions on YouTube and following her Instagram @catproductionsanimation. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/stories-behind-the-scrubs/support

  • Heb je moeite met de dag loslaten? Wil je op een ontspannen wijze naar bed gaan? Ben je nieuwsgierig naar oefeningen die je geest tot ruste brengen en je lichaam laten relaxen?

    Ik breng je even terug naar jouw jeugd en vertel je een sprookje voor het slapen gaan. We beginnen met een slaapritueel en een grondingsoefening, dan volgt het sprookje en we sluiten af met de slaapwensen. Ik wens je een fijn sprookje.

    Nicole spreekt met ruim 20 jaar ervaring en veel liefde voor jou deze sprookjes serie in.

    Slaap lekker en welterusten van Nicole van Olderen.

  • Trốn Tìm Podcast hướng đến mục tiêu nâng cao nhận thức về tầm quan trọng của sức khỏe tinh thần-tâm lý trong việc xây dựng một mối quan hệ bền vững, hạnh phúc.

  • Do you find listening to your friends’ stories into motherhood uplifting and empowering? Brought to life by maternal health company Ahma & Co, Ahma Need a Minute provides mothers the space (and the minute) to share their real and raw experiences as well as their learnings as they go. So pour yourself a glass of wine or tea, throw in that fifth load of laundry for the week that will sit in the dryer, and join in to celebrate, commiserate, and build a new kind of community. Learn more about our work to demystify, raise awareness and provide support for the postpartum phase: www.ahmaandco.com.

  • Hier ist er, der Podcast von Marcel und Timo, Medizin im Alltag. Wir bleiben beim Thema Medizin. Hier wollen wir aber gemeinsam die Zeit nutzen und etwas persönlicher werden. Marcel und Timo sind seit mehr als zehn Jahren Ärzte und seit mittlerweile zwei Jahren produzieren sie gemeinsam Woche für Woche, jeden Donnerstag um 18:00 Uhr eine Folge über alltagsrelevante medizinische Themen bei YouTube unter www.mtma.tv

    Hier bekommt ihr Insider aus dem Klinikalltag und auch persönliches über die beiden.

  • Peace on Purpose is a partnership between the United Nations Foundation and lululemon that provides humanitarian and development workers with mindfulness tools designed to support their own well-being -- so that they can continue to care for others. These simple and evidence-based practices equip people responding to the world's biggest challenges with resources to respond to adversity, uncertainty, and rapid changes.

  • The Nurse Podcast Channel features leaders, topics and conversations from the expansive library of podcasts on Health Podcast Network. Each week, we publish the most impactful episodes for, by and about nurses. Follow and subscribe to the Nurse Podcast Channel for a selection of some of the top nursing podcasts and conversations with nurse leaders. And when you discover new shows, be sure to follow those podcasts as well. The premier season of the Nurse podcast channel was produced with support from IHI, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Learn more about their work by visiting ihi.org 

  • 한국자연의학회 공식 팟캐스트는 의식 있는 국내 보건의료인(의사, 한의사, 약사)들이 현대의학의 한계를 극복하기 위해 자연의학을 연구하는 학회입니다. '약을 버리고 몸을 바꿔라'라는 슬로건으로 자연적인 면역증강과 건강증진의 방법을 공식 팟캐스트를 통하여 널리 알리고자 합니다. 청취자 여러분들께서 더욱 건강하고 행복해지기를 바랍니다. ※ 본 방송은 개인의 경험과 연구를 바탕으로한 이야기로 구성되었습니다. 이에 따라 방송의 내용이 모든 보건 의료인의 의견을 대변하지는 않는다는 점 알려드립니다.

  • 안녕하세요 Good Luck Asmr 입니다.

    저는 속삭임으로(whispering) 으로 토킹을 합니다.

    항상 편안하게 들으실 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.

    제 asmr 이 항상 수면에 많이 도움이 되길 바라요^^

    Youtube: http://bit.ly/goodluckasmr

  • '약을 버리고 몸을 바꿔라','바보 의사' 등 7편의 책의 저자이며 건강과 치유의 전문의사 조병식 원장의 생생한 보이스 콘텐츠. '생로병사의 비밀'의 나레이션을 맡았던 성우 서혜정 교수의 진행으로 현대인의 만성질환과 암을 이기는 방법을 들어보세요. 앞으로는 치료가 아니라 치유와 예방입니다

  • Alvarez & Marsal Healthcare Industry Group leaders and guests share insights on various healthcare-related topics.

  • On Balance là chuỗi podcast đầu tiên của VIETSUCCESS đi sâu vào khía cạnh tinh thần và thực hành tâm thức của mỗi người, nhằm mang đến sự cân bằng, an lạc trong công việc cũng như cuộc sống. Chương trình được dẫn dắt bởi host Lương Ngọc Tiên - Giảng viên người Việt đầu tiên được chứng nhận bởi Học viện Lãnh đạo Search Inside Yourself.

  • The Art of Move Podcast hosted by Dr. William Rajbar and cohosted by Anthony Manuele seeks to find a 'grand unified theory' of human movement and training.

    Will has worked for years as a chiropractor and explored myriads of training methodologies, and Anthony has been an athlete and personal trainer for over a decade. Both of them love to talk, and love to debate.

    Together, they'll break down all things strength training, biomechanics, movement, and more. Tune in for the most bleeding edge info in the functional fitness world today.

  • Dr. Jaya Mohan is a psychologist working with several colleges of Delhi University, delivering comprehensive support to people struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges. Through this podcast, she hopes to reach out to those who need help with issues like stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns.

  • You’ve tried all of the self-help methods for mental health, but no luck. I've experienced the same struggles and was able to navigate through them with fitness, leading to my genuine passion to help others do the same. In this podcast, I give you tips and advice on how to combat depression, stress, and anxiety through the use of exercise and fitness while on the same journey myself! Tune in every Saturday at 5 p.m. ET for new episodes.

  • From the national organization Reach Out and Read comes a brand new podcast centered around the belief that children’s books build better brains, better family relationships, and happier, healthy children and societies. Join us as host Dr Dipesh Navsaria, a pediatrician with a children’s librarianship degree, dives into a wealth of varied early childhood health and literacy topics with expert guests examining the many facets of supporting the parent-child relationship as key to early success.

  • Aesthetic Medicine Uncovered - The Patient's Perspective is brought to you by the Clinetix Group giving you an insider's guide to all things aesthetic medicine.

  • در این پادکست علی اخوان به عنوان مجری و جناب مهندس بابک عزتی رنجر به عنوان کارشناس
    طب سنتی، به شیوه زندگی سالم ، پیشگیری و درمان از دیدگاه طب سنتی می پردازند
    برای اطلاع از انتشار قسمت های جدید این پادکست شما میتوانید پیچ اینستاگرام کافه کاست را دنبال کنید
    این پادکست به صورت هفتگی منتشر میشود