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    Ici, vous retrouverez toutes mes vidéos disponibles en format audio, vous permettant de les écouter à tout moment. Installez-vous confortablement et plongez dans le monde de l'entrepreneuriat, du développement personnel et bien d'autres. Bonne écoute à vous !

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  • #TechBio is changing the world and the world needs to know more about it and the most disruptive companies who want to enable humanity to face up to its next challenges as a species, from fighting genetically transmitted diseases and pandemics to preventing ageing and climate change. In this podcast, we are featuring founders, investors, university professor or tech advisers sharing with us their unique view on the challenges and opportunities behind the Bioeconomy. This podcast is produced by Next Sequence, a venture capital fund focused on supporting globally the #TechBio ecosystem, from founders to investors.

  • Note Investing Podcast by JKP Holdings is all about sharing, learning and supporting the Real Estate Note Investing and Note Investing community. From Beginners to advanced investors, we break it down sharing ideas, strategies and issues Buyers and Sellers run into. We have been in the note space since 2010 and utilize our knowledge and connections to talk all subjects of Note investing. From those tired of being a landlord or those who find the paper business ideal, this podcast is for you! Be sure to leave a review and a comment. We look forward to having you long our Note Investing Journey! Support this podcast:

  • Bist Du bereit für Deine Bitcoin-Reise? Wir stehen vielleicht am Anfang einer finanziellen Revolution, und Bitcoin ist erst am Start seiner Reise.
    Hast Du Dich jemals gefragt, was hinter Bitcoin steckt und wie Du ein Teil dieser aufstrebenden Zukunft werden kannst? Hier bist Du genau am richtigen Ort!

  • Der Ausblick auf das aktuelle Geschehen an den Börsen und Märkten. Einschätzungen und Analysen aus regionaler Basler Sicht.

  • Herzlich Willkommen zum Podcast!
    Dem Podcast für finanzielle Bildung und erfolgreichem Investieren.
    Hier erfährst Du spannendes Insiderwissen zum Thema Richtig Anlegen und und erfolgreichem Vermögensaufbau.
    Starte jetzt Deine ganz persönliche Reise in Deine finanzielle Freiheit!

  • The Note Investor Podcast will guide you through the ups and downs of note investing, and teach you about all of the nitty gritty details of the business that other people won’t talk about . Your host, Dan Deppen is a former aerospace engineer and product manager who transitioned away from cubicle life to full time note investing in 2018. Our website is, where you can subscribe to this podcast, comment, and find links to other information on note investing.

  • Specializing in seller financing, Dawn has been a real estate and note investor for over 20 years. She provides custom consulting, coaching and note appraisal services. Note Queen is where Property Meets Paper and Learns to Dance. Subscribe to have your eyes opened to the profound, yet simple ways that seller financed real estate (property) and notes (paper) can help you create powerful and profitable financial solutions, just one Mom 'n Pop to another. The easiest way to get started investing in notes is to carry paper on property you already own! You can turn cash into property, property into paper, and paper back into cash again. To receive invitations to the live show so you can get your own questions answered SIGN UP over at

  • Bei «Auf der Bank» sitzen Mitarbeitende der Bank auf einer Bank in der Nähe ihrer Bank, der Schwyzer Kantonalbank. Zusammen mit Moderator Damian Betschart gewähren sie einen Blick hinter die Kulissen - diejenigen der SZKB und ihre ganz persönlichen.

    Der Podcast richtet sich an die Mitarbeitenden der Schwyzer Kantonalbank, aber auch an alle, die sich für die Schwyzer Kantonalbank interessieren.

    «Auf der Bank» erscheint jeden ersten Dienstag des Monats um 11.15 Uhr.

    Der Podcast wird von der Podcastschmiede produziert.

  • Running a business is tough. Every day challenges and obstacles pop up that can keep you from achieving your goals. Most of the time you know what to do; you learn to rely on your own business acumen and experience; but wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of experts behind you to back you up?

    The Small Business Edge podcast was created to be your team of experts. In my 25+ years of publishing magazines and newspapers for business owners, I had the good fortune to meet some incredibly smart people. I want to introduce you to these experts and have them provide you with tips and suggestions to running better companies. We will cover many of the most pressing issues facing business owners today; the things that keep you up at night.

    But I don’t want the podcast, or any other program we put together for you, to simply be a monologue. I want to hear from you. Listed below are several ways to connect with me and let me know what’s on your mind. You can also ask me to cover specific areas of running a business. This podcast is YOUR podcast. Let us help you realize your dreams.

    I look forward to continuing our conversation.

  • Ganz ehrlich: dieser Podcast dient dazu, meine Erfahrungen aus
    - 7 Jahren Unternehmensberatung
    - 6 Jahren Coaching
    - Geld, Business, Investments, Bücher, Spiritualität, Kunst & Co

    aufzunehmen & in die Welt zu bringen. Nimm dir, was du brauchst. Teile, was andere hören sollten. Und erzähl mir, was dich weiter gebracht hat!

    Viel Spaß!
    Deine Sophie

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  • Women Got Power este o serie de interviuri cu femei cu viziune și o voce ce se face auzită în lume. Sunt femei care-și croiesc propriul drum în antreprenoriat, cu o gândire de business aparte și un stil diferit de ceea ce suntem obișnuiți să vedem.

    Vom vorbi despre subiecte care mă pasionează: leadership și antreprenoriat la feminin, creativitate și profitabilitate, idei vii și responsabilitatea de a oferi un exemplu de gândire sănătoasă într-o lume din ce în ce mai gălăgioasă. Sunt discuții deștepte din care o să rămânem cu toții cu ceva - o idee, o schimbare de perspectivă, o recomandare.

  • Here is where we put our promises to the test. The podcast Alpine Living provides insight into the unique development of Andermatt Swiss Alps. In addition to learning interesting facts, you’ll hear from people who were closely involved with the topic being discussed. Listening pleasure for all who want to know more about the year-round destination in the Swiss Alps.

  • Der Praxis-Club Impuls ist ein Format für Dankbarkeit, Wertschätzung, Inspiration und gemeinsamen Erfolg. Erhalte wertvolle Impulse, Erfolgsgeschichten und Inspirationen von Mitgliedern vom Praxis-Club für dein Business. Lerne die Persönlichkeiten in diesem Podcast kennen und dich gleichzeitig inspirieren.
    Getreu unserer Vision: "Passionierte Unternehmenspersönlichkeiten aus der Schweiz entfalten gemeinsam das volle Potenzial" - ist dieser Podcast für Unternehmerinnen und Unternehmer aus der Schweiz sowie Mitglieder vom Praxis-Club ausgerichtet.

  • You need great people to build a great company. But as a leader, you also have a responsibility to nurture their talents.

  • Don't overthink it. There is no brief, no agenda, just good conversations with interesting humans. We'll probably talk about relationships, food, spirituality, love, brand, fitness, dogs, entrepreneurship, living your best life, and other stuff we like, but we might not.

  • The startup game has changed and Only the most agile will make it to the other side. Out of the Woods is a show where we interview top startup founders, executives, and investors to hear how they are navigating the rapidly changing economic environment.

    We'll share real time insights, strategies, and stories from those in the trenches, with the goal to help as many teams level up their execution and make it out of the woods.

    Hosted by Michael Martocci, Founder of SwagUp - a platform that has done over $100m in revenue helping companies create and distribute swag globally

  • Je lis les bouquins des génies, et partage ce que j'apprends.
    Voilà ce qui rend ce podcast unique : C'est très dur de trouver un bon podcast français avec une haute valeur par minute. C'est pour cette raisons qu'avant d'enregistrer un épisode de Mentor, je passe facile 5 à 10h à décortiquer, filtrer et compresser un bouquin entier (souvent en anglais) pour que tu en retires l'essentiel. Ce podcast ? C'est un shot de jus de pomme-curcuma-gingembre, mais pour ton cerveau.

    Enjoy :)
    PS : Si tu l'aimes, laisse une bonne review !

  • We’re Dana Johnson and Sara Lowell hosts of Entrepreneur Encounter, a growing and thriving entrepreneur podcast dedicated to soft skills development and we’re so grateful you found us. We started this podcast to invite you into conversations and workshops that are designed to help make you feel more empowered, thrive, and be fulfilled as you reach your entrepreneur goals. 

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