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  • Hi, I’m Anna Gannon, a mother, wife, and intuitive meditation, movement and energy guide. I created this podcast to serve as a sacred space where we could explore our evolution, spirituality and growth as mothers, women and humans living in today’s modern world. Come dive deep into your inner world, and discover ancient wisdom, rituals and practices that will support you on your motherhood journey. Each episode ends with a guided meditation and energy practice that will allow you to step further into yourself and this work.

  • Hi there and welcome to my podcast. My names Elise and here I’ll be sharing my thoughts and discussions on all things Dog Agility in the UK! Having started the sport at 13 years old I’ve felt privileged to learn and experience lots over the years. So if you’re as agility obsessed as I am this is the podcast for you!

    With group discussions, interviews and lots more planned!

  • BEST, Blind Early Services TN, is a nonprofit organization co-founded by two moms of young boys who are blind. BEST provides family support, early intervention and advocacy services for families and providers of children who are blind or low vision. In each episode we will interview parents, providers and those with lived experiences in the blind/low vision community. We want to educate, empower, encourage and equip you with all the tools you need to ensure the BEST start for your child!

  • The Kids Sleep Show helps tired parents to understand the root of their child's' sleep challenges from birth through school-aged. Most children don't get adequate sleep and in this fun and lighthearted show, Courtney Zentz, a nationally ranked Pediatric Sleep Specialist breaks down the root of your struggles and shares steps to go from a sleepy mess to sleep success in just a few short days.

  • ..og papas!

    En podkast for deg som har en revmatisk sykdom og planlegger svangerskap eller er gravid!

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  • Harmonisk Barndom podcast er for deg som ønsker mer bevissthet, ro og tilstedeværelse i deg selv og i din hverdag sammen med barn.

    Jeg brenner for at barn skal få være barn med bevisste, selvkjærlige omsorgspersoner rundt seg. Harmoni og overskudd oppstår når du tar ansvar for deg selv fysisk, psykisk, emosjonelt og eventuelt spirituelt.

    Jeg deler tanker og erfaringer rundt aktuelle temaer, som opptar meg og mine kunder,

    Du får høre dikt og tekster hentet fra venner, slektninger og meg selv.

    Musikk (fra #37), manus og produksjon: Kajadilani Fiiksdal.

  • Gjennom spennende hørespill, musikk og tøys utforsker vi hvilke følelser barn kan ha gjennom en vanlig dag og hvordan vi voksne kan hjelpe dem med de følelsene.

    Sjekk gjerne ut

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  • Hey Ya’ll, welcome to Life Coach BFF Show! Do you want to confidently parent your teen while remaining sane and still finding joy in your every day? Do concerns of their safety, mental health, influences of social media and the ACT as well as the ”act” frighten and keep you awake at night? After a move finding myself lonely, isolated, and drowning in the realities of parenting teens, I felt completely lost and depleted.I knew it had to stop, and that’s when I changed my mindset to something I call ”Living onGreen.” I’m going to teach it to you. In this podcast, we’re giving all things to God, triumphs through the trials of parenting teens, all the while finding joy and establishing balance. I’m your new BFF Heather, and you’re not lonely anymore!

    Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. ... I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
    John 14:27

    *****GLOBALLY RANKED SHOW IN TOP 3%****** Seen on CNN!

    Contact BFF Heather:  [email protected]

    Voice Message: 901-308-7110

    Instagram @lifecoachbff

    Facebook @lifecoachbff

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  • Foster Care Aware is a virtual summit and digital community event to educate about fostering, discover techniques to thrive during uncertain times as a parent, and connect with the community that cares about adoptive and foster parenting.

    For more information, please visit:

    Presented by Tidewater Friends of Foster Care
    Hosted by Audra Bullock and Erin Lindstrom

  • Welcome to That's Wright, your favorite sister podcast with Crystal and Alisa Wright!

    On this show, we're not educating you on self-help or selling you to be anyone besides yourself. Instead, we'll be talking about insecurities, triggers, black businesses, struggles we deal with, some tears, a whole lot of money, and a whole lot more on our lord & savior, Jesus Christ!

    Get ready to get real vulnerable with us - we're real crazy, but we're real prosperous over here too. So join in on our unfiltered conversations, and we hope that you see yourself in us - just 2 Black Girls, Black Girling, every week!

  • Do your pets rule your house like ours do? Join host Joel Baardseth and his guest as they discuss all things pet from whole food nutrition, behavioral tips, and other trends in the pet kingdom.

  • Two Di’s are better than one. Parenting expert, educator and author Di Wilcox and journalist Di Bauwens share a common goal in raising awareness about the importance of raising children with love, understanding, compassion and commitment in this everchanging rainbow world where the challenges of parenthood can sometimes seem monumental. These Inspired Parenting podcasts are designed to offer practical advice on getting real about parenting, sharing simple useful tips and cutting to the core of raising kids.

    Fabulous guests join the two Di’s along the way sharing their own inspirational storie

  • We at Family Brand want to raise a war cry to families everywhere. Now is the time to TAKE BACK YOUR FAMILY. Develop a family culture where relationships last, and each member of the family is seen and valued for who they are. It is absolutely possible to raise a family today without fear of the future. Define who you are as a family, and what you stand for. Stop looking at the future with fear and uncertainty and start looking forward with a possibility of more. More love. More joy. More connection. More resolve. The world needs strong families now more than ever. Let us show you how.

  • En god barndom varer livet ut. Barn og unge trenger å kjenne at de hører til og at de kan være seg selv i miljøet de er i. Dessverre opplever ikke alle det.

    Vi i ombudet for barn og unge i Viken jobber for en god barndom for alle. Hver dag hører vi om ulike utfordringer og vi gir råd om hva som kan hjelpe.

    Ombudspodden er for deg som har, jobber med, eller som på en eller annen måte engasjerer deg for barn og ungdom. Her får du lære mer om barn og unges hverdag; i barnehage, skole, læreplass og på fritiden. Vi byr på noen tips på veien - kanskje blir du litt klokere.

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  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a very well-known and popular story concerning American youth. Mark Twain's lively tale of the scrapes and adventures of boyhood is set in St. Petersburg, Missouri, where Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn have the kinds of adventures many boys can imagine: racing bugs during class, impressing girls, especially Becky Thatcher, with fights and stunts in the schoolyard, getting lost in a cave, and playing pirates on the Mississippi River.

  • Awesome dads, OK husbands and terrible golfers dive into everything golf, fatherhood and life. Marc and Chris tackle serious topics in a not so serious way.

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  • Stine Langerud og Line Emilie Villanger hjelper hundeeiere med å løse hverdagsproblemene som oppstår mellom de firbeinte og tobeinte.

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