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  • In de podcast ‘De stand van het onderzoek’ verwelkomen Harry Koster en Lyana Francot wetenschappers en onderzoekers. Harry en Lyana spreken met hen over de laatste stand van zaken in hun onderzoek naar de Rechtspraak in Nederland. In de gesprekken en presentaties worden fundamentele vragen en dilemma’s niet geschuwd, maar is er ook aandacht voor praktische oplossingen.

  • Neste episódio eu descreverei como ocorreu a batalha de tora bora.

  • Média engagé, inclusif et participatif par et pour les jeunes. Notre objectif: sensibiliser aux enjeux sociaux, écologiques et politiques en vue des élections 2024 en Belgique.

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  • Политический обозреватель Алексей Волков и аналитики БИСИ рассуждают о темах, которые интересуют всех. Проверяем слухи и выделяем действительно самое важное и актуальное. Наша аналитика понятна и доступна каждому.

  • Looking for the best source to discover the heartbeat of a community? Welcome to Palm Beach County Perspective, the podcast that provides all the latest news, current events, the lowdown on what's happening, and a bit of history of one of the most beautiful corners of America. Hosted by longtime local leader Robert Weinroth who - with an extensive background in, and passion for, business, public service, and community involvement - has been recognized as one the County's most prominent voices for progress and positive change. Join us each episode for spirited conversation, strong opinions, special guests, and most importantly, a fresh and unique perspective - The Palm Beach County Perspective!

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    What happens when an authoritarian country takes over as the dominant world power?
    How does the changing world order affect your day-to-day life?
    How and why are disruptive technologies used for “good” or “evil” in shaping societies today?

    Well, The Better Societies Podcast believes you deserve answers… or at least some passionate opinions from our expert guests.

    Every week, Adrien Harrison and expert guests unpack both dominant and potential theories on how to structure better societies using technology, philosophy, psychology, and much more.

  • Mi opinión con respecto a la siguiente pregunta teniendo en cuenta varias fuentes de información:
    ¿Se provee a los trabajadores de salud equipos médicos protectores? ¿Está tomando medidas el gobierno para proteger a los trabajadores de salud de las represalias por estar potencialmente al virus?

  • Global challenges require global responses. From energy transformation to the future of work and connectivity policies, the Thinking Across podcast project explores "inter-mestic" challenges that require cooperation between the two shores of the Atlantic, as well as both sides of the Mediterranean.

    Thinking Across Latitudes is a 5-episode mini-series podcast, produced by GMF South and the Policy Center for The New South

  • Outpost Outspoken is the official podcast of U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground, which conducts natural environment testing of military equipment in Arizona, Alaska, and the tropics.

  • Hosts Lorenzo and Jake reflect on the nation’s past and present, seek out the long-dormant Jack and Diane, and search from the picket fence to the picket line in an effort to claim their slice of the American pie. The project's objective is to facilitate an open, non-partisan discussion focused on a diverse array of values and beliefs. They interview inspiring individuals from across this land to gain a better understanding citizens' and politicians' perceptions of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Join them on their mission to find common ground.

  • The public sector is ripe for a reboot! The good news? There's no shortage of global game-changers fearlessly leading the charge. Every month on Public Square: Conversations in Democracy, we spotlight the innovators who are redefining and reinvigorating local democracies around the world.

    We discuss everything from emerging democratic technologies to creative community engagement strategies, and other powerful means for social impact. This is a go-to resource for policy-makers, public servants, or anyone interested in the exciting journey toward a more democratic future.

  • The Practice of Partnership is a podcast about how local engagement is the cornerstone of sustainable, high-impact development. Development is inherently local and collaborative – local leadership and participation are essential. In this series, we explore the key ingredients of successful local partnerships, and most importantly hear from local partners themselves about how the relationships they have forged have helped to drive economic growth and development. As the old African proverb says, if you want to go far, go together.

  • Kortrijk schreef een gloednieuw woonplan. We staan te popelen om een heus woonpact te smeden met de inwoners en sleutelfiguren uit de sector. Laat de kans niet liggen om in te haken op het toekomstig woonbeleid van onze stad. Met deze podcast gaan we in dialoog met professionals over een aantal krijtlijnen uit het woonplan.

  • In Planeet Circul'air bieden we een antwoord op situaties waarmee we dagelijks geconfronteerd kunnen worden en die betrekking hebben op de taken van de OVAM, de Openbare Vlaamse Afvalstoffenmaatschappij. We hebben het bijvoorbeeld over het bodemattest, de asbestproblematiek en zwerfvuil. De podcast is gemaakt door de OVAM en wordt gepresenteerd door Ine Wenmaekers van team pers en communicatie.

  • A Deeper Look with Joe Paiva helps people better understand what each Federal agency does and attract more people to apply for jobs within their government. Each episode features a different agency, and provides one of their leaders a chance to explain exactly what their organization does, the impacts they have on people’s lives, and why their agency is a great place to work.

  • Welcome to “Wisdom of the Crowd”, a podcast miniseries that explores the future of transatlantic relations. From democracy and geopolitics to climate change and technology, we take a closer look at the most pressing issues impacting the transatlantic alliance by interviewing top experts and using a strategy of crowd-sourced forecasting.

    We don’t just rely on experts and policy makers; we listen to a crowd of forecasters, and YOU, to determine the outcome of future events. We call that “the wisdom of the crowd”.

    Wisdom of the Crowd is produced by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Bertelsmann Stiftung, Are We Europe, and Awe Studio. Sound design is done by Stefano Montali and the podcast artwork is by Tamara Tasić. This series is hosted by Rylie Munn.

  • Europe Talks Back shines a light on the stories that matter from across Europe. A new Europe Talks Back episode drops every Wednesday, alternating storytelling podcasts and behind the scenes interviews with reporters. The second and ongoing season of Europe Talks Back is produced in partnership with Sphera Network, the first network of independent media in Europe to reinvent the media space and paint a new picture of the continent through impactful, unbiased, raw and authentic stories.

    The producer of Europe Talks Back is Maria Dios

    The host and narrator of Europe Talks Back is Juli Simond

    Sound editing and mixing is by Jeremy Bocquet

    The executive producer of Europe Talks Back is Alexander Damiano Ricci.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Closing the Communication and Knowledge Gap for Small Businesses in GovCon

    One of the biggest challenges Government Contractors face is selling their services to the Federal Government. In a market worth billions, competition is high and the sales cycle is long. Small Businesses must be smart about how to spend their time and resources and arm themselves with information that can help them win more at lower cost. Often, companies feel they don’t have enough information to make sales decisions, although the Federal Government makes more information available to the public than any other industry! So, why does it feel sometimes like we’re left in the dark? In this podcast, we aim to provide information and insights from two points of view: Industry and Government. Our hosts each have over 10 years of experience as a Contracting Specialist for a Federal Agency and Business Development for Industry. By creating a conversation about the acquisition lifecycle from our individual points of view, we will close the communication and knowledge gap for Small Businesses in GovCon, allowing them Break their Size Standard!

  • Talk with Charlie is dedicated to bringing Veterans in the CSRA informative and education conversations about medical center process, patient care, access, and much more. The podcast is released every other week and is available through DVIDSHub, iTunes and on the CNVAMC Facebook page.

  • Energie, mobilité, fiscalité, sécurité sociale... Autant de sujets qui méritent un peu de temps pour s'informer, réfléchir, se forger une opinion. Au gré des épisodes, nous explorerons ensemble, avec les élus DéFI, avec les citoyens, les solutions que DéFI propose pour construire un monde toujours plus juste.