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  • A parenting podcast where we take a comedic & realistic look at the joys, challenges, and general tomfoolery that is parenting a small child!

  • Hello, Cognitive Flexibility is the ability of our brain to adapt our brain to adap our behavior and thinking to situations.

  • Watching the worst episodes of popular shows, hosts Erik Amaya and Justin Robinson attempt to determine if they would continue to watch the series based on its most off-key moments. TV shows regularly tread upon include Doctor Who, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and 7th Heaven.

    From family dramas to well-loved but brief sci-fi series, Tread Perilously examines how a show sustains itself even in its worst moments.

  • Imposter Syndrome is an improvised comedy podcast hosted by Max Reinhardsen & Natalie Richโ€ฆ sort of. Each episode is a completely different show, hosted by two totally different people.ยฉ2021 Cookrat Productions

  • Each week, Television Producers Chris DeRosa and Dominick Pupa decide which of their plethora of celebrity clients needs the most help, and hold nothing back as they take turns pitching ideas of how to best fix the famous personโ€™s crumbling public image. With a slew of hilarious guests and hotter-than-hot takes on the stories dominating the Entertainment News cycle, Chris and Dominick are here to transform the reputations of the stars that are clearly NOT just like us!

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  • This is just going to be a podcast about me and ryan's experience with school and what were our flaws. We will be giving advice for the beginners or just anyone.

  • Hilarious parenting stories that will make you feel better about your parenting blunders…

  • Hello misfits with past mistakes and major ambition! Here we share our hopes previous rock-bottoms and the ridiculousness that we're up to, peppered with humor, wit, and some bite. Hosted by an OG misfits, Nkki Ease and her ragtag team of successful yet flawed know-it-alls, the podcast fields all your questions — no matter how deep or dark — and offers humor, honesty, humility with radical empathy in return.

  • Paisas pushing ideas to the edge. This is not for the faint of heart. Weโ€™re trying to look at situations from a unique perspective and never take ourselves too seriously.

  • ฤ†akule Bakule je podcast koji vam donosi komediju, kulturu, kuhanje i još mnogo toga... Vaši domaฤ‡ini Markec, Martinka i Zoja uvijek su spremni za nove avanture i otkriฤ‡a u podcastu. Ostanite s nama i slušajte ฤ†akule Bakule!

  • Get to know Famous-ish dad Wayne Butler and his family.

  • Comedian Ellis Hoffmeister and Writer Ali Keller discuss the strange and wonderful television show that was Pretty Little Liars.

  • Welcome to Beautiful and Bothered with Johnny Ross! So much beauty, so little time! Every week with Johnny Ross, your favorite Beauty Guru, Actor, and Comedian, we navigate the intersection of pop culture, social media, and life's endless bothers. Hysterical guest interviews with some of the biggest names in social media, beauty, comedy, music and more! New episodes every Monday!

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  • SCHIZOPHRENIC COMEDY. Hosted by two of the sickkest kunts out there, comedian DC (@8pl8s) and blessed mememan Haley (@intjmoments), the show was recently described in a lawsuit as "thinly veiled political extremism masquerading as comedy". Jabronis and their 20$ words smh... Listen to the 20 most recent episodes right here, and get unlimited access to the full 8pl8s catalog & weekly bonus episodes on !!! GET A GRIP!!!

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  • Each week, long-time friends and Conan O'Brien staffers RJ Thieneman and Aaron Bleyeart, who weirdly have no common interests, take turns introducing a subject they're passionate about, but the other just doesn’t understand. Whether it's camping, beer, home-ownership, or Harrison Ford, RJ and Bley use a combination of personal anecdotes, painstaking wikipedia research, and a guest expert’s opinion to convince each other the subject is absolutely worthwhile. At the end of the show, whoever is convinced (or thoroughly unconvinced) donates to the episode's designated charity. RJ and Bley may not always agree on things they like, but this podcast is sure to make them better friends - or mortal enemies.
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  • A painstakingly researched comedy podcast about businesses’ scams, scandals, and shenanigans. Written and hosted by Christian Borkey

  • The Homance Chronicles is a lifestyle podcast hosted by Nicole Bonneville and Sarah Andonian. They have a 'homance,' a girl version of a bromance. They've been friends for a decade and have gone through some shit, so why not share it? Everything from dating disasters and sex fails to finding their self-worth with experts from across the world.

  • Have you ever worked in the service industry? Working somewhere that you say at least once per day "they don't pay me enough for this!"? A job you have to park way far away and come through a special door - the service entrance?

    This podcast is for you and by you (us)! The underpaid, under appreciated, gritty workers dealing with the Karen's, Florida Men and Von Uppities on a daily basis. This podcast will regale with tales of the shocking the strange the scary and the HILARIOUS! And just maybe, we can open some eyes into the why's of why we do what we do. If you're just al little curious come on in!
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  • KY Jelly, Conman, Big Cat, J-Money, and Sean (The Magic Carpet Ride) are five friends telling the stories of lesser known people throughout history. No subject is off limits, no topic too taboo, not for these degenerates anyway. Listen in as they take a deep dive into the world of the strange and unusual.

  • From The Mouths Of Madness is a podcast dedicated to all things in Horror Cinema! Join Lowdown, F.U. Hunter, and guest(s) as they discuss everything from the classics to the goriest new releases, from favorite Writers and Directors to the best in Special FX! Listen as guests test the hosts' knowledge in a fun trivia segment. Are they worthy to host? You decide!
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