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  • JEG (Jรธrgen Egner Granerud) prater film med forskjellige folk

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  • Kristine Berg og Arne Berggren snakker med venner og fiender om alt som er galt i mediebransjen (og hva man kan gjøre med det).

  • Hvordan jobber norske dokumentarister med filmene sine, og hva er det som driver dem til å lage film? I podkasten Dokuprat møter vi norske filmskapere til inspirerende, ærlige og underholdende samtaler om håndverket og drivkraften bak deres kunstnerskap.

    Dokuprat produseres av Differ Media. Musikken er laget av Joakim Reme Thorendahl/Strikken Studio.

    Følg oss gjerne på @dokuprat. Kontakt oss på [email protected]

  • Professor Lars Erling Olsen og praktiker Alf Bendixen inviterer gjester i Kampanjes studio for å diskutere aktuelle temaer innen markedsføring.

  • Working in the maritime industry can be thrilling and very dangerous. No one knows this better than Malia White, Bosun on Bravo's hit show Below Deck Mediterranean. Drop your anchor for real-life stories about modern-day pirates, accidents and dangers at sea, survivor stories from the people who lived them, and true crime cases that will shock you! Plus, Malia and some of her yachtie friends will give you a behind the scenes look at what it's like being a crew member on a super yacht. Her world is a Total Ship Show!

  • Musiker og filmgeek Knut Anders Sรธrum har i denne podcasten slรฅtt seg sammen med filmguru Brita Mรธystad Engseth for รฅ dele glede og sorg over nye og gamle filmer & tv-serier. Velkommen!

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  • Your home for Millennial Movie Diary, Movie Club & TV Club.
    We're a podcast about entertainment, movies, TV and music hosted by two elder Millennials rabidly consuming pop culture.

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    Follow us on Twitter: @coyknutspodcast

    For more of our projects and a full list of episodes please check out CoyKnuts Podcast Network on #SoundCloud

  • Millennial Movie Club is a podcast by millennials, for millennials, and literally anyone else willing to listen. We bring you all the cinematic nostalgia you crave and the jokes that are sure to have you squirting Yoohoo straight out the nose. Dynamic Duo Jaz Zepatos (@jaz_zapp) and Dan Levine (@daniel_yadi_levine) revisit the movies you love with the fresh eyes and thousand-mile stares of millennial adults who have seen too much. Join the club that rocks butterfly clips and frosted tips; let’s talk about the flicks that raised us!

  • Musician/engineer/bartender Allen Epley talks with artists of all walks and at all levels of success about their own unique journeys and jobs they've worked in order to follow their passions. Many successful musicians, actors, filmmakers, composers, and comedians still have side gigs that afford them the ability to create their art for us. Some get to work in their chosen field and some work jobs that are convenient and make that buck. It is this unique hustle that's at the heart of this podcast. How exactly does the sausage get made when there are bills to be paid? And what drives these maniacs to make our desperate lives better with their art when the pay-off often fulfills their hearts but not their bank accounts?

  • Fire venner som jobber med TV, elsker TV og elsker รฅ snakke om TV, skrur pรฅ mikrofonene nรฅr de snakker om TV! Komikerne fra Satiriks Thomas Teige, Arild ร˜rnholt (Norske Grรธnnsaker) og Markus og Sturle (5080 Nyhetskanalen) diskuterer TV-uken.

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  • A weekly film podcast talking all things underrated and underseen films!Each week we get stuck into a different film that we think may be underrated, under seen or we just wanted to talk about it!Add in some classic films for good measure a dose of the occasional fantastic guest!Get it in your ears every Tuesday!Cheers!The Just Films & That teamAll enquires: [email protected]

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  • En podkast om fenomenet Melodi Grand Prix. På godt og på vondt, men bestandig på alvor.

    Anders Tangen har vært Grand Prix-entusiast og fan siden bokstavelig talt den dagen han ble født, Ronny Bergersen kan vel neppe sies å være i samme liga på det feltet, men lar seg fascinere av konseptet og er aldri fremmed for å ta en prat om musikk.
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    Ønsker du å booke Ronny som DJ til ditt event eller har andre henvendelser kan du besøke hans hjemmeside

  • Vi gjør vårt beste for å gi våre lyttere gode filmtips og lettbeint underholdning gjennom upretensiøse filmrelaterte samtaler.

  • A Watsonian analysis of BBC Sherlock series 1-4. Why is series that? What is tjlc? Listen as we play the great game and discuss "the final problem" of understanding the show's deconstruction of the myth of Sherlock Holmes.

  • En podcast om norske kultfilmer, med Aleksander U. Serigstad fra Filmjunkiene og Kristian Serigstad Jensen fra Første date.

  • In each episode, we’ll bring you a little Hollywood history, glamour, & behind the scenes as we walk you through Columbo, one of America’s greatest TV detective series.

    About the hosts:
    Brought to you by siblings Paul & Liz McDade. Alternating between editing, acting and writing, Paul Montez McDade has worked with a wondrous mix of filmmakers, writers and artists.
    McDade is currently producing a documentary portrait of Michael Esposito: an experimental artist and researcher in Electronic Voice Phenomena. In collaboration with author Jervey Tervalon, Paul is also adapting Jervey's novel Dead Above Ground into a series for television. Head to for more information

    Liz McDade is a life-long Columbo fan and grew up watching Columbo and eating popcorn on her parents' sofa. Now she eats popcorn & watches Columbo on her own sofa with her kids in Santa Cruz, CA, where she also runs a zero waste homegoods business. Head to to learn more.

  • A celebration of all things Third Window Films from the perspective of the fan (Ben) and the man (Adam Torel).

    The Third Window Films brand was born in 2005 when its film-loving founders grew bored of the stream of worn-out shock horror vehicles from the Far East.

    Third Window Films works hard to bring you the wonderful world beyond long-haired ghost films and mindless Hollywood action copies, sourcing the finest works in new Far Eastern cinema. We strive to represent a rich variety of film genres, be they dramas, comedies, political satires, action or anything else in between. Expect everything from the unknown and cult to the off-beat and even the occasional mainstream masterpiece… or expect nothing but quality Asian cinema!

    Let Third Window Films be your window to the East!

  • Premierer og glamour på kino eller joggebukse foran skjermen? Filmkritiker Einar Aarvig gir deg anbefalinger, tullball og skarpe analyser fra begge verdener.

  • En podkast for alle som må innrømme at de liker å se på tv. Alt som vises og har blitt vist på fjernsyn, er interessant. Jon Øystein Flink og Jørund Fiskergård er programledere for denne smarte podkasten. Ser du for lite på Fjernsyn? Antagelig, så hopp ombord.

  • "I do believe they are soulmates." - Jason Sudeikis

    Welcome to a Ted Lasso after-show, after-show. We’re here to take a deep dive into the characters of Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) and Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), how they are connected, and why this is actually a long-game romance. In each episode, we’ll discuss what we learn about the characters, what the characters learn, and their key interactions. You can watch Ted Lasso exclusively on AppleTV.