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  • Podcasts of lectures and seminars held at the Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford.

  • Welcome to the Wonderer's History Podcast. My name is Vlad Zamfira, history and archaeology graduate (MA) from the University of Aberdeen Scotland with a Certificate of Postgraduate Studies also in Venetian and Mediterranean History in the 16th century. History enthusiast, podcast lover and avid historical culture consumer. Focused on the study of Venetian History with additional interest in overall Italian history, Malta, Cyprus, the Ottoman Empire and Spain during Charles V and Phillip II. This podcast will feature all of this and much more so stay tuned for more content!

  • A podcast, from a socialist perspective, which examines neglected historical topics and current events with a penchant for the Balkans.

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  • Excerpts from historical civilisations in under two minutes.

  • Pieza sonora realizada para conmemorar los derechos de soberanía.

  • Going "Beyond The Brochure", The Barefoot Backpacker looks at one concept or destination every episode, taking trips along the road less travelled and talking about issues related to travel, including politics and history, as well as specific topics like Bucket Lists & Hometown Trips.

  • The Center for Baptist Renewal seeks to equip Baptists with the resources of the Christian tradition so they might incorporate these beliefs and practices into the life of the local church.

  • Discovering the Slavic culture is not easy. Scientific sources are scarce, and oral tradition tainted by Judaeo-Christian point of view, imposed on our ancestors with fire and sword. Written sources come from historians or travellers looking at the culture of Slavs with the eyes of a witness, not a participant and usually from the perspective of a foreign (Roman, Arabic, Judeo-Christian) culture. Archaeological discoveries require interpretation by modern researchers which obviously blurs the original meaning of the artefacts.

    Large part of the “Witia” project is an attempt to look at the Slavic culture with the eyes of a pagan, with an open-minded approach and respectful curiosity. Listening to the whispers of our Slavic souls we try to separate interpretations from facts and find in our heritage the elements which were suppressed by the hundreds of years of Christianisation.

  • Weird Distractions is a weekly show where host Alex rotates discussing topics of true crime, conspiracy theories, paranormal stories and more to provide what most would consider a 'weird' distraction from everyday life. New episodes every Sunday. Need a distraction? I got you. Proud member of the Cultiv8 Podcast Network.

  • ★「千里之外」是一個希望藉由聲音的傳播,把中文傳播到千里之外的播客,邀請所有在千里之外的中文學習者都可以跟我們一起聽歷史、聊故事、學成語。
    ★ “A Thousands Miles” aims to teach Chinese idioms with historical background, fun facts, and engaging stories with culture perspectives for Chinese language learners or anyone who is interested in Chinese culture.

    ★ 本節目由 MandarinX 中文客策劃製作,MandarinX 中文客與美國麻省理工及哈佛大學共享世界級的開放課程資源,已有超過五十萬名的學生來自全球212 個國家註冊學習。這個播客將藉由介紹中國的歷史、文化以及成語故事,帶給聽眾不一樣的中文學習角度,跟我們一起學中文吧!
    ★ 本节目由 MandarinX 中文客策划制作,MandarinX 中文客与美国麻省理工及哈佛大学共享世界级的开放课程资源,已有超过五十万名的学生来自全球212 个国家注册学习。这个播客将藉由介绍中国的历史、文化以及成语故事,带给听众不一样的中文学习角度,跟我们一起学中文吧!
    ★ This podcast is designed and produced by MandarinX, a company that provides high-quality online teaching and learning courses. MandarinX has experienced high demand for Chinese learning with more than half a million students enrolled among 212 countries worldwide. Through this show, we are offering various lenses for our audience to learn more about Chinese history, culture, and idioms.

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  • Welcome to Grappling With Canada! Each month Andy "The Taxman" is joined by various guests to take a deep dive into the past of some of Canada's most influential, infamous and impressive Wrestling exports! Not a Canadian? Don't worry, no passport needed! The international connections of wrestling with and to Canada will surprise you!

  • Podcast ini menceritakan tentang kehidupan pada WW2 di Eropa

  • This podcast aims to give a true and complete history of the Jacobite Movement, from its birth in 1688, all the way to its violent end in Culloden in 1746 and beyond, looking at the repercussions that have carried through to the present day!

    Feel free to get in touch with us by email on [email protected] and please recommend us if you enjoy what you hear.

  • Emisija govori o ljudima koji su sudjelovali u Domovinskom ratu, onima koji su se prilagodili poslijeratnom životu ali i onima koji to, iz različitih razloga, još nisu uspjeli.
    Urednik Miruna Kastratović

  • EXPLORA è il podcast che vi porterà il Pub del Disagio ! Ovvero Sparta e Rodolfo ceh discutono e cercano di esprimersi su Tutto e su niente!

  • A narrative history podcast which will attempt a coherent narrative from the origins of the Celtic people's all the way up to the revival of Celtic languages in the modern era.

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  • Otputujte s nama u prohujala stoljeća! Emisija obrađuje sve značajne teme - od istarske najranije do moderne povijesti. Saznajte sva intrigantna pitanja povijesnih tema i odgovore koji se ne mogu naći u udžbenicima. Za sva pitanja i prijedloge tema pišite nam na [email protected]