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  • Join us and our kids for an hour each week as we try to explain to them why our stuff is better than theirs and always will be: video games, snacks, television, movies...all of it.

    And bring your kids along for the ride, too! You may even find yourself saying "back in my day" a lot.'s not so bad once you get used to it.

    Did you know you can pretend to be senile and ride the bus for free?

  • We help parents and caregivers gain knowledge to increase their confidence and their success in caring for children. We’ll cover topics like feeding your baby, getting your baby and you much needed sleep, and pretty much anything else that has to do with caring for babies and their families after birth. Society sets parents up to fail; we are here to change that!

  • We are Ellie Lemons and Monique Barry; two mothers who currently successfully co-parent. This is a space for people to relearn what parenting after separation looks like. We draw on our experiences, journeys and the lessons we've learned to help people see that having a coparenting relationship where being friends is not only possible but a rewarding experience for everyone. We are creating the resource we wish we had when we began our co-parenting journeys and we hope you'll join us as we help parents transition from a romantic relationship to a co-parenting one, rewrite the narrative of what parenting after separation looks like and continue to unfold our own journeys — discussing all things co-parenting, relationships, separation, child development, communication, conflict and healing.

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  • This fun and engaging podcast hosts special education experts to discuss special education topics for special education parents.

    If I could ensure every parent has all the information they need before stepping into their child's IEP meeting, I would. While that may be a lofty goal, I hope this podcast helps you prepare to advocate for your child.

    If you have a child with disabilities and special education needs, congratulations! You have just become the CEO of your child's education! There are acronyms galore, terms of art that are counter-intuitive, and completely new rules for school. This podcast will provide straightforward information about your rights, information from other professionals, and tips and tricks for working with your school.

    I'm a special education attorney, parent of 5 children with disabilities, and former special education teacher/administrator. I have seen special education from many angles. In fact, I have ADHD and Dyslexia myself, and grew up in school systems that didn’t yet know how to identify or remediate these challenges.

  • تو هر اپیزود از این پادکست یک کودک مهمون ماست و سعی می‌کنیم یک گفت‌وگوی امن و دوستانه داشته باشیم و به دنیای اون کودک سفر کنیم. هویت بچه‌ها اعلام نمیشه، عکس و فیلمی هم ازشون منتشر نمی‌کنیم

  • When it comes to grief, individual loss is unique, yet so much of grief is universal. How do we lean into the pain, and then let it go? How do we reconnect with our loved ones and find them in new ways? What does death and losing someone ultimately teach us about life? Join Kelsey Chittick — writer, comedian, and widow of NFL Super Bowl Champion, Nate Hobgood-Chittick — as she explores grief and its gifts.

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  • Мы, женское содружество "Мягкая сила", записываем эти сказки вместе с разными известными и хорошими людьми — например, с писателями и музыкантами.Сегодня пропаганда пришла в школы и детские сады. Как нам уберечь детей? Вместо лозунгов, полных ненависти мы хотим предложить добрые сказки о том, что мы считаем важным: о ценности мира и диалога и с соседом, о дружелюбии и любопытстве по отношению к тому, кто кажется чужим, о сочувствии и сострадании к боли других людей, о прощении и милосердии, об ответственности за то, что происходит вокруг.

  • Jutellen asiasta ja asian vierestä pojan ja äidin tapaan.

  • Preggopodi käsittelee aiheita raskaudesta ja vanhemmuudesta tuoreella ja ajankohtaisella otteella sekä asiantuntijavieraiden että kokemusvieraiden kanssa.

  • Parenting expert Bethany Braun-Silva interviews your favorite celebrity moms, reality TV stars, and parenting gurus on this fresh and fun interview show. 

  • Onko suomalainen lapsuus huoleton, saavatko lapset äänensä tarpeeksi kuuluviin? Entä ovatko lapset turvassa niin kotona kuin sen ulkopuolella?
    Kansallisen lapsistrategian Kaikkien lasten Suomi -podcast-sarjassa kiinnostavat yhteiskunnalliset keskustelijat pohtivat lasten osallisuutta, oikeuksia ja sitä, saavatko lapset elää Suomessa hyvää lapsen elämää.

  • Varje måndag släpper vi nytt avsnitt. Här snackas det brett och vilt om snickrandet, pusslandet i vardagen, resor och familjelivet.

    Vi ger vår syn på hantverksbranchen i stort, går djupt in på föräldraskap och utmaningar i vardagen. Fram med kaffet - nu kör vi!

    Puss och kram, Victor & Martin

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  • En podd om livet med trillingar. Och mycket annat.

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  • 為大小朋友們講述的小故事,希望爸爸媽媽和小朋友們都能從中輕鬆獲得一些日常小知識~

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  • Welcome to Midlife Plot Twists with Lucy Baber! In this show, we'll be chatting about all of the weird and unexpected ways that our lives seem to be changing as we inch closer to turning the big 4-0. As my friends and I start approaching 40, we all seem to have one thing in common—MAJOR PLOT TWISTS are happening all around us.

    We're seeing midlife career changes and body changes, responsibilities shifting, and so much more. Whether you're starting over in something major in your life or have accomplished the goals you set for yourself, we're tackling the big questions we all have... like what now or what's next?

    Join us on this journey to discussing the topic of women's issues as we approach midlife (or maybe you're already there). Hit subscribe and tune in!

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  • Podcastissa lapset tutustuvat taiteisiin ja keskustelevat kokemastaan yhdessä ja taiteilijoiden kanssa. Lapset esittävät juuri sellaisia mietteitä ja kysymyksiä jotka heitä kiinnostavat, ja taiteilijat vastaavat. Mennään taiteeseen!

  • Hyppää Hippojen mukaan ääneen luettujen satujen parissa!

  • A Podcast For Animal Lovers!
    Cocktails! Snacks! And crossing the unprofessional line. Animal Professionals and animal lovers discuss the wild kingdom - after hours.

  • Nyt alkaa iltapalasatu, jonka tarjoaa koko perheelle kuunneltavaksi Fazer Puikula. Tarinoissa seikkailevat pikkuruisen keltaisen talon asukkaat Kipittäjä, Tip-Top, Hattara ja Nukkupää, ja kertojana talon tarinoille toimii keittiön ikkunalaudalla kököttävä radio. Tarinoiden ääninä kuullaan näyttelijä Ernest Lawson, lastenkirjailija Kaisa Happonen ja näyttelijä Eero Ritala.

    Tarinat: Kaisa Happonen, kuvitus: Anne Vasko

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  • Linda Szmulewitz and Jessica Sawicki are certified sleep consultants. Each episode, they will be answering all of the many questions they are asked by the families they work with around the world.