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  • Our amazing pupils talk about #BLM and document their experiences in Nottingham, UK. Follow us on @OfficialNUSA on Twitter- home of #AmazingNUSA 👑 We are Nottingham University Samworth Academy, a school that aims to close every type of divide.

  • Daniel Davenport is an American lobbying unifying all those who have opinions about getting checks into the hands of Americans as a return of stolen inheritance. In addition to check Daniel’s firm is lobbying for:
    A change in the 13th amendment
    Clarification about citizen status
    A removal of color terms
    Cash for community infrastructure building
    600 million acres of land, all valuables below and above to include FAA air zones
    67 protective zones
    Policy changes authorizing mandated training to military personnel regarding true history of descendants of enslaved people
    More ... (no more space)

  • These podcasts are for relaxation, role play, creative movement and language extension for kids aged 4 to 7.

  • Kids of color who have ADHD and other common learning differences often face a double stigma. But there’s a lot that families can do to address the opportunity gap in our communities. Host Julian Saavedra is a father of two. He's also an assistant principal who has spent nearly 20 years working in public schools. Join Saavedra as he talks with parents and experts and offers tips to help you advocate for your child.

    Understood is a nonprofit and social impact organization dedicated to shaping a world where the 1 in 5 people who learn and think differently can thrive. Learn more about The Opportunity Gap and check out more podcasts from the Understood Podcast Network at Copyright © 2022 Understood for All, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Assalamwualiakum Warah Mutullahi Wabarakatuhu!

    Welcome to The Young Muslims Stories Podcast!!

    Before diving in, we want to give you all a brief intro about what this is all about.

    The Young Muslims Stories Podcast was born out of us realizing that there isn’t much halal entertainment out there for kids growing up nowadays.

    Unfortunately, they’ve been limited to things like cartoons and games that are only focused on getting people hooked onto them, without really giving anything valuable to take away.

    Growing up in a world with so much entertainment made us wonder, what’s actually feeding our brains? And more importantly, how are our hearts growing amidst this chaos?

    We wanted to start a podcast that holds the best of both worlds. Something that teaches kids about Islam, but also acts as Halal entertainment. Like learning about the surahs of the Quran and their meanings. The wondrous stories of the prophets and their companions. Other topics such as science, history and language. And even actual stories, our own and others.

    A long list, we know! But there are so many awesome topics to cover.

    And what better way to combine all these things and more, under a single label. A story. For that’s what we want to give you guys. A story of wonder, a story of growing your mind. Stories you can all be proud of, knowing that it’s linked to you as a young Muslim.

    And so an idea was born. We hope you enjoy this experience as much as we enjoy making them. Take care, and may Allah Azza Wajjal bless you.

  • Your source for stories in the Language of the Cape Verde Islands Kabuverdianu also known as Cape Verdean Kriolu. Visit our website to read our stories online and subscribe to the first ever online digital dictionary in Kabuverdianu (Kriolu) 🇨🇻 / English 🇺🇸 / Portuguese 🇵🇹

    📚**Read the stories in our digital library subscribe for free

    📚**Lé kes stória na nos bibliotéka dijítal di grasa

    **📖 First ever Online Dictionary English to Kabuverdianu

    **📖 Primeru Disionariu Online inglês pa kabuverdianu

  • Having a son can be one of the greatest experiences of a woman's life. This can also come with plenty of emotionally draining challenges as he gets older. Tune in each week for God-Centered, practical training, interviews, and devotionals designed specifically for moms who are struggling with their son and want a different perspective on how to transform their relationship with him. Tune in each week and watch God work.

  • 各种儿童华文书籍、轻松有趣的阅读方式,让《STORY TIME WITH 嘉蕙》陪你的小宝贝用餐、玩耍、乖乖入眠!

    全新一季的《STORY TIME WITH 嘉蕙 - 礼仪故事》,让小朋友從生动有趣的故事中学习礼仪,在生活中以礼待人!

  • Welcome to the Wonderful Words of DoodleBerry Pop! Imaginative stories with colorful words and sounds just for kids. I am your storyteller, Tim Koetitz

    “Hi, I am DoodleBerry Pop, I am so happy to meet you. I want to introduce my family and friends and share my adventures with you. I am you average Pog. Yes, I enjoy most of the typical things that other Pogs like to do, such a build stuff with sticky blocks, ride my pedal scooter, play games with the swooshball, and color with smudge markers. But, what I really, really like to do more than anything else, is explore new words and create new sounds. My imagination always takes me on new adventures and the silly stories are endless. So lets go and have some fun.”

  • Pssst! Infant and toddlerhood can seem intimidating, especially on your first go-around. I'm here as a resource to guide YOU into guiding those tiny humans into who they are. The goal is to lessen the stress at home through knowledge of what's going on with your 1's, 2's and 3's. This is such a sensitive time in their life for them AND for you. I'm here to help you through it 😊 Support this podcast:

  • 關於親子教育與社會新鮮人的有價值資訊,讓資深的教育顧問來與大家閒話家常吧!



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  • Let's talk everything early learning with your host Melysa Mei. Currently a Pre-K teacher in the country's largest school system and the founder of Pre-K Spot. Melysa is your host and guide to opening up your teaching. Known for open-ended child-led teaching practices, in this show, Melysa paves the path for your own open-ended teaching journey as an early childhood educator.

  • Амьдрал баялаг, олон талбараас бүрддэг. Тус бүр зорилго дэвшүүлээд зүтгэхэд амжилтад хүрэх нь дамжиггүй. Харин тууштай л байх хэрэгтэй. Энэ подкаст, бас бялхсан амьдрал цахим сайт минь тэрхүү аялалд хамтдаа гарахыг урьсан уриалга юм.

  • <닥터지하고>

    자녀를 스스로 삶을 개척해 나가는 성인으로 키울 것인가 

    나는 나의 삶을 어떻게 개척해 나갈 것인가. 


    성장하는 나, 그리고 배우는 부모가 되기 위해 삶과 육아의 본질을 나누는 공간 


    매주 화 토 저녁 8시 문의 : [email protected]

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  • #ilovemywifepodcast is an entertainment show hosted by married couple Kelli and Anne. From exciting travelers to gay suburban moms in New Jersey, they have done it all. Weekly guests from comedy to music to theater to politics and don't forget cocktailing!

  • 코미디 영하보다 더 웃기고, 액션 영화보다 더 짜릿하고, 웬만한 드라마보다 더 눈물나게 만드는 군대시절의 이야기!

  • This is a podcast dedicated to the small kids that love story time. It is loaded with fun and wacky stories. Just pop one on and let their imaginations run wild. Support this podcast: