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  • The ESI What's Next? podcast is broken into 16 4 part mini-series each focusing on a student entrepreneur and how they are trying to make a specific part of society more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. The series will also bring in experts and other stakeholders from the relevant communities to provide greater context to the problems the entrepreneurs are solving.

    We would like to thank the European Regional Development Fund, Printify, SEB bank and RIMI for their support in helping making this podcast series possible.

  • Jonathan Ford, Designer and Founding Creative Partner of Pearlfisher, speaks to the people behind the brands of the future who understand the need to harness creativity, design and bold ideas to create success.

  • This podcast is an interview with startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, social enterprises and charities. These podcast aims to raise awareness and promote, freelance and small business owners.

  • To give a voice to the everyday trader’s process, struggles, victories, and learning moments while providing an insider’s perspective on the futures industry. Knowledgeable guests will be on periodically, but the focus will mainly be on what we are learning about the common trader battling to make it to his or her goal. Stay tuned as we transparently discuss all aspects of the effort toward "making it as a trader".

    Trading derivatives is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

  • Are you creating new ways of performing, teaching, and reaching your audience? Then you're my people.

    My guests are bringing music into the 21st century and beyond. They're the people who understand that live music won't survive if it clings to business models from a previous century.

    I created this podcast to help you to reinvent yourself and expand your own horizons. Take the information, mull it over, and come up with your own way to bring your art to the world. Because it's time to face the music.

    Thanks for listening!

    Chris @ Honesty Pill

  • Career paths are seldom a straight line. In Defining Roles, Kate delves into lesser-known positions and defines job titles to learn about various industries and the skills that actually lead to success. The first step in finding your perfect job is knowing it’s out there.

    Whether you’re looking for a new role or just naturally curious, you’ll end each episode with a new perspective, insight, and solid career advice from the guests.

  • An in depth, behind-the-scenes look at ethics and compliance books through conversations with industry leaders and the authors.Finding time to read books related to your job or area of interest likely is not at the top of your to-do list. But this podcast is more than just an exploration into ethics and compliance books; this podcast is a conversation about a vital industry that so many organizations view as the department of “no.” This podcast is here to challenge the way you think about ethics and compliance, arm you with new ways to think about and discuss those topics, push you to finally read the books that have been on your shelf collecting dust, and drive your career or interests forward.  

  • An entertaining, educational, and engaging way to discuss all of the latest trends and topics in business, and how they’re affecting our modern lives. Drawing on years of experience in the tech sector as an entrepreneur and mother, host Randi Zuckerberg will provide a forum for discussion and delve into the latest innovations while examining how new technologies can be incorporated into our daily lives.

  • A new podcast from Direct Selling News, Direct Approach is laser focused on helping direct selling executives next level their strategy, marketing and brand. Hosted by DSU audience favorite Wayne Moorehead and his guests—some of the leading marketers and innovators in direct selling—will tackle these issues in a fun, fast-paced and frank format, covering topics like:

    Customer acquisition and retention
    Consistent and effective messaging
    Reputation management
    Emerging trends
    And much more

    Each episode will help your marketing and branding teams motivate the field, inspire customers and further your brand’s reach and impact.

  • Меня зовут Антон Яковлев, и я специализируюсь на приумножении капитала. Я управляю деньгами 14 лет, создаю долгосрочные портфели со средней доходностью в 11% годовых в долларах США.

    Разработал собственную формулу макропрогнозирования с вероятностью 75-80% и открыл аналитическую компанию.

    Докажу, что грамотные инвестиции — возможность для каждого.

    Подписывайтесь и зарабатывайте стабильно!

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  • Want to learn everything there is to learn about ecommerce and have fun at the same time? Then look no further. Mastering Metail is a podcast masterclass series brought to you by Ascential Digital Commerce that will provide the knowledge needed to win across three of the largest ecommerce platforms - Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart. Our host, Emma Irwin, will guide you through the most important areas of focus with an emphasis on retail and media functions … hence the name, Mastering Metail. This series is suited for anyone looking to learn more about ecommerce as well as manufacturers looking to grow their business on Amazon, Walmart and Instacart. To learn more about Ascential, visit for more information about our digital commerce brands.The editor for this podcast is Claus Cancel and sound designer is Ines Cetenji.Season 1: This season we focus on Amazon. You’ll get to hear suggestions for how to win and explanations of those foundational ecommerce concepts from leaders across Ascential’s brands. We’ll cover common ecommerce mistakes, media (search/display and DSP), retail, building a digital commerce team, content, supply chain, and retail/media data.COMING IN AUGUST - Season 2: For season 2, we cover winning on Walmart. Our experts at WhyteSpyder, an Ascential Company, guide us through understanding Walmart as on omnichannel retailer, how to think about catalog management, differences between paid and organic search and what needs to be done on the supplier side, and how to navigate Walmart Marketplace, all recorded in Walmart Country in NW Arkansas.COMING IN SEPTEMBER - Season 3: For season 3 of Mastering Metail, we cover everything you need to know in order to win on Instacart. We’ll dive into how Instacart works, how Instacart disrupted traditional grocery shopping, the impact of COVID-19 on shopping behaviors, advertising, content, and more. Instacart isn’t just for grocers - so tune into this season to get up to speed on Instacart and leave ready to win on this ecommerce giant.

  • My name is Bry Willis.

    Here you can find my thoughts on topics ranging from business transformation strategy to enterprise business architecture to transformation implementation and adoption.

    I view transformation through a customer experience lens to solve business challenges and leveraging technology to enable solutions.

    Here I share decades of my experience in corporate and management consulting contexts, from my beginnings as a technologist through to my time as a consultant and advisor.

    So join me on this journey and see where it takes us.


  • Это подкаст "О работе", где ведущие и их гости открывают для себя новые профессии, делятся инсайтами с рынка и пытаются найти ответ, как стать счастливым и найти любимую работу! Ведущие подкаста - Леша Хандоженко и Юра Соколов.

  • Bitcoin...Ether...Ripple...Lightcoin and more. Crypto currencies and other digital assets are taking the financial world by STORM. This exploding market provides everything a savvy trader needs - volatility, volume and liquidity - provided you know how to find it. That’s where we come in. Welcome to the Crypto Rundown. Each week we’ll break down the latest trading activity, trends and developments on everything from coins to tokens, futures and even OTC crypto options. If it’s moving the crypto markets then you’ll find it on The Crypto Rundown...

  • Edge & Flow Podcast is a joint effort between knife makers TJ Schwarz and Lucas Burnley, your hosts. Free flowing, unscripted conversations unfold as we endeavor to explore the knife industry, craftsmanship, business, creativity, and beyond.

  • MTTM explores the world of high-performance flourishing:
    • build products that make a real difference
    • develop teams that bring out the best in people
    • thrive as you bring your ideas into the world

  • Бюро Правок — это подкаст дизайн команды Dodo Brands. Говорим обо всем, что происходит в нашей жизни.

  • Brought to you by MultiLingual TV and Nimdzi Insights, the C-Suite HotSeat show is a collection of short conversations with the executives at language service providers worldwide. In these episodes, the hosts from Nimdzi Insights ask a mix of rapid-fire and more in-depth questions to find out how the C-Suite got to where they are today.

  • The NBN Entrepreneurship and Leadership channel podcast focusses on entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation, interviewing entrepreneurial people, leaders and others about their journey, motivations, lessons learned and advice for others.
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  • The Influencer Marketing Factory, a global influencer marketing agency, talks about influencer marketing, social media, the creator economy, social commerce and much more.