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  • Lab Rats to Unicorns is a podcast that aims to demystify the process of creating a great company in life sciences. Under the guidance of our host, John Flavin, you will hear personal stories of creation, be able to understand how great companies are created, and get insights into the many ways that you as an individual can engage in the creation of tomorrow’s life science companies. From the lab rat, signifying the process of invention and discovery, to the unicorn, signifying market success, there are a thousand players and ways in which people can contribute to the creation of great companies.

  • Welcome to "Beyond the Petri Dish”, the podcast where we delve deep into the world of clinical microbiology and explore its broader impacts in a banter style dialogue.

    Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily represent those of our employers, organizations, committee groups, or other individuals or entities. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. Listener discretion is advised. The experiences shared are personal to the individuals speaking and should not be construed as guidance or recommendations. We do not endorse or promote any specific methods, practices, or products discussed during the show.

  • Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung verändern unserer Leben in allen Bereichen. Während die digitale Transformation rasant verläuft, geht es beim nachhaltigen Wandel langsamer voran. Doch beide Prozesse sind nicht umkehrbar. Im Podcast der BFH Wirtschaft sprechen wir mit unseren Wissenschaftler*innen über ihre Forschungsthemen von
    Kreislaufwirtschaft über Innovationen bis New Work.

  • Reto Krapfs Medical Voice aus "der informierte @rzt" des Aerzteverlag medinfo AG als Podcast. Ersterscheinung 22. Mai 2023, ab dann jeden Monat.
    Mit Prof. Dr. med. Reto Krapf als Autor und Kommentator und dem Sprecher Christian Heller.

  • The Bone Lab was created as an outlet to share the stories that we love, with everybody else. We believe that bones have qualities that capture the imagination. Whether fossilized, x-rayed, displayed in a museum, or just helping us move around, bones have stories to tell.

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  • Increíble creación, a si se escucha el amanecer desde mi habitación. Sonidos de la naturaleza para dormir, relajarte, orar, estudiar, lo que quieras. Bendiciones.

  • 3 meufs qui répondent sans chichis aux questions d'un mec. Et pareil dans l'autre sens.

    Le best of de tous les épisodes.

    Le mardi : Réponses de mecs.

    Le vendredi : Réponses de meufs.

    Abonne toi et partage, c'est important le partage.

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  • Africa’s life sciences sector is booming and there is an ongoing biotech startup revolution. Biotechnology is an industry focused on manipulating living organisms to create commercial products. It's hard to describe the exciting and mind-blowing scientific discoveries and medical innovations coming out of the African continent right now. So I decided to do a podcast in which I get the actors to tell their stories. Each episode will be packed with powerful information to excite, educate, enlighten, and encourage you. These breakthroughs are already beginning to change the world for example, the next breakthroughs in genetic research are expected to come out of my beloved continent.
    Join my guests as they tell us how their innovation is addressing challenges in health, agriculture, and environment. Experts estimate that the Biotech sector will surge beyond $775 billion in size by 2024. Africa is not getting left behind! Grab a front row seat and fasten your seat belt for this exciting ride. Smart students, academics, bioentrepreneurs, and investors will buckle up and learn as much as they can about navigating the journey from idea to market.
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  • Notre terre est si petite et pourtant nous avons tellement peu de savoir sur ce qui l’occupe... Des petits ou grands podcasts sur la vie et ce qui occupe la terre...
    Bonne écoute!

  • Describing mountain ecosystems- a place I feel deeply connected to. Exploring the impacts of climate change on this place.

  • At the Munich-Centre for Advanced Photonics (MAP), researchers of world renown in the field of photonics are sounding out new possibilities for the use of photons. As such, MAP is making a significant contribution to technological advance, as photons, photon and particle sources and application-related technical processes are key components in 21st-century technology. One of MAP's aims is to achieve greater intensities, greater frequency precision and a greater photonic energy. MAP will enable interdisciplinary processes and experiments involving physics, chemistry, biology and medicine, and create a unique research infrastructure as well as an extensive network for exchanging research findings and for cooperation between all the subjects involved. MAP has been established within the scope of the Excellence Initiative, a Germany-wide competition to promote top-level university research.

  • Audio Episodes explaining things with optimistic nihilism. Kurzgesagt is a team of illustrators, animators, number crunchers and one dog who aim to spark curiosity about science and the world we live in. To them nothing is boring if you tell a good story. Follow the podcast to join us in this audio experience of Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell. A fan-made show out of admiration for Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell. For updates on videos and other news from the kurzgesagt universe follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  • Welcome to PsychCasts, where two friends passionate about Psychology bring an immersive, story-telling style of episodes for listeners to learn about influential and controversial Psychology studies. As previous AP Psychology students who have taken the AP Exam and gotten 5s on it, we also offer tips for AP Psych students on the must-know Psychology experiments to be successful on the AP Exam.

  • This inspirational podcase explores various topics in the filed of Positive Psychology and addresses them in a relatable, everyday approach.

  • By weaving together rigorous analysis and compelling narrative storytelling, Climate Decoded strives to make climate science and policy accessible and engaging for everyone. We're here to foster thoughtful conversations and drive informed action on climate change. With a diverse array of experts, activists, and storytellers, we delve into the pressing issues of our time, demystifying myths and unveiling solutions. Whether you're a climate enthusiast or just curious about the planet's future, Climate Decoded serves as your guide, community, and call to action. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable, just, and hopeful world.

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  • "Quid Si - Was wäre wenn" ist ein Podcast, der sich mit hypothetischen Szenarien und fiktionalen Ereignissen auseinandersetzt. Die beiden Gastgeber Danilo und Sascha sprechen über Themen wie die Konsequenzen von Kontakt mit Aliens, den Tauschhandel als Alternative zum Bezahlen oder die Auswirkungen, wenn alle Menschen nur noch in Unterhosen das Haus verlassen würden. Dabei wird der Podcast nicht nur humorvoll, sondern auch ohne 100%ige wissenschaftliche Korrektheit präsentiert. Jedoch geben sich die Gastgeber Mühe, die Themen möglichst fundiert und realistisch zu präsentieren.

    Ihr könnt gerne eure eigenen Themenvorschläge für hypothetische Szenarien per E-Mail an [email protected] einreichen.

    Vielen Dank fürs Zuhören! <3

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  • Welcome! Dr. John Nelson reveals how science, mathematics, data, and analytics can be used to tell meaningful stories and the steps you can take in your organization to improve your work environment and the outcomes of your patients. This podcast is for clinicians, operations, executives, and technologists seeking to advance their career and make a difference in healthcare.

    Dr. Nelson's experience includes work in 46 countries and with over 400 organizations. He is recognized as an expert and leader in the caring sciences, is the President and Founder of Healthcare Environment, and is passionate about improving healthcare for all.

  • Tune into the Backstory Podcast with hosts Riccardo Di Cato, Aakash Bhalothia, and Santiago Cantillo for a deep dive into the behind-the-scenes process of economic research. Each episode unpacks the hidden journey from a paper's conception to its publication, sharing the challenges and triumphs scholars face along the way. Conceptualized by Paul Niehaus and brought to life by UCSD grad students, Backstory gives voice to the stories that academia often leaves untold.